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Ashley Braun

2 years ago

We found a stray dog after hours on Sunday night. After calling the non emergency police line, they got us in contact with metro animal control. They were over to our house in 20 min. The man was very gentle and sweet with the dog, I had no doubt she’d be in good hands.

Steve Davies

2 years ago

We fostered, then adopted our dog from MACC. They were very kind, helpful, went over all the information with us, and even provided equipment for our foster period. My only concern is that it seemed like the hard-working staff had a lot of animals and people to coordinate with few workers to get everything done. They are very busy, but in our experience, they did a great job.

Mauricesa Sherrill

2 years ago

Killed my kids dog after saying they was gonna help

Bonnie Kolb

2 years ago

I truly hope my experience was an isolated incident. I attempted today to take an injured animal that I found in the road to these guys. I found the animal right on the edge where Davidson County and Rutherford County meat in Lavergne, Tennessee... technically... so when I was asked, I told them they truth lol. He was in severe distress could not walk, and they told me I needed to take him to Murfreesboro paws. The woman gave him back to me, and he cried all the way to the car. He stiffened out and I thought he was dead, but when I went to move him from the car to my garage he started suddenly crying. I have since called the Rutherford County paws. Hopefully he will be okay and that this type of experience doesn't happen too many folks I have.I'm hoping for the best for this little guy. I truly hope these folks were just having a really bad day.

Allan The Toon Disney Fan

2 years ago

This an awesome animal shelter I even adopted a kitten from here

Monica Leigh

2 years ago

TOTALLY HORRENDOUS service, wait times, treatment, waste of time, managed, etc!!! It's SO sad that an organization is PERFORMING at a DETRIMENT to their cause, interested adoptive parents, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, those poor babies that are there... I was there multiple times, with NO success, dejected, frustrated, mistreated, & MUCH MORE!!! I kept asking my boyfriend...AM I BEING PUNK'D?!?!?! WHERE IS Ashton Kutcher?!?!?!

Amy Fabian

2 years ago

I wanted to give my feedback on an experience I had today when rescuing two animals and bringing them to Metro Animal Care and Control. I rescued two dogs today on my way to work and brought them immediately to Metro Animal Care and Control. Upon arriving, I was told they do not open until 12 from a team member. When I explained I rescued the dogs from being hit by a car in the middle of an intersection, and was on my way to deal with an emergency at work, they replied that they were sorry but they do not open until 12. They asked if I could take the dogs home but unfortunately I have a golden retriever and a cat at home and was not sure if these dogs would be friendly with my animals. Legally, I could not bring them back to my apartment even if I wanted too as my apartment enforces a strict pet policy with no visitors. I asked again, explaining I could not take them to work with me or take them back home. When I called non-emergency services I was told to bring the animals to this location. They team members said they would make an exception and take the dogs however were very rude and short with me. I thanked them and three additional times while I was filling out paperwork to drop the dogs off, they reminded me "next time 12 means 12." I told them, "I understand and apologize that I arrived at 10:00 am instead of 12:00pm and totally understood that you open at 12:00 and will let others know. I really do feel bad as if staff was not prepared to take the dogs in." They said AGAIN, "When we say twelve, do not bring them early." I asked them what they would rather me do in the future? They said if you do not have the ability to wait until 12 to drop the dogs off then do not pick the dogs up. I asked them, "So, you would rather me let the dogs potentially get hit by a car than just try to bring them here?" The staff member replied that I was being "antagonizing" and she had nothing further to say. I told her that I was not being antagonizing and that I felt that they didn't care about the animals but just that I wait until 12 and it really confused me. I told them what should I do if the one place I am told to take the animals too (in an emergency situation) wont accept them because I arrived a little early until they open? In the future, I wish that if it is an emergency there was an alternative options for folks who have saved a dog or cat and are trying to bring it to safety other than just "not picking up the animal." Additionally, I am confused that the staff were so rude and continually made comments during the visit to not show up until they open at 12 in the future. I would ask management to train staff in communication and how to communicate with the public in a professional way that doesn't involve guilting them when they are trying to protect and save an animal.

Kris Roberson

2 years ago

My 8 and 10 month old lab puppies were attacked on a walk and I exported it. Third time this dog has come after me. They give me a court date and a time of 10:30. We show up early because we were given no other information as to where to go. It’s really 11:00. After waiting officer shows up and says they’ve been really busy and forgot to reschedule. I took a day off vacation for this and had to pay $12 in parking. Our government at work.

sonia cruz

2 years ago

They was very friendly, compassionate to the situation of my getting my baby dog, they stay even a little late so I was able to finish my adoption papers and take him I'm for ever very grateful to them. They do a very good keeping .

Jan Cole

2 years ago

Great place doing important work!

Lisa Yarrito

2 years ago

It's a different place than it was years back, clean ,staff is friendly, always makes me sad seeing the animals without a home.

Suz Hale

2 years ago

I cannot say enough good about this place. Saves the lives of our animals who need a home. Always always adopt, never shop! I just adopted a sweet young female from here and the process was so easy.

Yahtzee Buddy

2 years ago

Very caring. Someone dropped off 2 pit bulls in my backyard. Both were very sweet dogs and I hesitated to call but I did and they came out. So good with the dogs and as it turned out, both dogs were microchipped and they reassured me that they would be returned to their owner. I was so happy to know that the first course of action was not going to be to euthanize them and the girl who came out was great with them and so caring. They definitely know their job and they do it well. Thank you Animal Control!!

khadijah rahim

2 years ago

You can never get anyone on the phone. Emails are just as bad


2 years ago

We got such a great dog at metro ,people were so was clean.and made sure we got the right dog

Thomas Marks

2 years ago

The officer who came out was very polite and helpful. Quick response also. Very nice people in ur time of need. Had a kitten with a leg trap and needed to be caught and given attention

Tara Bender

2 years ago

I called them about getting bit by a dog in my neighborhood while trying to protect my kids from being attacked. I gave the information that I was supposed to give. Said they were investigating but never got back w me. After 6 days, I went to the hospital to get shots. I called while at the hospital. The ER doc decided to treat me anyway bc they didn't like how this Animal Control is handling my situation. Another 3 days has passed and still nothing. The dog is still running loose and I'm afraid to go outside my house.

Richard Latta

2 years ago

Low review. They won't even go and catch stray animals.

Chontae Murray

2 years ago

This place is such a major blessing. I promise you won’t regret it. They are very compassionate and caring for all fur babies????❤️????????❤️????

Ashley Fox

2 years ago

We got our sweet boy Milo from MACC in 2020 and are so happy that he has joined our family. MACC's staff works hard and truly cares for their animals. Please support them and adopt don't shop!

Angela Hodges

2 years ago

I work as a custodian there

Danette Winkler

2 years ago

Wonderful adoption center ! Staff very helpful


2 years ago

They are very attentive with the animals a are eager to find homes for them. I respect and appreciate MACC

jeanette smith

2 years ago

I went for the microchip clinic and it was quick and easy. I was even surprised to find out someone made a donation to them to cover the cost and I didn't have to pay. It's only $10 but worth knowing it could help get my baby back if they got lost. The staff was super friendly and efficient too. Adopt don't shop!

Jennifer Rodriguez

2 years ago

You can't even view an animal without filling out an application and having it reviewed. We did adopt a sweet dog from there though.

Terri Garton

2 years ago

Made an appointment to have my dog micro chipped, it was quick and easy and the staff was awesome!!

Wanda Rogers

2 years ago

The young woman in the intake office was very professional and kind in explaining their current capacity limitations.

Elizabeth Bell

2 years ago

Very nice facility with wonderful caring staff.

karen Holt

2 years ago

Really great experience. Everyone was so knowledgeable and nice thru the whole adoption process. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to adopt a pet.

Lanny Simmons

2 years ago

Do not surrender a dog to this place. I thought they were compassionate and worked hard to save animals. I have recently found out that is not the case. They euthanize more than they need to.

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