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bob chapman

2 years ago

DO not purchase the VCA Care plan for your pet - DO NOT. This is a total rip-off. After paying $3,600 for the last 3 years I am told I will have to pay $800 to cancel the plan. They raised the plan monthly fee (nearly double)a year ago and NEVER informed me of the increase.

Joan Brasher

2 years ago

The VCA team has taken exceptional care of my cats, including one who had multiple chronic illnesses. They front desk staff, techs and doctors were so kind and responsive during some very difficult times and the they always went above and beyond to give the best possible care.

delaney dean

2 years ago

We have been going to VCA for 4 months and are continuously impressed! Dr. Maddox is wonderful esp! We have the care club plan with VCA and they've always been helpful when we've had an issue with our cat.

Sydney Edmisten

2 years ago

Couldn’t rate lower. Didn’t ever treat our dog for parasites or tell us despite finding out in a fecal sample he had a severe case. His conditioned worsened for 8 months until we finally took him to another vet who treated him, communicated excellently with us and were extremely frustrated in VCAs negligence. I seriously hope my dog doesn’t have serious damage to his internal organs after this.

Katie Forbis

2 years ago

Truly one of the best facilities in all of Nashville. Wonderful, caring staff that are well educated.

Cec B

2 years ago

Quite possibly one of the worst vet practices I’ve ever been to. And I’ve been taking pets to vets in this country and others for 30yrs. Terrible communication and record keeping, no one seems to actually listen to you and keep notes on what the owner is saying. Seems the vet we had been seeing also left and no one bothered to communicated this to us. Even trying to obtain our dogs records to transfer to another vet has been a frustrating process of around 10 emails back and forth trying to get the incorrect information updated. It shouldn’t be that hard... clear concise communication and good up to date record keeping. Really disappointing.

Bobbi Sexton

2 years ago

I was exactly 6 minutes late for my appointment and when I arrived they took the next dog in instead of mine and told me I would have to come back because I was late! SIX MINUTES LATE!!!!!!! Unbelievable!!! I will NEVER go back again!!!! Very unprofessional!! Poor service!

Andreas Mueller

2 years ago

Had my pup in to repair a hernia and to get fixed. After the procedure the sutures looked fairly amateurish and ugly. I came back to have the hernia site reexamined and the vet assured me that while it looked a little ugly the hernia was closed and all we well. Unfortunately, a month later the hernia popped back out again. I’d also note that the vets are very kind, and generous with their time. However I’ve found the army of receptionists to be fairly rude, hurried and stressed out. And I’ve never been able get in to an appointment without waiting at least 30 minutes. Unfortunately I will not be returning to this hospital again. As a sidenote several emergency vets I’ve had over the years have warned me that they’ve seen mistakes and surgeries from this hospital. Obviously anecdotal but I thought it prudent to pass along.

Elise Ambrosio

2 years ago

I’ve been going to vca for 2 years. Our new dr has been really great and patient with me as I ask a lot of questions. He’s always given me good feedback and recommendations. My issue is not with the drs, it’s the front desk. Whenever I call, they are always rude and impatient. I called today to see if bravecto was the best option for flea and tick prevention as I keep finding ticks on my dog after hiking, (which I get is normal) and a lady with a northern accent was very rude (didn’t get her name). She didn’t listen to my question, she talked over me, she kept telling me the same thing over and over (stuff I already knew, not related to my question) as I was trying to talk. I simply just wanted to know if there was a better option for flea and tick prevention and she couldn’t give me a response other than bravecto is the best one and ticks are still going to get on him because it’s not a repellant. Obviously. Just wanted some recommendations. Didn’t want to be talked down to or talked over.

Damon Odell

2 years ago

Ignore the reviews from the Karens complaining about the front desk and such. This place is terrific top to bottom. The ladies up front are all warm and welcoming, they were all fawning over my recently rescued kitten, Dr Jenna was extremely helpful and Brittany was just the icing on the cake, very gentle and attentive- I'm new to all this and wasn't really prepared or equipped but they all went out of their way to make sure Kirby got the treatment and care he needed. Super grateful. You can tell these people genuinely love animals and that it's not just a job for them. 5 stars all around.

Samantha Bellamy

2 years ago

Completely unimpressed with the front desk staff, called to ask if they would take a look at my dog (an existing client of the vet) who was bitten today and they said they are completely booked and that “we hadn’t been in in a really long time which was a whole other issue,” when our last visit was less than 1 year ago. When I responded with that she acted confused and like she had gotten me mixed up with someone. Such a gross encounter, I can’t understand why someone would try and make a pet owner feel bad when they are seeking out care for their pet. Hire some people in the front who actually care about animals and maybe we’ll consider coming back.

Nancy Domingue Prince

2 years ago

Excellent service & great positivity for pets & owners.

Carlie Mahnke

2 years ago

I have been bringing my pets here for 2 years and have always had a pleasant experience. Unfortunately I will not be going back. Today, I called (ten minutes before they were scheduled to close a time I wasn’t aware of until I was told) and asked about availability to bring in two cats for chip scans in the next few days. The person on the other end of the phone said they are busy, so I asked if they had any availability tomorrow or monday - to which she responded they are closed on sundays. The part that was so heartbreaking was when she told me to knock on doors and post to social media, when I responded telling her thanks, but I have already done both of those things and just wanted to talk to professional or help with next steps on how to help these cats find their home - she didn’t even let me finish and clicked the phone, hanging up on me. They do KILLER surgeries and chip implants for a steep ($400) cost. However, the customer service is not what it used to be.

Pamela Smith

2 years ago

I've been going here for years. I trust Murphy Road animal hospital with my pets. They have always taken great care of my pets over the years. When I took my dog katie in for allergy shots etc recently, Dr Bell even called about katie and how she was doing! Great and friendly staff. Wouldn't want to go anywhere else! Awesome job Murphy Road Animal Hospital!

Scott Neumann

2 years ago

My Blue Heeler was Diagnosed with lymphoma so I had more trips to VCA Murphy road than you’d like. Through out the last year and half Dr. Fields and everyone else gave my dog the best care you could ask for. I really can’t recommend bringing your pets here enough. The most caring employees.

Karla Deal

2 years ago

Just want to share that I started taking my Standard Poodle to Gabby at VCA Murphy Road and she does an amazing job. And I am incredibly picky about how my poodles are groomed. And she even offers 2 options for drop off. Morning sessions and afternoon sessions. So grateful I found her!

Zach McQueary

3 years ago

I can’t truly express my sincere gratitude for the wonderful people who work here. I lost a cat near and dear, Pepper, that suffered through a blocked urethra (common in male cats so be aware if they ever have bathroom problems or bloody urine). The doc literally drove in their car with me the half hour to a surgical facility, waited with me, advised me, and even though I ultimately made the toughest decision after learning there was nothing else to do, they stood with me through it all. I will always bring my pets here..they not only are the utmost professionals, they care about each and every animal as if it were their own. These people are everything I want to care for my pets. Thank you all!

Briana Patyk

3 years ago

My last visit will be the last time I take my dog to the VCA. They always try to get you to pay for bloodwork and test that will ring up your medicinal bill. I took my pup in for her vaccine shot and a health travel certification. It was $58 for the exam and then an additional $76 for the piece of paper to go along with it. I price checked with other vets and they were around $88 total for both. The VCA gave me numerous excuses for the cost but nothing justified their charge. Finally the BIG miss on their part. I told Dr. Bell that Lady had been itching a lot and we did not know what was wrong with her. He said he didn’t find anything and said he could prescribe an antibiotic. I said no because how can you medicate when you don’t know what’s wrong. I took her to a vet at home in Montana, they found fleas. Did Dr. Bell really look? I’m not sure. But if a vet in Montana who never deals with fleas especially in winter can find it seems like something he should have found.

Brooks M

3 years ago

The vet was very unprofessional. Brought my dog in for vaccines then was lied to about shots that are optional and they said were mandatory.(they aren’t) when I made suggestions about my dog not liking his head grabbed I was ignored and the vet continued to do so. When I offered to help put him on the table, I was ignored again. Never once did the vet attempt to comfort the dog, just lecture me. The vet assistant looked embarrassed. I will not be coming here ever again. Don’t talk down to your paying clients, make inappropriate comments about people that work in the industry and stop pushing meds to get a kick back.

Doug Miller

3 years ago

Got there for the parking lot check in, which is normal. The lady that answered the phone said “can you please hold thanks” click, with no pause or asking who I was or why I was there to triage the situation ( I did not have an emergency luckily) and after 10 minutes on hold (literally 10) she took my information and come to find out, what they don’t tell you on their website is that they wanted to take my cat in without me and the vet was going to call me during the “exam”. Knowing with that greeting how it was going to go, I left.

Kyle Schrager

3 years ago

I really never leave reviews but I’ve gotten a few second opinions and feel that it’s worth saying that the VCA seemed to be taking advantage of me. I brought my cat in because she was lethargic and not eating. I used a free first visit coupon and had them check it out. They charged me $350 for a consultation and some antibiotics and they told me that my cat might have a jaw tumor. They saw a small amount of swelling and told me that my cat might have a tumor. I don’t know why they did that, but it felt like they were trying to scare some money out of me. They called me 2 days later with a treatment plan that was ranged from $850-$1300 worth of x-rays, blood work and a tooth removal. They told me her blood work returned with an “abnormally high calcium level” in her blood. They told me that this could be a sign of liver cancer. They told me that they would need to run a slew of tests ranging from x-rays to blood tests to biopsies to determine whether or not it was cancerous. I decided to take my cat to a different vet for a second opinion. They told me that they should never have assumed cancer, that her calcium levels were barely higher than normal, her tooth may or may not need to be removed and that there should be no way I was charged $350 for the first consultation. Today my cat went to get her tooth removed by the other vet and they told me that she just needed antibiotics and a teeth cleaning. I feel as though the vet at Murphy Road VCA seemed to be trying to run as many tests as they possibly could to make as much money as possible. I’m very frustrated and I don’t want anybody else to deal with the stress that they put me through.


3 years ago

I called to do a vet reference and needed to ask a few DIFFERENT questions and whoever I spoke to on the phone was very short and didnt give me the time of day. I understand they might have been busy, but there is no excuse for this. I only had 4main questions to ask so I wasnt hounding them. She ended up hanging up on me in the middle of another question that I needed clarification on. If this is how they treat clients in person, I WOULDNT go there.

Stacy Z

3 years ago

I am new to the area and asked a friend where she took her dogs. She recommended Murphy Road Animal Hospital. With the Covid situation, we were met at the car. The staff has been very concerned and willing to share any questions with the doctor. We have also gone for grooming. My dog is happy to visit and eagerly runs off with these "strangers." The doctor calls and gives updates while we wait on the car. Good experiences all around.

Stephanie Langley

3 years ago

I couldn’t express how grateful I am to find such a comfortable place to make my pet too. From the front desk all the way to the Veterinarian, they made me and my pet feel well taken care of! If you’re looking for a new location to take care of your four legged friend I highly recommend.

Brett Bowers

4 years ago

This is the most ridiculously priced vet I have ever heard of. They told us they were going to show us how to clean our dogs ears and then charged us $40 to do so. The price to have your dog fixed is over double anywhere else that quoted us. Save your money and go elsewhere.

Ashley Smith

4 years ago

I had a very poor experience at this animal hospital. I had purchased a puppy through their partnering adoption center and due to circumstances out of our control had to return the puppy. This was not easy for me to do, as it would be for anyone having to return a pup that they got attached to. One of the ladies at the front desk ( I don’t know her name but she sits on the very end of the front desk) made me feel absolutely horrible about myself. She hung up on me when I called to ask a question about the return and was very rude about it once she found out I was returning the dog. Then when I arrived she refused to let me hold my dog and have a few extra minutes with her in the waiting room, when I demanded that she hand me the dog back she had the audacity to roll her eyes at me and act as if I was going to hurt the dog. The dog was shaking when the lady was holding her but as soon as she gave her to me the dog stoped shaking immediately. She was very odd when we brought the dog home too, insisting that she held the dog. I told the Dr how she made me feel as I was sobbing and she reassured me that that was not acceptable behavior and made me feel a lot better about my decision. Regardless, I do NOT recommend this vet office to anyone because they are over priced and hire people that have no regard for human emotion.

Bart Rademaker

4 years ago

As a medical professional for the last 40 years - I am appalled by the refusal of this clinic to provide the necessary medicine for a young pup with pneumonia. Clearly they are only motivated by making money rather than delivering the right type of service – let alone – any type of help. My daughter has a very sick dog and is currently unable to visit the vet with her dog – and the clinic insist they will only resupply the needed antibiotics if she comes into the office. Interestingly – after charging $500.00 and doing nothing for the dog – referring them to a specialist to rule out a bogus neurological diagnosis – the dog simply has pneumonia – easily diagnosed with the history and given oral antibiotics to go home with. Shameful that we now find this atrocious quality of service for our dear little friends that can not speak for themselves.

Anne Trencher

4 years ago

We were traveling to Nashville from out of town and our dog got sick (vomiting, diarrhea). We were able to see the vet about an hour after I called, which was great. Everyone who works there is both kind and professional. They outlined 2 treatment plans and also provided pricing before taking action. I would HIGHLY recommend this clinic. If I lived in Nashville these folks would be my go-to.

Bethany Saltsman

4 years ago

If you value your time and money, make the decision to go elsewhere. No regards for anyone’s time and “keeping appointments”. No communication with services, fees, or billing. I will never be back to this place. The only reason i give them 2 stars is because the tech was extremely apologetic with how we were treated. Oh and make sure they don’t overcharge you or consider your already free exam your “discount” they offered to you.

Beth James

4 years ago

I've been going to Murphy Road for 10 years for my dog. Prior, I went there 17 years with my cat. The longer I go there, the worse they treat me. Example, they prescribed medicine before they did the tests & expected me to sign off on the costs. Then why do the tests? Why do the medicines costs so much more there than at any other pharmacy? They won't groom the dog unless shots are current; I pick her up they have groomed her but didn't have time for the shots. They automatically add flea/tick medicine to my bill before asking. Speaking of which, my dog has gotten fleas there 3 times before then they accused me of keeping a home with Also, when I come in they act as if I'm bothering them. Thank you but no. Before the "owner" responds, please keep your comments to yourself. If you wanted to make the place better, talk to your staff not me.

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