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Lizzy Sweeney

2 years ago

I thought we were a valued patient and our sweet dog but when our dog had a very bad accident, Ruxton Animal Hospital, never reached out even when the Pet ER discharge summary was provided to them. They never tried to fit her in on their schedule. I reached out multiple times with ZERO response. We now go to Timonium Vet as they saw our sweet dog right away and showed such kindness and compassion as a new patient that we didn’t get from Ruxton. Was very disappointed in how we were treated at Ruxton and glad we are no longer going there.

Debbie H

2 years ago

This was my first time here and the staff and doctors were amazing! So kind and caring and helpful ???? I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a spectacular veterinarian!!

Marlene Adams

2 years ago

I have been taking my pets to Ruxton Animal Hospital for their care since 2015. Dr. Zimmerman and her team are the best! Two experiences of how they go above and beyond stand out in my mind. In 2018 my mother was declining and one of her cats required insulin twice daily and a thyroid pill twice daily. It became too much for my mother to manage. I asked Dr Zimmerman to board Kirby for a week to evaluate him further. He ended up staying there for six weeks and eventually one of the vet techs agreed to take ownership of him. Nearly everytime I go there now I get an update and see pictures of Kirby. It warms my heart to know how well he is being cared for and I'm so impressed that he no longer requires insulin. The second experience that comes to mind is more recent. When my mother passed away, I took in her other two cats. Since I already had two cats of my own, that meant I now had four cats. One of the cats I inherited from my mother developed a mass in her lung. For a few years it was growing very slowly and she was asymptomatic. A few months ago she began having coughing spells and eventually she stopped eating and started losing weight. This happened in October right as I was about to head to Jamaica for a week for my nieces wedding. The night before I was to leave at 5am the next morning I talked with Dr Z by phone around 930 pm and she told me to bring Princess to her clinic right then so she could board her and monitor her while I was gone. Even though it was after hours when we got there, Dr Z gave Princess fluids and IM medication for nausea and prepared a nice place for her to sleep. I was relieved that Dr Z was taking such good care of her and I was able to go on my trip knowing she was in good hands. Princess stayed with Dr Z and her team for a week until I returned home from Jamaica. When I picked her up and brought her home she was eating again and taking her new medication but then soon after that she began losing her appetite again and began having more difficulty breathing. It was extremely difficult for me to make the decision to euthanize Princess. Finally on 11/20/21 Princess' symptoms suddenly worsened dramatically as I was attempting to give her her 10pm Prednisone. I called Dr Z and left a message and drove to the Pet ER in a panic with Princess in the carrier. Dr Z called me while I was en route and stayed on the phone with me until I arrived at the ER. She then talked with the vet who was on duty at the Pet ER and together they recommended that it was now time to relieve Princess of her suffering. The next morning Dr Z checked in on me to see how I was doing. She was extremely supportive throughout the entire process. Without reservation, I highly recommend Dr Zimmerman and her team at Ruxton Animal Hospital. I don't see how you could find better care for your pets anywhere else. They are as good as it gets!!

Yasmin Reyes

2 years ago

The ladies here are so amazing and dr.z is the best

Irina Orlov

2 years ago

Dr. Z is incredible! We had so many problems with our beautiful baby Mimi until Dr. Z diagnosed her with a rare disease. Prescribed medication works! We thankful forever.

Khaleel Ismail

2 years ago

Rachael was an absolute pleasure to speak with!

Robert Swensen

2 years ago

Doctor Zimmerman and the staff are amazing and caring for every animal that comes in the door and goes beyond expectations every time

Stephanie Dory

2 years ago

I adopted my boy last year with heartworms and was sent here by my rescue. Dr Zimmerman has been amazing with the process of getting him healthy and I can say she probably is a main reason he's alive and healthy now. I highly recommend this hospital!

Nancy Siekierski

3 years ago

Dr Z and her staff are very caring and giving. I drive about 1hr just to go there. I'd honestly drive triple that for DrZ... she's the best I've ever encountered in all my 57yrs as a pet owner.

Leslie Korb

3 years ago

The staff and the doctor are super nice. My cat was treated very well.

Kelli Smith

3 years ago

My full apologies, my unfortunately bad review was for another vet. I was on this google page when I wrote my review not realizing I was on the wrong tab on my computer!

Lisa R W

3 years ago

Always friendly and very kind to fur babies.

David Sheir

3 years ago

To the person who one star reviewed this place, maybe look at yourself when you are the only person who leaves a one star review. You can see in their reply that you just made a mistake with the info you gave them and it makes me upset you decided to post this because clearly this place is awesome. I have had many positive experiences here and will continue to go there with my pets as long as I live in Baltimore! Thank you, Ruxton!

Molly Reisman

3 years ago

Dr. Zimmerman is kind and caring. In the age of Corona, I didn’t meet her in person, but texts, a phone call, and email kept us in the loop. We feel like we found our Baltimore vet.

Rebecca Shore

3 years ago

The staff and vet are amazing. Really felt like they cared and we're honest with me. They also really loved my dog.

Tera Gebhardt

3 years ago

Dr. Z Is the absolute BEST!

virginia miller

3 years ago

My family was very happy when we found a vet like Dr. Z. We have followed Dr. Z to Ruxton. She and her staff are very patient with all the questions that are thrown at them. All of my animals seem very happy when we take them. I have all the trust in Dr. Z she is up front and honest.

Benjamin Press

4 years ago

They are fantastic! They go to so much effort to make our pets feel comfortable with them.

Hilary Thompson

4 years ago

Dr Zimmerman and her team have been absolutely amazing with all of my pets--they've diagnosed things my past vet hadn't and made my little ball of nerves, Dorothy, able to relax and enjoy life. I'm so thankful for everything they've done and would recommend Ruxton to anyone :)


4 years ago

Dr. Zimmerman and her staff are fantastic. And in contrast to two other 5-star animal hospitals we've been to over recent years, I always feel that we get tremendous value at Ruxton Animal Hospital. First off, the staff has always been super helpful and friendly. They're super easy to reach on the phone (or email), and when they say they're going to do something (like call you back or have a prescription ready at x-o'clock), they do it. As a busy professional, I love this: chasing after people is annoying. Next thing: no matter how busy she is, Dr. Z has always been unbelievably attentive and patient with my dog, and she's always taken the time to thoroughly address any concerns or questions I've brought up. She's the type of vet who will literally sit or lay down on the cold, hard floor to examine my dog instead of putting her on the exam table if it means my dog will be more comfortable. I love my dog, but even I wouldn't do that. Another great thing about Dr. Z is that she listens to you, no matter how stupid or out there your input might be. Both human and animal doctors who are dismissive of their clients' complaints and questions are really the worst. But Dr. Z has always been amazing to work with, and she's always made me feel like we're a team in the care of my dog. Dr. Z is also non-judgmental. It'd been 2-3 years since I'd brought my dog to a vet and the reasons for it were pretty stupid. But she brushed them off and just said, "You're here now, and that's what matters." Also, while my dog had been vet-less, I'd been ordering some heartworm meds without prescriptions from Australia. And although Dr. Z expressed her concerns over it, she never chastised me or made me feel stupid for it. Also Dr. Z never pressures you into any services, products, or treatments, and she's super transparent about your options. I know running an animal hospital is very expensive, but I've never gotten the slightest inclination that Dr. Z is motivated by anything beyond the well-being of my dog. This is a great practice, and I highly recommend them. Vet visits are never cheap, but I always feel I get more than my money's worth here.

Lauren Corrigan

4 years ago

Leaving this review after just one visit. We found Dr. Zimmerman after a traumatic experience with another area vet. Within minutes, she made my anxious puppy (and his anxious owner!) feel at ease. She took her time examining my pup with extra care. A swift diagnosis and credible referral has us on our way to healing. I can't thank Dr. Zimmerman enough for making us feel comfortable, and assuring me that I am not "crazy."

Sandra DeBaugh

4 years ago

Everyone is super nice and the pets are really treated great

Shawn Unger

4 years ago

Dr. Zimmerman is fantastic. She takes her time and is very thorough. Never making you feel rushed. So happy we found her.

Stephanie Dorman

4 years ago

The best care around. Great staff!

Erik Nilson

5 years ago

My dog loves going to the vet. They are so good

Danny Sarubin

5 years ago

Dr. Z, as usual, was awesome. I trust her judgment and appreciate the time and attention she gives to my animals and to me. And they always have chocolate at the desk which I have to say is pretty cool.

Raquel Ross

5 years ago

This was the first time going to this animal facility for annual shots and check up. The staff was beyond wonderful to deal with. So friendly, kind-hearted and informative. Sandy and Dr. Zimmerman were the two ladies I had interactions with as well as the receptionist which was also a joy. They're able to work with you for scheduling as well as make sure you are aware of all expenses prior to time of pay. Thanks and see you soon : )

Evan Nevermore

5 years ago

Doctor Zimmerman is a people person, as well as an animal person. It's important to be able to handle the humans as well as their pets. She gets it, and is very compassionate towards my cats. I can tell she is actually listening to what I am saying when I talk to her, I can see the gears when I am describing what is up. I drive out of my way to go see her, as my previous vet was such a disappointment. It's been well worth it, and my cats are happier for it.

Jeff Filson

5 years ago

Moved to the area and everyone recommended another vet but we adopted a dog and needed her checked out immediately. The vet and nurses are fantastic and treat the dogs so well that they actually like going. That in itself is a miracle worth more than 5 stars.

joe matthew

5 years ago

My dog is so excited every time he walks in their door! Dr. Z. is simply the best, she works hard to make your pet(s) feel comfortable throughout the entire visit and explains treatments clearly. Her staff is also a pleasure to deal with. If you want a Vet that cares about your animal as much as you do, you've come to the right place!

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