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Hannah Wright

2 years ago

Walked 30 mins because their google hours said they were open until 8pm, when I arrived at 7:25 they were closed. Won’t try again!

Mary Jane Kelliher

2 years ago

I love how they treat my Bella. Better yet my bella loves them and most of all TRUSTS them.

Benjamin Manthei

2 years ago

Friendly and enthusiastic staff and service! The owner cares deeply for all of her clients animals and treats everyone warmly and wonderfully! Highly recommend D'Tails for all your pets needs- as well as grooming!

Clarisa Carruthers

2 years ago

I was a little hesitant to take my dog to a grooming appointment here given a couple of older, not-so-great reviews, but I’m so happy I decided to try D’tails grooming! David, one of the groomers, did an incredible job grooming my senior pup. He was patient with her ailments and gave my pup the perfect cut. Pricing was also extremely fair for Boston! My experience at this boutique was awesome. My dog doesn’t like dogs so I can’t speak to the doggy daycare, but the boutique owner and the grooming services surpassed my expectations. It was an extremely pleasant experience and we can’t wait to go back! My other pup who wasn’t being groomed even got a few free treats to take home :)

Enrique Santos

4 years ago

Friendly and courteous service. Decent pricing. And adorable Patriots gear for your pooch for all you die hard Patriots fans.

Unearthly Lov3

4 years ago

This store has only the best dog food, toys, and loving sitters/walkers..

Stephanie L'Ecuyer

4 years ago

DO NOT GO THERE FOR GROOMING. I’ve been a loyal client for the past year and would go every 6 weeks (and spend a whooping $165 for two dogs) until yesterday. It was the second instance in a row where they came home with some sort of cut, but this time around it was a lot worse than usual. (See pictures) One of my dog was whimpering after the pick up and had to bring her to the vet the next day. I really do not understand what happened over the past two months (never had issues before) and disappointed to not have heard back from the owner the next day as promised by the technician. Go there at your own risks!

Samuel Fastlicht

4 years ago

Very rude owner and staff. Unprofessional and unloyal. Terrible service. Please beware.

Joseph Frazier

4 years ago

The best cat food store on Berkley st

Greg Stipp

4 years ago

The people were very pleasant an helpful. I found a large dog toy that my weimeriner just loves that I haven't been able to find any place where I live.

Eliana Paniagua

4 years ago

UPDATE: After I posted this original ad, I received a call from Susans personal cell. It was disturbing that she was calling and not her manager. She started yelling at me and saying that she did not appreciate this review. I told her I would post it again and again. The things that happened there were unprofessional and unsafe. The calling and yelling at me on my personal phone is even worse. I asked where the manager was and she said standing right behind me and I asked to speak to her and she said she’s on vacation. Susan is an unprofessional liar. I cannot believe she called to tell and insult me. She did not even try to apologize. Original AD: I took Ducky to be groomed this morning. I felt okay about it considering Lucky had met this groomer a month prior. We went to the grooming shop (that month prior) and spoke to Susan about his fear-aggression. She showed me exactly what she would do and promised she didn’t have a single concern about grooming him. On the day of the appt., I showed up 45 mins early so that I could give Lucky time to calm down in a crate. Susan came out once I arrived with a flat rope. I thought she was going to use it as a leash during the grooming since that’s typical. No, she asked me to tie it around his mouth as a muzzle. I was shocked and admitted that I wasn’t the most comfortable with tying a rope around my fearful dogs mouth and nose area. I asked her if she had a proper muzzle and she mentioned that she had a couple, but that it would be quick and I should just tie the rope on him since she couldn’t. I was so uncomfortable. I finally asked her if she wanted me to take him home instead and she said yes and began to exclaim that she was beyond nervous to give him his bath without the rope being tied around his mouth. Education time: A rope around a dog’s mouth is NEVER safe for the dog or the handler. A rope could be tied too tightly. It could slip loose. He could open his mouth and bite if not tied tight enough. It’s not a proper or safe tool. So, that’s why I trained my dog to wear a proper cage muzzle and cloth muzzle. Either would’ve sufficed. Susan refused to show me a proper muzzle or allow me to put one on. I’m shocked that they’re still in business considering how unprofessional they are. They take months to book with and tie ropes around their scared dogs mouths. A ROPE. I called afterward to speak to an owner because I was concerned about the safety of the dogs there. I was told to call at some other point in the week. Wild. Couldn’t even communicate the proper time to call back to discuss what happened. So unprofessional and unsafe. Through adopting Lucky, I’ve learned so much about proper handling a dog. I’ve never heard of a dog professional who would suggest a rope (flat slip lead in this case) as a muzzle.

geoff foley

5 years ago

I love how friendly and caring the employees are. I think that even though it is smaller than a lot of Other places, it has a WAY BIGGER heart.

Hermine And Pretty Lady Spears

5 years ago

Amazing. My cat Prim is a fan of their work.

Jennifer Denise (Lulu bell)

5 years ago

My baby new doggy store in out so sweet to help....

Stephanie Davis

5 years ago

My cat is extremely fussy!!! Dawn clips her nails in under five minutes without a complaint on the cat's part. Very reasonable price for the value of the service provided!.Dawn is very personable too!

Ben Harris

6 years ago

Fun local pet (mostly dog) shop. Gets overshadowed by Polkadog Bakery, but they have a unique selection of pet toys and accessories. Run by very friendly staff, you can often find one of their own pets in the store greeting customers.

Jessica Hasenplaugh

6 years ago

Great pet store. They'll order food for you if you want a specific kind they don't offer, they have products that are better for dogs than the typical corporate pet store, and they offer a ton of services like day care, dog walking, pet sitting, etc.

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D'Tails Pet Boutique, Massachusetts, Boston

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