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Trisha Boyer

2 years ago

We had an appointment scheduled for last week. Aussie canceled that appt last minute (hours before) and we rescheduled for 2p today. The groomer texted today and said they had an early cancelation for today - so we accommodated that as well - bc she said she was right down the street. When the groomer arrived she said she couldn't groom our Pyr bc of the matting. While she is def matted, and we are aware, we have never had this happen with our dog before. I appreciate that she was being cautious, even if it was new to us (in the 10 years we've had her and have been having her groomed). She said the dog would require a "vet groom" and she could come back and groom her after that. However, she also collected $50 for the 5 minutes she was here to tell us that. Will not use or recommend the service again based on this experience. We'll stick with loading her in the car and taking her out to our regular groomer. We thought the mobile service would be worth the change, bc it would be convenient bc of her size, but I am really annoyed that we had to pay $50 for nothing, especially after we waited 2 months for the appt and it was changed at the last minute twice by the company.

Julie Johnson

2 years ago

The groomer I used was great, so I made another appointment for my dog. When she didn't show, I called her cell, and she explained, without being negative at all, that she had left the company "of her own free will," but that according to her contract, she was not allowed to contact any clients directly...a basic "non-compete clause." She said Aussie Pet Groomers were supposed to call her former clients and reschedule them with new groomers. When I called Aussie, the person who answered the phone was fairly nasty about the former groomer, but then offered to reschedule my pet...for 3 months out. I declined.

Katie Webb

2 years ago

I have used Aussie for my two large dogs since moving to Nashville. At our last appointment in July, the groomer went ahead and booked us for the next available appointment while standing at my front door. I wrote the date and time in my calendar. When the groomer didn't show up for the appointment this morning, I contacted Aussie to find out what was going on. The lady who called me back said that there was no appointment in the system and there were no cancellations on our account. Her only options for me were to be placed on a standby list or to get the next available appointment from today... January or February. This is genuinely the most disappointing customer service I've had in a while. This was a mistake from Aussie's end, and there was no effort to make it right. I will unfortunately be taking my business elsewhere, and will be sharing my experience with those who I had recommended Aussie to in the past. I am really disappointed because I had previously had nothing but great experiences with Aussie and their groomers. Edit: Wow... I am shocked at this response. 1 - There was a pandemic that hit and like many other people, we were avoiding interactions with other people for close to a year, so I groomed them myself as best I could. Once we were vaccinated and settled in our new home, I took the first available appointment and was trying to stay on the calendar to have them groomed every 3 months (which was what your groomer recommended). I don't appreciate the completely baseless insinuation that I don't take proper care of my dogs - they are literally my kids. 2 - I do not appreciate my street locations being posted publicly, so please remove that from your response. 3 - I had no expectation of them being scheduled "immediately" because I know how busy and short staffed all businesses are right now, but I did expect there to be some effort outside of treating me like I was just calling for an appointment. I've worked in customer service, so I'm generally very understanding and would have accepted that it would be several months if there had been any kind of apology or effort made to rectify the situation. 4 - I didn't mean to click 1-star and was going to change my rating or delete my review because I have no interest in harming anyone's business, but after this response, I feel the 1-star rating is accurate. Again, I've worked in customer service so I understand how frustrating it can be to deal with people, particularly when things happen that are out of your control or not directly anyone's fault, but this response is entirely unprofessional.

Jill Casey

2 years ago

DO NOT USE AUSSIE!!! This is the second time that my dog has not acted quite right after being groomed. Last time we had to go to the vet because he refused to walk anywhere, was shaking and seemed lethargic. He was groomed yesterday and woke up today acting the same exact way. Have another vet appointment later today. We did not put 2 and 2 together until it happened this time and we looked back at previous groom dates. DO NOT USE AUSSIE PET MOBILE. He was completely fine before each of these grooming appointments.

Matt Mumma

2 years ago

This is a great company! Their groomers provide great service and they come to your house! Their prices are very competetive and. We had one issue with scheduling and it was handled immediately and to my satisfaction!

Emily Martin

2 years ago

These folks are the best groomers in town! Their high quality is so reliable and their team is fantastic. Their communication with clients is exemplary and there's no groomer I trust more with my pets.

Edward Fox

2 years ago

The owner and his team takes really great care I love that they have like 15 vans. That can come to us. I highly recommend them.

tyler edell

3 years ago

Katie did the best job! My dog has been shedding like crazy and even after less than 24 hours I can notice a difference! She looks so clean and smells great, 10/10 recommend!

Susan Crook

3 years ago

Aussie Pet Mobile is wonderful. We love our groomer Katie. Our dog Stella is so happy when Katie picks her up, and Katie does an excellent job with her haircut and teeth cleaning. Katie also takes the time to talk with us and answer any questions we might have before and after Stella’s appointment. She cares about her clients and their dogs, and we are so thankful to have found her!

Katie Spann

3 years ago

Miss Laura takes the best care of my babies! She arrives on time and always greets us with a smile under her mask. I know she loves my kiddos like her own (even my rowdy jackrabbit mini schnauzer Archie) because they all love getting groomed and loved on by Miss Laura! The one on one attention with mobile service can’t be beaten and we’ll never use another service or groomer!

David Snowden

3 years ago

Called and left a detailed message and never heard back from them. God is so good to forgive us and allow us 2nd, 3rd and even 500 I am willing to forgive these folks and give them a 2nd chance!

Cynthia West-Dickens

3 years ago

Rating a 5 .. they're friendly, professional. Specify the cut you need. Charles is the manager over grooming..Very nice, ????


3 years ago

This place has such good reviews that I decided to try them out since they travel to you. I first want to say the groomer was nice and it was easy to make an appt with them, but I was not satisfied with my service. I wanted a shave down for my Yorkie because she had some mattes in her hair. She has had mattes before with her previous groomer and when she shaves her down it still looks nice and cute. So I asked for a shave down from the groomer and she said okay and took my dog. I thought it was odd I was not asked how shaved down I wanted her or how I wanted it because every groomer in the past has always asked me that. When I got my dog back her shave down was all choppy and looked terrible to me. That wasn’t the biggest issue though so the same day I see my dog scratching and any time I bring my dog back from a groomer I always look over her skin. My dog had 2 red spots up behind her ears on both sides. I first assumed it was razor burn, but when I looked again she wasn’t shaved in that area but it looked more like rope burn. Possibly from the rope being too tight on her neck. Obviously at this point I was not happy especially since I do no put collars etc on her neck because she is too small and in a Yorkie it can cause trachea collapse. I understand groomers need them to keep the dog still but once again this has never happened to my dog before at any groomer. A few weeks later I ended up finding out that she had a yeast breakout on her chest/ neck area in which she has never had before either. I came to find out it can be caused due to razor burn/ irritation of products that were used by groomers. Needless to say I won’t be using them again and I’ll be going back to my old groomer. I understand these things can happen, but the fact that this place was more expensive and none of this has happened to my dog before will be the reason I won’t be back. This was my first and last time using them. Hopefully others have better luck with them. Since the “owner” won’t let me respond to them let me just say I did try to contact them with no response. My dog did NOT have mattes behind her ears that would cause redness/ irritation. I have pictures and videos taken THE DAY OF if you would like them for yourself. This is called giving an honest review not just “venting”. You all obviously need to work on your customer service as well if you have issues with people telling you what your groomers did wrong. LASTLY, I do not want you all to do anything about it. She is going back to her old groomer that has dealt with her in the past and not caused so much skin damage/ irritation to her. Also if you all cared about your customers like you say you would have offered to to try to treat her from what you all caused. Anyways have a good day! My dog won’t be back to your company.


3 years ago

Katie did a excellent job on Odie. She kept him calm and he came out that way as well. The other places I have taken him in the past have not been able to do that! He looks so much better! I highly recommend Aussie!

Andi Cox

3 years ago

Have used Aussie a few times and pleased. My dog always has a great experience, comes back clean with a bandanna and smells nice. I do feel they are more expensive than most groomers for nail trims and baths, however you must consider they have vans on the road, gas prices, individualized attention and they come to YOU, so it makes sense they would cost a little more.

A Marie

3 years ago

EDIT/UPDATE: I had an issue with getting no response through calls or texts when trying to schedule a groom, then finally getting a text from someone on staff telling me I had been called multiple times when I definitely had not. After posting about the issues on here in a review, the owner did call me to attempt to schedule a groom and let me know it would be handled internally. While the situation itself was disappointing, I do appreciate the quick attempt to correct things.

Deidre Wilson

3 years ago

Very caring for my fur baby Rhys. Laura Ledlow was so sweet and loving to him. He was so calm was he was done. Thank you Aussie Pet

Laura Sellers

3 years ago

Aussie Pet is wonderful! Booking a grooming appointment for our cat was easy and Destiny was great! She was prompt, professional, helpful, and asked about our cat's grooming needs. Our cat felt comfortable with her and the whole grooming process didn't take long at all. Our little guy looked so handsome afterwards! I would definitely recommend Aussie Pet!

Karen Karpenter

3 years ago

This company is a joke! Do NOT ever use them! They nicked my dog severely and did not take care of any of their knots. If I could deduct stars from them I would. There groomers look like very unprofessional! They are over priced and underwhelming! I will not make the mistake of using them again and would recommend taking your business elsewhere.

karson jenkins

3 years ago

Frank (my dog) loves his groomer Kim. He has been seeing her for over a year now and gets so excited as soon as he sees her van pull into the drive way. She is great and never disappoints with his groom. Overall the best groomer we’ve had!

Kat Gilleland

3 years ago

We just tried Aussie Pet Mobile for the first time last week. Our Cairn terrier was a scruffy mess. He recently lost an eye so I was very nervous about having him groomed. There was no need to worry with Anthony our groomer, he arrived on time and was friendly. More importantly, our dogs loved him. In fact, when our little fella was being carried to the van, our big pittie didn’t want to be left out and immediately jumped in the van and tried to get in the tub. As luck would have it, Anthony was running ahead of schedule so our big guy got to have a bath too. We were really pleased with the job that was done.

Katie Scott

3 years ago

I went with Aussie’s Pet Mobile because I was looking for a nicer, more well-done hair cut than that of elsewhere. The groomers at Aussie completely blew me away! My dog was so loved and well taken care of and came back with the sweetest haircut. Definitely recommend them and will be using them again!

Kayla Taylor

3 years ago

Kims the best! My little dorkie loves her & he usually HATES anyone not his parents ???? Going back before the end of summer for sure!

Kaylee Brown

3 years ago

The best mobile groomer in the Nashville area!! Kim is our groomer and we love her.

Keith Jenkins

3 years ago

Kim does a fantastic job with my miniature Schnauzer. She is very professional and always on time. He usually growls like a vicious canine when anyone tries to pick him up but he has never growled when Kim picks him up, my family thinks she is a dog whisper. She makes my Schnauzer look GREAT again.

Kelly Kaufman

3 years ago

We use Aussie pet mobile and have always had an excellent experience. Kim is the best and my dogs love her!! Keep her and Aussie pet mobile in mind if you need your dogs beautified ????????


3 years ago

Brittany did an amazing job on both my cats and was very kind and personable. My long haired cat looks so great and I’m super glad I found someone who can now be their permanent groomer. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. If you’re looking for a way to groom your cats that is a lot less stressful for them and leaves them looking great, Brittany is your girl! 10/10

Kristin Cason

3 years ago

Kim has been fairy godmother to our dog Duncan. Duncan would get physically ill and shake every time we had to leave him at a traditional groomer. That all changed the moment Kim pulled up to our home with her magic grooming chariot! He now happily runs to her. She does an excellent job and is incredibly kind and gentle with our nervous guy. I would give her 10 stars if I could.

Lance Aaron

3 years ago

Kim was the best in taking care of Hank. He looks great and we are more than pleased with the mobile service. Much easier on us and Hank! Will definitely be using them in the future and will highly recommend.

Lori Hunter

3 years ago

Kim is so kind and treats our dog like he is one of her own!

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