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Helena Chaves

2 years ago

Genuinely the nicest, most efficient and knowledgeable customer service I have ever received. They offer the greatest advice, cater to your needs, and even gave veterinarian recommendations for my sweet cat Luna. When saying I was a college student, an employee immediately understood my financial circumstances and gave me the most affordable prices. Definitely will be going here for many years to come.

wendell johns

3 years ago

Hands on assistance from pet professionals is readily available.

Darren Kealey

3 years ago

Local shop that every pet owner should know of. They are nice they have good pricing and they treat you with respect. 5 stars and a thank you.

Melissa Glidden Tye

3 years ago

Lovely local pet store. Small, but well stocked and will do special orders if you're looking for something they don't have. Most importantly, these are folks that really CARE about animals. So you're not just supporting a local business, but you're supporting people that helping to improve the lives of the animal population in the area. Pet Mac is affiliated with a wonderful organization, Pets Bring Joy, an animal rescue organization that works to find foster and forever homes for animals in need.

Unique Tyler (Rarity_424)

3 years ago

The woman is extremely helpful n genuinely cares. Not just trying to sell you. But help you for the long term

Wendy Boly

3 years ago

Wonderful local shop with honest knowledgeable staff and a good selection of quality products that are reasonably priced.

Cristine Romano

3 years ago

My beloved neighborhood pet store for the last 20 years. The proprietors are so knowledgeable and they dispense valuable advice. It's this aspect that distinguishes a small local gem like PetMAC from national and online retailers who might carry some of the same products.

Hakuna Matata

3 years ago

Owner is obnoxious. Avoid! Despite also being a UPS pickup point, the owner refused to let me leave a large heavy package labeled for UPS pickup after I carried it several blocks. She claimed she didn't have room for it, despite having a mostly empty store. I told her it was fine to leave it outside for UPS to collect when they came because it was worthless junk being returned to the manufacturer for environmentally responsible recycling, but she acted like it would be no big deal for me to just load the box back on my dolly and wheel it 10 blocks to the UPS store. I decided to leave the box anyway because she is the designated UPS access point. If she doesn't want to do her job and accept packages, then she should terminate her agreement with UPS, but I had relied on the fact that she is a designated point in bringing the package there. As between which of the two of us should bear the bigger burden, it was a far greater burden for me to take the package back, than for her to simply do what she agreed to do and type the numbers into her computer and let UPS handle it. So today I checked the tracking number and the package is in transit. So despite her "clutch the pearls" moment over "such a big box," she seemed to smarten up enough to just enter the package information into the system and UPS of course came for the package because they are quite happy to pick up a heavy box and collect a big fee from the company paying for the return She was just saying no because she is a obnoxious snot. In the end, I was right and she was wrong.

Amalia Baikie

3 years ago

Had a great personalized experience here. Got a case of cat food and treats for less than I would at the big brand stores! Definitely a great small business to support, that carries good kitty cat food.

Abby Volin

3 years ago

Wonderful local store that has everything you could possibly need for your pet.

Sarah Bahl

4 years ago

A nice, local shop with a friendly and helpful staff. They carry high quality and unique brands that might be hard to find elsewhere. The free range kitties are a huge plus.

Blake Herbold

4 years ago

Friendly "local" pet shop. Great people. Staff can sign ASL. If you wanted to support a local pet shop, this one is it! Highly recommended.

Jamie Berger

4 years ago

Love this place and all they do for animals.

Joseph Thomas

4 years ago

Good Prices and great discounts for members. I always buy the super Long BullySticks! Perfect for a large dog. But I must warn you it's a small shop with just enough room to turn around. Also its is kinda hidden in the cut so you have to make sure you look out for the bright green building on Connecticut Ave. Parking sucks on the street but it's ok as long as you don't linger in the store. Get in and get out or risk a ticket. They don't play around!

Murad Efendiev

4 years ago

My favorite pet shop. Super friendly and they have everything, including great advice.

Walid Nazari

4 years ago

Awesome place for cat products. The staff was super friendly and welcoming.

Dan Gomez

5 years ago

The people here are wonderful and love pets as much as I do. They're also very knowledgeable and have given me very helpful advice on numerous occasions. Plus, there's usually 2-3 cats roaming the store waiting to be adopted, which makes shopping here more fun!

David Dreyer

5 years ago

Not a franchise-style approach to pet care but personalized as well as informed. A first-rate place.

Michelle Nam

5 years ago

Love the products that they sell here! They have a good selection of high end quality dog food and my dog and I love coming here. If your brand or product is out, they will also do a custom order for you. You pay upfront and they'll notify you when it comes in. The prices are reasonably and comparatively with online stores, it's about the same. The only thing I would have to say is that the store usually just has one worker in the store at a time. I've been there numerous times throughout my first year here and most of time it's not busy at all. But the one time it was, I had to wait 20 minutes to get helped. The only person in front of me was getting personally helped by the worker by grabbing things for her when the customer clearly knew where everything was and has been there before. There were definitely moments in which the worker could have helped me but she chose not to and because of that, my parking meter ran the time out. My only recommendation is that they have multiple workers during peak hours as well as train workers on how to handle busy hours better.

Miles Fawcett

5 years ago

Very nice small local pet shop where the owner is interested in getting to know your pet. Good selection of items for cats and dogs. Their cats roaming the shop so make sure to close the door behind you. they have an arrangement with UPS so we're often able to pick up our UPS packages from here rather than having it redelivered.

Piotr Kulczakowicz

5 years ago

A fantastic local shop where all your pet's needs will be taken care of. The shop runs a great cat adoption program. We adopted two cats through them.

Roberto Samaniego

5 years ago

Courteous and high quality cat food. Also a friendly cat lives here

Bryce Istvan

5 years ago

Great local pet shop. Knowledgeable staff and very friendly (adoptable) cats.

Andrew Austin

5 years ago

Small pet store with free range kittens.

Adriana vilchis ovando

5 years ago

People are very nice and helpful.

Dan Westerhof

6 years ago

We found lower prices on the food we were looking for than at other pet stores. Plus the women who helped us were all very knowledgeable.

Erica Milkovich-Padilla

6 years ago

Lori and Janice are wonderful and helpful. Ask them anything about cats and dogs and they will give you the answers. Lori is in charge of the rescue program and is super active in helping rescue cats from around the area. She has a network of fosters and is always matching up those who want to adopt with wonderful additions to their families. I will support this kind of business and urge others to do so too!

Peter Jacobs

6 years ago

Wonderful products and wonderful people!

Cristi Richter

7 years ago

I LOVE THIS PLACE...... They are super cool and really nice. I only go here for my dogs and cat food. I also learned a lot about the food I feed my animals (were its made and what is in it). Also they have a good selection to chose from.So if your like me and want to feed your animals food that is good for them but don't want to spend all the money you have this is the place. But if you want to buy a $75 bad of dog food they got that too.

Daphne D.

7 years ago

Wonderful place for pets and supplies to care for them.

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