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Muff W

2 years ago

The best...most caring...going out of their way to help a poor lost kitty...and me...a client from the past!!..compassion at its very best! Love them all.

Lisa Dressel

2 years ago

Outstanding care, excellent diagnostics. Wouldn't take my dogs anywhere else.


2 years ago

I absolutely love this Vet office, the staff and doctors are all very sweet. You can tell they truly love animals from the start. Thank you Dr Gately for saving Nova and I. We will forever be grateful for your patience with her. She is usually very scared of going to vet offices but she is starting to warm up to your staff and everyone in there cause she also felt comfortable. We’ll definitely be coming back to y’all for all of our future treatments.

Taylor Gregg

2 years ago

Multiple terrible experiences. The Vets do not let you advocate for YOUR dog. I will not be going back.

Gibbers King

2 years ago

Although I have at least four vet practices much closer to my home, I drive 25 minutes to reach Greater South. My beloved cats (and I!) have received excellent and sensitive care over the years from Dr. G-D, Dr. D (and the original, Dr. Reichardt), and the staff. They are caring, upbeat and friendly. Dr. G-D prescribes the best/ideal treatment, but understands that not all cats - or humans - cooperate and that sometimes "Plan B" will have to do. The reception/exam rooms are clean and pleasant, with treats for nervous four-legged and two-legged animals (coffee, tea and Tootsie Rolls)! Greater South hosted an eye-opening presentation about cat food (rep from Hill's) and I learned why "pure meat" is not the best, particularly for aging kidneys, digestives, etc.

susan snyder

2 years ago

Mitzi and I really like Greater South River Animal Hospital. The front desk and vet techs are so friendly and kind, they know your pet and are loving to him/her, the doctors are thorough and helpful. I can't say enough about them. I really appreciate the hours they are open - I can always get an appointment when I need one. Thank you all!!

barbara sampson

2 years ago

It was OK. We saw a different vet today , he wasn't very friendly.

Christian Jackson

2 years ago

Took my pup here and he loved it and they loved him. I live 30 miles away and we’ll continue going here.

Cindy Lynn

2 years ago

The vet that I saw was extremely rude. I drove out of my way to bring my pets here because my previous experience was good but I would definitely not recommend this place today. Due to COVID, the place is entirely disorganized. I asked if people were allowed in with their pets and was told yes, nothing else. However, when I walked in I was quickly waved to the desk and told to stand there until the current patient left. In the mean time people were trying to walk in both doors and the receptionist would run to each door and tell them to wait outside all the while trying to do her original job of filing and answering phones. When it was finally my turn to sit down the vet came out and told me, for the first time, that only ONE adult was permitted at appointments (I had my teen daughters with me). Not one mention of this until we were fully seated and she informed me in an extremely rude and demeaning way. I had brought my cat in because he did not feel well and was basically trying to be upsold vaccines, also in a rude and demeaning way. Finally, it was at that moment I was informed that they would take my pet into the room, behind closed doors to examine him. This is why I asked if I was permitted to come in with my pet because I wanted to be with him. Horrible experience.

John Ammann

2 years ago

Great vet , we have used many years. Highly recommend

Julie B

2 years ago

I took my dog in because her face was swollen. I was told it was because she needed her teeth cleaned. I did not like the vet I saw and did not believe it was due to her teeth. I went home and tried allergy meds. Her swelling went away. A few months was back. I called and told them I did not want to see the same vet as before. Went in and was again told she needed her teeth cleaned. Spent a few hundred dollars and now 2 weeks later here she is. I had to take her to an Emergency vet over the weekend to get meds. Called today and was told they can't see her. After arguing with them and being laughed at when I asked "what if my dog stops breathing?", they called the emergency vet to get their notes. They said after looking over the notes of the Emergency vet...she needs x-rays and needs to be sedated for that. Had they diagnosed her correctly the first time, that could have been done when she was under for her teeth. I was told the first vet I saw was a fill-in and he was not familiar with their way of doing things...ok so maybe tell your clients that and let them decide if they want to wait for one that is. They don't care about your pet...they care about your money!!

Shelly Manley

3 years ago

The staff is nice but routine services are expensive. A basic heartworm test in order to get heartguard refilled was $84 after the charge for the tech to draw blood and the test it's self. I also got a 6 month bordetella booster that was more expensive than the last vet for the annual. When I followed up to see why I got the 6 month booster she let me know they don't do an annual.

Anime Motion

3 years ago

Very helpful. My family has been going to them since we got our dogs when they were puppies 16 years ago.

The Auto Mechanic

3 years ago

Hello this is a great hospital very kind and genuine people very understandable they help me very very much and my crisis with my dog Tebow they answered all my calls and questions and let me know to call them for anything very hard times have to put my dog to sleep this Thursday after 11 years with him. Thank you Dr Rodriguez Miss Kelly and Miss Missy for all your help. And they are the VCR South Edgewater veterinarian hospital on Central avenue Edgewater Maryland

Barbara Kelly

3 years ago

Saved my cat's life. Fantastic staff. Excellent care of my pet. Highly recommend!!

Daniel Holt

3 years ago

My Silky had 12 teeth removed. The care he received was way better than I could have imagined and the cost was half of another quote we got. I couldn't be more happier.

Lori Ashby

3 years ago

Great experience at Greater South River. Dr. Gately-Dean and her team went above and beyond in providing medical care to my dog. They got us in for an appointment right away and the check-in process was easy. Dr. Gately-Dean was extremely thorough in her evaluation of my dog. Dr. Gately-Dean clearly explained everything to me and took the time to answer all of my questions. The cost of the recommended tests and services was clearly communicated in advance and was very reasonable. Also, a few days after our appointment, I received a call from a staff member checking in on my dog which I really appreciated. Highly recommend.

Lou F

3 years ago

This place was unable to care for our golden appropriately. We saw almost every vet in the facility and all said different things for the same issue. Unprepared when they see you- do not review the previous notes to be prepared for your visit. Did the incorrect surgery on our dog (per our new vet). Horrible experience and waste of money- would advise exploring other vets.

Marg P

3 years ago

My doggie loves the nurse there

Matthew Roy

3 years ago

I would get a second opinion after leaving this place. The fact I feel I'm being talked down to is unbelievable. The veterinarian is quick to diagnose/ charge for a treatment before thinkng of other options or possibilities (Our eldest cat is currently living his worst life, they slapped him with a diagnosis of having Feline IBS then gave steroids & pain meds that keep him in one spot ALL DAY.) Take in mind it took about three appointments for them to figure this out. Thats one example but this is a main one that brings me to the conclusion that a second opinion at another vet should be planned. No one wants to have a family memeber in pain especially when you're questioning their diagnosis.

Tammy Carpenter

3 years ago

Love this place, all of my fur babies have been seen there over the last 30 plus years. Staff is professional and compassionate.

Victor Tavares

3 years ago

I bring my 2 siamese cats and Newfoundland puppy there. The doctor always provides us with information and explanations for anything they may need or how to prevent future visits from illnesses. I love that they don't nickel and dime you and try to upsell BS services.

Zachary Cohen

3 years ago

We initially loved this vet when it came to routine care. They were great, kind, helpful, etc. Then we had an emergency. Our dog was acting really bad and we called asking to come in. We were told it was due to fireworks the night before and we should stop coddling our dog, ignoring that we were telling them that this isnt her during fireworks and something is wrong. Well, the next day she lost complete control of her rear legs and we had to take her to the emergency vet and she needed emergency surgery for a ruptured disk in her spine. $15,000 later we've been told by every other vet we spoke with that if we had been able to diagnose it before it got so bad we could have scheduled a much cheaper surgery or maybe not have needed surgery at all if we knew what we were dealing with. Now we're looking at six to eight weeks of very painful recovery because this vet refused to see us when we knew something was wrong. To make it worse, when we got a call back from the vet after the surgery they didn't even apologize. They simply said "Well there was nothing that we could have done". True, because you didnt let us come in when something was wrong.

Ana Lockett

4 years ago

These guys are the best vet we have ever had. Their prices are reasonable. They actually care about our pets and they try to work with us on pricing whenever they can. I would highly recommend!

Bellthang 2047

4 years ago

Everyone is friendly and the prices aren't too.

Jen Corken

4 years ago

Great staff and caring doctors!

Michelle Ohrvall

4 years ago

Small town business with a big hearted staff. Patient, kind and caring.


4 years ago

We recently went here for a second opinion, because our elderly dog was having all sorts of issues and was clearly in discomfort and pain and our current vet couldn't give us an answer! This clinic was so friendly, offers a military discount (which our current vet doesn't), and gave us an actual plan of treatment for our old dog! Only reason its not 5 stars is because we have only been here once, but we already plan on completely switching 5/6 of our animals over to this vet! (not all 6 because we have one cat who doesn't do well on car rides longer than 10 minutes)


4 years ago

You guys lie to get more money out of desperate patients.

Star of the show

4 years ago

This place is VERY EXPENSIVE. With our pet insurance, it was like $15.00 to trim our docile cats nails. If they weren't so close to my house, I would go somewhere else.

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