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2 years ago

The puppies look exhausted and sick. The prices for them are also ridiculously expensive ($7,500) Whats worse is that its a pet mill they were taken away from their families at only a few weeks old and put into extremely small cages. Please report to the authorities or something no animal deserves to live like this.

Luis Orduz Lopez

2 years ago

The best place to find everything you need for your pet

Rui “Acoreano”

2 years ago

They need to be more friendly

Peri Jade

2 years ago

Puppies are not treated well!

Christina Chak

2 years ago

Good place for buy a pet

Gerson Roca

2 years ago

Your pet has needs, Pet Express is there to give you a hand. I found "Earth Animal" chewy sticks which my puppy just love, was searching for it for weeks. Stop by and contemplate the jolly puppies just waiting for the new owners.

Rose Danie Daphnis Rejouis

2 years ago

They're Nice people. They gave my child a balloon while she was crying.

Dave K

2 years ago

Pet Express only sell puppy mill dogs. Often sick and always raised inhumanely. Pet Express are a group of criminals who will be out of business soon.


2 years ago

Ive been here, its so sad. The puppies have no water or food available, this is a puppy mill. We have to come together and report this terrible company, please contact authorities all those who see this. They cant be scamming people and raising sick puppies and get away with it. Terrible and sad place.

G shannon Ferris

2 years ago

Have not made a purchase here. Puppies look tired.

Richard Bruno

2 years ago

I have no first-hand experience with this place. If you have been considering a puppy for more than four minutes, cannot imagine this being your destination.

Winter Storm

2 years ago

Why can't I give them a -10 starts? Two words for you all...sick puppies. The temperature is over 95 degrees in the store. I imagine it would be hotter in those stuffy cages. Why is this guy allowed to keep this store opened? I will be following up to the local authorities as well as Animal rights activists. Something has to be done about this!

Boston Dave (Draac)

2 years ago

They have dogs here. Small store in the Square One Mall.

Emily Mot

2 years ago

This is a puppy mill stay away!!!!!

Jamie Brown

2 years ago

Hard to believe the other locations now named “Healthy Pet” and this location are owned by the same people. The other locations sell smaller animals and food made my family owned businesses. They have a local feel and appeal. But this “puppy” location, Pet Express, is so so sad. The staff is so indifferent. The puppies that are alone in those boxes are so sad. They’re born in who knows what conditions at puppy mills, taken from their family, shipped in a crate across country, and then put in a box on display, often without a companion to even play with. It literally brings me to tears to think about what these dogs go through at such a young age. Please buy elsewhere, even if you have to drive drive drive to get the pup you want.


2 years ago

They don't return phone calls or emails and you have to keep calling to leave a message because for weeks they won't clean out their voice mail. Don't expect to get a quick response from this company and don't look at the pictures they have up. Chances are zero for that puppy.

Review Maker

2 years ago

Stop buying dogs from pet stores. Stop breeding dogs for profit. These dogs aren’t happy or healthy and this company is irresponsible

Alicia Marx

2 years ago

The dogs aren’t happy/healthy in those tiny hot cages drinking out of hamster water bottles. So sad. They need to be shut down along with all other chain locations

Chris Serio

2 years ago

Kids go wild when walking past this store in the mall. Cool setup overall. Fish, reptiles, dogs and cats. Been here for years.

Elizabeth Priest

2 years ago

Love seeing all the animals.

Jen esti cruz

2 years ago

worst place ever they should be shut down

Maribel Barquie

2 years ago

I never visited Pet Express 2 weeks ago. It was my mother and I hope her cellular isn't linked to mine ???????? Because of COVID-19 if you want to adopt pets and safe lives you have to fill endless applications to no never hear from shelters. Our god died few months ago and it was time my mother got a new dog....her life was very sad...actually our lives were very sad so mother visited Pet Express gave a down payment and 3 days ago we got a magnificent little 10 weeks puppy...She is adorable! But their pets are being sold too expensive $5,500 dollars....and this is the way the world expect you to give them a forever home?.... Many years ago when I bought my malteses, I only paid $1,000 each....They have to do better....????????????

Ryan Hamelin

2 years ago

This place sells pets that are very expensive. At minimum $3000. It does look like they're taking good care of the puppies that they have and they sell dogs everyday so people must be willing to pay these high prices.

Y Paris

2 years ago

The puppies were so cute ???? very clean store. Friendly atmosphere.

McKayla Fagan

2 years ago

I went to the store looking for a Pomeranian, the staff wasn’t too bad they just didn’t act like they cared and weren’t the most helpful. I’m a vet tech and I see dogs all day and these puppies I know these puppies come from puppy mills (you can research it), they often times don’t even have the papers for these puppies. they’re often sick and have behavioral issues. The prices are OUTRAGEOUS for what they’re selling. The dogs were not entirely friendly to each other and clearly weren’t happy. They are kept in too small of boxes for to long of a time, they get distressed and uneasy because of it and that will show and develop as they get older. I bought a beagle from one of these a bit ago and he had issues when we got him, very hard time potty training, and it seemed like they took him away at too young of an age, which is NOT GOOD AT ALL. I recommend a shelter over these places, but the best bet is a local breeder or even the shelter if the breeders are to expensive depending on the breed.

Stephen Priest

2 years ago

The sign out front shows ???? s, ????️ s and ???? s, but, they sell only puppies and items for dogs. The bakery ???? for dogs was cute. I liked the huge ???? fishtank. The puppies pull at your ❤️ heartstrings.

Donna carlson

3 years ago

Rude, uneducated young staff, who don't understand customer service on any level...would NEVER GO BACK!

Hazel Everett

3 years ago

Don’t buy from a puppy mill supplied “pet express.” Its 2021, people should know better.

Dejan Bugarin

3 years ago

Organized and east to find whatever we need. Prefer local in store purchase rather than order from online retailers

Michelle Christian

3 years ago

This place should be shut down! The poor puppies have no access to water or food they all are very emaciated.That's why it says no pictures! Designer prices for fancy word for mutt designer dogs.

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