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Thomas Burger

2 years ago

I went in for an exam after my dog Payton was attacked by two pitbulls. I told the vet (Dr. Fournier) exactly what happened, and explained that I was worried about potential cuts because his hair was too thick for me to see and that I needed him checked. I waited outside with him for an hour and was outside waiting for him for almost 2 hours, and was told that he was not cut and that all he needed was an anti-inflammatory. Her discharge sheet stated that he had a spinal cord injury and we had to be careful about his movement and restrict it. I spent $300. Upon returning home, I lifted the dog into bed, and went to shower and cook dinner. upon returning to the room, I saw red blood marks in multiple places on the sheets of the bed, and noticeable oozing wounds on his neck. My girlfriend was able to find more in only 5-10 minutes of searching, and Dr. Fournier had him for hours. We called Blue Pearl and the secretary put me on hold, and then told me that I couldn't talk to the vet and that I had to come back in (which would likely mean waiting again for a while because of them failing to understand that he needed immediate attention and that they had messed up before). She finally went on the phone and told me that I could come in, would not be charged for the second service, and would not have to wait. She told me she couldn’t tell at first bc of the hair. She had clippers and I gave her that exact information on entrance. Upon coming in the second time, we discovered that Dr. Fournier had not done her full examination, and that she had mistakenly written in a spinal cord injury. Her excuse was that she was copying and pasting multiple directions to people for their pets. How could she do that with each animal having specific needs? This shows a severe lack of attention to detail in an emergency situation. It also was a potentially serious injury that our primary care vet would now have false information on. I explained that I would have waited outside all month for the dog if she had done it right. Her excuse was that there was alot of hair. Refer to point 1 where I called and said that was my exact worry when I brought him there. Why was this not the first thing she looked at? She shaved him, updated the report so we can make a claim at animal control with correct/important information (bite wounds on his neck so was clearly defensive), and found out that he had some nerve injuries on his front leg as a result. Massive bleeding, so she didn’t even check. Our primary would know none of this information to treat properly if we had not returned and made Dr. Fournier do her job. He was still bleeding 5 hours after and needed antibiotics. I would also needed this info badly about defensive wounds so I can protect my dog and him not be mistakenly put at fault when his injuries are all around his neck, and the other dogs are just covered in blood. That was important information to report. This wasted time on a work night, was exhausting, scary, and upsetting. There is no way that I could recommend Dr. Fournier, nor any establishment that would employ her, to anyone who loves and cares about their animals. An emergency vet hospital is dealing with severe cases, and need the utmost attention to detail. Dr. Fournier, and BluePearl by association, have proven that they do not pay attention to detail. I have contacted a lawyer as well to make sure if there are any adverse effects or injuries that Dr. Fournier didn't catch and our vet does catch, that BluePearl and Dr. Fournier will be held responsible. Would appreciate an entire refund, not just the second visit. I know there is another vet hospital in town, and the wait was 2 hours. I would rather wait at that hospital for literal years before ever trusting BluePearl or the people they employ ever again.

Heidi Martell

2 years ago

My dog swallowed an Advil I accidentally dropped on the floor. After googling what I should do, every forum said to seek emergency vet care. I called two other emergency vet hospitals, they both told me to call animal poison control and wouldn’t even talk to me about if I should bring him in without having a poison control case number. I waited on the phone with poison control for 50 MINUTES and had still not talked to anyone. So now we are an hour past time of initial ingestion. I used a different phone to look up other vets and found BluePearl. A sweet gal answered the phone, I told her what happened, she gathered information and consulted a doctor, within a few minutes she was back on the phone with me and informed me of what the doctor stated. Luckily I didn’t have to bring my baby in. THANK YOU BluePearl for not just pawning me off to an empty poison control phone line and actually taking a few minutes to hear my concerns and give me direction on what to do. Even if they said come in immediately-I would have!!! I just needed some direction.

Maria Silva

2 years ago

I received better care at Value vet. I’d never take my animals here again. I took my cat night before last,They wouldn’t exam her because she was aggressive, I suggested some type of calming meds but they didn’t suggest sedating her because they wouldn’t be able to find her pain,I still suggested it so they could at least examine her and just see if maybe she would meow but when I came to sign the paper the lady made a very hard suggestion on not doing it,I then asked just to give me my animal back and give me the pain/sedation meds that they suggested but wouldn’t give!?!?!? They then gave me medicine to take home. When we got home,I gave her the meds and I ’ve been able to touch my baby and she meow to tell me where he pain is, you can tell her kidney is swollen and I’m not even a veterinarian,I feel there could of been more efforts to help me and my animal,her kidney was swollen and they would of been able to tell. especially spending 89$ for them to tell me she had a fever and they couldn’t help me.

Sheryl KC

2 years ago

The rudest vet office. No organization as to who comes first and if there are conflicting appointments they simply hang up they do not care about pet condition its just first come first serve. My dog was vomiting blood and they said that was not critical such unprofessional staff

Heather Maynard

2 years ago

I took my cat to this emergency vet last night because he was throwing up, breathing heavy, lethargic, and howling. Dr. Williams physically examined him and gave him a ultrasound, and on that alone, she determined that he should be euthanized. Apparently they found free fluid in his abdomen, but she felt that further testing would be unnecessary and that we would end up losing him soon. She said she wanted to be an advocate for him, that we would end up losing him during the night, that slowly dying is painful and inhumane. I signed AMA papers, stayed up with him all night, and got a second opinion the next day. We went to Indian Lake Animal Clinic and saw Dr. Mitchell. Fortunately, this vet was able to find that the fluid was bloody urine from his bladder bursting, and did blood work to confirm that his kidneys were strained and had a UTI. He is currently doing a lot better, resting and on medication and fluids. The second vet said she was glad we didn’t euthanize our baby, and that we could bring him back any day. Not to mention they were very affordable, reassuring, and thorough. I will never use this emergency vet again, I’m so glad I listened to my gut.

Zoe Teets

2 years ago

Excellent Doctor who took the time to explain everything to me, did not feel rushed even though they were busy. The visit fee was good for 24 hours in case something changed, and I've never encountered that. Thank goodness I only had to go once, but knowing I could go again with a waived fee helped me relax during a stressful time.

Elizabeth Metcalf

2 years ago

I was told my pet was not a priority before they even looked at my pet. And then as I was bawling begging for help I was told about the other health issues of pets in their care. I am now at the Franklin location and will now always make the drive for the comfort of knowing my baby is taken care of and actually cared about.

Ashlea Barber

2 years ago

If I could give negative stars I would. I took my dog up there and they told me she had a blockage. I took her to her primary vet when they opened and they preformed an exploratory laparotomy and found NOTHING. Bunch of quacks.

julie warren

2 years ago

They were great with taking care of my boy. Very transparent with costs. Fixed him right up.

Missy S

2 years ago

I accidentally ran over my 6 month old toy poodle with a John deer gator and it caused him to have pulmonary contusion in his lungs and he was having issues breathing and foaming at the mouth and I brought him here and the vet seemed to know exactly what he needed and Josie was absolutely amazing. I called numerous times during the night and she gave me details and sweet and kind reports and even handled me a human and my emotions and anxiety so well. Josie and the rest of the team took great care of my baby and he survived. I can’t thank them enough and I can’t thank Josie enough for her kindness and empathy and professionalism. Thank you. You all saved my baby <3

Holly Nixdorf

2 years ago

They were fantastic! My dogs got in a fight last night and they could tell I was shaken up over the phone. They were calm, reassuring, willing to repeat info for me. The techs were fantastic especially since my dog couldn't walk and she's about 55lbs. They vet was very calm and reassuring with me, walked me through the entire process, listened to me ramble as people do when they're anxious. I wish I could remember the techs name and the vets name! Hopefully I'll never have to go there again but at least I know they're good if I do.

Jayy Williams

2 years ago

If I could give them ZERO STARS I would! I was visiting with a friend and her dog became very ill, apparently she accidentally ingested chocolate my friend called this pet hospital first and they alluded to the fact that my friend purposely poisoned her baby and intentionally gave her baby illegal substances! It was very sad to witness hence my friend was pleading for help and the receptionist/associate would not focus on the dog but instead kept assuming my friend was doing something to harm her pet. PLEASE do not patronize with this business it’s very sad that this staff would rather endanger a pet with accusations instead of helping smh

Rachael Nesline Enriquez

2 years ago

I took my cat in for a broken toenail. It wasn’t emergent but I wanted to be sure he was ok and I couldn’t calm down. They wrapped him up and let me know he’d be ok, just to watch it for a bit. The doctor was very sweet to me! The practice manager gave me a few options, and got us on our way. They made my stressful night so much better and for my best friend a clean bill of health. I have been here before under a different ownership. This visit seemed much better!

Stephen Lichtman

2 years ago

Last Saturday, my wife tripped on our underfoot seven week old Boxer puppy. We were concerned that his leg was broken. We spoke to Blue Pearl and they sai to bring him in. Being Saturday they were very busy. Staff came out to the car to take him in for vitals. She said she’d have in out in 5 minute. When she came back out him , she told us it would be a long wait to see the vet, but because he was a puppy, while taking his vitals, she grabbed one of the vets to give him a look. They felt, correctly, that his leg was just bruised and not broken. By the time we got home he was jumping around the way Boxers do! The was no charge from Blue Pearl for checking our pup out. They were professional and caring. Hope I don’t need this type of service again, but if I do it will be Blue Pearl!

Kim Thompson

2 years ago

Had to rush my mom’s dog to Blue Pearl after being attacked my another dog. Staff was so friendly and helpful We all appreciate you taking time and caring for my mom’s little dog. Thank you!!!!

Alexondria Edler

2 years ago

Everyone was absolutely professional, kind, and knowledgeable during a time of panic for me. My dog was bit at the dog park and Blue Pearl took care of him quickly and really made sure he had the best care possible. 100% recommend them for any emergencies!

Carolina marie Fuesler

2 years ago

Would rather see your baby die than take it in on credit

Cassandra Hobbs

2 years ago

The staff here is fantastic. They took the time to listen to our situation and actually identified things that were also concerning as our dog ate some bad stuff. We called as soon as we got here and within 10 minutes they took him in. As expected, treatment took some time but they were very up front about what they would be doing, and financially what we would be looking at. The vet gave us some treatment options and what the ballpark cost would be for each. Thank you to this staff for caring for our dog!

Courtney Blalock

2 years ago

HIGHLY recommend this place. I had a major scare with my pup Athena that had her between this place and her regular vet for 3 days. I was less than impressed with her usual vet and the bills with them were JUST AS MUCH as the emergency. I am astounded by the customer service from Dr. Brink, Cyerra, and Aubrey. They are a blessing to your company and called me several times throughout the night to update me on Athena's well being. If you think the prices are high, you most likely have never been to an emergency vet. They were more than accommodating with me trying to be on a budget with proper care. ABOVE AND BEYOND, MORE THAN A 10 OF 10 RANK

Julie Baggett

2 years ago

If you love your pet do not take them here

O&C Kilo

3 years ago

These people tried to put my friends dog down for her injuries and we took her to a different vet and they were able to save her life

Laura Strong

3 years ago

Very happy with our experience! They took the time to talk me through everything I needed to know and didn’t make me feel stupid. They were kind and patient, which is exactly what you need during an emergency.

Gail Celsor

3 years ago

Worse experience at a vet clinic ever. Very unprofessional verbally. They tried to railroad you into unnecessary procedures. Then when you didn't want to do they hot a serious attitude with you. I can understand why their closed permanently.

Brittney Redstone

3 years ago

I spoke with Ciara on the phone this morning and she is truly a precious angel. She is so kind, compassionate, and understanding. She wasn’t rushing me off the phone, she calmed me down, and she listened intently to my concerns, and you could just tell that she really cared about helping me and my puppy. I wish all receptionists were like her and I am forever grateful that I called and spoke to her.

Brent Cheatham

3 years ago

It was very quick and easy to get my dog seen by the vet. Their covid procedures are very easy: they just take your dog inside and then call and update you along the way. The vet was very sensitive to costs and outlined several scenarios to see what kind of testing I was comfortable with, and giving me an idea of the costs of the different options. I ended up not spending too much money (considering it is an after-hours emergency vet which will never be cheap) and sent us with a detailed plan and all the meds we needed. They even called and updated my regular vet with my dog's condition and treatment. This is my second experience with BluePearl and I've always received excellent care here.

Kaitlyn Roberts

3 years ago

During one of the most scariest moments of our lives, the team here at Blue Pearl was phenomenal. Our fur baby was in critical condition when we arrived and had to stay overnight. Through it all, our puppy was in great hands. From check in to check out, the team kept us informed the whole time and kept this dog mom from losing her mind. We can’t thank the team enough!

Allison Barnes

3 years ago

My husband called because we had dropped a pill and he ate it before we could stop him, we just wanted to make sure the medication wasn't dangerous. The receptionist informed him he would have to call pet poison control line. Which was going to charge us $75 to speak to someone. When I asked him if he told the receptionist that our dog has been a previous patient he said no. I had called another after hours vet and they stated that because my dog had never been a patient there that legally they could not give me medical advice. I understood their reason,, because it was explained to me, they suggested calling a clinic that he had been a patient at before. So, I called Blue Pearl back hoping that being a previous patient would make a difference and allow us to speak with a vet. When the receptionist answered the phone I explained that my dog had been a previous patient at blue pearl and explained the situation. She was extremly rude and told me that she had already told my husband to call the poison line. I just wanted some advice and reassurance. If it had been emergent I would have immediately brought him in for care. However, there was no compassion or understanding from the receptionist just rudeness. I will not be a customer at this location. Receptionist are the first point of contact for people who are concerned and fearful for their pet's life after hours. Blue Pearl should make sure their receptionist are more understanding and compassionate towards their customers.

Abby Hanson

3 years ago

Yesterday was my first time vising an emergency vet with my dog and BluePearl was the first one I could find open. Dr. Smith was so nice and clearly explained what she found, instructions for the medicine she was prescribing and the next steps I needed to do as a follow up with my primary vet. Great customer service from the whole team including the sweet tech helping with curbside, took only about an hour total from check in to vitals/evaluation to check out and the price was about what I expected. Thank you for taking care of my sweet pup!

Fae Magesire

3 years ago

Took my baby after several days of snow because of some really concerning diarrhea. They were the only vet without a 4-5 hour wait and opened during the snowfall. Our entire trip took about 2.5 hours, they did her blood work, gave her some fluids and sent us home with some medication. They referred to her as “your baby” the whole time which just goes to show how much they love pets. I was skeptical because I saw some iffy comments but my pup is doing much better the next day and I’m very glad we went! Her entire trip was about $575.00 (but I got the optional blood work which was a bulk of the cost) they were very up front with costs.

Valerie Payne

3 years ago

If I could leave a zero I would. My dog developed acute glaucoma and they prescribed two eye drops and medications and I was out the door 500.00 later. I follow up with the ophthalmologist specialist today but I’m out of eye drops because the bottle Blue Pearl provided was so small. I call back and ask if they can please prescribe another bottle so that she doesn’t miss two doses before her appointment. The receptionist acted completely annoyed and she says no. The vet then gets on the phone and says you have to bring her back in and the charge is 150.00. I would not recommend this place. There are other emergency vets in Nashville.

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