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Ace Copeland

2 years ago

This sounds crazy, but I can't say the word "vet" around my dog without her getting excited. You would think I'm saying "cheese" or "chicken," but no, this is how much my dog loves Little Urban Vet Clinic. The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. The rooms are glass so you can see your pet from the waiting area. I've honestly never felt so comfortable at a vet clinic, because I can tell how much they truly care about my dog. If you are looking for a new vet, look no further. You've found the right place.

Ariel Leone

2 years ago

I will take this review back to my first interaction with Little urban vet.. (also they're not on yelp, as of yet... strange?) I brought my pet, Stitch, an 8th month old, merle, French bulldog, after moving to Nashville from NYC. I scheduled the visit, over the phone, for a health check since we planned on flying back and forth to NY with stitch (if you know French bulldogs, you know it is a wise move to have this done prior to flying for safety). When I arrived, they came outside snatched stitch and didnt ask any questions. I had to clarify if they knew what dog they had, and let them know if there were any allergies (since vets bribe new days (again, if you're a frenchie owner, you know that allergies are a common issue but they did not care). They called and offered a vaccine and flea & tic, which I agreed to. Upon picking up stitch... I did not receive wellness paper work, so I followed up 2 days later asking when I can expect the wellness. Well I had to fight, tooth and nail, about getting a wellness paper work for stitch. literally, back and fourth with their team about getting the paper work... they let me know they did not have the request and perform the wellness visit, even though I was charged for a wellness visit. I guess when they see new pets, they don't do a wellness check - they just run Vaccines as money making.. at least that's how it felt. I had to pay an additional amount for the paper work I originally visited for... Needless to say, I did not fly in peace, because I knew that they did not check stitch. I paid nearly $300 for vaccine, flea, tic, "wellness visit" and paper work... A few weeks after this, Stitch began to throw up, I tried the emergency vet before even considering little urban vet, amongst other vets but had no luck. This meant I had to go back to Little Urban Vet.. Stitch was throwing up white, and sneezing. Upon picking up stitch they let me know they gave him an anti nausea, two medicines, ran a panel for upper respiratory, and let me know that I would get an update "within a few days" letting me know if stitch had kennel cough, or a traditional respiratory infection ($260)... That was 8/31. Today is 9/8, and still had no update. NOT ONLY no update, but ALSO never a follow up. I called the vet to ask about the testing they did, and asked why I did not receive a follow up. The original person who took the phone call, said she was confused to why I did not receive an update yet, and they would call me back. They called me back, to tell me it would be an additional week before any update. I applied pressure asking why I did not receive a follow up ? They saw a dog that was throwing up 4-6 times an hour, none the less, a French bulldog with an upper respiratory infection (really dangerous for their breed), and their answer? "I've been in the vet world for a very long time, and follow ups are not normal. On your receipt, you can see that we tell you to follow up with us if the dog remains sick". If you want to charge a premium for your service, it is expected that you provide premium customer service. It IS NORMAL for a vet to follow up when a pet is sick, it is NORMAL for a vet to follow up with a pet when they receive a vaccine, it is NORMAL for a vet to know what the color MERLE is (which they did not), it is NORMAL when you have a new dog you ACTUALLY do a wellness check. But not a little urban vet. If you want to have your dog pumped with medicine and vaccines, with MINIMAL care, this is a great place.. Also if you like combative staff, another great place... otherwise, find another vet.

Jenna Lehmann

2 years ago

I recently got a cat for the first time since becoming an adult. She has a few health problems despite being young and as a new pet parent I was nervous. Everyone at LUVC is so friendly and kind. I have been 3 times now and each time I was kept informed, met with non-judgment, and made to feel confident in my ability to care for my cat. There are vets closer to me but I'm glad I chose this one.

Natalie Banie

2 years ago

The staff is responsive and helpful. Dr was kind and explained everything to me clearly.. They fit my baby in for his ear infection the same day I called and even followed up with a phone call the next day. So happy to have found LUV.

John J

2 years ago

We really wanted to like this place since it's so close to us but had a really bad customer experience... We brought our cat in for a routine check up and were surprised to hear he had a somewhat enlarged heart. We were obviously concerned and wanted to know the best path forward. One of the assistants word vomited instructions to me for three medications instead of giving us a write up and sent us home. I had to call to clarify them twice... We then requested some bloodwork and additional testing and didn't hear back about the results for WEEKS. We eventually called in and it turns out they had the results there waiting for us but didn't bother to leave any voicemails or send any emails. Then, the assistant told me the vet would call me the next day with next steps. They didn't call for over a week.... Honestly, we felt so unimportant and the place seems so disorganized that I can't leave a positive review. I'm sure this was just a one-off experience (and everyone has bad days), but if the owner sees this: Please communicate a little better with your customers! Now we have to find a new vet to help us deal with this potentially serious condition

Yellaaa Yellaaa

3 years ago

Friendly workers and they went above and beyond for my new puppy.

Annie Feinberg

3 years ago

Bringing my pup here has been easy and painless. They are thorough and efficient, and always friendly even in limited, socially distant interactions.

Teresa Briggs

3 years ago

They are very professional and take great care of your pet!!

Al Gaines

3 years ago

They take great care of our 4-legged furry kids. Their COVID-19 protocol is great. The staff is knowledgeable and genuine. Their care is great.

Vanessa Misoon

3 years ago

Took my babies (male and female Devon Rex kitties) to Little Urban Vet Clinic for sick visits today because they’ve been having wheezing and eye weeping???? Here are my take always from the experience???????? 1. The staff were super friendly and the doctor was really helpful & easy to talk to???? 2. The process was legit Covid era safe, including masked curbside drop off and pick up. 3. The cost was completely reasonable and I got the meds they need to get them back to their cheeky selves???? We will definitely become regular patients here! Highly recommend????????

Tokesha Warner

3 years ago

A great service experience. My puppy is always happy to go. Nice to have a veterinarian for those of us living in and around downtown.

Ted Jensen

3 years ago

Great people! Our dog's surgery went flawlessly and came in lower than their estimate. No hidden costs. Highly recommended!

Rebecca Pugliese

3 years ago

Absolutely the best experience I could hope for with regards to the quality of vet care my dog receives! Dr. Perkins and her staff are extremely professional and patient, and they go above and beyond to explain everything and answer any and all questions I have. If you are a new pet parent, or are looking for vet care, I would highly recommend Little Urban Vet Clinic. They are the best!

Queen Coco

3 years ago

Dr. Perkins, Shane, & all the LUV Clinic Staff are amazing!! They care so much for my Taffy, they called and texted to check up on her throughout her entire recovery. The love they show for our fur baby is unmatched. If you want the best for your pet, visit this Vet!!

No Account

3 years ago

We are super grateful of Dr. Perkins and the Little Urban Vet Clinic. After relocating to a new area, we visited with 2 clinics before making Little Urban Vet Clinic our new home. And, even in the new quarantined / curbside setup, Dr. Perkins was able to make Shelby and myself feel welcome and comfortable. I’m that new annoying pet owner that reads and questions everything and she and her staff patiently and thoroughly answer ALL my questions. I have a 11 month GSD.

Melissa Mastrandonas

3 years ago

I absolutely love this vetinary clinic. I haven't found another vet in Nashville that I truly adore as much as this one. Dr. Perkins, and her entire staff, are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Perkins will chat with you on the phone through any issues or questions you have and she doesn't make you feel lesser when you don't understand something. Their prices are completely fair and I have never felt like I was being charged for something my pet didn't need. I couldn't recommend them enough!

Maegen Hughes

3 years ago

Dr. Perkins is so thorough and caring and her staff is so friendly. This is a brand new facility with all top notch equipment. We've struggled to find a veterinarian practice we love in Nashville and I do feel like this is it.

Keturah Harris

3 years ago

The best vet clinic ever!!! The doctor and staff members are SO kind, patient, and helpful. I'm raising my first puppy on my own and they have been so nice when it comes to my questions and concerns. My fur baby is a rescue pup and gets very nervous around people, but I can honestly say that they have helped her become bolder and healthier. I recommend this clinic.

Joyce Camponeschi

3 years ago

I had an emergency with my dog, Hooper. I went to the Little Urban Vet Clinic. This clinic and I have been to many vet clinics, is the best veterinary establishment I have ever gone too. Dr Perkins and her staff was awesome and handled my dog with love and care. I would highly recommend them for any of your animals needs. I was so scared when my dog got sick while I was traveling. The staff was excellent and really knew how to comfort me and the dog. Everyone In Nashville should go to Dr. Perkins for their dogs care. I wish I could give them 10 stars. They were so right on when it came to his diagnosis. Love the Little Urban Vet clinic.

jenny london

3 years ago

I am visiting a friend's family in Nashville and was so concerned when my maltese dog started experiencing stomach problems! I have never been so delighted with a vet. They took excellent care of my dog and even pointed out problems with her joints that my hometown vet never noticed. They explained everything to me in a simple and sweet way. When I arrived to pick her up she was being cuddled and seemed happy as can be! I am so grateful !

Glodine Frusti

3 years ago

They were there for us on what was arguably the worst day of our lives and they not only took amazing care of our little guy, but were incredible with us (his shaken parents) as well. We've definitely found our family vet for as long as we're in Nashville!

g s

3 years ago

Wow. Just wow. Our kittie friend, therapy animal, sometimes bully, child baby, and cuddle monster threw up five times in one day, which is a lot for any animal but especially for a cat that maybe throws up once a year. We called a few places before LUV Clinic and got responses that felt callous or indifferent. The person at LUV Clinic immediately felt genuinely understanding and concerned They fit him in later the same day and throughout the whole process were super kind, professional, and communicative, all while having a real tight Covid-19, curbside dropoff sorta setup. They were very thorough, which made us think the bill was going to suck, but it was actually very reasonable. Our kittie king is back to his normal self for now, we’re absolutely bringing him back for a teeth cleaning, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend LUV Clinic.

Diane Mileson

3 years ago

Love Dr. Perkins! Easy to get to, free parking and great care for our fur family!

Curtis Marquez

3 years ago

They took fantastic care of my dog and it was an extremely comfortable social distance visit. It’s been two weeks since our visit and my dog is feeling much better!

carollyn boykins winrow

3 years ago

Enriching experience! Dr. Perkins and her staff utilize several ways (email and phone) to contact, follow up, explain procedures and offer suggestions. My 9 yr old "puppy" and I have found our "forever Vet". Thank you L.U.V.!

CarolAnne Ramsey

3 years ago

This is the BEST vet ever. My son had an emergency with one of his cats over a weekend. He had not been pleased with his current vet. They even refused to see him before the weekend even though he had been a great client. Thus a $2000.00 weekend emergency vet bill. His cat needed extra care for a catheder and fluid bag after the weekend vet closed. The Little Urban Vet welcomed us with open arms and we’re so kind and compassionate. EVERYONE in that office is AMAZING and we just fell in love on the first visit. You can tell they are concerned for your pets well being and offer the BEST customer service. . They even gave us a number to text in case of another emergency. And the doctor even reached out to my son the next day to be sure everything was going well. A PLUS PLUS all the way around. Switching to Little Urban vet for sure!! Such fantastic people!!! Hugs to all of you!

Carbon Twelve

3 years ago

The entire staff was a gift from God!! We were in need of a new vet for our two puppers (Tyson and Jordan) and their first visit was amazing!! To have a veterinarian calls and texts just to check in and to make sure there doing well after taking new medications means a lot!! You can tell they TRULY care and want the best for us all!!

Brooks M

3 years ago

I had to bring my dog, Maverick, in for a health issue and Dr. Perkins and her staff were amazing! He met them once when they first opened, he remembered them, was comfy and in great hands! Especially during covid I felt confident dropping him off with all the staff. Little Urban Vet cares and you can tell. Thank you!

Alex W

3 years ago

The staff at LUVC are amazing! Not only did they immediately take to and take great care of my dog upon arrival, but they took the time to send me a picture of my dog while I waited outside! (They take COVID-19 seriously and I really appreciate their restrictions). I would highly recommend this clinic for all your pets needs. Can't wait to take my dog back! Thank you LUVC!

A.J. Hixenbaugh

3 years ago

We unfortunately lost our cat Bill to cancer recently, declining quickly in about 10 days. Dr Perkins and her whole team were incredible during this tough time. My wife was out of town and we had just somewhat recently moved to Nashville. I don’t know what I would have done without their kindness. It was a no brainer to bring our new pup Edward to see the little urban team. Would highly recommend

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