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Virginia Moore

2 years ago

The staff were very patient & knowledgeable about the puppies. We were able to welcome a new member to our family thanks to MPO.

S Maryland

2 years ago

Awesome staff! We adopted Julia today and she is the sweetest, most calm puppy. They take great care of their puppies and I highly recommend this company.

Keith Winkelman

2 years ago

Maryland puppies online is a great place to find a puppy companion. The process is easy, and the staff is nice and helpful. This is our second baby from Maryland Puppies Online, our other one is 3.5 years old, and doing amazing.

Catherine Majewski

2 years ago

When it comes to finding the right puppy, the breeder you choose is the key to bringing home a loving and well-mannered companion that fits seamlessly into your family. Maryland Puppies Online puts the best interests of their puppies over profit and that is why their dogs are friendly, properly socialized, and highly trainable compared to other breeders I have purchased from in the past. I highly recommended Dianna and MPO and could not be more thrilled with our girl Sky who is now 7 months old ❤️

Belinda Sterrett

2 years ago

The experience was enjoyable the staff was friendly and helpful and thanks to them bebe has a forever family

Nanette Watson (Nanna)

2 years ago

I couldn't get any help

H Coriano

2 years ago

We made a purchase, almost $5,000 in cash. We love our puppy but there's so much that was made to purchase that was NOT necessary. We were told that our puppy was a tea cup but after his vet visit, he will be a standard size. The vitamins that are given, per our vet were NOT needed. Wrote to ask about parents, got the run around that they were waiting for 'the breeders'... still nothing. And the icing was he had kennel cough and we have another dog in our home that was infected. So far we have shelled out $1200 in vet cost. Don't waste your time or money. We are happy our vet was able to get both of my babies healthy. Only bright spot is we were able to take him and give him a loving home. Please find a breeder that actually gives follow up and follow through. Even the meeting was rushed. ****You were very aware and then you ghosted me. $5000 for a standard non registered Yorkie. Folks don't do business wit this so called breeder. Shameful and money hungry!!!

Corry Meekins

2 years ago

They were very friendly and very helpful!

Chloe Bambara

2 years ago

Manager sent me photos and videos of the puppy. I was led to believe I would be able to put the hold fee down for this specific dog and they sold the dog out from under me. There was no courtesy call or notification, I found out someone bought him by finding his webpage was down. Staff was very unprofessional and cold about the situation, hung up on me when I called to ask what had happened.

sophie deibert

2 years ago

I am very skeptical about this.

Clara Kim

2 years ago

So happy to bring this sweet girl home. She is so cuddly and so sweet. And! She came potty trained at 10 weeks!

Mya Andrade

2 years ago

My waiter was cool as ever the black older guy I forgot his name. He sung happy birthday to my friend Ashley thanks again

Lisa Beck

2 years ago

Found my soul mate????! Beautiful healthy puppies! Incredibly kind, knowledgeable, polite staff & owners.

Jane Knott

2 years ago

They are breeders. They are located in Bel Air. Prices can be anywhere between $1,700 and $4,000 depending on the popularity of the mixed breed, or color/markings.

Angelica Gray

2 years ago

I love my puppy! The whole neighborhood loves him and says he looks like a lil teddy bear. I’m so happy I was able to get him, he’s the perfect fit and brings me so much joy. I also appreciate when he left MPO he was already crate trained.

William McVay

2 years ago

I have never bought or owned a dog before I bought a Pomeranian from Maryland Puppies Online. My dog is amazing; she loves all people and especially all dogs. My experience was great. No health concerns, very healthy dog, extremely active and full of love except for bugs and lawn mowers :-D

Ryan Radomski

2 years ago

I don't think I have ever written a review before but I felt the need to for MPO as I think they have been given a bad rap on here with some of these reviews, which made me skeptical at first. Some things you should consider before purchasing with MPO: 1. You really won't know where the puppy comes from or who the parents are/what they look like which makes it hard to gauge size/personality. I would definitely go and meet the puppy first before you put a deposit down to reserve them. 2. I am not sure how much time the animals are getting outside of their crates as it seemed very new to my 15 week old pup after bringing him home (walks, going outside, etc.). He also is terrified of being in the crate alone but does fine when left out of the crate, long hours in the crate may have contributed to this. 3. You will overpay for the pup however that is the cost of getting a "designer breed" puppy on demand. You can go look and meet a pup and bring them back in the same day. It is the price you pay to get them with no wait. MPO was cheaper than any of the other "retail" puppy stores that I looked at. The pups are also a bit older typically 10-15 weeks which personally worked better for me vs an 8 week old pup from a breeder. With all that being said, I purchased a happy and perfectly healthy 15 week old mini goldendoodle from MPO. I could not have been happier with my purchase and the overall experience. Thanks MPO!

Monica Banks Miller

2 years ago

Great place brought my fur baby

Lisa Mazzilli

2 years ago

I bought my little puppy 2 weeks ago. First puppy ever, so I was a little nervous. The experience has been amazing. She is so good and it is obvious that she was taken care of with love and attention. She is so well behaved and she is amazing with people. I definitely lucked out!!

Julie Rodriguez

2 years ago

We are absolutely in love with our new Cavapoo puppy, Teddy all thanks to Danielle! We highly recommend Maryland Puppies Online to anybody looking to find the newest member of their family!! Danielle took the time to answer all of our questions about her puppies and their parents. She was supportive and understanding of our anxiety since we had been taken by a puppy scammer online. If you are trying to make a decision about where to find your puppy, look no further and purchase from Danielle at Maryland Puppies Online!!


2 years ago

I bought an 11 wk old pomeranian from MPO for about $4700 which includes a warranty and some supplies. They are responsive by phone/text. The facility is clean and seem to know what they're doing. I do not know which breeder she comes from (they don't specify) but she's AKC registered, pure pomeranian. If you buy from them be aware these are very young puppies, not potty trained yet. We have little Eva in doggy diapers when she's not on a walk and overnight. She's sociable and there's no behavior problems at all. Thanks MPO.

Brandon Watkins

2 years ago

I bought a Dachshund from Maryland Puppies Online and had the best experience. The establishment was very clean and organized. Danielle was very helpful and was very responsive when I had any questions. The puppy that I got has a clean bill of health and was up to date on all of his shots. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Danielle was quick and efficient with the entire process. I had an overall amazing visit. I would 100% recommend MPO to all my friends and family.

Chuck Boy

2 years ago

I had a great experience with a knowledgeable staff member and really am very thankful for Tilly. Thank you for this healthy, smart lil girl!

Heather Baughan

2 years ago

So big mistake on my part I purchased the dog online without going into see the dog first. That was my first BIG MISTAKE!! The dog looked absolutely nothing like the pictures online!! What they are doing is taking photos of the Dogs when they’re puppies and posting them online but once you get there the dog is full grown and looks nothing like the picture. I just think that’s false advertising they need to take pictures that are more up-to-date and post them on the website. The dog I received was not worth the price they were asking. I ended up returning the dog and still got charged a $300 fee so now I’m $300 negative with no dog. I would just highly recommend you go in and see the dog in person before purchasing at this location. I bought a Teacup yorkie the following day after returning there dog for only 500$. So you tell me if this place ain’t ripping you off! Go somewhere else. The only reason I gave two stars is because the lady actually returned most of my money and took the dog back otherwise it would be a one star.

Ciiru EM

2 years ago

DO NOT BUY from this facility. My dog is barely 3 years old and he has had 2 major surgeries. He was examine by a vet within the first 7 days of me getting him. He was diagnosed with a severe ear infection that was smelling and took months to clear (this should have been my first hint of what was to come). I bought him from Maryland puppies online when he was barely 6 months and he had emergency surgery days before I had had him for a year due to chronic vomiting and inflammation of his bowels. Fast forward to December 2020 and the symptoms of vomiting and loose stool continued over the months/years. He needed more surgery to figure out what was going on, over all between his special diet, medications, numerous vet visits and surgeries, I've spent at least to $20,000. I've learnt a lot from this experience and the most important is to rescue not buy and they is not such thing as "reputable breeder". BUYER BEWARE!!!!

Chirag Parikh

3 years ago

We got our Teddy Bear puppy last week. This place is amazing and clean and we were able to play and spend time with our puppy. The place is friendly for dogs and they take good care of the puppies. We are very happy with our puppy, out puppy was mostly potty trained. They were very responsive through out the process and we highly recommend this place if you are looking to adopt a puppy.

eric ortiz

3 years ago

I BEG EVERYONE TO READ THIS!!!!!!!!!???????????????? Sell you dreams of having an amazing puppy! The reality is ; after spending a couple of hours at Maryland puppies , I realize how much I was lied to. My wife was so exited about adding a puppy to our family that Maryland puppies took advantage of her. Sold us lies on price! Sold us lies on age of puppy! sold us lies on behavior of puppy! Sold of us on being there for us in case we had any questions on the puppy! My wife has called so many times and told constantly to call our vet because they can’t do anything since 30 day policy is up. Maryland puppies should be shut down. They are in control of so many puppies lives and getting away with purposely neglecting them. The lady at the office in bel air Maryland is so unprofessional with her lies and not caring attitude. She has her kids running around the office slamming and chasing puppies while customers waiting. We are in times of COVID and she had her children around customers with no mask. I BEG EVERYONE READING THIS!!! DO NOT PURCHASE FROM MARYLAND PUPPIES. DO AS MUCH RESEARCH AS YOU CAN BEFORE SPENDING A MINUTE AT MARYLAND PUPPIES.

Patrick Hansen

3 years ago

Bought my yorkiepoo on 12/31/2020. Excellent experience prior to the purchase and they were wonderful to deal with. My vet gave her a complete check up and she turned out to be a very healthy female. Great dog and I strongly recommend Maryland Puppies Online. Patrick Hansen Annapolis MD.

Carol Hudson

3 years ago

I found that the cost of a puppy is way beyond what most can afford. Breeders seem to be milking the public because of the pandemic. What a shame that a little puppy now costs as much as 2-4 THOUSAND dollars.

Twantanna's Mom

3 years ago

I never purchased a puppy from them. But I am thankful for the reviews. I was thinking about purchasing a puppy. But after reading some of the reviews about how they are selling sick dogs and don't even compensate the customer or care about there feelings. I will not be ordering from them. They don't even respond to the customer complaints in the reviews. Everyone should do there research before purchasing anything. Especially purchasing something that's going to a part of your family for a long time and your going to love and take care of. Just my opinion.

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