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SpEd C

2 years ago

they would not sell me the prescription cat food that I need for my cat because it wasn't their VCA Newark animal hospital it was a VCA Kirkwood highway my cat went without food for three days because of their little technicalities.

Erika McGuire

2 years ago

They forgot that my sick dog had been waiting in the car for over 2 hours. Then when I asked if they could hurry up because I had to get home for my ten year old daughter they say that the sicker are treated first. OK, thats awesome, but …

Douglas Byrd

2 years ago

We recently had to put our dog down the staff here was very compassionate and caring for our dog , they explained everything about the procedure and really helped us get through our loss. From the diagnosis of his disease to his last day they were very caring. Thank you to all the staff who helped us through this tough day.

Danielle Moore

2 years ago

Staff was nice, building was cleaned. Made a same day appt for urgent care. Wasnt there too long, which was good. Only thing. Like all others, i just feel like costs can be expensive. Meds were high, maybe it would be nice if given option to purchase meds from pharm, which may have been cheaper.

holly astone

2 years ago

Staff there are amazing. Very knowledgeable and friendly


2 years ago

Visited first time for the basic care visit. Good experience.

Emily Seminazzi

2 years ago

I had to put my dog down after 15 years. Was the hardest thing I've done. They were super compassionate and offered and cremation kit that was extremely heartwarming.

Karen W

2 years ago

For many years, VCA keeps my pets safe. Dr Carothers cares tremendously for her clients pets. Ty.

Michelle Rennalls

2 years ago

Takes good care of My Pets ????????????????

Ally Stierle

2 years ago

We were in search of a hospital that could help our dog get back update and healthy. We brought him in, and Ashleigh (the vet tech that helped us) was welcoming and knowledgeable. Dr.Wing was extremely helpful in getting a plan put in place for Boss. Jennifer (I believe was her name) at the front desk was also very kind. I couldn't recommend this office more, and I am very thankful we took the ride to bring Boss here.

Sherri rudnick

2 years ago

Dr Crothers is amazing. Everyone is so loving and caring. Expensive but great quality treatment

B. Ours

2 years ago

Excellent. Offers normal visits and emergency

Beverly Holcombe

2 years ago

They really love your animals like you do.

Jeff Carey

2 years ago

Dr Caruthers is excellent and helped my dog get over her seizure condition

Kalkat68 nonya

2 years ago

Not an emergency vet if you have to schedule an appointment ahead of time for the emergency. How would someone know there animal needs am emergency visit until the emergency happens.

Brittany Perkins

2 years ago

Not a Dog or animal person at all. My friend has a Dog he was sick and they came up with some pretty good care plans and options on how to make em happy. To my surprise this animal hospital was clean and up-to date.

C.M. H

2 years ago

I used them for routine care for my 2 dogs, their staff was always awesome. I had to use them twice for non life threatening emergencies- yes, it's expensive AF, yes, you'll wait a while. That describes every emergency vet. I prefer to use local vets and not go with a larger chain, but the office was so convenient to my house it just made sense when I lived there. Expect some brand pushing every now and again, but they weren't insufferable. Overall I'd recommend.

Beatrice Koveleski

2 years ago

Have lost faith and trust in this place as well as the vet. Never told the same story twice about my cats' illnesses. Vet always says she will call with results, etc., and hardly ever does. You have to call her and pray you get through. The game plan for treatment changes every time you speak to her. First she recommends emergency surgery, then puts it off for one reason or another, recommends more testing while you and your pet suffer without knowing what to do, holding your breath your pet will survive while waiting for the "emergency surgery"! Lots of contradiction with each visit. Not sure what the problems or motives are, but very heartbroken over the way my pets and I were treated. I used to be so loyal to this place and referred so many people here until my cats became seriously ill. It's fine for routine care. The receptionists and nurses are kind and caring.

J Goodman

2 years ago

We are new to the area and were without an established veterinarian for our 13 year old Shih Tzu. VCA was able to get us in for an urgent care visit without any issues. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to our little love, but the staff at VCA showed us an incredible amount of compassion. Today, we received a sympathy card in the mail signed by the staff and Drs that took care of our sweet pup. How thoughtful and loving! We truly appreciate the kindness shown to us by the staff at VCA Newark. Much love to you all!

Nancy Catullo

2 years ago

Took my dog there, I suspected a blockage. they examined him, gave lots of suggestions for test: stomach xray, chest xray and bloodwork which would total 1,000.00. I declined all but stomach xray. that cost 678.00. xray confirmed blockage. they gave me an estimate of $7,000 to 8,000 dollars! omg! they said they called around and all prices are the same. I was devastated. the prices are outrageous. as I cried bc I could not afford it, they said the right words, but they did not mean it. no compassion. Stay away from this place. I am still calling around for a more reasonable surgery place. Delmarva animal emergency center quoted half that price. I hope it's TRUE as I will get my dog there!

samanth hearne

2 years ago

I took my dog here because he was vomiting, could not go to the bathroom, wasn’t eating and was barely drinking water. We took him at 8 am (with an appointment) waited for 2 hours just for them to tell us he needed an X-RAY of his abdomen (which was $679) they also tried to do blood work for an extra $250 and an X-ray of his chest which was another $300. There was also costs for specialist to read the X-rays. The cost was $1200 which we told them no because we were sure our dog was going to need surgery. We ended up just do an abdominal X-ray. They told us to come back k at around 2 and said his intestine was obstructed from a piece of chicken bone. They told us he needed surgery immediately and told us every place they called quoted $8,000 for the surgery. When my mom and I began crying because we couldn’t afford that and he was gonna die without the surgery THEY HAD ZERO COMPASSION FOR US. They basically said don’t know what to tell you. Then we had to wait an hour “to see the doctor” while our sick dying dog was in the back room. We left after over an hour with out seeing the doctor because we just wanted to get him home and make him comfortable. Luckily we told our neighbor who called Middletown veterinary Hospital (who quoted us $2,000-$3,000) and Delmarva animal emergency center (who quoted us $2,500 to 3,800). Vca claimed they called everywhere and we could not get a lower price anywhere but that was a lie. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR PETS THEY ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS HERE. WAY OVERPRICED AND ZERO HELP OR COMPASSION IF YOU CANNOT PAY FOR A LIFE SAVING SURGERY FOR YOUR PET!

Matthew Reynolds

2 years ago

Took our dogs there to see if she had worms cost us so much money to get the test for them to say it was negative and then call back 2 days later to say she was positive and we needed pay $600. Thought was a bit fishy took it to a different vet they said she had no worms at all there just trying to get money out of people because we don't know nothing about our pets not go here I am never again that's for sure!

Greg Fogarty

2 years ago

Newark VCA was able with to see us the same day we called and provided wonderful TLC to Bowser who developed a full body rash. Dr. Wing gave us a thorough review of his issues and recommended a full suite of solutions. Thank you Dr. Wing and Newark VCA for taking care of our baby boy!

Remy the_Rabbit

2 years ago

Just took my cat here today for hurting his leg (will need surgery). Worth the small wait for an appointment. The staff were great. The day’s vet (and also medical director) Emily, was outstanding. She was running in and out of the clinic to speak to people outside. Most vets these days have typically been calling people waiting in their cars. It made me feel much better talking face to face (with masks). Especially since this is the first pet I’ve had with a major injury. Took time to answer all questions and even called the doctor I will end up getting the surgery with. Went over X-rays, provided options, and very personable. I’d probably hang out with her on a normal day, she’s that nice.

Yujie Slinkard

2 years ago

Terrible terrible terrible... the staff is very pushy and when you don't want to do the most expensive option they say there's nothing else to be done. Yet when my old dog who was blind and deaf and lost control of her bowel and was no longer herself they wanted to keep her alive and suffering for about $5k. Stay away from this place. I rather wait a few more days to see a real vet who cares more about the pet then the $$$ then pay these ridiculous prices.

Remington Pearson

3 years ago

I take both my dog and my cat here and I am extremely happy with how the nice and professional the veterinarians are. Emily & Megan are the best! They treat my pets like family & I would highly recommend the VCA Newark Animal Hospital to anyone who has a pet.

Ronald Sexton

3 years ago

An outstanding experience! The entire staff, across multiple shifts, could not have been more professional, more compassionate, or more accommodating! Many thanks!

Sandra Jones

3 years ago

Took great care of my dog in an emergency situation. Very nice, friendy, and professional.

Andi Li

3 years ago

Cost lots of money. I really wanna talk about this. My cat vomited and I decided to take my cat to this hospital last year on May. The doctor suggested us to take a abdominal x ray for our cat. It almost cost us $421. This was our first time to do x ray for our cat so we actually did not know the common price for the x ray. The doctor told us they would call us back after the result comes out. For the following days we only received the call from this hospital, and they told us everything was fine. We even did not see the exact x ray photograph. This month we were trying to find another hospital to do the same x ray for our cat, the x ray test only cost us $90. We also saw our cat x ray photograph in another hospital. I do not know why is this hospital priced so high. I would not go this hospital again!!!! If Have no star, I really would like to choose 0 star for this hospital.

Adam Kubat

3 years ago

Got our puppy in on short notice and fixed an issue with her spay healing improperly! So helpful and nice employees

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