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Melody Pullin

2 years ago

Our time with cvrc has been mixed , The operation was done well by Dr Wolfe but I think follow -up from her and staff was non existent . I was called and was ask to change Tank 8 week appt and wasn’t even ask then how is was doing , just felt a lack of personal touch . I read reviews from others they seem to been lucky to get a concern phone call follow up from other vets in your practice but yet my dog didn’t warrant that ! Please hope you understand How this made us feel . M.Pullin

Irene Sewell

2 years ago

I was very happy, with the staff their concern of my Princess, they were very caring, they kept me updated on my dog, the Doctor was wonderful and very informative. She has pneumonia and is still under their care. Thank You

Stacie Shriver

2 years ago

The doctors here are amazing! My dog had a very, very uncommon life threatening emergency and they immediately recognized what it was and were able to get him into surgery right away. Their communication is excellent. They called exactly when they said they would and have kept us updated throughout this experience. Everyone is kind and wants to ensure you understand the circumstances perfectly and encourage you to ask any and all questions.

Justina Starobin

2 years ago

The vets and techs are friendly, knowledgeable and attentive. My dog had surgery for cancer tumor removal. There were no surprises and my dog is recovering well

Jenna Simpson

2 years ago

A compassionate and professional, high quality veterinary facility.

Claire Sanford

2 years ago

My pup Willie absolutely loves the techs who have been helping him for over a year now.

Info Desk

2 years ago

very kind, professional on the phone @ CVSS staff

Linda Smith

2 years ago

My dog was born with an undulating patella (loose knee cap due to shallow groove allowing tendon over knee cap to pop out). Advice was to not do anything unless it got worse. It got worse. It popped out and could not be reseated. Her Vet recommended surgery at CVSS. After a 2 month wait, she was evaluated and could be operated on. Dr. Anne Minivan was the surgeon. She explained what the problem was now and how she would fix it. She was helpful in her explanation. Lauren, Shaunti's technician and monitor, was friendly and said she would look after Shaunti. They have 24/7 staff so patients are monitored closely. The surgery was a success. Now comes the recovery and physical therapy. It is expensive. I was able to pay but others may not have ready cash so a payment plan would be helpful. If your pet needs special treatment, ask your vet to refer you to CVSS.

Jesse Chambers

2 years ago

We are so grateful to the whole staff at CVRC - particularly Dr. McNair. After a difficult and grave diagnosis for our little Chihuahua, Marco, we brought him here for emergency / specialist care and were blown away by the skill, professionalism and compassion of the staff. Dr. McNair, especially, was amazing. He went above and beyond in the care he gave for Marco and the guidance he gave to us as we navigated what were ultimately the last weeks of Marco's life. He patiently spoke to us on the phone multiple times to walk through test results and talk about next steps - the whole time keeping Marco's comfort and well-being at the forefront. The team at CVRC do incredibly difficult work - and do it 24/7/365 ... We are so grateful that at a difficult time for our family we were able to get excellent veterinary care from the very best.

Danielle M

2 years ago

The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. They call you with updates frequently and it’s the actual surgeon who speaks to you which is so helpful when you have questions and are feeling anxious about what’s happening with your sick pet! I would highly recommend them for any service your pet needs.

Aline Devreotes

2 years ago

My experience w CVSS in Annapolis was excellent. In all aspects. Our 11yo labradoodle had been limping for several weeks. I greatly appreciated Dr M. Wolfe caring for him and taking the time to answer my many questions and to explain his diagnosis and our options such as surgery. She quickly identified the problem which was confirmed by cat scan and biopsy: osteosarcoma of the shoulder destroying the scapula. She met me in the parking lot with her computer to discuss the preliminary results. She took the time afterwards to respond to questions I sent via e mail She called me as promised w the final results The staff was attentive responsive and knowledgeable. I felt that over the 2 visits all knew my dog and could answer any question I had. Excellent communication. A very positive experience. We chose to keep Philos comfortable and let him go peacefully a few days later.

A & K F.

2 years ago

Absolutely amazing experience. This vet center has one of the best customer service experience we have had. Taking our pups to a vet is always scary - add an ACL surgery to it and stakes go up even higher. Well the entire staff here made us feel extremely comfortable throughout the process. They updated us during the surgery and have had AMAZING follow up service. Thank you team!!

Cathy Flanders

2 years ago

A wonderful staff and a great doctor took such great care of my Golden Retriever when she needed knee surgery. I highly recommend this organization and their staff to anyone who is seeking care for their pets.

Angela Vecchioni

2 years ago

Dr Minihan and the entire staff have been excellent to work with. Dr Minihan made me feel like she loved my dog like her own and explained everything in great detail, which was so comforting. I would have given her a hug if I could have.

Garland Aquino

2 years ago

Very happy with them. Easy to get an appointment, very responsive, someone ALWAYS answers the phone and they took care of our baby during his overnight stay after his procedure. Overall, a very positive experience for us.

Amber Dean

2 years ago

I had such a great experience here! Very nice, organized and professional. Dr. Prostredny explained everything thoroughly and the techs made multiple calls with updates on my boy! 10/10 would recommend ❤️ Thank you, a million times over. Now on the road to recovery.

Connie Ballato

2 years ago

My dog’s surgery and care were excellent. The only thing I did not like was the inability to meet the surgeon face to face due to COVID policy. I understand that it is necessary but it is disconcerting to hand over your precious pet to people you have only talked to over the phone.

Edward Martinez

2 years ago

After I discovered a cancerous tumor on the chest of my German Shepherd, Brandy, three weeks ago I eventually took her to CVSS for evaluation. I can't speak highly enough of the professionalism and attention I received from Dr. Elisabeth Moore and her assistant, Lauren. I arrived on July 29 at the scheduled time and was promptly attended to by Lauren and Dr. Moore regarding Brandy's condition. Dr. Moore clearly communicated her initial findings and we discussed the path forward for Brandy's treatment. The following day, after a conducting a CT scan, Dr. Moore performed successful surgery by removing the tumor. Dr. Moore called me after the surgery and informed me of the results of the procedure. I was able to bring Brandy home on July 31 and she continues to do well. On Aug. 3, I received a follow up phone call from Dr. Moore inquiring as to how Brandy was doing and to discuss the biopsy results. Another visit is scheduled for Aug. 17 for further evaluation. Brandy continues to do well and I remain optimistic regarding her recovery. I am so grateful for the care she received and would highly recommend CVSS to any pet owners.

Ben Seidel

2 years ago

Dr. Roa left, (my pup's first surgeon) so I was a bit nervous about my Stanley being surgically treated by any other doctor. But this team is "one". They're all great. I can tell by my pup's reaction when I picked him up after surgery and his follow-up visit when he jumped into the face of a number of staff ready to give intense kisses. Whatever you folks do for these dogs when in your extended care, thank you!

James Nickel

2 years ago

My Golden had been diagnosed with cancer and I had an appointment for a surgical consult/surgery about a week later. But my golden stopped eating and drinking for a couple of days. I consulted with their ER and I brought him in that day and they were able to do surgery. He's recovering very well and eating and drinking normally. Great people there. Everyone was so helpful and caring.

Alexis Bond

2 years ago

Thank you for relieving my cat when AVIM found a growth that was interfering with her breathing. It turned out to be a much better outcome than we expected. Kitty and I thank you so much

Chris Parisi

2 years ago

Want to hug everyone that works there! Especially Lauren, Amy and for sure, Dr. Burgess. They made time for my new puppy on a moments notice, and took extra care to love and comfort her, in her time of stress. They are patient and kind, and explained all procedures and possibilities, clearly and with a compassionate understanding of the situation. They understand that I am technologically challenged, and do not judge me, no matter how dumb my questions might be. They are super quick to respond to all my questions. These people ARE THE BEST!

Christina Dayton-Wall

2 years ago

Surgery went well for my dog and aftercare was good. If needed I would use CVSS again. However I called on the evening of surgery around 9pm to check on my dog. (I never got a call because they had my number wrong) I was put on hold for 15 min and the lady came back on the phone and said they were too busy to give me an update and someone would call me back. Are you telling me that even when you are curbside (and no one is in your waiting room) no one was able to just peek at him and tell me he was resting comfortably? I did get a call at midnight with an update. I never received an update the second day after surgery until I called. Not sure if I got “special” treatment because I am a referring veterinarian or if this is the norm: :-(

Kyle Voelker

2 years ago

I have worked in a vet hospital for many years now. I am very pleased with CVSS as both a referral partner and as a service. My dog had a cruciate repair with Dr. Minihan and from pre to post procedure I couldn't be happier. They even went out of their way and took care of evaluating her heart murmur with an echocardiogram while she was there for her pre surgery workup to make sure everything would go smoothly. My girl is almost back to her 100%. The support staff is great as well. Tayler H is always a pleasant and professional. Plus Stella is their "favorite" soooo.

Tia Webb

2 years ago

Very professional and extremely kind. They were able to schedule my dog's surgery the next day and explained everything to me carefully. Not only did the doctor contact me after surgery , a tech called later that evening to give me an update which made me feel more comfortable about her being there.

Christine B

2 years ago

Always professional, friendly and kind. It is hard to completely trust some veterinarians but I have worked with so many of the doctors here and they always have your pets best interest in mind.

Briana MacKinnon

2 years ago

Nothing but good things to say about the staff, the only reason I took off a star is because they don’t offer any type of financing. Tip - if you have the credit score, take on a credit card with zero % interest for a year or more and pay on that monthly. Just make sure to pay it off before the promotional period or you will get hit with back-interest!

Jonathan “Jonnycello” Terry

2 years ago

I am sure the vets and surgeon had done everything they could to save my family's dog, but finding out that we were billed 11k for a dog that we didn't get to take home doesn't sit well with me. Not everyone is fortunate enough to afford such a high price bill. Of course we were going to do whatever it took to save our dog, but for him not to come home, and for you all to throw my mom such an outrageous bill hurts more than words can describe.

Lisa Jackson

2 years ago

I can't say enough about Dr. Burgess and his team. Our labradoodle has had 2 TPLO surgeries in the last year. His is a master at his issues or bruising...beautiful surgical work. Our girl is a drama queen and Dr. Burgess has always been professional, caring and willing to go above and beyond to help us. I never feel like a nuisance when I call to ask for advice or just to be reassured we are doing after care properly. We drive over an hour to the Annapolis office and it is worth the drive. I highly recommend!!!

Martha Miller

2 years ago

I would only barely give Chesapeake Veterinary Surgical Specialists a one star. That one star is only because the front end staff were courteous and did a great job of helping us get an appointment quickly for our dog. Our dog was just diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on her tongue. Our oncologist from Dogs and Cats Emergency and Specialty had recently spent an hour and a half running tests and getting the best possible look at the tumor, and she stated that our dog would be a good candidate to have the tumor removed with minimal impact to the tongue. So when we went to see the surgeon we went with some hope of there being surgery to give our dog relief. Unfortunately, it was not the positive appointment that we had hoped for. I’m writing this review to hopefully help others in our situation from having to deal with such a despicable practice as Chesapeake Veterinary Surgical Specialists. The surgeon, Dr. Burkeholder, spent four minutes looking at our dog. From the time they took her in to see him to the time that he called was a matter of four minutes. From the first word out of his mouth it was evident that he had a very high opinion of himself. He talked down to my boyfriend and me, treating us the whole time like we were the dumbest of the dumb and we needed to put our dog down. He said that we needed to face reality and that we would not be able to handle the recovery and major complications that would arise if HE did the surgery. You would think that our commitment to our pet would be obvious in that we had driven AN HOUR AND A HALF just to help our dog. I had sent over the whole report from our oncologist’s office with all the blood work and biopsy results, and from what he said in our conversation by suggesting blood work,etc., it was evident he had never even looked at the report or tests that had already been done. When we stated the opinion from the oncologist and her staff, he proceeded to snort and in an even more condescending tone say that all oncologists have no clue what they are talking about. His lack of respect not only for us but for people that actually care for animals and have just as many degrees as him was unacceptable in our book. As a final straw, when the ‘consult’ was over, they refused to bring our dog to us until we had paid them the $180 for the ten minute 'consult’. Holding our dog hostage. Also, $180 for a ten minute visit. Mmm.. any one say beamer or yacht. I would suggest that anyone looking to go to this practice either try another place or go with the knowledge that their care and concern for their clients and their pets leave a lot to be desired.

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