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Colin Downie

2 years ago

Great vet and staff no bull i like that .he has taken care of my last 4 dogs and won't go anywhere else .

Todd G

2 years ago

Dr. Duca always provides wonderful care for our fur babies! Kudos to him and his staff?

Virginia Curley

2 years ago

I was from out of town but staying with relatives locally. I needed help with my diabetic dog and they refused to help me

Agent Venom

2 years ago

They are so awesome, doc is a little eccentric but real good guy and great doctor, my brand new min pin had to have new puppy check up super simple easy appt

Joanna Herrera

2 years ago

Do not go here ! One day they called to cancel my appointment saying the doctor was sick and would call me back to reschedule , after months of not hearing from them I called back to reschedule, they made me and appointment but 5 min later I received and email from the Doctor saying that he was cancelling my appointment again. When I called to ask what happened the doctor came on the phone yelling at me for no reason. I was shocked at how unprofessional they were. Would not recommend this place to anyone.

Nachi Du

2 years ago

The WORST experience of my life. First, we walked in we were NOT welcomed in. The receptionist was rude and dry. Once we were finally called in to the doctor, he never introduced himself to us, he just began to pry at our kitten. He seemed to be terrified of her… (she is 12 weeks old and 4lbs) Not only was he dismissive of our questions but he continuously laughed at our concerns and worries as new cat owners. Let’s not forget the physical handling of our kitten. She was held down and thrown about multiple times once even falling off the exam table and landing on the ground. As pet owners we understand that they will be squirmy but to the point where she is physically climbing on me to get away traumatized by how she was being handled is unacceptable. After this short and not thorough first physical exam we asked kindly for a print out of her results and instead received mocking laughter as to why we were even asking him for anything. Not to mention this entire process costed over $100 to get nothing done and traumatize our kitten. I would never recommend this place to anyone not even my worst enemy no human or pet should be treated like how my kitten was. Please think carefully before ever coming here and be a sure I will never be coming back.

Rebeca Hierro

2 years ago

Great service and attention. Very good experience

David White

3 years ago

Great atmosphere,amazing dr,will be my new vet

Ken McGuinness

3 years ago

Go somewhere else if you love your pet!! My wife and I brought our kitten in to get fixed and she never woke up. No answers given, just an "oh well, things happen" attitude. Very unprofessional, very uncaring attitude.

David Kent (DK)

3 years ago

Fast, easy and safe even during COVID-19 pandemic. It was a nail trimming and affordable at $15. Dog breed is miniature pinscher.

Chamaine Scalli

3 years ago

Great place to take your animals

Catarina Costa

3 years ago

One of my favorite places to go too! Love how it is a cozy clinic! My pets have been going there for over 9 years! Recommend 100%

Becca Conway

3 years ago

We've been bringing our cats here for a little while now (at the suggestion of a relative who's been coming here for years) and we have only good things to say. It's clear that Dr. Duca and the vet techs/staff have our pets' best interests at heart and I feel they've been very well cared for.

Herocrates0101 Hello again from rural New Hampshire

5 years ago

First of all, my cat is in her 20s. The vet Dr. Duca, very calm and gentle with her. He did a thorough examination. He didn't upset her, not even a little. His rates are very affordable. His office and exam area are spotless. His tech is extremely kind and caring. I will be going back to them.

Dennis Govostes

5 years ago

Dr. Duca is an excellent veterinarian he may seem a little hard to talk too but I honestly think he loves the animals more than he likes talking to people

Shanley Bellve

6 years ago

Al wayts very nice with our pets.

Lauren Bateman

6 years ago

My family has been using Dr. Duca for a couple decades now. He's seen my cats and my dogs. When we adopted our new puppy there was no question that we were taking her to Dr. Duca. He is amazing with the animals and he is always honest with us. When our last dog was sick with liver disease, he was honest about there being nothing we could do. He told us our options and said if you want to spend the money you can but that he wouldn't recommend it. We agreed. I truly respect his straightforwardness and honesty. He personality with the animals is delightful. And while I admit his personality might be a bit dry for some people, I have had nothing but good experiences with Dr. Duca over the course of many years. I would highly recommend him,

Megan Keats

7 years ago

I use to bring both of my dogs there, One is a Jack Russell and the other is an American Bulldog. I'll start with the Jack Russell when we rescued her she was about 5 or 6 and when we brought her to Dr. Duca my mother brought up getting her spayed. He said no because of how old she was and the fact that it would've been complicated but didn't warn us if she wasn't that she could get Mammary tumors and possibly get cancer. Brought her somewhere else and she had 3 lumps removed, turns out one of them were cancerous, luckily she has not been infected yet. She will be getting spayed somewhere else (she is 11or 12 years old now.) Now the American Bulldog, he was having trouble walking so we brought him in for x-rays with Dr. Duca. Was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, he got many hip injections to "help" him. And for years we thought something wrong with his hips but that wasn't the case I brought him to a different vet we got x-rays and turns out he tore his cruciate in his knee and is going to have knee issues for the rest of his life. For the dog's hips has minor movement, not enough for him to have a serious hip issues.

Catherine Collins

7 years ago

Excellent Vet. Very straight forward regarding the health and treatment plans of your pet. I have been taking my German Shepherd to Dr. Duca for years, (who is now almost 9yrs old) and would never go anywhere else.

Rafael Barbosa (XRafaelX91)

8 years ago

Not sure if the Vet Dr. Duca has a bizarre sense of humor or if he's really just as rude and unprofessional as many others before me have stated. This Animal Center has a 1 Star rating on Yelp and it's High rating of 4.2 on Google is highly misleading. Sure the vet techs are very kind, but the overall experience is ruined by Dr. Duca's dull like personality. I brought my pet over to see Dr. Duca and mentioned that my pet was having discomfort on it's tail. He asked me if it hurt when I touched it, and I confirmed that it did. His response was "Then Don't Touch the Tail Then!" (With a serious look on his face) Now, I'm not sure where Dr. Duca got his education, but to me it's common sense that one must examine a pet or person to see if there is anything wrong or hurting them. Touching is part of an examination. How would I have known my pet had any issues if I didn't touch it around it's body to see if there were any areas with abnormal sensitivity? As if his attitude wasn't bad enough, his care was completely unprofessional as well. The main reason I brought my pet there in the first place was because it began getting sores around it's ears and body. I asked him why my kitten was getting these sores out of nowhere and his response was simply... "I don't know... it'll get better on it's own.. just wash it out with cold water..." His suggestion was simply to just wipe it with cold water and that's it... 5 minute exam, $80 gone, and a horrible overall experience. 2 weeks later my kittens tail sore got so bad I had to take her to the BanField Animal Hospital. Her poor tail now needs to be amputated and it's going to cost me over $1000 to perform the surgery. They said the sores were a result of my kitten having bacteria in her blood and that she needed to be treated with antibiotics as soon as possible and not just cold water... Dr. Duca is a horrible vet. If you love your pet and want it to get properly taken care of go as far away from the Animal Center in Saugus as you can...

Rhemi S

8 years ago

awful, awful!! This was my first and last experience. I waited 45 minutes for my appointment and there was no one there. The so called vet who went on and on about my dog getting his rabies vaccine only to say "all set you can go" and I had to remind him "UMM are you gonna give him the rabies shot"? Oh yeah!! No one asked what food I feed him, what heartworm or flea/tick preventative do I use? Nothing! Never again..


8 years ago

The Vet was rude, and uncaring, speak to him short and directly, he has no patience. No sedative for my poor dog that was in pain and the bandage they placed on the poor dog almost cut of circulation, took me 2 hours to remove. Find a cleaner, vet this guy is creepy.

Tanya Russo

8 years ago

I have been bringing my french bulldog Fellipe here for a long time and I think this is a wonderful vet. Dr. Duca is very intelligent and caring to my dog and he is very honest. The staff that works behind the desk are so nice they always make sure my dog feels comfortable. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants an honest trustworthy caring vet.

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