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Tiffany H.

2 years ago

We just tried Paw Spa II after a series of poor visits with another groomer. Paw Spa was perfect! The groom looked great, Jasmine listened to our input, and most importantly, everyone went out of their way to make the experience was a positive one for our dog! We will be back!

Matt Poon

2 years ago

My girlfriend and I are pretty self-sufficient when it comes to grooming our Golden Doodle pup, Zion. We bath, shave, and nail clip him when needed, with few complaints. At around 5 months old, with the holidays approaching, we decided to check out some establishments to possibly get a grooming so he could look extra dapper to meet friends and family. After much deliberation, looking at several grooming spots, we found Paw Spa II. The pricing was standard to low, and the reviews were good. Our first appointment, we had a Bath - Small with Face Trim to sort of test the waters. His face trim was so exceptionally good. Not only was it completely straight and short, but also the way it was trimmed accentuated the contour of his cheeks. The nail trim gave us a good idea of how short to cut to avoid the quick. The second appointment prior to Thanksgiving, we got the Full Service - Small. It was the day before Thanksgiving, and naturally they were completely swamped. It took an expected four hours. When he walked out with the complementary bandana, his hair was straighter than I wanted, looking a little feminine. He looked hilariously like a show dog, but I'd be lying if I said our family didn't find him to be excruciatingly adorable. Our third appointment was before our move back to NY. We could barely see his eyes at that point and this was our last opportunity to get him a proper groom. Right before handing Zion off, I explained I wanted his hair to be very short, more naturally curly, and his tail hair to be trimmed similarly short. He was a handsome guy that day. The pictures attached are the before and after of his third appointment. Casey was our groomer for all three sessions, and he took such great care of us. He gave us tips to improve Zion's experience at the spa, was very gentle with our boy, accommodated to our exact grooming requests and better. To be clear, everyone at the shop, from the reception to the other groomers, were very welcoming and talkative (except for maybe the large man who yelled at us for having Zion off the leash during checkout, sorry sir). We're absolutely going to miss having Paw Spa II around the corner and will undoubtedly be looking for a long time for another place to fill the grooming void. Thank you kindly for having us!

Randall Garner

2 years ago

We LOVE The Paw Spa in Arlington! They always do a stellar job grooming our fur baby and they are very delicate with her! Highly recommend you give them a try! We don't trust anyone else with our Coco!

Kelsey Davis

2 years ago

Our dog has loved going to the paw spa since his first visit. He has straighter fur than most golden doodles and he had a cut from another groomer before that wasn’t flattering. Ever since we’ve been taking him to the paw spa we’ve been very happy with his cuts and it’s worth the price. Jess does a thorough job and our dog gets so excited every time we walk in the door. It shows how hard they try to make what is normally an unpleasant experience for dogs, pleasant.

Margo Steinlage

2 years ago

This is our third cut and wash at spa paw II and each experience has been enjoyable for our Springer Spaniel, Woody. We have had a different groomer each time and all were top notch. I appreciate that they have late hours and are on the ball with texting me when they are nearing the finish line. Their scheduling app made booking a breeze. We were running late this last time for drop off and they graciously gave us an extended 15 min window from our scheduled drop off, which is helpful when you are juggling toddlers and a dog groom. Woody always comes out looking like a stud and smelling like a rose. 5 stars for the owner and staff!

Mo To

2 years ago

This is my experience at Paw Spa II and it was extremely positive. I brought my Morkie and he has never looked better. The staff is awesome, very professional and friendly. I'll definitely be back!

Jenni Dunn

2 years ago

Fantastic groom for our labradoodle! They were quick, professional, and gave our dog such a cute cut. Highly recommend! They even went above and beyond and called us about thirty minutes before she was done so she didn’t have to go in the kennel, which bothers her older joints. I have used both Paw Spa and Paw Spa II and highly recommend both!!!

Raminta Makaraite

2 years ago

This was Olly and Zoe’s first professional groom and we couldn’t be happier. Jessica took her time and made both of my puppers comfortable and made them look beautiful. They asked lots of questions in the beginning about our preferences for the groom and explained the process. Everyone there was super friendly and it was just overall a very welcoming and great experience. We’ll definitely be coming back for their next groom:)

Matt DiNuzzo

2 years ago

Dropped off our dog for the grooming service and they did a great job! Very impressed. She came back looking sharp and she seemed to love every part. We didn’t want too much hair groomed and they listened to our instructions. They also rounded her nails. The check in and check out process was seamless and the service was friendly

Lauren Flanagan

2 years ago

Love love love this place. My girl always comes out looking like the goddess she’s named after! Thank you!

Katie Marie Smith

2 years ago

Everyone at Paw Spa II was friendly and made our pup, Iris, feel at home. She’s usually timid in new places, but she was happy coming out of her appointment. And she looks absolutely beautiful. There’s nothing better than a cute and happy dog. We’ll be returning clients of Paw Spa II from now on!

Kara Boudreaux

2 years ago

My first experience with this salon was enough to warrant it to be my last. I made a 3:30pm appointment and arrived at 3:15pm to drop off my dog. The receptionist was very pleasant and let me know they were busy so it would take 3 hours…which is actually pretty standard for a Shih Tzu so I wasn’t phased by that. Around hour 4 (7:42pm) I text them to ask about an ETA. The text I received said did not answer my inquiry but instead let me know that my dog was doing great and that they would text me when she was within the 30 min window for pick up. At hour 6 (9:20pm) I still had heard nothing and text them and asked if I can just come pick her up and I can just pay for whatever has been done. That’s when I was informed that my dog was “next in line” and it would be “roughly an hour or so” before she was finished. I’m not sure why something that shouldn’t have taken longer than 3 hours would have taken 8 hours total and that I’d essentially be picking my dog up at Midnight, but I opted to go get her instead. It would’ve been great if any of this was communicated to me in a proactive manner either prior to my appointment or even at drop off, especially since I would’ve just rescheduled her if I had knowledge to the fact that she would be “groomed” for 6-8 hours. You know your business better than anyone else, you know you’re busy better than anyone else, give people the information that you’re swamped and let them make their choice from there. Instead, you took that choice from me and it turned into an absolutely terrible experience. I felt ripped off and like my time and my dog’s wellbeing were both disposable. The owner “apologized” when I arrived but it 100% fell short of seeming like she actually cared about what happened…it was giving very much “this happens, deal with it”. The receptionist offered to reschedule me to Saturday for the cut and I informed her that I will never come back. When I booked the appointment online there were ample of spots open, which implies that you’re not that busy…or have appropriately staffed for the holidays…or have scheduled your time in an effective manner. Either way, the Saturday and/or reschedule appointment should’ve been offered ahead of time or when I arrived, there’s no way they didn’t know they were that busy or overextended by my appointment. I would’ve been way more flexible if I had the knowledge to make my own choice and not have subjected my dog to a stressful foreign environment, no food/water for 6 hours, no potty break, etc. I will never patron this business again, and definitely spread the word to the person who recommended it and whoever will listen.

Emilia Moscoso

2 years ago

Took my 11 month old cockapoo ( Canela ) this Friday to get her face trimmed and ears cleaned. The staff was friendly and everything seemed fine. Sadly when I got my dog back the groomer mentioned that “one ear was really red” and that it might need drops… They had mentioned a complementary teeth cleaning since we are new clients and the groomer forgot ( maybe she was on a rush?). When I checked Canela’s left ear I noticed she had been cut and there was fresh blood in her ear. They cut the outer part of the ear which makes me super sad given that she is rescue and I wanted for her to have a positive experience getting groomed. I don’t know if it was a bad day but cutting a dog’s ear and not telling the owner is not right. It’s Saturday night and the ear of my dog seems infected. She is showing signs of discomfort shaking her head constantly. Overall I feel quite disappointed and probably won’t be coming back. To the staff I beg you to be more gentle with the dogs specially when working with delicate areas such as the ears. Every dog deserves the patience and time needed to be taken care of rather than harmed.

Chase Sauvage

2 years ago

Paw Spa took wonderful care of my pup. Typically, when we’ve gone to the groomers, she is terrified coming in and out. The staff at paw spa was welcoming and made her feel comfortable. She was so happy walking out and you could tell she had a wonderful day at the spa. They now have a customer for life!

Camille Henderson Davis

2 years ago

Very impressed with our first visit. Easy to book, great communication, caring and talented groomers. My dog looked great when I picked him up and he was happy and relaxed.

Amanda Marturano

2 years ago

So happy to support this business! I just adopted my cat a few weeks ago and can use all the extra help I can get. I've been here twice already and have had a great experience each time. Warm and friendly staff and a quality job!

Morghan Cope

2 years ago

We love Paw Spa II! They take such good care of our Mini Goldendoodle and he always comes home looking so cute and smelling so nice! It is clear that all of the staff really cares about animals and they do their best to make all the pets comfortable. Every dog I see in there is always happy! My pup loves going for his grooming appointments and gets so excited when we arrive which helps me know that they treat him well!

Myron Johnson

2 years ago

I.have been taking my Izzy here for the last three months though it is a distance from where I live, the service is phenomenal and they are very professional and friendly. I love her haircuts pretty even and much thought to details. I highly recommend!

Maddie Millholland

2 years ago

Great experience! I took my dog Ruby here for the first time yesterday and had no complaints. She was in and out in about 2 hours, which I really appreciated. I could tell they cared about making Ruby feel safe/comfortable and she came home in great spirits! It was also very easy to make the appointment and the receptionist was super nice. I'll be back!

Danielle LaFace

2 years ago

We have a pup that is visiting with us for a bit while his parents welcome their second baby in less than a year. We wanted to get him all buffed and clean before he returned home. After calling many groomers in the area, The Paw Spa II was able to accommodate us in less than a day. The service and professionalism was amazing and the quality of work was exceptional. We highly recommend Gabrielle and her team. Especially Casey.

Andrew Gross

2 years ago

We heard positive things from a neighbor, and her little cavalier looked great. She we booked an appointment for Skye, our Wheaten terrier. Jessica, our professional groomer was so great, given that Skye was a little nervous trying some place new. We think this might be one of the best cuts she has ever received..seriously! I think Skye knows it too. Def. going back.

Callie Gillespy

2 years ago

Worth the price. I’ve taken both my dogs here in the last month, both double coats & around 40 lbs. One is a Husky mix with a lot of energy & nerves, they were so sweet to her & gave me a full run down of how she did when I came to pick her up. My border collie has TONS of hair & they shaved him perfectly. In the past he gets a skin rash a few days later no matter how nice the shampoo, and from this place he didn’t have ANY rash AT ALL. I was shocked. They are very sweet & give a free teeth cleaning with first appointments!

Paige Rockwell

2 years ago

I took my puppy here for his first grooming experience and the team was great. He came out looking & smelling awesome and most importantly, he was happy and tail-wagging when I picked him up. Great place with a staff that definitely knows what they’re doing and that I feel safe leaving my dog with!

Mangela Ngandjui

2 years ago

By far the best grooming place I’ve been too. First timer and the staff was very friendly and informative. Before taking my dog Jess sat and gave me suggestions on what would be best for him. My baby was matted and she showed that she genuinely cared about his safety and gave me multiple options before she proceeded. I really appreciated that because anyone dropping their pet off wants to know that their pet’s best interest is put first! Jess did an amazing job! Will definitely be back!

Alexa Alice Joubin

2 years ago

A pleasant first experience: easier to book, to communicate with (they are responsive), and just overall joyful atmosphere here. They love their job clearly. Compared to PetCo and PetSmart, Paw Spa is more pleasant (and you pay a steeper price but worth it). Since we live nearby, we were lucky to walk in and found that they happened to have an opening. Our doggy enjoyed the bath. What a cute little neighborhood dog spa. After the bath, they gave our doggy a bow tie! Handsome!


2 years ago

I was a fan of this grooming spa until today. My puppy went in for a full service and came out a completely different dog. They claim he bit his lip while he was getting his nails drilled but he has been making straining noises since i picked him up, is in pain and has been curled up on a ball since we got home. i am not sure what completely happened but he is traumatized. i spoke so highly of this place before but i will not be returning EVER. And on another note, he didn’t even go to the groomer that I booked him under. This was a red flag already.

Chanelle Washington

2 years ago

I took my lil fur baby for a groom and first lion’s cut! I am so pleased with my entire experience overall. The appointment process was smooth and I appreciated the text follow-ups. Very easy to submit paperwork and everything was confirmed upon checking in. Now when I arrived, each staff member was inviting and looked/sounded like they were happy to be there. They took great care of my baby and he smells sooooo good! They even let me grab my baby from the cat room which is loaded with interactive play things and towers for cats to climb and play with. Nails were clipped and filed smooth. I want to thank everyone at the Paw Spa II for their excellent service. See you guys next time!

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