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Morgan Ford

2 years ago

When we took our Australian Shepard puppy to sit means sit we were very confident leaving our baby in they’re hands and they did an amazing job with our girl at the end of each day training we learned what our puppy was taught and how to …

Alec Michaels

2 years ago

They were great with our Dog Lottie! Lottie was so excited to see them each day and loved her time there! Abbie, Daniel, Grace, and Josh all did such a great job with her and were great to work with! We can’t wait to start group sessions with this amazing team.

Dorothea Thompson

2 years ago

I cannot recommend Sit means Sit enough. My dog has greatly benefited from the individual training sessions with Grace. I love that they offer group classes for continued progress. 5 stars!

Clare DeVries

2 years ago

Our 20 week old puppy, June, just graduated from her day-training class and we cannot say enough praises about Sit Means Sit and June’s trainer, Tyler! Tyler was great with her, she responded so well to him and she loved going to school! We can’t wait to see how she improves even more with group classes!

Melanie Dell'Arciprete

2 years ago

We have worked with Tyler, Sara, and Abby. They were all very knowledgeable and made us feel very comfortable about the training process. Abby even came to our house for a one-on-one training when I was having some problems! We have been very happy with our experience with sit means sit training school! Great group to work with!

David Kranz

2 years ago

I guess I myself needed the training more

Brian Garvey

2 years ago

Liam was a 15 week old puppy when he came to Sit Means Sit 3 day training on 14 Dec 2021 and ending on 28 Dec 2021. Liam was also part of the puppy training on 4 Dec and 11 Dec. …

Timmy Smith

2 years ago

Was able to see changes after the first day Sarah made it easy to reinforce the training at home

Rowan Davis

2 years ago

I brought my Rescue dog to sit means sit because he had never even lived in a home before we got him and didn't know the most simple of commands. He is a fox hound/beagle mix, two breeds known for stubbornness. After the first day he was like a different dog. He understood basic commands and recognized he was going to have structure in his life for the first time. I highly recommend this company. They are all so kind and patient. Hannah, Abbey and Matt are all wonderful

Joshua Hardy

2 years ago

Amazing! We never thought our pup could be trained in any way to calm down. Sarah worked with our dog and could possibly have been the best one for her! Amazing training and extremely effective. I am beyond pleased with the service, training, hospitality of the people, employees. If I had to do it again we 100% will!

Bryan Devries

2 years ago

If you are concerned about making sure your dog has good habits, this is the place to go! The trainers are patient, and they work with pet parents to ensure the training sticks.

brian hopkins

2 years ago

Very happy with the experience! Hannah did a great job with Our dog Artemis and we are looking forward to attending more classes

Mark Varady

2 years ago

Our one year old lab/boxer mix and 5 month old lab/pit mix both just graduated the 3 week day training program. I was impressed at how quickly they picked up the basic skills. The trainers, Grace and Abbie, were also great at training us on how to practice the new skills our dogs were taught. Looking forward to participating in the group training sessions soon.

Kayla Stoots

2 years ago

My dog Koda and I have really loved going to the Sit Means Sit dog training program. Grace has been a phenomenal trainer for Koda. Grace is very knowledgeable and skilled at the training, she is also receptive to Koda and her needs. We have loved working with Grace and can’t wait to continue with training. Koda graduated her Boot Camp training and is now able to attend group training classes!

Christina Nunez

2 years ago

We loved Sit Means Sit Bel Air! Grace and Liz were incredible with my dog and they have made such an impact in our life! We are so grateful for their compassion for my pets and overall skills! Thank you all for your help and caring training! Can’t recommend them enough!

Angela Thompson

2 years ago

Our trainer, Grace, did an amazing job working with our dog. She was kind, polite, and professional. Our dog has a shown a ton of progress after working with Grace. We definitely recommend trying this location out

Lauren Hooper

2 years ago

Sit means sit dog training has really improved our lives! They provided us with a schedule day one to work on potty training and commands. Abbie was so knowledgeable and patient with our pup and our kids who attended with us! Her guidance and support was no doubt the key to our success. Sit means sit really encourages the whole family approach which I love. I look forward to continuing in weekly training classes and potentially getting our pup certified to be a therapy dog. Would highly recommend Sit Means Sit!

Patti Quinn

2 years ago

Sit Means Sit has been an awesome experience for me and Hans. The staff was polite, professional, patience and always available for questions or help. The follow up for each class was amazing. Our trainer Grace was the BEST, she was so caring and her experience and patience for both Hans and I was the reason for our success. I would truly recommend Sit Means Sit.

Christine Guzzo

2 years ago

We had Chelsea as a trainer and she was very patient and easy to work with. Our dog Ziggy responded great to the training and we love the group trainings.

Charles Hornberger

2 years ago

Sit means sit did such a great job! Chelsea trained my dog and he learned so much just after day one. Highly recommend anyone looking for a dog trainer to take them to sit means sit

Barbara Pollock

2 years ago

Sit Means Sit did a very good job in training our Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Jaco. Tyler was his trainer and he was very good both with Jaco and with us in patiently explaining how we needed to implement the things he taught Jaco. It’s difficult to turn your beloved pet over to strangers for a whole day, but Tyler and everyone else at the facility were friendly, welcoming, and very professional. I recommend them to anyone who wants a well trained pet!

Christopher Kirby

2 years ago

Great experience all the staff are very friendly and I was happy to trust my dog with them. Liz and Tyler were especially helpful with Ella and we hope to see them again in group class. I would definitely recommend these folks to anyone who needs help training your pups ????!! This is my second dog they have trained and it was a really great experience for both dogs and myself. ????????????????????????????5 out of 5 bones up great training program✌️????

Claire Vallowe

2 years ago

We loved our experience at Sit Means Sit! We have a 5 month old Goldendoodle, Barry that weighs almost 50 lbs. We were finding it very hard to manage him, especially during his “zoomies” times. Barry was very hyper and jumped a lot on me and our youngest son. Barry’s trainer Tyler, was great from the start. He really worked with Barry in the areas that we were weak. Tyler took time to work with us as a family to make sure we understood what we needed to do to follow through with the foundation he was setting. We still have work to do, but after 3 sessions, Barry has learned clear boundaries and listens to us. We are not covered in scratches, puppy bite marks or bruises and truly enjoy him so much more. Barry is a “good-boooooy!” We’re looking forward to our group classes to keep the momentum going. I would definitely recommend SMS to anyone who is struggling with setting boundaries for their pup.

Daniel Bowman -State Police-

2 years ago

Grace did an awesome job with our 6 month old Dobbie girl! Raven can be a challenge at times, but Grace stepped up and was very determined and patient with her. All of the trainers were very nice and easy to talk to. Great experience all around!

Dawn Rathbun

2 years ago

I cannot say enough amazing things about Sit Means Sit. Grace and Abbie trained Kooper and they were fantastic! Kooper needed help building his confidence and ignoring distractions. We completed the three week training and we’ve noticed a huge improvement. I can’t believe he was only there for a few full days and they were able to teach him so much. We’re excited to start joining the group classes. Thank you so much Grace and Abbie!!

Salli Waraksa

2 years ago

Jessie and I had the pleasure of working with Tyler and Victoria. Both trainers were enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and patient. Supporting owners through the process is a top priority for this company. I received several follow-up phone calls from Abbie when I had a question or concern! I’m so glad I made the decision to go to Sit Means Sit!!

Paige Wallingford

2 years ago

We have had an amazing experience at Sit means Sit! Our 6 month old puppy, Eddie, was so crazy and we were finding it unmanageable to walk him because of his pulling. He was completely distracted by even the smallest stimulus and only listened on his terms. Sarah worked wonders with him! After the first class, there was already a noticeable improvement. He is now loose-leash walking (most of the time!), heeling and has learned to focus on my husband and I rather than every leaf that blows by:) We are so glad that we made this investment. It has improved the dynamic of our family because we are no longer frustrated by an out of control puppy. Most importantly to us, he has maintained his puppy-like, sweet and feisty personality, but he listens when it is time to listen. We are so grateful to have found SMS and we are especially grateful to Sarah for her hard work and dedication in training Eddie!

Sakeenah Graham

2 years ago

Liz did an excellent job with my 5 year old miniature schnauzer, Samson. Before SMS, Samson listened to me most of the time but never when distracted (people or dogs around). Liz was patient and worked with us through Samson’s strong will and his fear of other dogs. Although they say they don’t train husbands, wives, kids, I think I got more out of training than Samson. We are excited for group classes to get him more socialized and less fearful.

Mindy Jarusek

2 years ago

We had a fantastic experience during our three initial training sessions. Grace was wonderful. She is very knowledgeable and thoughtful in handling issues we had to customize our training for Archie. We started group classes and look forward to many more classes to come. Everyone there wants us to succeed. Highly recommend.

William Whitaker

2 years ago

The entire crew at Sit Means Sit works to make your relationship with your dog a better one. Abbie was absolutely fantastic when working with my puppy. He learned more in 3 weeks at Sit Means Sit than in his previous 8 months of life. Bill W

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