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Lexie Smith

2 years ago

The staff is so kind and caring. We especially enjoy seeing heather and how helpful she is with our dog. I also really enjoy talking to the receptionist/tech with dark hair. Dr. Freeze is an outstanding doctor. Thank you Aloha!

Janet Middleton

2 years ago

We’ve been working with all the great people at Aloha Animal Hospital for over five years. Always professional, patient, kind and loving to my furbaby (and me) Whether it’s a regular check up, urgent issue or surgery. JD (Dr. Freeze) is always available, cares about his patients and their humans and does Great work!

Isha Singh

2 years ago

Dr. and staff at Aloha are simply the best. They not only go out of the way for their clients, but also have genuine compassion for them. We love taking our fur baby there because we know he is in good hands. Thank you Aloha Animal Hospital for always being there for us.


2 years ago

This was my cat's vet. This summer I woke to her screaming in pain and saw she was unable to walk. I knew it was grave and called Aloha for emergency help. I was told it was a saddle stroke and all the things it would require to treat it, but I needed emergency help for her. I was bluntly turned down. The person who took my call could hear my cat screaming and offered to see her later in the afternoon. I was shocked at this. Not good enough! This was her vet and what happened to the hype about compassion when they were so desperately needed? I was struggling with what to do while on the phone and the only response I got was be sure to call if I'm not taking that 2pm slot. In desperation I called Littlestown animal hospital and they said get her there ASAP. They got her in immediately and saw how much she was suffering, did a thorough examination, confirmed saddle stroke and explained the stroke was so severe it would be more compassionate to euthanize. For my cat the treatment would be extensive and sadly the strokes can recur. They immediately gave her a pain shot so she could relax and give me time to make a very painful decision. These strokes are horribly painful when they hit the hind legs and do not immediately cause death. It was cruel of Aloha to shrug a patient in screaming pain off for hours or tell me to take her to an ER which at the time of day would be a 45 minute to an hour drive in traffic with a cat howling in pain and possibly a wait at the ER. Yet another vet, just as busy, took her in as fast as I could get her there and it wasn't even my cat's vet. I made the painful decision not to put my cat through the possible recurrence of this awful fate but I was devastated. I could not even drive. And yes I forgot to call back and cancel that 2pm slot! I got an impatient call later reminding me I was to call back if I was not keeping the appointment. No concern for my cat whatsoever! This cold, uncaring response to a client is why I'm leaving the worst possible review. I would leave a minus 5 if I could. I hope other clients do not find themselves in this dire situation because I cannot attest to this clinic being there for them when it most matters. The clinic's response does nothing to give me any confidence to take a pet here. Obviously too understaffed to be reliable. And "inconvenience" is a very poor description of what my cat and I went through, but it does show how unimportant the whole event was to them.

Gail Coulson

2 years ago

Dr. Freese and techs are great. They are very knowledgeable and patient dealing with our cat who can be very skittish. They are also very willing to take the time to answer our questions. I highly recommend Aloha Animal Hospital.

Linda Q.

2 years ago

As always, I was very satisfied with our visit today. Even though it was only to get Molly's nails trimmed, she was in a lot of discomfort, and now she is feeling much better. Thank you!

Kathryn Hoar

2 years ago

Dr. Freese and his staff are incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient! All of our dogs have gotten the beat care and attention you could ask for. So glad they’re a part of our community!

Kaitlyn Higgins

2 years ago

We have taken our German Shepherd to this practice since we brought her home as a puppy. We originally had zero issues with her care. However, once our 5 year old shepherd started experiencing bladder issues and having accidents throughout our house at the end of March, we decided something wasn’t right and called to make an appointment (which next opening wasn’t for more than a week). She was examined and was told everything physically checked out unremarkable. We also had her right hind leg examined because she had been limping/favoring on it with the urine incontinence but again the “physical” exam checked out fine and was told it was her joints/cartilage and to start on supplements. Blood work was taken to rule out other diseases. We had to call multiple times to check on her lab work and it took a full week for the results to come back (after us continuously calling). Her blood work came out fine but her urine results were slightly abnormal with blood in her urine and abnormal specific gravity ratio (this was not addressed/or knew why her ratio was very low and therefore not treated). We were given Proin to help with her incontinence and we were never educated on the possible/awful side effects of this medicine. Also, after her leg exam, the following day she stopped entirely walking on it. Fast forward to yesterday, April 28, only THREE weeks after her visit with Aloha, our young & happy 5 year old German Shepherd died in her sleep. We never received a phone call/follow up checking to see how she was doing on this medicine or to see if her leg was getting better with the joint supplements. Before our dog died, we took her to another vet this past Monday, whom took her blood and everything was abnormal/extremely high levels & was riddled with infection and diagnosed with a UTI. He believes she died from a heart attack and/or anxiety attack (which is a side effect) from the Proin OR from untreated UTI or a combination of both. He also said that the incontinence and leg pain was most likely due to a back issue that could have only been diagnosed by X-ray/imaging that we were never offered at Aloha. To potential animal parents thinking about visiting this clinic, prepare to be your pet’s advocate.

Haley Cook

2 years ago

Dr. Freese was nothing but amazing! The best experience I’ve had with any veterinarian in a long time!!

Erin Cosgrove

2 years ago

Dr. Freese is caring and compassionate about all things animals. He is a great vet who will try his best to take care of your pets. Highly recommended!

Diana Donnelly

2 years ago

Would not even give me a general estimate on pricing for spay and neuter service without me bringing my dog in for an exam. Receptionist was rude and said no clinic does. Every one I called before them did!

Bob Dean

2 years ago

Up until today we would recommend this practice highly. We called worried our new puppy wasn't drinking/dark urine. They said no appt for 1week...go to ER if blood in urine. Did all puppy wellness visits with this practice.This after being with them over15 years and two other dogs.)...update, didn't get in at aloha, went to another vet and found it was UTI.


3 years ago

For years we had gone to Aloha. Treating our dog Cooper. Cooper has Allergies. Over the last 2 years he was getting worse and worse. I kept asking should we try steroids or could he have mange? But nothing else was ever considered or treated . We had finally had enough after a year of spending almost 300.00 a month on meds totalling almost 5400.00 in one year! With a dog that looked and felt terrible. We left Aloha and went to VCA Conewago and within 2 months Cooper looks like a normal dog almost completely healed and as happy and full of life as can be. Needless to say we are very unhappy with Aloha!

Mary Brenneman

3 years ago

I have taken 2 of my dogs and my cat there for various care. Dr. Freese is the best! He always takes his time with me and my fur babies. He does not make me feel like he is rushing my appointment so that he can get to the next one and he answers all my questions. I will continue to take my fur babies there.

Kimberly Hagee

3 years ago

We love Aloha Animal Hospital! They get my English Bulldogs in quickly when they need to be seen, or prepare prescriptions quickly when I need to pick them up. The staff is always caring and efficient.

Porsher Howard

3 years ago

Before I could even schedule an appointment the lady was very rude. Stating that if I cancel my appointment for any reason emergency or not the dog will not be able to return. Unprofessional!!!!

Stephanie Preston

3 years ago

I visited Aloha Vet today with my kitten Georgie. The staff and doctor were all very friendly and professional. The rates are very affordable. I would highly recommend and look forward to many more visits in the future. Thank you!

Amy Zill

4 years ago

Friendly and caring staff. Clean facility. Never feel rushed in discussing the care of our pets.

Compass Life

4 years ago

When I first got my puppy, I went to Aloha after hearing a recommendation that they were kind, caring, putting pets as the number one focus, and treated owners with respect. This must have been when the original owners were around. Now under new ownership, they treated me as a first time puppy owner, with nothing but a sales pitch. They misdiagnosed my puppy's worms telling me not to give him the medicine I had already bought. Rather they said he was fine and nothing was wrong. When I rescued my puppy and he was nothing but skin and bones, clearly underweight. I expressed numerous concerns and the vet brushed these concerns off, using the excuse I was an over protective, new puppy mom. I had them test for worms, upon when the results came back, he had three types of the worst kind of worms, to which the vet prescribed to use the exact medicine he orignally told me not to. He talked severly fast and in nothing but scientific terms. When I asked for more explanation he acted as though I was wasting his precious time and continuously pushed what the posters covering the walls advertised. I made sure I requested to see a different vet but stuck with Aloha, still believing their reputation was worth something. How naive I was. When I came back for a second visit, they didnt even know I had been there before and had no record of my puppy seeing them. When I took him to get fixed, my sweet, playful puppy came out a frightened, anxious mess that has continued to this date. His incision would not heal, and started to look infected. I took him back, to which I had to practically carry him inside as he was shaking as soon as he saw the building. They brushed me off once again, stating I was an over protective mother. Two weeks later after it looked worse and I brought him back, they gasped wondering why I had not brought him in sooner as they said it was clearly infected. Its a shame the original owners are no longer in ownership. They truly cared about animals from the bottom of their heart. With the new ownership, not only is Aloha now a fake sales pitch, trying to sell all of the brands they have plastered on their walls, but they are incompetent, uncaring, and certainly do not put animals at top priority. My puppy means the world to me and I want to take him to a place where they see as a lovable, adorable, and sweet puppy soul, not as another dollar sign. If you feel the same about your pets, then I recommend you stay far away from Aloha.

Eric Cole

4 years ago

I want to thank the staff and Dr. Jenkins for his candor and and overall professionalism in our time of need with our dog Dixie. God bless you for what you do. Though it was painful, you helped make it easier and personable.

gonna FreeServe

4 years ago

Aloha hospital is one of the best veterinary clinics I have ever been to and I have visited many through out the years.Having lots of animals in my life time I have been to many clinics. This clinic didn’t earn a 5 star rating for no reason. Well of course you will have those who have their complaints but there will always be those people who are never happy no matter what. Wait until they go somewhere else is will become very apparent that Aloha is far superior to any clinic. My animals have always been treated with high regard,respect and superior attention. The clinic is organized,clean,happy and a great place in general.Dr Freese is extremely through and knowledgeable and is always willing to go the extra mile,not to mention current in treatments and medications. My review for Aloha is why would you go anywhere else? It’s the best around!!!

Kelly Edwards Floyd

4 years ago

I went here tonight for an emergency visit with my dog. They let me know they’d try to see us, but were very helpful in preparing me with info for a different office I may have to go if they couldn’t squeeze us in. We were able to be seen, which I was so grateful for. My dog, even though he was in a lot of pain, seemed very relaxed and content here, which is interesting because he usually gets very nervous at the vet’s office. They were very thorough and I truly appreciated the time they spent with us. We saw Dr. Freese and we had an all around great experience. Now that we’re home, my dog is feeling better and relaxed, with the help of some needed medication. I’m also feeling much more relaxed after a stressful day! I’d recommend this office in a heartbeat. Thank you again!

Laura Dutton

4 years ago

Dr. Freese has always taken care of all of my pets. He explains any issues with my dogs and cat in a way that is easily understandable. I trust him with my pets and I love the care he shows when examining my animals! I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I live in Timonium so its almost an hour drive!

Mark Bastress

4 years ago

Dr Freese and his staff are awesome! So friendly and take great care of both of our dogs! Couldn't recommend Aloha more!

Melissa Wolfe

4 years ago

I would give zero stars if it were an option. I took our last dog here for cold laser therapy for his joints and only stopped because he got sick with addisons and the medication he was put on made his joints a but better and also bought his dasuquin from them. I just got a new puppy after several years without one and apparently our file says they cannot provide treatment to any of my pets. We did a newspaper article for them for the cold laser therapy and still went in there after 2013 when my file was apparently flagged by this note. I called and asked for an explanation and Phoenix refused to provide one or let me speak to someone as there was no one there today. I asked if someone would be there tomorrow or the next day, no. Seems like an awful way to treat clients that were there before when nothing happened. Since its under new ownership they won't provide any reconsideration as well. Bad business. I'm sure someone else will be more than happy to take my money and provide explanations to people instead of shrugging them off. If this is how they treat me I can only imagine how they would treat my puppy. He's better off. I'll make sure to tell family and friends this is the way you conduct yourselves. Shameful.

Sam Krei

4 years ago

0 stars of I could. I have a shy lab mix puppy that I took here to get fixed and the surgery incision became infected and when took him to them with concerns they brushed me off and said it "looked fine". The incision site became worse and I went to them again with my concerns and they had the audacity to ask why I didn't bring this issue to them sooner. Not only was this experience frustrating and frightening for me worrying what caused this but my puppy was so terrified of coming here after that surgery, that he would ball up on the floor and refuse to move. He hasn't been the same since.

Taylor Eisenhart

4 years ago

Dr.Schneider is the best vet to our 2 cats. She saved our one cats life removing a tumor twice and now hes a healthy fun loving fat cat that we love so dearly! Thank you for all you've done and continue to do!

Tina Ackerman

4 years ago

I’ve gone to Aloha since they opened in 2008. My animals were treated with compassion and there was not any doubt in my mind that the owners truly cared about animals and their well being. Sadly, I no longer feel that the new owner/office has any compassion toward their patients or owners. My dog was dying of cancer and the vet didn’t take it seriously and sent us on our way for more tests and not any follow up or checking on us. Sad to see the care at Aloha has fallen short of the high standards I received under previous ownership.

Jill B

5 years ago

I can’t speak highly enough about Aloha, especially Dr. Stolz-Jenkins. Unfortunately our cat had a medical emergency but Aloha was able to see him right away. Dr. Stolz-Jenkins delivered the prognosis with compassion. We ultimately decided on euthanasia. Dr. Stolz-Jenkins and her team were so kind and respectful through it all, even following up days after, letting us know they were thinking of us. Once we are ready for another pet we will certainly return to Aloha

Brian Paules

5 years ago

Norden and Ziva approve! Friendly and professional staff in a clean facility.

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