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Anon Ymous

2 years ago

I worked at laundromutt as a groomer and the manager treated me very poorly and called me names. Said things referring me to being useless. I had my tips stolen and the owners never did anything about any of it. There is mold on the hoses and black mold on the bottles. The way they do things is very unprofessional and they treat all staff very poorly.

Margaret O'Connell

2 years ago

We came in with an absolute stinker - our dog got skunk'd and it was brutal. They walked us through the 3 step process and Stacy was a lifesaver to convince our dog to get up the ramp with a towel! Everyone was patient with her hating the bath and the blow dryer, too. Definitely recommend this location, they're so nice and the whole process was much cheaper than I expected.

david ace

2 years ago

Awesome service my daughter's enjoy the experience. We're gonna be regulars there.

Beau Cote

2 years ago

We haven't been for any of their dog services but we went in for some dog items. We love Ruffwear and notice they were a dealer but wish they had more options. 4 stars because it looked promising and the staff was nice but unfortunately we didn't get anything.

Yana Ostrovsky

2 years ago

If you have a poodle please don’t go here for grooming. This was the most expensive and worst haircut my standard poodle ever had. The groomer got short with me when I tried to explain the type of haircut I wanted, and when I picked her up I was in shock! The groomer shaved her entire body, including her top knot and ears, but refused to shave her face. She looked so strange and it took forever to grow out after that. Attitude and horrible job, if I could give zero stairs I would. Maybe she’s better with other breeds, but wow. ———— Edit: This appointment was a while back, so probably from previous groomer. This review is for the correct place.

Dave L

2 years ago

I now have a sweet smelling dog.

Kimberleigh Martinson

3 years ago

Always a great experience. Wonderful staff!

Ivan Singer

3 years ago

The car wash for dogs, easy in and out. Helpful staff and usually not too busy on afternoons of weekdays.

Sean Greenhow

3 years ago

My dogs hate it, they like to stay dirty. I love it, easy, put two dogs in one tub, helpful staff, treats and supplies after the bath

Rebecca Doremus

3 years ago

Excellent the best loved the experience have appointment in 2 months came home with a totally brand new dog she was so clean ! Highly recommend

Phillip Combs

3 years ago

--~This review is for the grooming services; the store is cute with a friendly receptionist, I do not have experience with DIY bathing area~-- This is the third time we have taken our 60 lb labradoodle to the groomer here and each time we have been less pleased. This last time, it began with the drop off. The groomer made it clear she was not happy to see my dog, saying she does not like doing larger dogs in the afternoon, and complaining about the reasons why. I am sure they are valid reasons, but I would suggest not voicing those opinions and being professional: LaundroMutt scheduled this time for us; we did not request the afternoon. When we picked him up, he was bleeding from all of his paws where they had cut some nails too short. I understand clipping dogs' nails can be difficult but she made no mention of our dog giving them trouble and causing her to clip his nails too short. They gave us a powder and a hand-towel, but he was bleeding so bad that we had blood all over the back seat of our car, a trail leading into our apartment, and more inside our apartment.

Nicholas Orem

3 years ago

LaundroMutt is a great place. The staff is friendly and super helpful. They have a broad selection of dog grooming products that you can buy to use when you bathe your dog. The also have "house" shampoo that is included with the price of a bath. Each bath station has towels for your dog when you are done and aprons for you to wear while you bathe your dog. They also have a huge selection of gourmet treats and toys. LaundroMutt is well worth the trip if you have a dirty dog.

Natalie Panariello

3 years ago

I would not recommend LaundroMutt for its nail grooming service. I just took my dog there and was very disappointed. The tech only cut the dog’s two front paws because the back paws “looked fine” in her opinion. However, the back nails are quite long (they have not been cut since before the start of quarantine 4 months ago) and click on the ground when he walks. In addition, I asked the tech to cut the nails on the dewclaws, which she did, but left them extremely sharp and still too long. I just made an appointment at PetSmart to correct LaundroMutt’s poor work. I will not be returning. Editing to add: The tech’s mask was not covering her nose.

Bill Prindle

3 years ago

Great place to wash, dry, and groom your dog. Lots of dog goodies as well.

Bretta Hutchinson

3 years ago

Lovely employees and great dog food options

Clara Gamboa de Levin

3 years ago

Great self service options as well as great groomers for when you want someone else to do it.

Fred Riley

3 years ago

Staff is very friendly and helpful Great place.

Mic Theory

3 years ago

I got a creepy feeling they money launder. Great money making enterprise though. Wish I could work here.

amanda strawhacker

3 years ago

My dog is obsessed! Went for the first DIY bath ever with my new 5 month old puppy and loved every minute. AMAZINGLY knowledgeable and welcoming staff, excellent treats, and a super super easy bath experience - and it's only $16!! Come, you won't regret it!

Kevin Day

4 years ago

Dirty dog goes in, clean dog comes out

Janelle Kardell

4 years ago

Pi, our chow, is use to monthly baths and not only was he a bit overdue for his July bath, he was in desperate need of a bath after two days of multiple hikes. We on the last leg of our road-trip and found LaundroMutt in the town we were visiting. The staff there was friendly and helped us when we needed more soap. Huge shout out to the guy who helped us with our first tick experience. If ever in Cambridge again we would definitely consider Laundromutt if Pi needs a bath.

Francis Bigness

4 years ago

Self service to wash the dog. Staff was great

Lesa Swenson

4 years ago

I've been, several times; this visit though the water was luke warm and a few other minor issues occurred. They were quite apologetic and explained that during peak hours/days this can happen. I understood. When I went to pay, they gave me one of the dogs baths for free. I was very pleasantly surprised. Thank you.

Paul McCabe

4 years ago

Laudromut is a great place to wash your dog. I also get my dog's nails trimmed by their helpful staff. They have a variety of treats for your pooch as well.

Rachael Wilson

4 years ago

Came here with my 6 month old puppy- they shaved part of his fur without asking me, after I mentioned when I was dropping him off to not cut anything, which the groomer confirmed she wouldn't cut his fur. (he is a Samoyed which you NEVER shave). And it was more than double the cost of the place I usually go in the city. So won't be coming back.

Susan L

4 years ago

Our dog came home after escaping, and she'd been sprayed with a skunk and rolled on something ever worse smelling. We gave her a bath immediately, but it wasn't enough, so we went to LaundroMutt the next day. Their de-skunking treatment was very effective, and she's clean, soft, fluffy, and sweet-smelling again! The staff was great: friendly, sympathetic, helpful, and supportive!

Susanne Behrisch

4 years ago

Love this place! Nice stuff and it’s so easy

Travis Modic

4 years ago

Nice dog cleaning showers/ bays and great selection of treats

Brian Cohen

4 years ago

Store closes at 7pm. Last bath is at 6:30. I showed up for a simple towel dry after sitting in traffic for 40 min at 6:35 and was turned away. Customer service...

Akshaya Kannan

4 years ago

Went in to the self-service station with two of my fluffy dogs. They are very skimpy with the towels and shampoo and unhelpful with the drying process. It’s a convenient location, but overall a very underwhelming process. I’ve used similar types of self services stations at Petco, and find LaundroMutt to be a barebones version of those stations.

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