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7Day Services

2 years ago

They had everything in stock I needed.

Metro Pcs

2 years ago

The groomers are so happy and positive, they take such great care of there animals, I bring my Dash and Chloe, they always smell so clean and they are groomed to perfection.

jahh loveyou

2 years ago

Just because my wife she's black and had a mask and Hoodie jacket! She wasn't try to steel (she bought worth 200pet food)

Gyorgy Papp

2 years ago

Love the Bethesda Petsmart! Thank you ladies you always take excellent care of our dogs.

Gangacharan Amula

2 years ago

After 2 days of stay at the hotel, he had many potty accidents at home. I think my dog hated this place. He just do not want to enter the store.

Farooq Hussain

2 years ago

Best staff, friendly and knowledgeable

Chanpen Tee

2 years ago

The store is clean. The staff is nice. They have dog hotel and hospital here. There are a lot of dog toys and clothes. The parking is a bit difficult to find.

J. Salazar

2 years ago

Wonderful staff and all your pet need in one place with Banfield Veterinary, Grooming, and a Pet Hotel

Walter Paz

2 years ago

First off, stay away from using pet smart at all but if you must don’t let Juliette touch your dog’s coat. Brought my stunning cocker spaniel that needed a little trim to look polish again and he came out looking like a rescue dog, all chopped up and nothing proportionate. She blamed the “notes” in the system even though when I came in, I tried explaining what I wanted to make sure we were in agreement and she dismissed me and said everything was stated in the notes. So either she can’t read or most likely, isn’t fit for grooming. There is always something here and there but my dog looks straight up ugly after coming to see her.

MG “Qtmeemz”

2 years ago

Parking is not my favorite but the customer service is really good here. My dogs enjoy the doggy day care here and it’s always nice and clean.

Katie Domina

2 years ago

I just had the absolute worst experience at this Petsmart. My dog has gotten her nails trimmed regularly at several Petsmarts and there has never been an issue. I recently moved to the area so I tried bringing her to this one for the PAWdicure Plus package because my current veterinarian does not do nail trims. Whoever was the receptionist at the grooming salon today (8/26/21) was rude from the beginning. In fact, I passed two other unhappy customers on my way into the salon who were audibly complaining about her rudeness. The groomers did not even have my dog in the back for 5 minutes before they brought her out. The same woman proceeded to explain that all they did was her nails and nothing else so I would still have to pay $20 for that but that my dog got stressed so "she could NOT come back" with no further explanation. She then said I would have to go to my vet to get her nails done and when I explained that my vet does not do that she said "well then go to a different vet" in an extremely condescending tone. My dog does not even weight 20 lbs and she has never had behavioral or aggression issues. If that grooming salon cannot even handle my docile dog I have no clue how they are able to properly handle any dog. I should not have had to pay anything for that experience when they did not do what I requested and basically traumatized my dog. To top it off, the bag that the treats I was going to buy were in broke on my way out of the salon and not one worker there offered to help me pick them up. I have never been so disappointed in customer service as I was at that grooming salon. I do not know whether it was lack of training or something else but that receptionist/groomer should not be handling anyone's pets.

Abebual Fekade-Sellassie

2 years ago

Nice and friendly staff .

William Schmitt

2 years ago

Two weeks ago, I bought a 15 lb bag of dog food here for $50. and was told that I could return it within 30 days if I hadn't used much of it. I used less than half a cup, and the food made my dog very ill. When I drove to to Petsmart (Bethesda, MD) to return the food, I was told that I could not return it, because it was perscription food. I told the cashier that I was told I could return it and should be able to, she walked away from me and didn't return.

Westonized TV

2 years ago

I gotten grooming service. They did exactly what I ask for despite my choppy instructions. Prices were fair as well

peter buchanan

2 years ago

3.5 Stars for Grooming. My dog doesn't like to be caged.

Mel Davies

2 years ago

Thank you Nelza for grooming our boy beautifully. You always do a great job!

Mary Rainer

2 years ago

My dog gives this PetSmart 5⭐️ ⭐️♥️⭐️ (As do I) - she NEVER wants to leave the store - I have to literally drag or lure her out! She also knows where it is, and will try to lead me there on walks in the area. She lives to visit the kittens/cats viewable for adoption, check out viewing the hamsters etc. A visit is a treat on several levels. ♥️????♥️ The staff are very dog friendly and courteous. One staffer in particular, Kevin, is superlative! My dog goes into “thrilled to see you” mode the minute she sees him - even if he is crossing the street to come to work. He just loves to greet your dog and say hello. He even remembers names! The store is very clean, neat etc. They have a wide selection of pets and pet items. Hampsters, fish, birds, kittens and cats for adoption etc., and supplies for everything, with web inventory for delivery available on more options. They offer a military discount one day a week. The dogs I see arriving for Banfield do not exhibit “vet anxiety.” They social happily with other dogs waiting to check for vet care. (I have never seen a check in to the grooming area). The doggy daycare dogs look happy. Banfield will let you weigh your dog without being a patient, and I have been told dogs get a treat for being weighed (we may have, and I may have forgotten), and although we were not patients, they were kind enough to go above and take the time to refer me out specifically to a center that could do the laser treatments for arthritis that her own vet recommended

K Foster

2 years ago

While the pets hotel and store offer excellent services, calling into the doggie hotel is always a horrible experience. Every time I've called I'm on hold for 15 minutes or more before someone answers. Calling the store doesn't help either as they answer quickly but transfer you to be again put in hold for at least 15 minutes! Please do better

Jaz C

2 years ago

This was my first and last time bringing my dog to the hotel staff were unorganized unprofessional. I never received and communication about my dog, when I picked him up he has a big patch of fur missing they said it was a rash from our shampoo nope he uses the same shampoo since puppy????. He is not acting the same he was very happy to see us but at home, he won’t let me touch fully rub in him, he backs away or watch where he is being touched. It’s like he is scared that I will do something to him. He is not the same dog, not the energy when dropping off. I want to see video of what happened to my dog. On top of that he went to the same groomers couple days before drop off , I believe it would of been seen. Was he being watched was any dog really was being watched. I received NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO call from any associates, managers, ANYONE. If it is a rash how come nothing was done. No communication!!! Corporate will be hearing from me TOMORROW!!!!

Henry Su

2 years ago

Very helpful and courteous staff at the aquarium section.

Fabian Albiar

2 years ago

It's a typical taco bell only thing the lobby was dirty...

Dan Criswell

2 years ago

This review is for the pet hotel: and it's Unfortunately the only place to review as the store and vet are phenomenal and both deserve five stars. The hotel, not so much. We left our dog with the hotel twice now, and we won't be returning. $350 for five nights of platinum service, a bath and a nail trim. When I picked her up, she proceeded to pee more than I've ever seen her go. She's a 9 month old puppy who has had numerous accidents at home...and she's never gone this much. Two giant puddles in the lobby of the pet hotel. I was told by the employee that she had been walked that morning. She doesn't go that much in an entire day. Then as we were leaving she went #2 by the register. For a dog who goes maybe once a day, taking a massive #2 is very unlike her. Sure, it's a dog and she's away from home and she's excited to see her owner and go home...but she's never gone to the bathroom like this. It sure seems like she wasn't walked today. Then she immediately peed again when we got home. We were giving this place a second chance after the first major issue we had a couple months back. There was a push pin in her toy that wasn't there when we dropped her at the pet hotel. That could've ended in disaster but luckily we found it before she hurt herself. We'll find another pet hotel for her where we'll be comfortable leaving her overnight. The manager offered a $50 refund, then $ off her next stay, then a full refund which wasn't necessary. They offered a service and I don't want it for free. We just won't do business there again.

Tanya Mo

2 years ago

I took my cavapoo to the grooming salon for Nelza to groom her. I was very clear when I requested that she not cut her muzzle but rather clip the hairs, because the previous person cut off nearly all her hair. The hair began to grow back, and I wanted her to look like a cavapoo ( teddy bear). I even showed her thr part of the face to not cut, and to only trim the top of her head. When I picked up the dog, I saw Nelza had done the opposite, and cut off much off her muzzle hair and top off her head. Again, she looked like a poodle instead of a teddy bear cavapoo. Initially, I didn't want to say anything but eventually talked with her. She gave me excuses and never even apologized. She offered to return the tip which I hadn't accepted. I talked with Bianca, the manager, UT she too made excuses instead of giving a simple apology and holding her staff accountable. If they had apologized, I wouldn't have written this review, but just decided to never return. Beware!!

Nida Mendoza

2 years ago

I bought a aquaruim for 99 bucks and stand for 79 bucks on sale And i keep coming back to this store and buy fishe and i told guy juan if i could choose a fish those cheap one s he said no im so upset not even good customer service ???? I will not comeback to this petsmart qonder why he work and scooping fish i

Charles Namasaka

2 years ago

Great Experience!! Thank you Juliette!

K Thomas

2 years ago

I took my one year old German Shepherd to the pet hotel for four nights. When I picked him up he smelled like Pee and he was stressed out. He jumped on me and my clothes smell like Pee. My van even smelled like pee when we got home. I’ve never had an issues with my dog peeing in his dog crate. It was terrible. I thought I booked him in a suite but he was in a Cage. So I paid $50 a day for him to be in a cage and smell like piss never ever again. I don’t recommend them at all!!

Kathleen Filipiak-Millbrook

2 years ago

Wonderful employees, they are amazingly knowledgeable and they do an amazing job keeping the store clean and orderly. They have everything you could think of for the most popular pets. It seems they take care of their birds at least, the conure was very friendly and hand trained.

Mark Hollingshead

2 years ago

Always get what I want fast

Carlton Faulkner

2 years ago

Awesome! Customer Service#1 Cheaper price on dog food would be icing on the cake!

Royal Olives

2 years ago

The 5 star rating is for the grooming salon. Ciara is amazing. We brought our newly rescued Husky in for grooming and he can be a bit anxious. Ciara took amazing care of him, his coat looked AMAZING, and he was so happy and calm when we picked him up. Ciara is the only one we’re going to from now on!

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