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Alyce Cassell

2 years ago

The new owners of are horrible. November 2021 Len no longer owns the shop. I brought my dog there and the man that cut her nails couldn't handle and she fell off the table, she was able to get her muzzle off and started with the most sensitive claw. Her duclaw are very sensitive. I will never ever ever bring her there again

Joy Rose

2 years ago

Great job, my son's cat looks awesome????

Adriana Medeiros

2 years ago

Previously the owner had always done a good job and now with new ownership they were very confused about how and what to do with her coat I did NOT want her shaved I just wanted her trimmed up and a small portion off the top … well this is what I got .. very disappointing and won’t return

Penny Medeiros

2 years ago

They were great appreciate the help very much

Helena Gomes

2 years ago

Since the change of ownership they have gone downhill. Charged 50 for matting when my dog had none, and the cut was horrible.

Blake Capman

2 years ago

After new management has taken over they have gone down. Poor quality, they didn't shave her ears or legs. I waited 2 hours for them to call me. I finally walked in and they said she was ready. Very unprofessional and not reliable. New management has really caused this place to go down hill.

Brian Kennedy

2 years ago

The new owner Roger extorted my wife and failed to do anything with our dog but a wash after having her for 2 plus hours. When I called him he was arrogant and could care less saying that he had way too many dogs to do and he’s only one guy. Learn how to run a business before getting yourself that deep in. Total waste of time and money.

carol quinn

2 years ago

Was hoping lens brother would be as good as him but was I mistaken, both dogs are usually done back to back appointments and only one was done since it was well after closing when first was done. Not sure how you screw up on a puggle but they did. Need to find a new place to take them. Still need another groomed. Not happening there that's for sure

Christine Kennedy

2 years ago

I used to drive 45 minutes to an hour to this groomer because Len did a great job, the price was reasonable, and most of all my dog was out within 30 minutes. No sitting in a cage all day. The new owner of this place is an absolute disgrace. Horrible customer service. Promised my dog would be done within 2 hours and when I went to pick her up... he hadn’t even touched her except for a bath. Charged me $25 bucks when a full groom with Len was $35. It was a full waste of a day and so so frustrating. While I was killing time at Supercuts... my hairdresser just so happened to say oh my dog was just there last week and came home with cuts all over. No thankssssss.

Curtis Mccarthy

2 years ago

Not the same as it once was.Treated my 19yr old cat with very rough hands. Not returning!

Personnel People

2 years ago

I have used Lenny for years but Lenny is no longer there. He retired. These new owners are just using his name. They destroyed my dog after I completely explained to them how to cut my English Springer Spaniel. It took them 4.5 hours to destroy her coat after I was so specific not to trim her feathers at all. It will take about a year for her coat to grow back. I went and got my money back (my husband had picked her up and didn't say anything). Getting the money back is nothing I want my dogs fur back but that's going to take months. These people have absolutely no idea what they are doing. I wouldn't take my dog nor my cats there anymore and wouldn't recommend them to anyone. Stay away.

Juli W

2 years ago

I'd like to give Len's Grooming a negative five star review. Len doesn't work there or run it anymore. He retired. The current staff is careless, incompetent and dishonest. They injure people's pets and then try to cover it up. If you sincerely value your pet this is not the place to bring them for grooming.

Linda Moore

2 years ago

I've taken my dog to Len's for years and was always happy. After Len retired I brought my dog in for the usual grooming. The cut was much longer than usual and he was there over 3 hours. I decided to give them another chance today. After 3 hours I went in without getting a call saying he was ready. They didn't even know which dog was mine. I went to sniff his head because I always request nothing scented on him. Not only did he smell perfumed I noticed they had injured his eat. They put something on to stop the bleeding and there was still dried blood on his ear. They never even mentioned the injury.

Jamie Garrity

2 years ago

They should take Len's name off the business. Dropped aussie off to have him groomed, said I'd like him shorter. "Summer cut" they asked, ya short but not enough to ruin his coat. (I've been going to Len's for years with no issue) Gets call to confirm, tell them "tight but not shaved, maybe 1.5in clean up where he'll get dirty and matted" okay they say Picks up dog and looks soooo short, I wish I realized and said something then and there. Gets him into the car and I can see the shave marks. I contacted a groomer friend and said his coat is likely ruined. I'm extremely sad, like why even call to clarify if you're going to shave him anyhow. My poor baby won't be back. Beware!

Christina Campbell

2 years ago

Great place !!! Everyone is compassionate ❤❤???????? Friendly... Great price !!!!

Anthony Manzo

2 years ago

Len doesn't own Len's Grooming any longer, he sold it. Len groomed my long haired cat many times over the years w/o a single problem. The new owners gave me back a cat that was not finished at twice the price and they insisted on full payment for a partial job. They said they couldn't handle the cat. I don't know what they did to this cat but I wasn't able to go near it for days.

Ann Kennon

2 years ago

Len is a professional and I always feel that my dog is in good hands here.

Leslie Saben

2 years ago

The people are nice here. They care about the animals. The price is right also.

John M

3 years ago

Len was great. Leo and his crew are awful. We won't be coming back.

Brandon Gggg

3 years ago

told them give my dogs a light trim the shaved both of them and cut my dogs neck and failed to even inform me about it sent him home with a raw cut on his throat horrible

Corinne Robinson

3 years ago

Lenny did a beautiful job on la la. The lady who did prissy did a horrible job

Laurel J. McGrath

3 years ago

After 24 years as a loyal customer, Len dropped me as a customer during the pandemic. Never received a phone call, nothing. I am deeply hurt and offended . What did I ever do to Len to deserve this kind of treatment?

Raquel Pereira

3 years ago

Staff is always very friendly. Koda doesnt mind getting his nails trimmed!

Kathy Fay

3 years ago

Len is amazing with cats! He makes time for me to come in alone because my kitty is nervous around dogs!

Laura Med

3 years ago

My lab/husky/golden retriever mix has medium-long hair which gets very tangled and matted at times, especially in the summer when she’s in and out of water frequently. Len’s Grooming was able to safely comb them out and groom her beautifully with little shaving required! She has a beautiful coat and they did an excellent job detangling her and keeping her coat soft, long and shiny! Best experience we’ve had with a groomer yet and we’ve gone to 3 others prior. I booked her next appointment right then and there.

Lianne Cruz

3 years ago

I was so impressed with this groomer. My dog looked fabolous and was done quickly. I have found my forever groomer.

Marianne Curley

3 years ago

Length does an excellent job on my dog! I'm so happy with him, I'm glad I found him!

Tiffany Depasse

3 years ago

Very easy to make the appointment. All the staff there were very good to me and my pup. Highly recommend!

Victoria Dunlop

3 years ago

Only place we ever want to bring our dog. Lenny is amazing and does an amazing job!

Molnija Mcpimpin

3 years ago

I take my cat galileo here at least once a year for a seasonal shave to help with the heat. Always a pleasure. Fast. Professional. Prices are great.. And their always a pleasure to deal with. 10 of 10 would recommend.

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