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Honest Virgo

2 years ago

There is literally nobody in New Orleans who has as wide a selection of Natural dog chews as this place.They had a variety if very nice dog toys.Cuddly ones,tougher ones,some balls.Dog food and treats.The lady cashing me out was also very nice! SO SHOP LOCAL! If your dog loves to chew this is your place!


2 years ago

100 percent do not recommend. Had zero covid precautions and acted like it was a joke. Acted like I must have got it elsewhere when I got it. Refused to refund the costs of classes I couldn't attend for to being displaced because I caught covid. 500 dollars might not be a lot to some people.. I've had to go live in Slab city, and I missed out on all my Christmas markets. Becky Burt the instructor, couldn't be bothered to check if I was on or dead after 2 missed classes. Have the life you deserve

Jonathan Long

2 years ago

What a great little place! We had to drop off some luggage between debarkation and our hotel being ready, and this was the perfect spot! It's a great old building. And within walking distance of so much, if that's what you're doing. Plus a variety of dog goods if you're shopping for your little friends. The lady there went above and beyond helping us in the morning and was very understanding. She gave us advice and recommendations. Again, I can't recommend it enough.

Carmen Ybarra

2 years ago

Fantastic pet store. Stopped in twice when I was in the area - staff were friendly and they had everything I was looking for

Brian Lutz

2 years ago

Great staff, friendly, our pup loves it too

Kat Huff

2 years ago

My go-to place for my dog and cats. I always get good advice on nutrition and other issues. Plus, the accessories are great! Additionally, I can pick up things for my water colour painting hobby any time I want!!!

Clara Riley

3 years ago

i want to like this place so badly since i live only a few blocks away but i only go here out of pure convenience. the staff there are SO rude, condescending and critical. i just rescued a new pup and brought her in to get a harness and the folks working there told me what the vet had recommend was wrong and my dog would only live a few years if i didn’t listen to them?? super strange and honestly made me anxious. i spend so much money here for both my pets and have also been told that there’s a 20 dollar card minimum??? which makes no sense?? really great variety of pet items but prepare yourself for a whirlwind of emotions with the staff.

Evann Whitt

3 years ago

I have been wanting to visit this place for months now and SO glad I did. Very cool space - great selection, variety of pet supplies and a fantastic art supply section. Decently priced and staff is very knowledgeable/friendly! Will be coming back often!

Ryan Marek

3 years ago

Great local spot with a super knowledgeable staff/owner. Awesome for my wargaming and board gaming hobbies as well in the art side.

Brett Rector

3 years ago

Great spot in Bywater and a much needed resource for the neighborhood.

Cypress Atlas

3 years ago

Honestly I've been going here for years out of sheer convenience but one of the women who works here, I think she is the manager, is extremely rude. I am a trans woman and she always stares at me and has commented negatively on my appearance / how I choose to dress. I would never step foot in this elitist pet store if I didn't live in the neighborhood.

Angie Alexander

3 years ago

Everything you need for your pet. They only carry the best products for your pets.

Hannah B

3 years ago

My husband and I go to the Bark Market at least once a week to buy treats for our dog, and encourage all our pup-owning friends to do the same. The prices are pretty high, but we feel like it's important to support local small businesses rather then order online when possible. We don't have a lot of money, but we love our little neighborhood and want Bywater businesses to thrive. There have been many times we've gone in where employees have been a bit rude; one staff member once chastised my husband for buying a certain treat, saying it was unhealthy (then why are you selling it?) and I've been given many unsolicited speeches on what my dog should and should not eat from employees who I am assuming are not veterinarians. I tend to pay things like that little to no mind, since I'm guessing employees are being paid minimum wage, and I'm not being paid anything to argue with them. However, today when we took our dog in, we were immediately read the riot act on our (responsible and educated) use of an ecollar. The young women working the counter first pointedly asked if our dog was deaf. When I answered that he was not, she told me that that would be the only "acceptable" reason to use a vibration collar. I told her that he was actually wearing an ecollar, and would she like to try it out? I've used it on my own neck, and would never put something on my dog that was close to dangerous at all. "I've already tried it, you guys need to educated yourselves! It's cruel! What's wrong with you!" I asked her what kind of dog training qualifications she had, and all she said was "I just know it's bad!" ( This is the same woman who has come around the counter and without asking encouraged my dog to jump all over her in exchange for a treat. Seems legit.) I was so shocked by how quickly this educated, and how rude she was to a customer who was about to spend 10% of her weekly income on pet supplies and treats. The assumption that we would do anything to harm our dog, who is like our baby, brought me to tears. Also, if ecollars are so bad, why would it be ok to use one on a deaf dog? After she continued to berate us, we decided to leave without buying anything. She yelled out the door at us, "I hope you read something and educate yourselves!" Bottom line, it's one thing to give an opinion politely, but chewing out regular customers who didn't ask for it is uncalled for and extremely inappropriate. A word on ecollars: Our ecollar was recommended by multiple trainers, and we keep it at a level 5 (I tried it on my own neck up to a 40) and has help our wild, slightly aggressive dog become a confident and calm dude who dances and wags when he sees the ecollar because he knows it means treats and training time. The tap of the ecollar is paired with commands (come, heel, etc.) and NOT used to prevent barking or wandering. Vibration collars (what this lady initially thought we were using) are uncomfortable and disturbing to dogs; ecollars are not. I encourage anyone interested to try one out before casting such scathing judgement. Or, at least mind your own business!

johnny mcspadden

3 years ago

The people that work here are extremely rude and pretentious every time I have been here, however, they have what you need if you're in a pinch.

Kathryn L

3 years ago

NOLA Bark Market is profoundly generous during this pandemic. They are giving me free dry cat food for my cats, and it is extremely high quality, for free. I had never been there before but will be a new customer for life. The only downside is my cats love the food so Purina is out... but ten stars for being amazing to neighbors and their beloved animals during extremely hard times. Thank you so much!

Renee Drescher

3 years ago

Nice selection of art supplies, and art classes are held there as well. Students and other customers are required to mask up for covid safety. A good selection of dog and cat supplies as well, and helpful staff to answer any questions.

Sarah Smith

3 years ago

I’ve been giving them my business for two years. The staff is unpredictable, one outright rude. Older brunette lady with a bob haircut. Watch out, she’s gonna be at the very most, unfriendly. I walked in today in a hurry and missed the sign that requires a mask. I forgot mine, asked her and the rather snarky (always) blond man that mans the art counter if I should go put mine on. They both sighed, rolled their eyes and said “don’t worry about it”. I got up to the counter, the brunette lady decided to school me, saying I should carry a mask in my wallet or pocket for at least a year. Folks, I’m a grown woman, and had previously offered to get my mask. As New Orleans is in Phase 2, I don’t see many masks anymore, but I still carry one in my car.I paid her, told her to keep the change as a thank you/apology. Not only did she not thank me for the $4 tip, she didn’t say anything. I really hope she reads this, and figures out customer service might not be her bag. They have lost my business..

shane winebrenner

3 years ago

Very insightful with new customers ????

Dylan Wolff

3 years ago

I go for the art (they have the best Glaze selection in Louisiana—including the alligator clay company shop in Baton Rouge). Then I love that I get to browse a great selection of pet toys on my way out! Love this place

Colton B

4 years ago

Helpful and loving staff ! They new exactly what we needed!

C. W. dalrymple

4 years ago

Art supplies, pet supplies and studio classes all in one place. What more could anyone possibly need?

Beth Larkin

4 years ago

Nice place , super helpful staff. Not a large store but has a good selection of pet food and merchandise

Jo Starnes

4 years ago

One of the best perks about the Bywater is this place! They have a MASSIVE selection for all my dogs and cat’s needs. The owner is super knowledgeable and has helped me navigate all issues that have come about, from thunder nervousness to food allergies. I have found that Bark M is a neighborhood stronghold. They help us find homes for rescued animals, help spread the word to find the owners of loose dogs. They bend over backwards for each and every animal. They are amazing. And now they have a in-house Vet!!!!! Spend your money locally when possible ????

Julia Tolpi

4 years ago

The owner is very knowledgeable. I like that it is small and the prices are comprable with the area.

Kim Lilmama

4 years ago

Everyone was really helpful and nice


4 years ago

Fantastic staff! Highly recommend!

megan Griffith

4 years ago

Its pretty alright, friendly employees for the most part. Its definitely not walmart and thats what u need to remember, ????

Monique Escamilla

4 years ago

This store is part pet store, part art supply. They carry the food my cats eat, and have definitely came in clutch for last minute craft supplies as well. The staff is all friendly and knowledgeable without being overbearing. I do think this is a really special store and I'm glad they exist.

Robert Warren

4 years ago

Had no idea this was here. Friendly staff. Everything the little fur ball needs!

Jennifer Broome

4 years ago

Great place for pretty needs and art needs... Shouldn't go together but it does.. Only in NOLA...:)

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