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Jazz Barone

a year ago

Dr Cousins is amazing, smart & caring.

Lynn Elliott

a year ago

When I lived in New Orleans they were my fur babies vet, babygirl and I ???? loved going to them, caring, loving, gentle, whole staff, great ???????? place to take your ???????? cat, he/she will be well taken care ???? of, I highly recommend it Lynn Elliott n. Babygirl

Andrea Hall

a year ago

Always on top of my cat's needs. Professional and courteous service.

C. Mitchell

2 years ago

They are so kind and as cat only it was less stressed with no dog run ins.

Cara Coren

2 years ago

The Cat Practice saved my cat's life. Dr. Cousins and Dr. Dodson are both phenomenal vets who went above and beyond to do everything they could for my cat. The entire staff is very responsive and wonderful to interact with. In addition to the excellent care, I felt like everyone in the office truly cared about him and wanted help not only my cat, but also wanted to help support me in taking the best possible care of him. I moved out of state and I feel like I'll never find anywhere as special as the Cat Practice. I really can't say enough good things, and New Orleans is lucky to have them!!

James Wilson

2 years ago

They saved the life of my cat, Sammy!! He had been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism with all the classic symptoms so I scheduled him at Cat Practice for the iodine -131 treatment. Dr Cousins and the team at Cat Practice were all so helpful and professional and within a few days of coming home, Sammy began to gain his weight back and is looking like his old self again! If you want the best veterinary care for your cat - bring it to Cat Practice, they truly care and it’s a blessing I found them. Sammy is doing great and healthier than ever because of Dr Cousins and his team. Thank yall!!

Thais Gruning

2 years ago

Overpriced and lacking professionalism. Beware!

Liz Kastrava

2 years ago

Love this Vet! Very patient and responsive ????????????????

Evan Butler

2 years ago

Kathleen (so sorry if I didn’t spell it correctly) was fantastic. She was so friendly, professional, and really cares about your needs as a customer. She deserves a raise :)

Maris Kelly

2 years ago

When I adopted my kitty, his current vet was The Cat Practice. So I continued to have him seen here. He is an older domestic shorthair with a thyroid problem. This means he is on prescription food. I was constantly told he needed his internal organs checked, a slew of vaccines, professional dental cleaning, an echocardiogram, blood tests, and a bunch of other services that seemed excessive. When I asked the price of the visit, I was told it would be upwards of $560. I wasn't able to afford that price for a regular cat visit, (and apparently he'd need these services on a regular basis) so I asked what the minimum would be in order to continue him on his food, and I was basically told the only way he'd be able to get seen is to complete all of these treatments. I begin looking for other vets. Not to mention, I am getting called multiple times a day, multiple times a week. I have more calls from The Cat Practice than my own doctor. And the emails are out of control. Every time I do answer, I'm told, "Hi, we are so glad to finally hear back from you. We've been so worried about Pipe and would hate to see his health decline. He needs to be seen for these treatments or we don't know what will happen." I begin to feel I am being a horrible cat mom, so I try again to speak with them. After all, I love my cat, as we all love our animals, and do not want him to be sick or in pain, or declining. At this point, I'm trying to explain that at the base minimum, to continue on him on the food that keeps his thyroid in check, what in the least needs to be done, and I'd try to do the other treatments later when I could. Again, they insist he needs every single service in order to even see him. I felt I was left no choice but to get a second opinion. THE FINAL STRAW, when I explained to Ginger at the front desk that I couldn't afford $560+ for a visit, she asked me if I was still employed with my company, and literally said, "Well, talk to them, see if they'll handle the bill, and then give me a call back." That was it. I have never in my life heard of a vet office suggest a client ask their place of employment for financial help. I get his medical records from the Cat Practice and bring him to his new vet. They see Pipe, look through his medical records prior to the visit and explain during his exam that Pipe is in wonderful health for a 10 year old kitty. His thyroid has been in normal levels for quite a while, and the only thing required for his prescription food was a simple blood test to check his thyroid. This visit was $150 including a full exam, and panel. That's it. And they wrote me the prescription and off we went. Please consider the fact that I spend everyday with this cat. He is very playful, has a healthy appetite, keeps a nice clean coat, has normal bowel movements and his urine isn't unusual in anyway. There are no signs of anything unusual, unhealthy, or to be concerned about. I am not a negligent cat owner, and I spend lots of time inspecting him making sure he is good, no wounds, bites, and no overgrooming, etc. Beware of The Cat Practice. They are extremely pushy, unprofessional, and insist on services that are unnecessary, while painting a picture that your beloved pet is in medical danger. I hope, if you are bringing your animal to this practice, that you get a second opinion. In response to your response, The Cat Practice: It seems you are unaware that during the years of 2017-present, I worked alongside Pipe at the business he was a shopcat at. I was present when he was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. And I was the one who found him hidden, screaming in pain, and had him pulled out of the hardware room and brought to you for treatment. I guess I was “astute” enough. We rushed Pipe to the Vet the business had used for him, which was The Cat Practice. You took care of him, found he had lead poisoning, and nursed him back to health. Yes. And we are super grateful for that. Thank you. Your comment on this post only further shows your constant stance of calling the owners of their beloved animals negligent.

Tish Douzart

3 years ago

I've been going to TCP since 2008. My cat doesn't like people very much and Dr. Cousins and his staff just have a special way of calming her. She had to have emergency surgery last year and I was a nervous wreck! They were all so great, I really have NOTHING to complain about. Kitty is now a diabetic, but thanks to them, I got over my fear of caring for her differently and it's honestly made me feel closer to my furry friend. Highly recommend!

Angelle Leger

3 years ago

Love, love, love this place! Just moved to New Orleans and was so excited to find a cat-only practice. Dr. Cousins and his staff are very friendly and definitely go the extra mile for me and my kits. It is a bit on the expensive side (especially for a student) but knowing my cats are healthy and taken care of is priceless!

Dana C

4 years ago

My cat hasn't been to the vet in quite a few years, which they didn't guilt me about like I was afraid. When I arrived they took me straight back, followed by the vet tech, and just a few minutes later the vet came in. My cat is very skittish and I was anxious watching her exam, afraid she would run to get away or start howling especially while she got 4 vaccines but as I watched Dr. Cousins and his assistant they were completely calm and extremely patient. They didn't hurry to get it done or force or push her too hard when she was showing agitation. He took time in between every step to give her a pat on the head and say "good Bernie". All of the staff were extremely friendly until I was checking out, I had my cat in her carrier on the couch and an employee came and picked her up off the couch and put her on the ground explaining they had just got new furniture and she didn't want my cat to pee on it. This rubbed me the wrong way, considering it's a cat clinic and lots of owners will want to wait with their cat on the couch. It wasn't a huge deal but I would have much preferred her to ask me if I could move her myself or at least ask if it was okay for her to move her. Overall, I really enjoyed going to a place that is just all about cats and I will be going back.

Jenna Rae Vercillo

4 years ago

Dr. Cousins and the entire team are professional, helpful, compassionate and timely. I have always been able to see them in a reasonable amount of time (in fact I made the switch to TCP because I couldn't get into my regular vet for days when I noticed a pressing issue. Even though I was a new client, I was able to get an appointment for the next day after I explained what was going on). I made the switch after that first experience. All the staff greet me and my cat when I arrive and seem to know him. I appreciate the explanations that I receive from Dr. Cousins and staff as well. I feel like I walk away with more information, and answers to my questions. I see a lot of people note the pricing in their reviews-- you get what you pay for. Vet care is expensive no matter what. However, I have always felt in terms of care options, the financial component was part of the discussion and not a bomb dropped on me after care was treated and you have no choice. I completely trust this entire practice. Plus as a cat only facility, it is SO MUCH LESS STRESSFUL when we arrive and leave (no dogs barking, or running up to his kennel to sniff, etc.) And the facility looks more like a cat spa when you come in, not a doctor's office. Don't hesitate to visit. Wonderful professionals and humans all the way around.

Kelli Alves

4 years ago

I had an excellent experience here. Dr. Cousins and his staff are genuinely nice folks.

Marge Smith

4 years ago

They take really great care of my cat!

Samantha Willis

4 years ago

I love this Vet and Dr.Cousins is so great with your pets. I have moved but continue to ring my fury friends here.

Wouter de Bie

4 years ago

Having had cats for a very long time, I've seen many vets and I must say that the Cat Practice is the best one yet. Dr Cousins and his staff are super knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. We're lucky we live next door, but I'd keep coming here if we'd live on the other side of town.

JP Elaine

5 years ago

They take excellent care of my family. In 12 years they seem to get better each year.

Aurora Lee

5 years ago

I love everything about The Cat Practice. The environment looks super clean and, importantly, smells super clean. Staff members are friendly, efficient and professional in every respect. While Dr. Lemarie is officially my cat's vet, Dr. Cousins has also seen my darling. Both delivered the highest quality of care. I've been a client now for nearly ten years. As a result of the superior care my cats have received, I'm confident any of the veterinarians at The Cat Practice are up-to-date authorities in the field of feline medicine and behavior. In short, I wouldn't dream of taking my beloved pets anywhere else.

James White

5 years ago

Wonderful doctors and amazing staff! I cannot say enlighten great things about this place.

Jill Hancock

5 years ago

Great staff! Great care! Great that it's a cat only vet so you know they love your kitty. It is pricey unfortunately but they will at least give you different options of whatever care plan you might be needing at the moment and show you the different costs for each and let you choose. That's the only reason for 4 instead of 5 stars. It could definitely price some people out (lol me included). I do highly recommend this vet!

Lindsay Teraoka

5 years ago

I am very disappointed with my experience at the Cat Practice. I called to make an appointment and spoke at length with the woman on the phone about what I wanted: a grooming and a urine test for my cat. My appointment was made for 10:30, the woman explained sedation may be necessary but that they would be able to handle it that day. The day before the appointment, I received a call for confirmation and I verbally confirmed with the woman on the phone. When I arrived, I was told by the woman at the front desk that my appointment had been cancelled. I explained that I had never cancelled my appointment. She then told me that if I wanted a grooming I needed to be there between 8 and 9 am. This was never explained to me on the phone. There was no apology for the mis-scheduling, just the front desk woman repeating that grooming happens between 8 and 9am. They decided to try to fit me in for the urine test and took me into an exam room where I met Dr Cousins, who was friendly enough and explained the procedure for obtaining a urine sample. The vet tech then explained that they were booked up for sedations that day and I would need to make another appointment. I am pissed because I drove across town and was charged $60 for a vet to listen to my cat's heart and lungs when the whole reason I came was for a grooming and a urine sample. I understand the vet needing to do his exam but at no point did anybody acknowledge the fact that the Cat Practice had made a mistake both when they scheduled my appointment, and then when they wrongfully cancelled it. They said I would need to reschedule for the services I had originally come for but why would anybody want to return after this experience? This business has shown me that it is poorly organized, does not accept accountability for their errors, and they make the customer pay for it.

Michelle Duggan

5 years ago

The vet here is wonderful and has seen a thing or two. He called and spoke with me personally about my cat and spoke with me a couple of times weeks after my visit when I had questions.

Sue Riedlinger

5 years ago

Our cat loves these people!

Kianna Ray

6 years ago

Great place for the furry animal meow, they make sure you and your pet are comfortable.

Ashleigh Locker

6 years ago

Best doctors and most genuinely caring staff!!!

David Gonzalez

6 years ago

Hands Down THE best in town. The staff and Doctors are wonderful. Services are first class elite and without question the best for our cats. I would not think twice about coming here and they always get my strongest recommendations to everyone. Thank you Cat Practice for taking such awesome care of our family members.

Jennifer R Arcement

6 years ago

They work with the local residence out and they are very helpful!!

Meghan Martin

6 years ago

Definitely take your cats here for checkups, surgery or boarding. I trust the staff immensely. They are not only good with my two babies, they are so friendly and pleasant to talk to about your concerns. I cannot thank the staff enough for how good they are with my kitties!

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