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Bella S

2 years ago

I went to Applewoods Dog Training's $600 private lesson course for basic obedience. I wouldn't say that the private sessions are worth the money. Each weekly lesson, the trainer simply shows you how to follow their training manual. For the …

Deserae art by

3 years ago

I've been trying to get a refund for over a month now since they're still closed but they've stopped responding. Will update review as action occurs but at this point one star is very fair.

Sheila Knox

3 years ago

The best my duke has been trained there and bordered there the best training ever, you can not go wrong


5 years ago

Excellent dog training. They teach you how to be a good dog owner. Strange old house is the location but the staff are smart and kind.

Olivia LeClair Kim

5 years ago

I've taken my american akita here since she was a puppy! She's gone through the elementary, middle school, and retrieve classes. Honestly I don't know what we would've done without Applewoods. Everyone compliments me on how well behaved my dog is (even with her akita quirks!). I even try to come out to Applewoods STILL for their week night class every once in awhile because the level of training and skill of the teachers is just that good. I found the step by step methods they take with training to be super helpful, and how they build from one lesson to the other. (Such as how they teach a dog to learn how to heel, they have exercises to build on it rather than just shouting "heel" at your dog and trying to make them get it. So by the time you are learning the formal/verbal command, the dog has a general idea of what a heel is and how they need to pay attention to you) This was very beneficial and helpful, especially having a stubborn dog like my akita. I seriously recommend taking your dog to Applewoods, I honestly wish I lived closer to them so I could go much more frequently than I do now.

Andy Lomax

5 years ago

Applewoods, my "Harley" and I thank you. AND I am excited to see how many people will thank you as "Harley" enters new therapeutic opportunities. Thanks to you, we can now safely (and certified) share her wiggles and delight for others. Private lessons with Mike were perfect to restart and renew my training skills. My understanding of canine behavior advanced, too. When training is taught from the rightful pack perspective, with honesty and patience from instructor, and willingness from you the handler, your sweet-canine-sidekick can give you clear communications and receive yours. Great results can happen! "Harley" and I are both going forward with confidence, continued training (Thursday's class with Jan) and support (Elice) from the whole Applewoods pack!

Melody Noevere

5 years ago

When my husband and I decided to get a puppy, we wanted one that could keep up with our active lifestyle. We chose a German Shorthaired Pointer, a great outdoors dog, but also one that needs vigorous physical and mental exercise. From the start, we knew we needed to set her up with proper training to help manage her high energy. Applewoods has turned out to be the perfect fit. We started Hazel out in the Puppy Class at 10 weeks old. When we saw how much she learned, I took her through Elementary, Middle and High School classes plus Retrieve class and she's only just a little over a year old! Hazel can be a bit stubborn or overly-energetic when training, but the Applewoods instructors have been able to provide excellent tips along the way to help manage this and keep her training on track. They've had experience with a wide variety of dog temperaments and personalities, and are able to give specific feedback that suits our dog.

Brian Majerowicz

6 years ago

Applewoods Dog Training - Outstanding! Individual or competitive obedience, show, tracking / retrieve, and more. If you are looking for optimal dog response on or off-leash, you will find that here. These professionals use time-tested and dog-tested methods to achieve proven results. This approach teaches the dog as well as the handler / owner how to work together for optimum response. Trainers and staff are kind and understanding as well as highly experienced across all dog breeds and dog personalities. They care about your dog and you! Took my 9 month old German Shepherd from an anxious puppy to an animal that makes good behavior choices with solid focus and reliable response. If you have a dog problem or want to improve your already well behaved animal, Applewoods will provide the guidance to the result you want.

John L. Davis

6 years ago

Simply outstanding. I have taken four dogs through their various programs. If you want results and a rock-solid relationship with your dog, then this is your first choice. I drove over an hour each way to come here for classes once - it's that good.

Amber King

7 years ago

Great trainers in a well structured class with socialization time for your dog afterwards.

Cassie Roberts

7 years ago

Applewoods is the place to take your pup if you want a truly obedient dog! The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and they truly have the dogs' best interests at heart. They teach you how to train your dog and you will reap the benefits if you do your homework. Our boxer puppy was turning into a monster and his bad behavior was only going to escalate as he grew older and bigger. Taking him to this facility every week has given us the tools to turn him into a well-behaved dog. Even when we felt like we were failing the encouragement from the staff, particularly Elice, has kept us coming back and we have seen our pup blossom as a result.

Vic H

7 years ago

When we brought home our lab puppy Sven, we spent more than 3,000 dollars on training in his first year, including board and train day camps, afternoon classes, and weekend classes. We tried 3 different companies which focused on treat …

Sydney “Syd The Kid” Reed

7 years ago

I started my apprenticeship with Margot Woods at the age of 13 and I've never looked back. She not only gave me so much knowledge on dogs, health, and behavior. She also gave me knowledge on how to handle, compete, and train various breeds and temperaments. Having been given the opportunity to learn other methods outside of The Koehler Method I would have to say others aren't as reliable or effective as Bill Koehler's. Anyone who says anything along the lines of brutish, abusive, or sadistic had no intention of wanting to learn and understand how to train their own dog. I'm 25 now with almost a decade of knowledge and still have so much to learn about Utility Training. The trainers I've worked with have always been fantastic and friendly. If it weren't for the fact I had to move I would still be working there to this day. I always recommend this facility to anyone who really wants to build a line of communication with their dog and build a better relationship.

meghan miller

7 years ago

I have been a member of the Applewooods Dog training family for 13 years! 13 years ago (2003) Applewoods helped save my mutt. Ferris was a very aggressive dog due to being abused as a puppy. He bit my face which required stitches, and if it weren't for Applewoods, Ferris would not be here today. Ferris is Margot's success story! He knows every command and is proud of himself when he completes the command correctly. Ferris is a better dog today because of Applewoods training. 4 years ago (2012) we got a Siberian Husky named Obi. I knew right away where to take him! Obi completed his elementary training so he could attend doggie day care! Obi is a little more stubborn so he takes a few minutes to complete his job, at home, but at Applewoods he follows through right away! Applewoods is his home away from home. On our way to Applewoods in the morning he barks and gets very excited! He knows where he is spending his day! I would trust every single person at Applewoods with my dogs life! Obi has been a more well behaved husky because of Applewoods. I would be lost without them! Applewoods does have a different outlook on dog training and because of this, my dogs are so well behaved and obedient. Thank you Applewoods for doing what you do!

Maureen Shea

7 years ago

I've been training at Applewoods for about a year now and I am so proud of what a polite dog Yogi has become. I always have people stop and remark at how well behaved my dog is. It's hard work but very rewarding. Thanks to all the trainers that have worked with us. I hope we make you proud at our obedience trial this month.

Katrina Maurer

7 years ago

Applewoods is a fantastic place for me and my dog. We started in the Puppy Class, with activities to start my puppy on the track to being a well mannered dog, which included some basic recall work and other simple tasks for a puppy. She also got a chance to socialize with other pups. The instructor was always eager to discuss any concerns or difficulties I was having and wanted to make sure we were informed about all the stages of puppy development and health. It was informative and a good introduction to obedience for our pup. We continued with private lessons once my dog was old enough. I have a crazy schedule and the staff was very flexible about helping me get all my classes in. I appreciated how up-beat and positive the instructor was, especially when we would hit difficult patches. As we progressed I could tell my dog was very proud of herself. He encouraged me to integrate our lessons into every day life, not just practice sessions. We passed the Canine Good Citizen tests with no problem, and whenever people would meet my dog they were impressed with her good manners. We're currently working on getting an AKC CD Title in obedience and did a great job at our first show, where my dog got the highest score in her division. Concurrently we are enrolled in the Retrieve Class (training for Open). It's one of the few group classes I've been able to make, and I enjoy seeing the instructors work with lots of different kinds of dogs and adapt the training to suit the needs of the dog they are working with. My dog is a natural retriever anyway, but I've seen non-retrieving breeds do the work with great enthusiasm in this class! They all have so much fun with this next level of training. Aside from the classes at Applewoods, they foster a great dog training community with extra group classes where dogs from all skill levels participate. It's a great opportunity to see what sort of things you and your dog may be working towards in the future, and to get feedback from lots of different instructors on the work you are currently doing with your dog. My dog also attends day care there two days a week, and I prefer it above other day care options I've tried. It's a smaller group of dogs and they get to be outside with lots of space to play, shady trees for napping under, and even kiddie pools to splash in on hot days! After other day care places, I felt my dog was always a little strung out and stressed, but after a day at Applewoods she is happy and tired. This is a great place with smart, supportive instructors who are always looking out for the well-being of your dog.

Jonathan Morris

7 years ago

just finished the elementary class and had great success. would recommend o anyone that they use this training course. ready for the next class.

Jeff Grigore

7 years ago

At about one month into puppy dog ownership, my mutt Butler, was driving my wife and I crazy and we were at a loss about what to do. We thought looking up answers to specific behaviors on the Internet would be all that we would need to help …

Hank Beam

7 years ago

BEWARE! ANIMAL ABUSE! If I could give zero stars I would. Day one, there were about 10 other dogs present, and the "training area" was in the backyard of a small house. When first arriving, you're instructed to attach a choke collar to your dog, at which point you sit down on the chair, with the lead underneath you, providing your dog only enough length for them to lay down next to you. Needless to say, if your dog moved around, they would often find themselves getting tangled up/choked underneath the chairs. I alerted the staff member (a man named Jan) that my dog had wrapped himself around the chair leg and seemed to be in severe discomfort. Jan approached, snickered, and told me "he'll be fine", then walked away. When another staff member noticed, she quickly untangled him, which was my first clue that Jan was a borderline sadistic person. Throughout the lay down "training", my dog would get up and interact with other dogs (strictly forbidden). Jan instructed me to strike my dog, initially to get his attention, but when it wouldn't work he'd tell me to increase the force, ultimately telling me to strike him with a closed fist on his head (which he claimed was ok due to dogs "high pain tolerance"). Nothing worked, no guidance (aside from physical punishment) was suggested. When I later took issue with the use of strikes as a teaching tool, I was simply told by Jan that I wasn't "doing it right", but he failed to suggest anything else. One class later, our dog was barking at another dog that rushed him, at which point a staff member grabbed the leash with both hands, and yanked up (seemingly) with all her might, raising my dog completely off the ground, and slamming him on his back (referred to as "helicoptering". That happened twice, she told us not to use that "technique" in public (very suspect) and we left. My fiance's mother brought her 4lb puppy to the same place, and was also instructed to closed-fist strike her puppy on the head as well. It's clear they have one, and only one, tool for training dogs-physical punishment. Other reviews indicate this is not an isolated problem. In fact, it seems to be an organizational philosophy. FYI, every week is essentially an hour's worth of you sitting on a steel chair next to your dog, while they talk/criticize you for not "completing the homework". There is zero instruction during the class, the staff essentially just tells you to do all the work at home. Avoid at all costs unless you enjoy beating your dog.

Ernesto Guerrero

7 years ago

Awesome experience with this training facility! The trainers are knowledgable and personally invested in the success of my dog.

Chris Shelton

8 years ago

I have noticed that the dogs that come out of this institute are very well behaved.

Lorri-Anne Burke

8 years ago

My neighbors keep congratulating me on what a great job I have done training my dog. I can't take all the credit as it's actually because of Applewoods that he's such a well-behaved pup. Sometimes you don't even notice the awesome changes that happens with your dog, still, my neighbors do: I was walking down to the basement with two bags of trash and not holding my dog's leash. The stairwell seemed empty - I figured, what's the harm. Up comes our neighbor that we haven't seen in weeks, my dog got so excited and promptly SAT DOWN waiting to be petted (he's a people loving golden retriever after all). I was apologizing profusely for having my dog free, and she replied, "That's ok, you did great with him! Remember when he used to jump up all the time?!" So I have to thank Applewoods Dog Training for a dog my neighbors love and appreciate. They've really tailored training to my pup's needs. I feel a lot more confident now that he'll make a great volunteer - and won't push down patients or kiddos!


9 years ago

Two years ago, I acquired an 8 week-old German Shepherd puppy, Francine. She was adorable, fun, inquisitive, and exactly the kind of puppy I had wanted. However, as the first few months went by, she became more and more difficult to …

Stacey Farkosh

9 years ago

Thank goodness for Applewoods! When I decided I wanted to get a puppy, I started researching the differences …

Dan Man

10 years ago

Best preparation to be a parent was training our dog through Applewoods Dog Training. …

Anita Stevens

11 years ago

How Applewood’s Dog Training changed my life (and my dog’s) When I decided I needed help to train my dog because of aggression issues, I …

Rebecca Wakefield

11 years ago

I just finished the Elementary Class with my 2 year old lab. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who has a dog. The trainers at Applewoods are extremely knowledgable. After 6 weeks, my dog is no longer pulling when we walk, knows …

Sue hill

11 years ago

Board and Train at Applewoods: I have a 5 year old dog who was "treat trained" and in combination with hunger from his food allergies, he became food aggressive. How could I re-train a dog with a new, better foundation? Was the old way his …

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