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Mitchell Mayer

2 years ago

Fast and friendly service. They have been our dogs vet since we moved to Mont Washington in 2009.

Ashley Hoard

2 years ago

Came in today for my dog's annual check up. The office staff was super kind and helpful as I was struggling a bit with my giant dog pulling at the leash and toddler in tow. My dog was treated well and seemed to enjoy his time there (even thought he got multiple shots!). Thanks for making my morning a pleasant experience.

Michelle Edwards

2 years ago

Office manager has a snippy attitude. I just would not recommend. Plenty of great vets in the area. This is not a professional place at all

monica dickerson

2 years ago

My dog Judy's first visit to this vet.Everyone was friendly and helpful. Even though Judy was nervous, Dr. Schultz was great.

Nephele Robertson

2 years ago

This place was great! The staff was professional and kind, and they were really patient with my puppy who was nervous about her first vet appointment. The doctor was super knowledgeable and they seemed like they genuinely cared about giving us the best care. Will definitely be returning! 10/10

Edward Dearinger

2 years ago

Very friendly office staff and the VET was kind and straightforward. There was no upselling which was nice as well.

Mel Köberle

2 years ago

Accepting new patients! Kind and thoughtful staff, took good care of my cat. This will be our new home vet.

Ariella Ruth Adelstein

3 years ago

Great service and care for your pets

Elizabeth Clelland

3 years ago

I have been to this vet for the past 2 years with my cat Oreo and they have been wonderful every visit! They always answer any questions I have and are extremely sweet people, I can’t say enough good things about the staff here! My cat has even had a dental operation here and they were absolutely wonderful and accommodating. This is by far the best vet I have ever been to so if you need a vet that you can trust and that will care for your animal like their own then this is the vet for you.


3 years ago

Rude staff, retaliatory and overpriced. We chose to take our pet elsewhere and learned many vet hospitals were cheaper and won't nickel and dime you. DO NOT USE THIS HOSPITAL.

Nancy Hopkinson

3 years ago

One of the most unprofessional visits ever. Took 2 hours to get a rabies vaccine for 2 animals. Doctor Stump did not want to listen to what "I" wanted done for my pets. As well as would not label my dog as not a mix so that I could send these certificates to my apartment so I don't have any problems with my landlord. Now I have to go get another certificate at another vet that will label her as not a mix. I will not be returning. At least Banfield cares about apartment regulations so pets and owners can live happily.

Nan Leffler

3 years ago

Always helpful, kind, and understanding.

Heather Mcpherson

3 years ago

We received very poor service recently - the tech shaved our dog to the point of pain and then they had the nerve to lie and say the hair was rubbed off that they never shaved her. Also in expressing her glands something went wrong and our dog has been uncomfortable for days. I would not recommend.

Dan Lemkin

3 years ago

I have been taking my pets to Dr Berry since 1996. They have always been friendly, caring, and thorough. Definitely recommend.

Caitlin Domon

3 years ago

Dr. Stump is one of my absolute favorite vets. I'm insanely picky about who treats my animals, but I always trust her. My dog is an absolute chicken for any medical procedure, so she needs kindness and patience, and that's exactly what she got. I live an hour away, but it's definitely worth the drive!

Joanna Handley

4 years ago

We have been going to the Village Vet for years and always have great care, but this weekend took the cake. We had to take our dog to the ER for dehydration from vomiting. Although the ER was helpful, they called us back the next morning with some confusing and conflicting information. Even though it was a super busy day the staff and Dr made time to not only request and review the info from the ER, but call and make sure that we were all on the same page for a necessary return trip. I can’t thank them enough!!! Their kindness and concern for the pets they see is unmatched.

Kyle McCool

4 years ago

Very nice staff and clean facility. Vets are knowledgeable and thorough, but prices are about 1/3 higher than my previous vet and they appear to recommend a good amount of testing and vaccines which also drives up the price tag for a visit. Parking is good and they work with you to schedule appointments. Super nice office cats too :)

maria canino

4 years ago

UGH so I have been to different vets before, due to I move around, ( Military Brat) and let me tell you, these people are rude. POINT BLANK, I called to inquire for an appointment for dog and the lady on the phone was condensing and just straight rude, I AM A BUSINESS owner and Im sure the lady was just an employee, But as in running my own business I know how important CUSTOMER SERVICE is! I would def not tolerate this. As of the owner he or she should do diligence in his hiring process.


4 years ago

Everyone at the Village Vet is super kind and knowledgeable but they prices are just absurd. After being quoted over $600 to spay my kitten, I may have to shop around a bit...

Shannon Barker

4 years ago

Dr. Stump is fantastic. Caring, sensitive, with genuine personal concern for your pet just the way a doctor should be. She was unable to diagnose my pup when I brought him in (he has a rare neurological disease and was not exhibiting all the symptoms yet) but she consistently followed up all week as we tried to figure out what was wrong with him, providing phone and email consults after hours and free of charge. She genuinely wanted to get him better as much as we did and as more serious symptoms emerged she was able to point us in the direction of the emergency clinic in Annapolis with a neurologist on call where he is receiving intensive treatment now. I don't know what might have happened if she hadn't made time in her busy Saturday schedule to find out where we could take him. Thank you Doctor Stump!

Susi Silesky

4 years ago

Switched Chester to these guys about 2 years ago. Always a friendly group at the front counter and the tech's are knowledgeable!! My cat was having digestive issues (I guess) and fur-ball vomiting was getting annoying. They recommended a specific cat food and life is good!!! Kendall, for the record, is top-notch. Love coming here.

Jon Dove

5 years ago

Very nice and kind and knowledgeable staff. All veterinarians are excellent, although each has their own personality, so you might prefer one over the other as you get to know them. All vet techs are excellent in handling our pups. Clean facility. Slightly higher priced than some other vets we’ve been too, but worth it to us.

Kirsten Peek

5 years ago

The people here were nice, but they did not listen to me and it cost me a lot. I brought my cat in because there was something off with him (and his eyes-one was dilated and the other was not). Also, his ears seemed to be bothering him. I asked the vet to look at his ears, which he did (very superficially) and said they were fine- excellent even, and the itching must just be due to seasonal allergies. They sent us home saying there didn't seem to be anything wrong with him and to come back if his eyes didn't get better on their own. A week later, I was back, because he started to cough and his eyes were still out of whack. It was a different vet who saw us this time. Again, I mention him scratching at his ears. But her assessment is basically that he was on his death bed. She urges me to go to an emergency clinic, because she is certain he is in heart failure. She tells me his prognosis is so poor, she understands if I don't want to spend the money at the emergency clinic. (Of course, I still have to pay an appointment fee for Village Vet telling me once again, they don't know how to help us). I leave Village Vet in tears because they convinced me there is probably no hope for my cat. I'm glad I went to this emergency clinic (and spent nearly $1,000 on blood tests and x-rays Village Vet suggested) because they finally listened to me here. When I mention his itchy ears to the emergency clinic vet, she does a thorough exam. Turns out, my cat is not in heart failure. His blood work came back great, as did his x-rays. Lo and behold, the source of all this illness was a SEVERE inner ear infection. There was so much inflammation, it was causing him to cough and messing with the nerves in his eyes. After a couple weeks on antibiotics, he was a whole new cat. The cherry on top of this is that after I leave Village Vet sobbing over my 'dying' cat, they never called to follow up or see what happened at the emergency vet. I'll be going to a new vet from now on.

Salem S

5 years ago

The Village Vet was great with my cat! Scheduling an appointment was hassle-free, the techs are so nice, and the vet had years of experience and really cared about the health and safety of my cat and asked me to call and follow-up to make sure he got better. It is a tad on the pricier side, but sick pets are never cheap, and I don't mind paying for high-quality care. The vet made sure that my after-visit care plan would be as reasonable and as effective as possible instead of sending me off with a bunch of pills I wouldn't be able to get my stubborn cat to take. Having a stellar experience so far!

Joe Jackson

6 years ago

Let me state up front that you're never going to her me confuse pets with "my babies". I am not "the animal person" in my house. But I'm married to one and the co-creator of two more. I care a whole lot more about those three, and I am still motivated to say that I am VERY GLAD we use The Village Vet for veterinary services. We recenty had the sad experience of having a cat sicken quickly and need to be put down. It was clear to me at each visit that the staff at The Village Vet cared about the animals they served and the people who love them. They took the time to explain our options and help us understand prognosis and potential outcomes. We never felt rushed or pressured. When we had to make the difficult decision, EVERYONE @ The Vilage Vet was compassionate and empathetic and understanding. I am VERY grateful that my wife and kids are happy that we use The Village Vet.

Heather Dalby

6 years ago

I think we've seen every vet and have never been disappointed. The staff is always warm and friendly. Our very first visit was to put down our kitty and they were unbelievably kind. They are a little more expensive, but knowing our pets are safe there and that the vets and techs are highly competent is worth so much more.

Katie Kirsch

6 years ago

We, unfortunately, had to put our new kitten down after taking him to the Pet Emergency Center. Village Vet offered a great second opinion and really took care of the rest of our needs. They are very caring and involved with pet care.

Littleone R

6 years ago

Well first off the prices are astronomical. They charge and arm and a leg for simple procedures. The staff is nice to your face but when they aren't next to you they talk about how ugly your pet is or how stupid the owner is. I've heard it personally. Doctor Berry seems ok but he treats his staff very poorly and isn't happy unless he has them all panicked, nauseous or suicidal. Perhaps if he treated them better they would perform better. Doctor berry is a Tyrant. He yelled at one of his employees in his office with customers there. Very unprofessional. I've been charged double the price on items I could get at Walmart for way cheaper. All in all the practice is clean and friendly to an extent. But we will be talked about, overcharged and fooled.

Alex Wrenn

6 years ago

I've been taking my Boston rescue here for years and have never had a bad experience. They have stayed open late for me when boarding and always call to check how she is doing after a surgery.

K.R. Beaudouin

7 years ago

I have nothing but complements for Dr. Berry and the team at the Village Vet. We have, over the years, taken 5 dogs and several more cats to the vet and the service and dedication is second to none. Yes, medical care can be expensive - anywhere you go - but the Village Vet has always taken the time to explain the costs to us so we could make an informed decision regarding the care and comfort of our pets. Dr. Berry and team came to our home on 2 separate occasions when we had to make the difficult decision to put two of our pets down - I can not thank him enough for the care and understanding he provided. I recommend the facility with out reservation.

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