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Shanna Johnson

2 years ago

Associates are knowledgeable and friendly.

Ariel Auel

2 years ago

This store is home to me. I used to work at a petvalu and they carry products they use to carry. Staff seems knowledgeable and seem to care about the animals. I will be getting my pets food here.

Dave Colvin

2 years ago

Had everything I needed for my new puppy

Erica Bellamy

2 years ago

If you have any sort of disability, don’t think about applying. I had another interview and when I showed up they didn’t want to go through with it. Then my bf at the time said it’s messed up you had her come in and won’t do the interview. Their excuse was that HR wouldn’t accommodate me without even talking to them about it first. Maybe pet friendly but not friendly towards people

Chris Fredi

2 years ago

Came to buy fish with the kids. Arrived well over an hour before close on a Friday and was told that we were too late to purchase pets. What? Are you a pet store that sells stuff to consumers, or not? You gotta be kidding me. To PetSmart we go...

Gabby Starr

2 years ago

While trying to walk in there were two people arguing outside and the women was yelling very loudly and as trying to enter the store she swong the front door open and overall a poor experience.

Kristen Morris

2 years ago

Sold me a baby bearded dragon that refused to eat from the day I brought him home. I've tried to call this place MANY TIMES and they won't answer! Now my baby beardie is dying! Even tried to call corporate! Nothing!

Roger Smith

2 years ago

As far as products go, this store is amazing. However, shift manager Brittney(at least that’s what her tag said) decided to tell me not to stick my fingers in the kitten cage that I didn’t have my fingers in. I can understand why she would say that with covid still out there, or liability issues, but her tone was so rude. It really got under my skin. The food I bought here is cheaper through Amazon(a company I want to stop giving money to,) but I don’t think spending a few extra bucks is worth a bad attitude.

Elijah Reffett

2 years ago

Possibly one of the worst experiences I have had at any pet store. The woman who was working in the fish section told me that i was a bad person for having an axolotl and proceeded to make sideways comments diring our entire interaction. Multiple tanks had dead fish or fish that were swimming sideway from some kind of ailment. When i asked for ghost shrimp she went on a tirade about how they shouldnt even sell them when they got low because she needed them. I wanted 50 shrimp she told me she would catch as many as she could easily because she didnt want to "waste her time". I could only handle her rudeness for half that number before asking her to just bag what she had caught. I did it because i couldnt handle her rudeness any longer. She angrily twisted the bag so hard that it popped spewing water all over my wife. No apology, nothing. She stuck the bag in another bag and sent me on my way. Once i arrived home and let the shrimp out of the bag i found a good number of them crushed, many missing limbs, and all in horrible health. I quarantine anything my animals may eat and have already had the majority die. I will never patronize this place again.

Justin Stakelin

2 years ago

I don't really know where to start with this place, and this review is probably going to be all over the place but there's just too much that needs to be shared. I worked there for a bit over 2 years and boy oh boy has this place been going downhill fast. The store manager here, Cassandra Bell, has been one of the biggest contributors to the quick descent of this store with the way that she treats her customers and employees. She would constantly bad mouth employees behind their back to other employees. Sit in the back room during sometimes the busiest hour of the day just sitting and staring at the laptop without doing actual work for the most part, and sometimes that would leave just one or two employees on the floor. She also did not know what she should talk about with customers around, with one instance where she brought up someones toenail falling off and even tried to show me pictures with customers looking at her in disgust just a few feet awayof feet away. She also got an attitude with a lot of customers for seemingly no reason at all. I once even heard her telling a customer "you get what you get" when they had just asked if she could try and catch the bigger feeder goldfish. I ended up having way too many customers come up to me and complain about the way Cassandra talked to them and treated them, as well as customers apologizing and empathizing with me that I had to deal with her as a boss and then leave the store without purchasing anything because of her attitude. Too often customers also ended up leaving the store feeling like a terrible pet parent because of the things she would say. She also pretty frequently would talk about our district manager and to our district manager in very unprofessional ways including an instance of coming into work high on pain meds, telling the district manager (DM) that she was high on pain meds, and then continuing to work on a truck delivery day high on pain meds. Often when the DM was meant to visit or suspected that she was to visit she would actually start doing work that she is supposed to, but is normally put off to the side and procrastinated until someone else did it, just so she would look like an actual good working manager in the DM's eyes. She would also often agree with ideas that the DM had and then the next day after the visit she would do a 180 and start going against ideas the DM had and stated reasonings on why they wouldn't work out for the store. There was even an instance where the DM had thanked our assistant store manager for actually walking around and taking notes on one of the visits that Cassandra was not available for, which should definitely be something that was being done every visit.

Brian Lee

2 years ago

They had a good selection of pets there but everything seemed overpriced and they didn't have much of a selection on cages to choose from

Danielle Adams

2 years ago

I love this little gem for feeders! I have stopped by here twice in the last two months to get feeder guppy and shrimp. This place is 3 hours from my home, but when I am in the area I make sure to stock up! Their prices are 5x better than what I pay at home and their shrimp are livelier making them harder for my axolotls to hunt. This makes hunting more enriching for them and makes the supply go further as they aren't binging the slow moving shrimp then having to wait for the next influx. (I supplement but it isn't as fun for them to eat from tongs.) my local stores only carry goldfish and minnows as feeders so I started my own colony. I picked up 20 last month and have had a near constant supply of feeders. I just got 20 more to enrich the bloodline upon my last visit. I plan to return to get more of both.

Robbin May

2 years ago

Very friendly and helpful staff!

Candace Brock

3 years ago

Very clean and friendly staff but sad to see how overpriced the animals are.


3 years ago

I got a hamster a few days ago named Bumble, BB loved to play on his wheel and for three days he was up and playful. I’ve seen multiple videos telling me to leave him alone so he could get used to his environment. So I let everyone in the house know that even know he’s super adorable and friendly, not to bother him or try to hold him. I had to go to my sisters house to help her get settled in, and I decided to spend the night. I asked my mom to watch BB and she sent me plenty of pictures. She gave him new water and some food before she went to bed. She woke up the next morning and BB didn’t seem to move, she doesn’t know much about them so she thought he was probably sleeping. I got home around 4 today and checked on him and I had a gut feeling that something was wrong. The first time I touched my poor BB he was taking his last breath. Not only did my hamster die but the cashier wasn’t helpful. When she went to go get the hamster she took his house and chased him around with it and then scooped him up and dropped him in the boxes they give you. She didn’t slowly put him in it, she held him a couple inches away from the top of the box and just dropped him in there. And she also said that she only liked picking up the hamsters so she could feed them to the snakes. There was a blonde woman who had short hair that was a sweetheart but the other woman was very rude with us and seemed to get aggravated when we asked for help.

The McIntyres

3 years ago

They have just about anything you need for all kinds of pets

Susan Howard

3 years ago

The prices are very high compared to other pet stores.

Stephen Poole

3 years ago

Thank you, Michael who helped me purchase and load two reptile enclosures and to the other employee for helping with frozen rodents. Both employees were helpful and kind

Sarah Barry

3 years ago

Wonderful selection of cat toys. When I couldn't find a specific item a clerk was instantly helpful, knowledgeable and cheerful. Not too big and not too small of a store.

Alex Russell

3 years ago

I’d give it more stars if Michael didn’t try to flirt with my girlfriend in front of me. Nice store, questionable management.

Alison Gainok

3 years ago

Very sweet sales associate helped with gathering our fish to take home.

Allie Regnier

3 years ago

I’d say that this store is probably doing the best it can given the COVID pandemic and all the crazy changes. However, I noticed that NONE of the employees are practicing social distancing, not to mention I saw a female employee with glasses take 2 different personal calls up front by the cash register, all while the store phone was ringing off the hook and her peers were clearly annoyed she was choosing not to work. If I hadn’t witnessed such an unprofessional act, I would’ve left 5 stars! I love the products and atmosphere of this store otherwise.

Alonzo Shirley

3 years ago

A great place to buy Pitts of los

Arielynn Rollins

3 years ago

This used to be a pretty nice store, but over the course of the last couple years it has really gone downhill. The fish tanks are dirty and gross, and there’s always dead fish floating around in some of the tanks. As an animal lover, it’s extremely upsetting and makes me not want to give the store a dime. The small animals are kept in less-than-ideal conditions and look sickly, and some of the employees are rude. The last time I was there, I asked a manager when they might be getting more birds in; she seemed offended that I asked and responded that she had no idea, as they come from “mills overseas.” That would explain why they look so sickly! She had asked me several times if I needed help, and then acted like it was an inconvenience when I finally asked her a question. This summer, when some stores were open, some were closed, and some only offering curbside service, I went to the store while I was in the area to see whether they were open or not. I opened the door and an employee immediately shooed me out and snippily told me that if I wasn’t there to pick up an online order I couldn’t come in. That’s fine, but she could have said something like “I’m sorry, we’re only offering online order pickup right now” instead of how she reacted. The only reason I’m giving 2 stars instead of one is they do have a decent selection of pet products, many that PetSmart does not carry, so if you need to get something immediately it’s there as an alternative to other chain pet stores. PetCo is so much better though!!! A bit of a drive outside of Lexington to get to the nearest one, and I wish they’d come to Lexington and run this place out of business!

Bobby Corwen

3 years ago

I came looking for some vitamin supplements and to get a dog tag made for my dog, but they did not have any supplements and the dog tag machine was broken. Maybe good if you're looking for other stuff though.

Brinley White

3 years ago

i bought a hamster from here barely a week ago and it has died today sadly i took it to the vet and they said it had wet tail and was suffering and there was nothing that i could have done that it probably had it when i purchased him i strongly recommended that you go somewhere else to buy your animals and do your research of the places you buy from because i deeply regret purchasing my beloved animal after reading these reviews and i hope this facility is shut down or leant how to take care of their animals because no animal deserves to be treated in such an abusive way absolutely breaks my heart.

Jericho Ricks

3 years ago

I was recently here purchasing a fish, and unfortunately my fish didn’t make it and I had to go return him. Upon my return the next day, My goldfish was replaced with a comet and I was told there were no more non-feeding fish and to just tell the employee’s the Store Manager’s name (is Cassie or Cassidy B.T.W) next time I come into the shop and she said they’ll give me “some free fish” for the trouble. Her employees looked so confused. She didn’t even process the return or give me my money back for the dead fish. Seems unprofessional

Kate Applegate

3 years ago

Good little pet store with very reasonable prices.

Jobhuntingin Ky

3 years ago

Nice store has feeder nice for snakes

Mic Geneva

3 years ago

They have been a lot worse within last two years for the aquarium section. Used to beat PetSmart easily, now they are far behind PetSmart. Yesterday bought some ghost shrimp. Although I know these are feeder shrimp but I don’t expect them to die 1/3 of the batch when I got home. Working people was full of lies but that is another story. Anyway, for anyone who wants a decent aquarium buddy, you might want to reconsider this place.

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