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Ashley Rotondo

2 years ago

Would recommend to anyone! I have been going to Falmouth Animal Hospital for about a year and because of covid restrictions today was the first time I was able to be in the room with my dog and I was very impressed. First, someone always answers the phone which is a nice surprise these days. The techs are all wonderful. Very caring, knowledgeable and good at what they do. Dr Hauser and Dr Fallon have both taken the time to explain everything to me and answer any questions I have. I felt like my dog was treated like their own family. I came in for one issue and Dr Hauser did a complete exam and addressed a few additional issues going on that I was not aware of. She explained in detail everything she was doing and what I needed to do at home. I have called the office many times for advice, recommendations, minor issues and have always received a calm voice and reassuring answer. I cannot say enough good things and am so confident To have this group to care for my dog. The prices are higher but I do not believe it is anything out of the ordinary for a vet. I think you would pay it anywhere and it is definitely worth the care they give. No one from Falmouth Animal Hospital asked me to write this review, I feel so relieved my dog continues to receive such great care and is already feeling much better I felt the need to share

Salme Cook

2 years ago

If you have an elderly dog, I would not recommend going to this practice. They missed a very big issue with my 55 lb shepherd and although I advocated for him at our appointment, knowing it was close to his time, I didn't feel heard, and instead got a senior workup that included unnecessary vaccinations. I feel that they lacked judgment and the necessary know-how to take care of my dog when we needed both of those things the most. 4 days after the appointment we had to take our dog to an emergency vet and ultimately had to say goodbye. The first thing the emergency vet pointed out was the issue I was trying to discuss 4 days prior. I feel that they robbed us of his last days, and instead of enjoying them knowing what was coming, the situation became an emergency and led to unnecessary suffering for my family and my wonderful dog.

Adolfo Digiambattista

2 years ago

I was very happy for Falmouth animal hospital for saving my cat in the O.R two weeks ago cat is doing much better now.thanks to all the vets at Falmouth animal hospital.

mike mastrorilli

2 years ago

Wouldn't look at my sick dog. No help.

Pauli Pendleton

2 years ago

New kitten, a rescue from NY. First visit with little info about her medical history. Staff from the techs to the vet were kind, informative, and thorough. I was impressed with the lack of products for sale, felt no pressure to buy and appreciated that. We went on our way with a folder full of useful kitten care info.

Jeff Marks

2 years ago

Dr Rachel and her staff are incredibly helpful and friendly. Would highly recommend them if your pet is in need!

Emma Bilazarian

2 years ago

Great people and super responsive

Henry Parent

2 years ago

Great place ????my dog go there people are so good.

Cheryl Groves

3 years ago

Great and patient techs and Dr.s, decent rates and great communication. They take the time to answer all my questions and give me great advice.

Adrienne Stuart

3 years ago

We were so impressed with the care and professionalism that the entire Falmouth Hospital team exhibited for our puppy. We appreciated the thoroughness of Dr Fallon's assessment of the problem and providing clear direction on how to attend to his issues. He is on the speedy road to recovery! Thank you!

Apples Peaches

3 years ago

The veterinarian and nurse, Dr. Rachael & nurse Jackie, who cared for us and our animal were the most professional and compassionate that we have ever encountered. We definitely recommend them!

Brittany Lees

3 years ago

Highly recommend Dr. Rachel! She is a vet you can truly trust with your animals. I am someone who asks a ton a questions and Dr. Rachel is extremely patient and caring.

Taylor Henrie

3 years ago

Dr. Rachel is simply they best. She does a fantastic job of caring for my 9 year old English bulldog, Dozer. She is compassionate, communicative and goes the extra mile to ensure you understand any ailments your pet is experiencing and the recommended treatments. Most importantly, her love for animals is evident in all that she does. I highly recommend!

Clement Demello

3 years ago

Terrible.... Dr Hauser gave my 26 lb.dog heartguard for dogs up to 50 lbs. Knowing that she was sensitive and had issues with the lower dose. My dog had a siezure shortly after taking it. She then went on to blame us as pet owners for all the allergies and sensivities my dog has to her medications. Their prices have gone way up and they never tell you up front what anything costs. The staff has become very rude and condescending. The last straw for me was a tech telling me she could double book my dog for an ear infection but they would have to charge double!!!! Pickpockets with no compassion for a dog with an ear infection. Then when I refused to book the appointment and pay double...Dr. Hauser had her lackey Evan call and tell us we needed to find another vet.... that our dog was not a good fit for her practice. She has always tried the most expensive treatments. Has my dog on an expensive rx diet and when we asked for guidance from her she washed her hands of it and said to find a dietitian. She has gotten to thinking that she is better than her clients. I wouldn't take a dumpster rat to Falmouth Animal Hospital. They are also owned by vetcor, a nationwide corporation just in case anyone doesn't know..... they will not tell you that. Also, Dr Hauser convinced us to throw out a Seresto collar because she said it was counterfeit..... only because it cost 50 dollars instead of the 90 dollars she charged us.

Cranberry Hill Cattery

3 years ago

Until I moved out of Falmouth, I had done business with Falmouth Animal Hospital on Rt. 151. They have since moved a few miles away to Sandwich Road in Falmouth. Dr. Hauser is the very best. She cared for my many cats and 3 German Shepherd Dogs throughout the years. I always felt my animals were in the best care possible. My pets are my babies and I want the best for them. The other day, I visited them at their new location on Sandwich Road. It was wonderful to see Dr. Hauser, Kathy, Evan, and several others. Dr. Hauser really cared about my pets and me. She always took the time to answer my questions and concerns. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else but Falmouth Animal Hospital. Now that I live off Cape, if I could, I would continue there with them. You can't go wrong! Give them a try! Zweny

Jasmine Bishop

3 years ago

Very nice clean new facility. Was told our dog tested positive for lyme and immediately the dr went into dr mode and didnt really explain what was going on as far as a treatment plan or options or anything to look out for. Also the price for an annual exam seems to have almost doubled since they moved to the new facility. Individual care and treatment did not seem to be a top priority. Also would have liked a sample of the 30$ teeth cleaning treats that come to discover our dog hates instead of spending it all up front...what a waste!

Jessica Blodgett

3 years ago

Oli and I love FAH!!

Kathy Sylvia

3 years ago

Iver priced. Tied to charge me 179.00 for a 24.00 ex. Have to watch them

Phillip Shingleton

3 years ago

I had my first visit with Dr. Olmsted yesterday. He was great. His office was nice yet not scarily sterile like some vets I have been to see. He quickly assessed my dog's condition and treated it. Free of charge no less! I had been very concerned about my dog and it turns out the problem was only a cyst. So it turned out the best possible way. Thank you so much Dr. Olmsted!

Dene Peachey

4 years ago

What a great theatre, so comfortable and intamate. I would recommend seeing any show here, easy parking easy in and easy out, fabulous! Great restaurants nearby too.

Drey A

4 years ago

This hospital has the best staff. They are super pet and people friendly. They are also very competent. They are great for all of your pet needs.

Janis L Parks

4 years ago

Have been coming here for nearly 8 years now......STILL THE BEST!!! Absolutely LOVE these people! And it was obvious from our very first visit that they are in love with every animal they see! Very compassionate and more than understanding when my first kitty, Sneakers, became ill and eventually had to be euthanized. Since then they have been caring for our bonded pair, Kaito and Piper.

Jeston Nighelli

4 years ago

Best in town. Concerned, polite, courteous staff in busy place. Pricing comparable to similar businesses.

Marie Stacy

4 years ago

The staff and vets are amazing

Roz Weiss

4 years ago

Excellent care, wonderful talented staff and EXCELLENT DOCTORS! Highly recommend!

Steve Estrela

4 years ago

They were Not honest with a price to help my dog lots of hidden costs they dont tell you way over priced will never take my dogs there ever again they not honest.after getting all my duptodate dog shots and a few blood tests ear cleaning cost me $753.00 never go with there recomendations ther rip offs


5 years ago

Nice place, except for the wicked witch at the front counter

Barbara Pratt

5 years ago

Falmouth Animal Hospital treats our elderly dog as if she is their own. All staff our pleasant and professional. Patches is now 15 and Dr. Hauser is the reason she has lived comfortably for this long. Looking forward to the new location.

Carlotta Surette

5 years ago

Even though my cat acts like mountain lion, the veterinarian was patient with him and explained her concerns for his heart with me. They really try to reduce stress on visiting animals.

Christine Piearson

5 years ago

Great staff great location but unfortunately they are moving ????

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