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Samantha Ferrara

a year ago

We always board our dogs at the vet at least once—sometimes twice— a year and have never had any problems. Boarded my dogs here for a week and it seems like they hardly fed them. When we got them back they each felt like they’d lost like 5 pounds. We can feel their ribs and spine when we pet them, even on our stocky dog. The fact that all 3 of my dogs feel and look noticeably thinner after being boarded is what concerns me. If it was just one of my dogs, I’d probably assume they didn’t like the food they were given or something, but all 3?? Something isn’t right here. Not taking my dogs back. The slightly cheaper boarding prices isn’t worth risking my dogs’ health.

L Rounds

a year ago

The service used to be great here but has greatly declined in the past months. I’ve used them with my first pet until he died and was happy with their service. However, with my current pet the service has been poor: I dropped off my dog for boarding and requested a bath for her prior to picking her up. My dog did not receive her bath. I sent the owner an email to inform her of this over site. She ignored my email even when I indicated a response was requested. I gave her the benefit of doubt and figured she did not reply because of a nonworking email address. So I continued doing business with them. The next time I boarded my dog they lost her leash and she was very hungry when I picked her up. I left food for her that was untouched. This time I reached out via phone to discuss possible reasons for this. The owner had a very adverse reaction to what I attempted to explain to her. She was rude, sarcastic and unprofessional. In my opinion that was an admission of guilt.

Jody Shaw

2 years ago

Girls was nice and welcoming.. My girl was treated well.

Madison Hedrick

2 years ago

Horrible horrible horrible grooming. My dog has stunning thick hair. I put on her papers DO NOT SHAVE in large letters and even sent a photo for reference. My dog is literally shave short and all chopped up. I have never had the happen before and am absolutely devastated.

Mary Fowler

2 years ago

We love taking our dogs to Bark City! We have two golden doodles, and they always give them a great cut for a great price! Our pups also get social interaction with other dogs, which is great. Nick knows exactly what we want when we take them to get them groomed, and he does a great job at it! We love Bark City and we are so glad we’ve found a great groomer for our pups!

Courtney G

2 years ago

Boarded our dogs (3) for four nights and they even gave them a bath.

Gabrielle Quire

2 years ago

I got bit by a dog, there is no organization at this establishment.. haircut was very poor

Meghan Rolle

2 years ago

Highly dissatisfied and disappointed. After taking my dog there, I will never return. They cut her ear, pretty bad, and her coat was super patchy! She had a huge circle on her back that didn’t look cut, and her stomach/chest was cut so short I can see her skin! The lady swore if they cut her they would have told us, and tried to play it off as if another dog might have knicked her while there. Finally she noticed it and didn’t offer much betterment. I pointed out that my dog had a huge patch on her back that was not the same length, she says “well you get what you pay for”, then fixed it. After the patchy was fixed, the cut was OK, However If you are looking for a good, professional business, I do not recommend Bark City.

Samantha White

2 years ago

My baby has fleas after going here ????

Blake Sue Esponge

2 years ago

Nice folks Nice atmosphere for dogs

Melissa Gasperecz

2 years ago

My dog loved getting groomed here! He’s usually a bit anxious with us leaving but the staff here was so wonderful with him that he went with them with no problems. I love how they allow the dogs to interact and socialize, too. Capone came home smelling fresh and his summer cut was just perfect! Highly recommend!

Sonya Hefner

2 years ago

Brought two of my mini schnauzers to be groomed. Didn’t realize how horrible they did until I got home. The hair cut had random long pieces and the mustache was very choppy. My female schnauzer has several razor burn areas. When leaving I was told that they were the best behaved dogs all day. I always get compliments on how well they do during groomings in our old town. There is no excuse for the damage they did to her skin


2 years ago

I must say; this place was amazing. I boarded my GSD here for a weekend and my first impression was the best impression. Mrs. Belinda was amazing with my GSD, Prince. He usually doesn’t take to kindly to strangers but he jumped up to her like he has known her his whole life and he didn’t get aggressive with the other animals as I watch him go to his kennel. Thanks Bark City and Mrs. Belinda for taking excellent care of my fur baby. We will definitely be coming back.

Kendra Davis

2 years ago

This is was my dogs first time going there. When we first arrived there were dogs running around I didn’t mind until we picked him up. There were cuts scars on his area , legs , and arm pits. He’s a friendly dog so I don’t know what happened.

Chris Head

2 years ago

Great owner , great staff

Bob Breaux

2 years ago

Wow! I don’t post many reviews, but I am really impressed with the service and genuine care they show for my dog at Bark City. Well done.

Whitley J

2 years ago

I love this place. I’ve used them twice & both times they did a great job. They are also very reasonably priced. Anywhere else I have to pay $70 just for the grooming. At Bark City I only have to pay $50 not including the tip. They were also really quick. And lastly, they always send the cutest little videos telling me he’s ready to be picked up. I highly recommend them. They now have me as a repeat customer ????♥️

Greg Sisco

2 years ago

They are very friendly and they do an excellent job

eric a

3 years ago

When Tyson comes to town from Houston, they always find time to fit him in!

Brandi Nunez

3 years ago

My dog loves this place. She is always happy to see the groomers and play with the other "customers".

Anne Bolton

3 years ago

I always say that I’m going to give a review for a business and never get around to it. This place is too good to ignore. They made my very nervous dog comfortable and well groomed and in less time than any other place I’ve gone. Can’t say enough good things about them!!

Floyd Miller

3 years ago

These groomers are very good at what they do. I would and have recommended them to all my friends with pets.

Jeannie Scott

3 years ago

These people are wonderful It’s obvious that they love animals and they do a very good job on my 3 yorkies They even send a video when your pet is ready to go home ????

michael Taylor

3 years ago

They did a awesome job on my ???? I would recommend them to my friends

Natalia Evanna

3 years ago

HORRIBLE! My puppy's was cut uneven and he even had bald spots. I went in for a teddy cut, and came out with a shaved rat. Would never visit nor recommend this place to anyone. They were very rude and the employee (I didn't even bother to learn her name) with the brunette hair and long ponytail was extremely unprofessional. Thankful my puppy's hair will grow back, but I would rather cut him hair by hair myself then to ever set foot in this place again. STAY FAR AWAY !!!

Nicole Vincent

3 years ago

My first time going to Bark City was a nightmare for me and my baby. I decided to stay and wait for him while the owner gave him a haircut. She was extremely rough with him and was rushing the entire time. I told her I wasn’t in a hurry I just like staying with him due to past experiences. She continued to rush and shave him. I noticed several spots of blood that I pointed out but she brushed it off as if it was nothing to worry about. After I made it home I noticed my dog was limping and I checked his paws. His paws were cut in two different places. Instead of her checking to see where he was bleeding from she continued the service to try and rush me out of there. I would not recommend this business to anyone. The other dogs were crying not barking but crying the entire time. Please do not leave your pet if you chose to do business with her. I’ve been to other places and I’ve never experience anything like this. It’s disgusting and unacceptable!

PRPrincess Eve

3 years ago

Jessie the owner is with wonderful. She came highly recommended by my neighbor abd I see why. She treats her new clients and fur babies just as well as she does her regulars. I know this for a fact. Im now a regular. Well my fur baby is.

stacey northern

3 years ago

Well I went to Bark city to get my dog groomed. The experienced was terrible! I have a papillon and everybody know that they are longed hair and double coated. I'm speechless with the way they groomed my dog. Even when I reached to the owner she told me I was a troll. Never offered to apologize or even issue a refund. Jessie was very aggressive and as a professional I thought she would've handled the situation differently! Before coming to bark city my dog had the most beautiful coat and never shed. Now he's shedding everywhere and I'm afraid his coat will never be the same! Definitely not recommended!

Susan Chaney

3 years ago

I called bark city and they were able to get my pup in and out quickly. The staff was so sweet and friendly and made me feel comfortable leaving my pup with them.. Very affordable price for everything they did to him. I loved the way they let you know your pups ready. It was by the cutest text ever. We found our new grooming salon. I recommend bark city to everyone!!

T. Rice

3 years ago

Fast and reasonably priced, but the dogs left loose in the shop to bark at incoming dogs can be stressful on your furry one at drop off. I also think one of her nails was cut so close, might have hit the quick.

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