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Caryn O'Keefe

2 years ago

I've been a client at Pet Companions Bed and Biscuit for many years. The staff is wonderful with my dogs. They have always been very accommodating with my schedule. My dogs love the freedom to play inside or out. I love knowing they are safe and well taken care of when I have to be away for the day.

Tamara Brennan

2 years ago

My dog actually jumps for joy when he hears he is going to “daycare”!!!! The excitement is amazing and genuine. This shows me know how much he loves it here and I know why! He normally goes once a week and is greeted each time by a fantastic staff member who adore him, some of them even have nicknames for him. They are just as excited to see him and he is them. I love the stories they tell me at pick up on who he played with for the day and who his crush is. Judy and her staff are truly amazing. I have the utmost trust in her and the staff and I know my dog is in the best possible hands.

Matthew Griffin

2 years ago

REAL CUSTOMER here. Judy is amazing! My dogs are my life and I wouldn’t put them in the hands of anyone but THE BEST. The fake reviews are absolutely absurd. All those people should be ashamed of themselves. Seriously.

Maria Godena

2 years ago

*AN HONEST REVIEW FROM AN ACTUAL CUSTOMER* I’m seeing a lot of people posting who have never brought their pet here. This is due to a Facebook post that went viral about one incident (which I know nothing about beyond what I read). I’m writing this review because my 6 yo black lab rescue has been incredibly happy here for over a year and I would hate to see anything happen to this place. Our rescue is afraid of EVERYTHING - trash cans, fence posts, leaves... yes, leaves! But when we pull up to Pet Companions, he is flying out our door and pulling us across the lot to get in. He goes once or twice a week for daycare. We have also used their overnight service for upwards of a week at a time. He never wants to come home! In order to get him into the service, we had to have him checked for aggression and then he had to stay for 1/2 a day to make sure he could get along with other dogs - they are allowed to roam the house! ???? Only after this were we allowed to drop him off for daycare. This place gets 5 paws from our rescue.

Pattie Marrin

2 years ago

My dogs second home - safe, friendly and fun! I cannot say enough about Judy and her crew at PCB&B - I am a current client! Judy is very particular with the dogs she allows in daycare. She interviews them and their parents in the office, watching the pups the entire time and interacting with them (and hearing their “story”). She then brings them to the “yard” and methodically introduces them to other dogs, bringing them in one by one. Judy does not bring in a dog that can’t socialize properly, this I know as my previous pup didn’t make the cut (she was a nervous rescue). Judy’s crew walk in and out of the dogs in the yard and house all day, rain or shine. They have walkie-talkies and they communicate with each other nonstop. Parents can observe their pups at any time from an observation window that looks out over the yard. I LOVE that they are not in a kennel all day (or at all) and are free to play! When I drop my boys off, I feel 100% comfortable that they are being looked after and are happy! My boys jump up and down when they hear that they are going to see their friends - and when I pick them up they don’t want to leave! They post pictures of all the pups on Facebook daily. Here’s a few recent one’s. Judy & crew are the best, I highly recommend them!

Rebecca Margaret

2 years ago

I absolutely love PC. My dog, Oliver, has been a guest for 3+ years and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to care for him. The whole PC team is amazing and they treat all dogs with so much love and care. Just read the reviews prior to the slew of negative ones. Oh, and look at their photos on Facebook. They event post collages for birthdays! People truly love this business - some being clients of 20+ years. It breaks my heart to see such negative things said about this business when they don’t even have a dog that goes here.

Rebecca Watsky

2 years ago

I have two dogs who have been going to bed and biscuit since 2014/2015. The staff is always super friendly and my dogs are always super excited to go and happily tired when they leave. One of my dogs did have an incident with another dog there and Judy called me right away. It was a small cut right below his eye and although I was upset at the time, things happen that you cannot control when it comes to animals. My dog was fine and still wanted to go to day care there after the incident. I am very picky about who I leave my dogs with since they are my children and the fact that I continue to bring them to the biscuit is a testament to the care that they receive when there.

Ryan Serpa

2 years ago

Disgusting how they allowed abuse on a woman’s dog and made excuses this place should be shut down immediately

Samantha Poland

2 years ago

Our pup was a regular for the past 15 years at Pet Companions. Sadly he passed away this spring. He loved going, and I always felt comfortable leaving him. He had a very fussy tummy, and they were very accommodating with food needs. Our guy was very people orientated and loved snuggling up with staff at night.

Sarajane Mullins

2 years ago

I am a REAL customer of this business and have been taking my dog there for over a year. It's the best doggie daycare in the area. Most of these recent bad reviews are from people who are NOT customers at Pet Companions Bed & Biscuit. They are all just reacting to a viral post on social media. One unfortunate woman with a dog who developed cherry eye (a genetic, incurable condition) while boarded there for a week, prompted them all to leave reviews. I love this place and it's sad to see one brief customer spread such ill will. This woman is clearly sad that her dog developed this condition, and is looking for someone to blame. This business is highly reliable - you can visit there unannounced at anytime to watch your dog.

Steffanie Brian

2 years ago

My fur sister, Sadie LOVES it here!! They are so friendly and let you come observe the pups at anytime. They are very knowledgeable and you can tell really love what they do. It’s really heartwarming seeing how excited Sadie is when she knows she’s going there!! She has learned a lot there and is very amazing with other dogs due to the socialization she receives there. She always comes home so happy from a day with her friends!! We are so grateful for this establishment and the peace of mind we have knowing Sadie is in the best hands.

Stephanie Rufo

2 years ago

I really wish I could give 0 stars. A friend sent her perfectly healthy dog here, picked her up a week later and she had green mucus coming out of her eyes and nose (all up to date on shots), was 5 lbs lighter, extremely lethargic, dirty, coughing and sick. It took her over a week to go back to normal. Then I go on Facebook to see a viral post of another dog being picked up here with dog bite marks, dirty and injured. The injuries have resulted in multiple surgeries and the owner of this place NEVER CALLED THE OWNERS OF THE DOG. I've heard so many horror stories about this place. Needs to be shut down.

Nerelyn Rodrigues

2 years ago

This place is absolutely disgusting and should close down for neglect, lack of professionalism, lack of communication and compassion. I really hope this place goes out of business I can’t imagine what that poor animal went through how disgusting can you be to allow this to happen SHUT THIS PLACE DOWN (this is not my pet)

Lea M

2 years ago

Do not bring your dog here


2 years ago

The pictures below are a fair representation of the care that my dog gets at Pet Companions Bed and Biscuit. The staff know him very, very well and they care DEEPLY about the fact that he has fun, and feels loved, safe, and happy while he is staying with them. They invented a tennis ball game called shadow-ball just for pooches like Stewie, and he LOVES IT! As an owner, I know that I am free to stop by ANY time UNANNOUNCED to view the dogs playing, and I have a direct phone number to the staff that I can call all hours for updates. Stew has been going to PCBB for 7 years and has loved every minute of it. I trust the staff to be gentle while correcting him as Stew's personality is such that he would NOT respond well to people he was afraid of. It would be CRYSTAL clear within moments if he ever felt uncomfortable around a member of their staff. I have seen him respond joyfully every time he is greeted by them. Trust me on this - Stew would never warm to someone he was afraid of or who treated him poorly. A few years ago, we lost Stew's sister, and before she passed, she went to PCBB with Stew. She was a 14 year old Corgi mix who struggled with elderly dog cognitive changes (sort of like pre-Alzheimer's in humans), hip problems, and significant arthritis. The staff treated her like she was made out of porcelain. She was encouraged to play to her ability (and on her good days she did - AND they always sent me pics and video because they knew how special those days were), and on days when she just couldn't, they gently lifted her onto the couch and made sure that the other dogs weren't rough with her. Because of her pain, she could be protective of herself out of fear of being hurt - and they were SO sensitive to that. They didn't exclude her - they took the time to understand her and provide for her needs. I am SO grateful for the care and love BOTH of my babies have gotten at PCBB, and Stew will be a member there for as long as he continues to love it (well - who am I kidding, he will ALWAYS love it! LOL).

Kristine Erwin

2 years ago

From an actual customer. This place was a God send for my severe separation anxiety pup. I would recommend PCBB to everyone who needs daycare or overnight care. The animals are never crated and my dogs couldn't get enough of it. Don't let a one-sided viral FB story with a bunch of arm chair quarterbacks sway you from this place.

Kerry Moschella

2 years ago

I have been bringing my dog here for three years. The staff and owner, Judy, go above and beyond. They know and love every dog that comes through their door. Every dog that I see entering has their tail wagging in anticipation of the fun they know they will have. My dog claws as the entrance door while she waits to get inside. Clearly she loves it. You can visit anytime and view all the pups in action from their viewing room. Their drop off and and pick up schedules are very flexible and my dog has gone for multiple week-long stays while we have vacationed. She has always been well cared for and we love seeing daily updates online of the fun all the pups have interacting with each other. I highly recommend Judy and her crew at Pet Companions. Here is my pup (photo taken at Pet Companions) happy dog!

Kellybel Rose

2 years ago

They abuse & neglect dogs ! Do not take your pup here , a recent post on FB that went viral , I’ll be looking forward to seeing them shut down

Kayla Linnehan

2 years ago

Would never send my dog here after seeing how a poor puppy was treated

Karl Liwo

2 years ago

Judy and her staff are THE BEST. We have been taking our dogs to Pet Companions for almost 20 years, and have NEVER had a problem. I recommend them highly. Some of the staff have changed over the years, but Judy always finds people who care about dogs. They get to know your dog, and do their best to make sure she or he is safe and has a good time. One of our dogs cracked a nail while staying there, and the staff promptly notified us of the problem and took good care of him for the short time until I could pick him up and get him to our vet. I trust Pet Companions without reservation and will continue to bring our dogs there. DO NOT believe all the posts that pile on because of a FaceBook dispute. It seems like most of the negative reviewers have never actually taken their dog to Pet Companions and are basing their negative reviews on the allegations in that FaceBook string.

Karin Chase

2 years ago

My dogs have always loved this place they run in to play and don't want to leave. All these negative reviews seem to be over one incident many by people who have never been there. Be fair; read the owners response, go see the happy dogs playing in the yard. I DARE YOU!!!

Karen ONeil

2 years ago

Callie has been going to PCBB for almost 5 years. Judy and her team are amazing with their charges (and their humans too!) Callie runs to the door when asked “Do you want to see your friends today?” and can’t get in the car fast enough! The care that she gets has always been top-notch. Thank you to all of you for loving our dogs the way we do.

Karen Cunningham

2 years ago

My 5 month old labradoodle loves PC B&B. He can’t wait to get out of the car. Judy’s staff always gives me his daily report and sends me photos when he does his doggie Pajama Parties. I live in NH and won’t leave him with anyone else. Thx Judy and Staff for taking good care of Newman

Joyce Bunten

2 years ago

I’ve been using Pet Companions for about 3 months now and really have ZERO complaints. My 6 mo old black lab loves coming here and always has the best time. Every staff member who works here knows her by name and remembers her and fawns over her each time I drop her off. They are amazingly good with all the dogs and treat them with care. Would recommend to anyone.

Joshua Figueroa

2 years ago

They abuse and neglect dogs here DO NOT USE!!!

Jessica Dancewicz

2 years ago

Our very anxious rescue pup absolutely loves pet companions. He has learned how to socialize because of his time there. We’ve been going there for over four years and absolutely trust them with our fur baby. They provide constant updates on their Facebook page (and take amazing photos as an added bonus, some of which I’ve included here), are very responsive, and take the time to call you if they have any question or concerns. You can tell they truly love the dogs they look after and I always know that my dog is well taken care of while there.

Jennifer Carlstrom

2 years ago

Judy and her staff has been nothing but kind, generous and wonderful over the years. I value her opinion, trust her with our pups and trust in her judgment. She always takes her time with us and offers her help and assistance in a heartbeat. She has been a Godsend for our family dogs and we will always continue to appreciate and support her and her business. Her facility is a rare find amongst so many that don’t provide adequate care and a viewing window with an open door policy. I am confident in their supervision and that the dogs well-being are always at the core and forefront of any decision that is made. We are so very thankful for Pet Companions! ❤️

Idalys Antonetty

2 years ago


Fairy Cam

2 years ago

Neglectful owner, didn’t communicate with parent about taking pup to the emergency vet twice, they need to be shut down and taken to court!!!!!

Lori Conway

2 years ago

Our family has been a customer of Judy and her wonderful staff for over twenty years. Our five dogs have always received wonderful care at Pet Companions, and we do not trust any place else to care for our dogs when we are away. If you are looking for a place that you can leave your dogs and not worry a bit about their safety, this is the place to go. We even rescued one of our dogs through PAWS New England with Judy’s help! She has fostered over 150 dogs through that rescue organization.

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