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Cody Caudill

2 years ago

I am a frequent client and have loved the reliability and professionalism of the service. I was shocked to see less than a perfect review score (to read below that people were getting it confused with a Dr). This is a cat sitting service!! They do a free meet and greet so you know who would be in your home and with your pet. And when they visit, they use GPS tracking to ensure you are getting the time you paid for. I am very thankful for the team.

April Kas

2 years ago

Wonderful service, Becky has been the absolute best cat sitter I have ever had experience with. She is reliable, compassionate, professional, patient, easy to work with, and super flexible. A true animal lover! My sweet grandcat always has so much fun with her, and I feel at peace knowing he’s in loving hands. Highly recommend Crescent City Cat Sitters ❤️

Arielle Kasindi

2 years ago

Becky went above and beyond taking care of my sweet boy. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for all that you did. Your service was unparalleled and I have recommended you highly to all my friends with sweet fur babies. I am so glad I used this service to have someone care for my kitty while I was out of town.

Kelsey Ward

2 years ago

Writing a review because many of the reviews here are for a different service causing this poor business to suffer. I've been using Crescent City Cat Sitters for 2 years. Steven and Becky are great and take great care of my fur and plant babies while I'm away for work or play. Always reliable, professional, and affordable. Unfortunately my indoor kitty isn't too friendly, but that doesn't stop Steven and Becky from spending time with her. Thank you so much!

Patricia Naquin

2 years ago

I cannot say enough good things about Rebecca and Steve. Completely reliable and trustworthy. Wonderfully responsive as well. They came a week before we left and I walked them through everything. I also left them detailed instructions and they followed everything to the letter. If they had a question, they asked for clarity. They even remembered a few things i mentioned in the meet and greet but forgot to put in the instructions. Definitely plan to recommend them and use them again in the future. With so many shady pet sitters out there, it is very comforting to know that there are still honest, hard working and reliable people out there. Thank you Rebecca and Steve!

Michelle Hoover

4 years ago

The actual Drs and appointment is fine, but everything else about this office is useless. They've tried billing me for things that should be free under my insurance (which I didn't pay because I fixed the problem myself- the lady in the office said she 'didnt think she would have time to call the people that day' I called. Barely ten minutes later everything was fixed.), wait time is bad, and they are horrible at communicating with your pharmacy. They said as long as my pharmacy faxed them a request for a month extension on my prescription they would just approve it. Another thing that would take literally 5 min or less and they have yet to do it. Now I have to miss a day of my prescription and bother them about it more tomorrow until they actually do their jobs.

Larke Torres

5 years ago

If I could give no stars, I would. Do not go to this doctor!!! I also do not recommend going to any Dr associated with Crescent City Physicians or LCMC. There are lots of problems with this doctor’s office, but I’ll start with what led me to write this review. The coder miscoded my visit which caused my insurance to deny a claim that, if coded in any way that made sense, would have been covered 100%. I don’t pay for health insurance to then have to turn around and pay for the things they cover because of a doctor’s mistake in coding. Another serious issue with this doctor’s office is that they never answer the phone and they don’t have a voicemail. WHAT KIND OF DOCTOR’S OFFICE DOESN’T HAVE A VOICEMAIL? Especially an OBGYN! I had a serious medical issue that I had a question about and I had to call more than 8 times over the course of 2 days before anyone ever answered the phone! When the receptionist answered, I told her about my problem. She said she was transferring me to the nurse. She sent my phone call to another phone which rang a hundred times and then made a noise like it was off the hook, no voicemail on this one either. I just had to give up and hope I was ok. Before ever going to Dr. Mills, I called my insurance company and verified that the doctor’s visit was 100% covered. I only chose her because she was listed with my insurance as a preferred provider, meaning they cover all visits completely. A month after my appointment I received a bill. I called the billing office and they were completely useless. I had already called my insurance company to find out what the problem was. They detailed to me exactly what the problem was, and that it appeared to be an error on the part of the coder. I told Crescent City Physicians billing (CCP) office and they told me that they would resubmit the claim. Less than a week later, I received a second notice. I assumed it had already been sent out when I spoke to the representative of CCP. I waited another week and called my insurance company. CCP had never resubmitted the claim. I called CCP and they claimed that they would look into it. I receive a third notice and it states that they are about to turn me over to collections!!!! I called CCP and asked to speak to the supervisor who then told me “We can’t change the codes. Only the doctor can do that and we’ve sent her 4 messages. She hasn’t responded.” That was the first time out of probably 9 phone calls to CCP that someone told me only the doctor could fix it. So I ask what is my remedy in this situation? and the supervisor tells me we will send you to collections if you don’t pay. I attempted to have my insurance company call them in a conference call to detail the problem, and they didn’t answer. They never returned any of my calls regarding this issue. As soon as the supervisor informed me that the doctor is the only one who can fix the problem, I started calling the doctor's office. I had the same issue as before where no one ever answers the phone. It takes days to get in touch unless you have nothing to do but call them all day. When they finally answered the phone, I detailed my situation to the receptionist. She took my name and number and told me she would give my message to the coder. I waited 2 days and I still had not heard from her. I attempted calling the office again which took another 2 days to get someone to answer. This time the receptionist tells me, she’s gotten your messages, she’s busy (with attitude). (It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been waiting on a return call.) Yesterday, I received a final notice. They are giving me 2 days to set up a payment plan or they are turning me over to collections, and they aren’t open tomorrow so that leaves me just today. I will not pay because they made a mistake. So unless you want your credit screwed for something that is completely not your fault don’t see any physician associated with Crescent City Physicians. Especially this one. They clearly just don’t care.

Vicky Jones

5 years ago

Regular check-up. All is fine.

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