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Justice Wideman

2 years ago

Very friendly environment. And the pets there look well cared for.

A Kellie

2 years ago

Staff and Volunteers are kind and helpful

Aaron Chiang

2 years ago

weird lady in the dog room was rude af. And to think I was going to ask if they needed any more volunteers. I shall be taking my talents elsewhere

Cynthia Rhodes

2 years ago

Enjoyed meeting Lala and letting her meet her potential sister. I really feel she will be a great fit for us!

Erik Lindtveit

2 years ago

Not just cute cats and dogs! Other little critters too. Go check it out!

sheri crosby

2 years ago

Today was the hardest day for my family in a long time. We had to take our dog Dallas to the Howard county humanitarian welfare to be euthanized because he had a stroke and was not doing well. The people were very understanding and compassionate and made it easy for us to know that we did the right thing by him. May Dallas rest in peace. We love you.

Angela Potter

2 years ago

Would give 0 stars if allowed, Not a good experience, adopted a kitten on 08/18/21 and it has been to the vet more than he has been home , kitten was ill and full of a rare form of tape worms when adopted not to mention over a $300 vet bill since adoption because of the expensive medicine needed to treat him, not happy at all !!!!!!!!!

Casey Delachante

2 years ago

No response whatsoever. No call back. I called after hours as they are listed and we're recommended as 24/7 and an emergency organization you can call. I left a message, which asked for a call back the next business day. Nothing. No return call. Even days later.


2 years ago

I recently got an adult cat from here! When I got there I was supper surprised they had a room to meet the cats in. When I walked in the cat room with all the cats there was no oder! Great staff. Ver helpful. They gave me information about the best cat food and how to introduce him to the resident cat. Only 2 hisses!! Awesome but I would have liked if you guys told me or warned me that he was only recently sprayed so resident cat smelled his harmonies and got a little crazy. They are doing good! Very loyal and calm. I visited the dogs and saw how the staff is taking good care of them taking them on walks ect. One last thing I love how you guys make us apply for the animal and the background checks making sure u don’t give ur animals to anyone bad. Anyways thank you for the card I got mailed to me. I’ve also been seeing reviews saying that this is a kill shelter.. This might sound wrong but giving other animals a chance is okay but taking animals lives thinking they will never find a home isn’t. I’m glad I’ve got my cat how knows what could have happened.

Robin Brodkin

2 years ago

They are under new management who is now in the process of totally redoing the buildings from the damaged way they were left by the previous owners. They are not open yet, but when they do open it's looking to be a much better, open in all ways, to the public, and wonderful place. If you can, they will need help with donations from both your pocket book and your time. This place is worth it.

Dmytro Klopp

2 years ago

People on the phone are uninterested

Miss Shields

2 years ago

We have adopted several kitties from this location. They were well cared for and very social. Once we had to call them to rescue mother cat and kittens someone dumped on our property. They were prompt and professional. We were so worried about the kitties outside in the cold. It took about a week to catch them all, but they did it. I currently have two sweet boys we adopted 2 years ago. They are wonderful. Would recommend. They are very careful about screening for adoption.

Silly Anna

2 years ago

It's a kill shelter, I wouldn't recommend it at all. I had a cat sent there that I had rescued because I had cats of my own I couldn't keep her. They euthanized her within a month because of her behavior, animals need time and patience that's something they obviously don't understand.

Charles Parsons

3 years ago

One of our neighbors abandoned a pair or rabbits they had been keeping as pets. We caught the rabbits and tried to return them to the owners, but they refused to take them. We contacted a shelter for rabbits that used Howard County Animal Control & Adoption Center as an intermediary- we had to drop off the rabbits with them. Although we were polite and did everything we were told, the staff were VERY unfriendly and rushed- they constantly reminded us that they were about to close for the day and that we were inconveniencing them. The staff showed no interest or empathy in the animals themselves.

madison stevens

3 years ago

Would leave 0 stars if possible. Found a kitten and saved it from a fox, and brought it in after work the next day. All the staff members were incredibly rude. You’d think people in the helping animal industry would be kinder about others trying to help abandoned animals. Very unpleasant experience and has deterred me from every wanting to come back or to consider them as a place to potentially adopt from. Terrible miserable staff.

Perri Mateyka

3 years ago

This was a great experience there very organized and they were giving out free food for dogs and cats. Very pleased

Roslyn Beverly

3 years ago

Please if want to adobt a pet please don't do it through Howard County Amimal Control & Adoption Center. They will shack you down for money if you do not get the pet spayed/neutered in Howard County. The kitten had a hard time gaining weight and so he couldn't get spayed/neutered when they suggested and we don't live in Howard County. The only reason why this place chosen because someon suggested it to us. We should have did our research. Even after they were sent the documentation that the kitten was spayed/neuered they keep saying that we are not compliant so you will continue to keep trying to increase the fines saying you were not complaint. So now we have to wait and see what the judge says.

Chuck Whipps

3 years ago

They are kind to the animals, they take care of them very well

Beverly H

3 years ago

Make sure to have appointment during covid.


3 years ago

Nice building. Clean. Went to adopt a dog .They only had 1. Guess that was a good thing. Poor thing had his ears cropped (ugly). He was 7 months old. Someone messed him up, then got rid of him.


3 years ago

I had a wonderful experience here. I am surprised at the bad reviews. My cat was turned in over the weekend, and I went to pick him up. I got my cats as kittens and had them neutered and made sure they had shots, worming, and flea meds. They still wanted to go out and I let them, thinking it was safe since I took these precautions. Today I was given alot of education and resources that I was unaware of...and made aware that outside still isnt a safe place for them. I was happy to pay the fee for the service provided and now start the process of retraining them to be indoor cats. Happy he is home safe :)

Rhonda Morrison-Saulsbury

3 years ago

Excellent facility. Cheerful, professional staff. Bright, clean office areas and pet visiting rooms. That's my sweet kitty!

Rebecca Tillett

3 years ago

Clean and animals seemed well cared for.

Nancy C

3 years ago

My husband and I are looking to adopt a new kitten after our 2 senior cats have passed away. The process of adopting a cat from many of the shelters in Maryland is very time consuming. You reach out to them by phone, leave numerous voicemails and send emails through Petfinder or their websites. I've already contacted 3 shelters and I've got either got no reply or they tell you to visit them at Petco or PetSmart. Honestly, it makes you want to give up on the process. At least with this location, if you see a cat, they will let you know right away if the cat is in the adoption process. I believe from what the nice lady told us, is that if you like a cat, you submit your paperwork, and you can take your cat home in about a week or 2, that's if they approve your application. It sounds pretty easy if you find a cat that isn't adopted or find one that you like. There isn't much cats there at the moment. The staff is nice and the pet area is very clean. I can only speak for the cat area and there was a nice receptionist there as well.

meme moi

3 years ago

Me and josh. He would read to the animals and I would ooh and aww at all the cuties wishing I could have a cute dug ..or rabbit. ...a pasha.. Or cat. Miss @samurai and will miss sister's .fat cat sitting in my basement ...

Meaghan Clark

3 years ago

I've been donating animal food to this place for a couple years now. Every time I drop off, I get to see cute little cats and dogs. It make me happy that they let me see them. (:

Carol hutchison

3 years ago

I gave up a beautiful cat named Scarlet (she wasn't my cat but I loved her cuteness) took her for a month but my cat could not get along with her. I don't see her in any pictures and my heart would be broken if they put her down. She would have made someone happy as she purred her way into your heart.

Ciana Vandyke

3 years ago

They’re only goal here is to keep the shelters packed so they can ignore any animal in need. If you do not own your home or have a fenced in backyard, no matter how active you are, they will deny you. The requirements are outrageous here. My husband is a fitness trainer and him & I are extremely active. We hike regularly as well as have a neighborhood dog park and live a few doors down from my sister and her wife who have two amazing dogs. I so badly wanted to adopt instead of buying out of fear that I’d contribute to a puppy mill. I was hoping to have a great adoption success story and contribute to my local animal shelter but it didn’t turn out like that. In the end I had no choice. We bought our beautiful French bulldog Evie from a breeder on greenfield puppies. She cost us $4500 but she was well worth it ❤️ This animal shelter should be ashamed of themselves. They contribute to puppy mills far more than anything else.

debbie kuhn

3 years ago

If I could give zero stars for this place I would. They are holding an elderly therapy dog hostage who needs meds and special food just because they are not open on Sunday. The person in charge is heartless. The media has been called for a story for the news.

Barbara Piechura

3 years ago

Staff talented in reforming rescued animals, with full volunteers support staff that know personalities, readiness for adoption

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