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shykeyla bynum

2 years ago

Great customer service and prices ☺️!

Kelly Mosquera

2 years ago

The rabbits had no hay available, which is the #1 rule when taking care of rabbits. All the animals look sick and it makes me feel sad. The smell inside is foul.

Abigail Johnson

2 years ago

I just stopped by here for the first time and my visit to the actual store was fine (if you ignore the clear animal neglect and generally dirty conditions), but, even worse, the product I bought was totally faulty. I bought a light bulb for my reptile lamp that had gone out. When I got home and put the new bulb in the lamp, it still didn't turn on - so I came to the conclusion that the lamp dome had gone out, which seemed early for how long I have had it, but not impossible. I ordered a new lamp on Amazon (mind you none of these reptile supplies are cheap) and it just came today. I plug the new lamp in and put the new bulb in and still nothing. I am momentarily in disbelief that Amazon sent me a faulty dome, but then have the idea to try out one of my normal household bulbs that I knew worked, and it turned on on the first try (unfortunate I didn't think to try this with my old lamp BEFORE ordering a new one - it just didn't even cross my mind that the new bulb could be the issue). I finally came to the frustrating realization that the bulb I bought from this shop didn't work, even though it was supposed to be brand new. So not only am I now stuck with no working bulb, but I unnecessarily bought an entire new dome because it turns out the first one still works. Upon further investigation the new bulb I bought looked like it could have been used: it has scratches all over it and is discolored in some places. I don't know if this is the shops fault for selling me a used product that didn't work or if the bulb was just a rare dud - but I have had reptiles for years and have bought many MANY bulbs from the same brand and have never had any issues - so I'm not sure what to believe. All in all, it just left a bad taste in my mouth.

Alex Allardi

2 years ago

Armand is the goat. He is super knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. Easily the best shop I have been to. He goes out of his way to help his customers in a way not many people do!

Easeen Zaman

2 years ago

The kind gentleman at the counter is very knowledgeable. My baby bird was barely moving because it wasn't eating for a while. The gentleman fed it himself, instructed me how to feed, and sent us off with extra formula. We're lucky to have him in the neighborhood.

Ivan Lopez (ELGUERRERO91)

2 years ago

Very cute animals but Too expensive!

Hung Ong

2 years ago

Great place, went to buy a betta fish and the fish looks well cared for. Bought and white VT betta and the fish was gorgeous and healthy.

Phoenix Stone

2 years ago

The man who owns this place ( genuinely ) WANTS ANIMALS , too find Good Homes !!!

glossa toe

2 years ago

In 4 Days it’ll be one year i’ve had my bunny i got a 12 week old holland lop, the service was great!

A Dawn McCall

2 years ago

All the fish we got there survived and seem pretty happy. He knows a lot about animals.

Jacob Williams

2 years ago

I’ve never written a review on here before but wanted to chime in and talk about how much I’ve appreciated this little pet shop! Saw the polarized reviews and had to check it out for myself. I felt like I was visiting a completely different store than the negative ones described! Store is clean and has a great selection of products, especially freshwater fish and aquariums (as you could guess by the name!). Prices are super reasonable and the owner is very helpful and knowledgeable. He’s given me a lot of advice about setting up my first tank and has never tried to push products on me to make more money for himself. I recommend you support this small store over bigger chains. The selection and service are great here and freshwater fish have now become a fun, low cost, and low maintenance hobby for me during covid.


2 years ago

If you love Axolotls, Nanofish & Shrimp this is the place!!!???????? Wide variety of nano fish, hard to obtain drawf shrimps and exotic rabbit snails/ pagoda snails. Big chain pet stores like Petsmart and Petco never sell nano fish and always disappoint me with small selection of tissue culture plants. I really want to see this local fishshop prosper because they're so unique and underrated. Thanks to this shop my aquarium I started three years ago looks amazing.

Toni Best

2 years ago

He always has the coolest fish!! Plus other pets

Joan Carpenter

3 years ago

Armand is the perfect caretaker of all of his animals. It's always a treat to wander in his store and appreciate the knowledge and love he gives to all of his creatures. He is definitely a blessing to the community.

Cameron Clark

3 years ago

I asked the owner why my betta fish was stressed, and he told me it was because his tank is "too big". I have him in a 9g tank, and the owner "informed" me that he would be better off in a cup. Anyone who knows anything about fishkeeping knows that this is total BS. It seems like this place used to be a decent store but it's gone totally downhill.

Natalia Y Gallego

3 years ago

First time here!!! So happy for our experience, Friendly tall gentleman greeted us at the entrance (sad I didn't get his name) Place is clean, he was very helpful for first time bird buyers. He helped us choose what we needed for our new three birds and guided us throughout this experience with kindness and cordially. I love to support local businesses and we will definitely come back for our pet supplies.. Thank you so much!

Stephen C. Van Nostrand

3 years ago

Seemed reasonably informed, but very small enclosures for their mammals

Zack Diazabiblio

3 years ago

This a great shop. The older guy in there is a wealth of knowledge. For the people who claim this place is dirty it is absolutely not. There is absolutely no bad smell and all the fish are in extremely well kept tanks with well established denitrifying bacteria, healthy live plants, and appropriate amounts of alge. For the people who complain about his "old school knowledge" the man absolutely understands the science of keeping fish and is well up to date on it. I went in to get some malaysian trumpet snails and ducksfoot and ended up going back to buy everything for my 10 gallon setup. He has personally helped me every step of the way and has gone above and beyond. I have also been asking him questions based on the research I've done and he is completely open to everything I say and has done nothing but help educate me and provide me with exemplary customer service. I drive a distance to go here because it is an amazing local shop. Go to this shop if you want a great experience, it's as simple as that.

A. Gamble

3 years ago

I have purchased aquarium plants, fish, substrate, and shrimp here. I recently purchased a blue crawfish, too! All have been healthy and are reasonably priced.

Jojo Xavier Mubiru

3 years ago

Small fish shop ..nice owner ...tanks r not 100% clean but fish r cheaper than Petco...needs some cleaning...dusting and organising

A Google User

3 years ago

Extremely poor care of the animals, most of them without even the minimum needs. No idea how anyone gives good reviews here, it smells absolutely disgusting as well.

Nicholas Vaughn

3 years ago

The owner can be very helpful and knowledgeable. Unfortunately the selection is lacking just because it's a small place. Wish the owner was into salt water! Dang.

Patent Cozonac

3 years ago

Purchased a betta fish just before lockdown. Compared to chain stores, the bettas at BFLF swim within roomier and aerated tanks. We really enjoy our vibrant and interactive betta.

ramon cooke

3 years ago

Had a mixture of pet's

Ramz Shalbak

3 years ago

We wanted to find big stones and we did. It wasn’t priced, so we are not sure if we were overcharged. Service was okay.

Taddaius Aviator

3 years ago

Staff is nice and knowledgeable. Although a little out of shape, I think it's fine because the animals are only there temporarily and it takes a lot of work to keep everything spotless.

Valeen Weeks

3 years ago

An amazing place to visit. A small family pet shop.. Fish, rodents, birds, exotics.. Snakes, tarantulas, tortises.. They can special order what the box pet shops won't. Armand will track down anything you want!

Xinzhu Huang

3 years ago

Owner is very friendly and helpful. Had health concerns with my betta and tried to find some product that might work. The owner asked about how I keep my fish in details and give useful advices without trying to sell anything to me. Helped a lot! Will come back if I need any supplies in the future!

Zachary Katz

3 years ago

We love our Humphrey, heathy, friendly, a good bird ????!

Allison Bergami

3 years ago

this place looks like it should be shut down. It's dirty, unorganized, the fish area is atrocious. The lizards in tiny tanks with sand , which is bad.. avoid

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