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Reed Gomperts

2 years ago

BEWARE. I am writing this review in concern of the safety of the animals being serviced here. My mom has used this groomer for her dog and today I was helping her out by dropping the dog for a 10am appointment. I have never been here and know nothing about it. When I entered there was big, happy golden retriever anxious to greet my moms dog and I. The man, who I assume is the owner of the spa, took the golden over to the wash area while his assistant was removing our dogs leash. I watched as the owner repeatedly yelled at the golden to sit down and also forcing the dog with aggression. He also was not shy with using derogatory language towards the dog. This was a huge red flag considering I was standing right there in plain sight. I felt so bad for the poor golden retriever so I politely asked "Is this how you treat all the dogs that come here?". Well, that was met with an immediate "You can get the **** out of here." This is not personal for me as I do not care about being asked to leave and I am glad to not support this persons business in any way shape or form. I am however extremely concerned about what may be happening there when there aren't customers standing at the front desk. This person should not be allowed with ANYONES pets unattended. Just remember, there are good business owners out there who would love to treat your animals with love and respect just as you would so please recognize who deserves your business and who doesn't.

Scott Benson

3 years ago

Been going there for years... great place and staff

Barbara Wish

3 years ago

The man in the dog grooming place is sooo rude. He told me to call in 2 hours, then he said another 2 hours. And I walked in at the 3:00 prescribed time and he still had not trimmed the hair, brushed her out, or trimmed the nails. He remarked rudely upon my 2 masks and said I was reduckulis and told me to get out of his store. He will not be remaining in business. Rude and a waste of my time.

Tracy Killam

3 years ago

i took my dogs there about a wk ago to get groomed, now my dog has an inner ear infection and huge red rash under my dogs neck and ear afte i asked them to trim down her fur lightly, not to mention the knick marks under her ear and on her neck. my poor girl had to go to the vet for all of this because of this turning into infection. i won’t be taking my dogs back there and i will not reccomend them to anyone.

Mark Maggio

3 years ago

I've been bringing my two dogs for years. They always do an amazing job!

Jenny Yip

3 years ago

Tom is the best!! He took great care of new new puppy and gave him a quick nail trimming and trimmed her face at no cost. We will definitely be back for full services in the future.

Emmalyn Sheehan

3 years ago

A friend of mine went here and they treated her and the dog terribly. She was a loyal customer and a sweet dog never any problems, and when she tried to contact them to pick the dog up they would not get back to her. She went there and the dog was stuck in a cage covered in urine and ungroomed. They said it was the dogs fault, but this complete animal abuse.

Damian Levangie

3 years ago

Making sure my pet has to be groomed Staff always been polite and make you feel at home!

Briana Riley

3 years ago

My family friends dog was there today to get groomed. They have been a frequent customer for years, so have I & so has more of their/ my family and friends. But after today let me tell you none of us nor our dogs will EVER be stepping foot/paw into this place again. The dog was dropped off at around 11:15am this morning, the owner of the dog and the owner of the place had a nice conversation because as stated shes been a frequent customer for years. So she left and a few hours went by, its now around 3pm, hasnt heard from them so she called and just got the voicemail and left a message. Then 4pm rolled around, and the receptionist picks up and the owner of the dog said "im just calling to check on Gia" and the lady nastily responds "oh yes we were just trying to cut her nails & and she got vicious on us and then peed all over herself." The owner of the dog responded "omg really?? that's never happened before, and we've been coming here for years. Did something happen because she is never vicious? She is a sweet girl and if she peed on herself something must've happened. Is the owner there?" the receptionist replied "yes he is, he said come get her." She went down there right away. As soon as she walked in the owner of pet spa said, "your'e accusing us of doing something?" and the owner of the dog replied "never in all these years has she been vicious or had a problem!" he replied "get her." The poor dog was locked in a cage sitting in her own pee. Was not even fully groomed after being there for over 5 hours. As she was leaving he said "don't bring her back" and she told him that she will be "posting this on social media" & he said "get the f*** out. I have plenty of customers, Get the F*** out." They were both so shaken up. After this we all as family and friends who have been taking their dogs here for years researched reviews and they are TERRIBLE. So much abuse, and terrible things are said to be going on in there. If you love and care about your pups do not bring them here. our 3 dogs will never be here again. Gia and her mom did NOT deserve this.

Amanda Rowan

3 years ago

Rude, ignorant, unprofessional. “If we hurt or did something to any of the animals we wouldn’t say anything anyway”


4 years ago

Just did a great & thorough job on my dog’s nails & did the pads too. Tom’s definitely one of those dog whisperer types. Good folks good service

Charles Jones

4 years ago

More staff needed. Only one groomer and the owner.

Lisa O'Riordan

4 years ago

Excellent grooming and friendly staff

Marlene Clark

4 years ago

Riley looked great. They did a fantastic job with her. She was seen as a walk in. It was affordable. Riley is not easy and was shedding.

minnie M

4 years ago

Loved the girls but according to the owner he fired them all and thought when i went for an appointment that i was gonna allow him to groom my dog when in fact he told me she had to be shaved wich was ridiculous as we have found new place and she got a regular doodle cut... Also told me the groomers were mistreating the dogs i almost died when he said that! I actually dont believe it i loved them i think he is the issue!!!

Phil Gueli

4 years ago

Superb! My son and I brought our finicky but loving older cat to “The Pet Spa” this past Sunday, i.e. 3/24/19, to have her claws trimmed and received the “BEST” care we have experienced in any of the local spas! The gentleman who tended to our much-cherished family member, Calico, exercised an rarely seen adroit sense of compassion, patience, and dexterity while trimming her nails and combing her out. In spite of Calico being the only cat in this clean and well-appointed spa, which was full of exuberant dogs, she received and then reacted as if she was royalty (from an empirical perspective, truly a rare moment). My son and I were amazed and extremely grateful, for what had been a once dreaded aspect of her care, has now become a one more aspect of the pleasure our furry family member. We can’t thank you enough for your professionalism, compassion, and artistry! Again, thank you; “The Pet Spa” is nothing short of “Superb!” ❤️????❤️

Kay Buckley

5 years ago

Our Holly loves coming here to her favorite Carla who does an awesome job!! All of the staff are great and very hard working!

Con Mén Miền Tây

5 years ago

I take my dog here today for the first time. Eventhough this was he nervous but the staff treat him so well. I love this place and i’m sure i will come back here.

s d

5 years ago

my yorkie (GUCCI) love the place!!!

Michael Gleba

5 years ago

We bring our dog Max there all the time. Sarah is great and takes great care of him.

Jessa Taylor

5 years ago

Walked in to a professional store front. Tom was soothing another dog with sweet words while we briefly waited. Tom made the process painless and comforting for my two babies. He also trimmed one of my pups pad hairs which in all the 9 years of getting my pups nails trimmed, no one has ever done. They used a file to trim the nails and a clipper only when he needed. He informed and directed me what he was doing and how I should help! Will definitely come back! Couldn’t be doing anything better for your dogs by taking them here!

Monica Needle

6 years ago

I took my 4 month old Shih Tzu to get groomed at Pet Spa in Holbrook yesterday. He was choked so bad while there that blood vessels popped in both eyes.

Leah Teuerle

6 years ago

The only place I'll take my dog. She has been going there for years. Sarah is patient , kind and is great with my not so easy dog named Pepa

Kerry Cardinal

6 years ago

Choked my friends dog so bad the poor thing came home with blood vessels popped in her eyes and got worse as he days went on. Rude workers. NEVER bring your pet here unless you want them abused.

Katelyn Batista

6 years ago

I found The Pet Spa after moving to the South Shore and I love it! You can instantly tell the staff truly care about animals. I always worry about getting my English bulldog groomed due to his folds and wrinkles but after his first visit it was clear they were very experienced with his breed. More recently he has developed a skin condition that requires him to be groomed once a week with a special shampoo and The Pet Spa was more than accommodating. The staff were very caring and sympathetic to my situation and I really can't thank them enough. I would definitely recommend The Pet Spa to all pet owners.

Dan Clifford

6 years ago

They took great care with Coco. I like the open cubicles...even though it makes for a noisy shop. They would get 5 stars if they didn't whack you for using plastic (debit card...).

Jonathan Hadfield

7 years ago

This place is awesome! I've been bringing my dog here since he was a puppy, the guy that owns the place always takes care of us when we walk in. I would strongly recommend The Pet Spa to all people of Braintree! Thank you for your great service.

Katie Sullivan

7 years ago

They are wonderful here, love the animals and do such an amazing job!! They always remember all of the dogs names. I think that is so cool.

Ann Coelho

8 years ago

First groomers in a long time my dog did not cry; he seemed to enjoy the great job done,. Great hours,very accommodating price is right.

Hass Man

9 years ago

Great service and friendly. Great price.

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