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lou4192000 M

2 years ago

We had a hard time finding a boarder who takes care of dogs instead of just locking them away. Our dog had a great time and was definitely tired when he got home from all the playing. Great people working and you can tell they care about your pet. Will definitely be returning and would recommend Hund Haus Kennel to anyone who wants the best for their dog. Keep up the great work and Cooper will definitely be back.

Diane Copas

2 years ago

Wonderful folks at Hund Haus! They have been a lifesaver during COVID with my long work hours and travel. I am very thankful they are in our community! This is a much needed service in our area. Thank you guys!

Judy Valone

2 years ago

I took my dog ( pointer/boxer mix) for her trial and the moment I walked in the office was treated by a miniature Afghan barking. The owner came out of the back and opened the door to her office at which time the barking dog came at my leashed dog barking in her face. Of course my dog growled which was to be expected I would have done the same. The owner (Kay) shut the door to the office and tried to secure the barking dog and put it in the kennel area behind another door. She then said to me we need t talk and was rude. She said to me that my dog was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier which she is not. She then continued about her insurance company will not allow her to have those dogs. My dog has been socialized at other places with no problem. Unfortunately we moved from that area so lost our favorite place. I do not recommend this place as I don’t believe the lady can handle different personalities nor does she know her dog breeds.

Meg Lawrence

2 years ago

We took our aussiedoodles there both for daytime and boarding for three years and we just moved away from there this week and we’re so sad! The dogs always enjoyed their time there and we could always leave knowing they were in good hands! Highly recommend!!!!

Paul Harper

2 years ago

I think the staff is very caring and knowledgeable they want the best thing for my dog

rick nemenz

2 years ago

it is a great place, my dog loves spending time there. she always comes home happy.

E Webber

3 years ago

We have been taking two of our dogs here for about a month while we had work done to our home. They are great with our dogs and are always worn out from playing all day. They are very sweet and loving owners and staff. I think if my dogs got off leash on the way in they would still run up to the door to go in. Very convenient location and drop off times. Considerate of your dogs size and temperament in grouping them for play time.


3 years ago

They keep our sheltie. Have always been great to her. She is very shy but gets her time with the other dogs her size. Always happy with the price and service.


3 years ago

I'm sorry I cannot recommend this kennel, although it does sound like a nice place. I attempted to board my 4 year old AKC registered English Bulldog (who sleeps about 20 hours a day) and did not meet the owners rigid requirements to board. Before she even knew the breed she informed me that my dog probably didn't have the correct vaccinations and went into a lecture about Leptospira and was certain my dog absolutely could not have been vaccinated for this. When I read off the list of vaccinations my dog had received 2 weeks earlier, it was listed and the owner was like - oh ok that's it. Next she asked the breed, I told her English Bulldog. She then went into a long tirade about how her insurance doesnt cover 18 breeds blah blah blah. Well English Bulldog is not one of those restricted breeds, but apparently Staffordshire Terrier is and for some reason she needed to tell me that, I'm unsure why, but then asked how aggressive my dog is and I replied that she sleeps 20 hours a day. Clearly she has never cared for a purebred English Bulldog so this probably wasn't a good fit anyway. Next she asked if she had been spayed. I replied no and she asked when her last cycle was. I told her February, then she went into a whole other lecture on heat cycles and how it would be a problem because she was "probably close" to going into heat again. I seriously just wanted to board her for 1 night. I finally had to cut her off mid-sentence during one of her lectures to thank her for her time and hang up. I appreciate that she wants the best for her kennel and boarders, but she made me feel like I was bringing a monster in there. Would certainly not recommend this business to other peasants such as myself needing to board a dog.

Jason Pierce

3 years ago

I’ve been taking my dog to Hundhaus Pretty much every weekday for two years while I’m at work, and occasional overnights as well, My dog loves it there and I’ve been very happy too. The owner and employees are knowledgeable, kind and trustworthy. I feel like my pet is very well cared for.

David Royster

3 years ago

It is awesome! We take our Doberman puppy there for doggy daycare and when we go out of town. The people are really noce and great with the dogs. We also like that we can check out pics on Instagram!

Caleb Walker

3 years ago

Hund Haus Kennel is one of the best kennels with which I have had experience! On the initial call with the owner, she was obviously invested in creating a great environment for the dogs. She made sure our pet (and all others) had the right vaccinations, and also allowed us to have a 4 hr trial period to make sure the dogs get along well with ours. I realize some of the other reviews are critical in how the orientation process goes, but I would prefer to have a strong screening program in which I know creates an amazing environment to leave our dog! And our dog's hesitance to leave every time we pick him up is proof this kennel is great! This kennel always has lots of friendly dogs who play well with each other, which sufficiently wears him out. And the price is one of the best in the Tri-Cities area. The kennel also looks clean, which is a priority for us. We drop off our dog at least once a week for day care, and would have no problem leaving him for a long vacation. For doggy day care, the owners have always worked with our schedule if we are running a few minutes late picking him up. Suffice it to say, the best kennel in town!

Leslie Renfro

4 years ago

I boarded my sweet King Charles Cavalier there a few years ago. Because of my experience here we have never boarded him again. They owner was very nice on the phone and in person. We provided all the required documentation and this made me …

Mimi G

4 years ago

This business is a total vanity project from a woman retired from Eastman. I’ve encoubtered her when I inquired about this business for boarding my dogs. She was extremely rude, arrogant, pretentious, and worst of all, self righteous. I wanted to tour the facility. The answer was no. I wanted to know about her background. Nothing. I wanted to know about security as the location of the facility as it’s not exactly in the world’s best, and she was offended. I have twenty years experience in the dog business so I know the questions to ask and I know what the standard should be. She very well might meet it, I don’t know, but what I do know is is that she has a terrible attitude. She told me that she only boards dogs whom “she feels that the owner and she would make a good fit”. That’s how you know it’s a vanity project. Very rude person and not a business woman at all.

james manis

4 years ago

Great place to board. This is the third time our Doodle Dig has stayed there and she loves it. Will use every time needed if there is an opening

Terry Nemenz

5 years ago

I have boarded 3 different dogs with this Kennel numerous times over the past year and have never been happier. The owner takes her responsibilities seriously and goes out of her way to ensure that my dogs are extremely well cared for! One of these dogs is very anxiety ridden and he loves being there and comes home calm and happy! I highly recommend this facility and applaud their owner and staff for their outstanding care of their guests!!

Monica Devens

5 years ago

I have 3 dogs that I started with daycare first and now they are boarded when we go away. Kay, the owner is strict, but that, I feel, is her best quality. She truly loves what she does, and provides the best care possible. My dogs LOVE to go there, and they are so excited when we get there. I feel my dogs are safe and well cared for and I would highly recommend Hund Haus.

George Akens I V

5 years ago

Best way to care for my dog. Great price. Highly recommend.????????????????????????. Abby's Love's it.????????????✌️

Debbie Light

5 years ago

They treat each dog as if they are theirs.

James Michalski

6 years ago

I read the critical reviews and as a pet owner, I’m appreciative of the rigor the owner requires. Her passionate commitment to the well being of the dogs is outstanding. If your vet can’t help you document to meet her requirements, question your vet not her practices. Our dog goes in and leaves happy each time he visits. I feel he is very safe there.

Jessica Trivette

6 years ago

I did not board my dog here. When I called the lady who owns the business was very rude! I had some general questions about price (because her website is not clear) and she made me seem like a bad person for not asking about her vaccination …

Sammy Still

6 years ago

very rude lady that owns the place.

David Hitch

6 years ago

I would love to recommend this place. The pictures look really nice. But our daughter's dog could not meet the owner's overly rigid admission requirements. We provided documentation as requested that all the dog's vaccinations were up-to-date, but were told that we needed to provide the manufacturer's lot numbers for these vaccinations. We could not get these and the owner could or would not say why they were needed. We offered to put her in touch with the vet who would vouch for the fact that the vaccinations had been done but that was not good enough. It reminded me of the old Seinfeld Soup Nazi routine, only it was "no kennel for you!!". I hope you have better luck.

James Ballingall

7 years ago

Great price- awesome southern hospitality and customer service. The owner texted us a picture of our dog every day and opened at an off-hour to accommodate our travel plans. Highly recommend!

Laura Whitaker

7 years ago

Hund Haus Kennel is am amazing place to board your dogs. Kay takes the time to learn about each potential border. She requires up to date shot records and has many measures in place to protect each border. Each dog is screened to make sure …

Nicole Wai

7 years ago

Great owner, my dog loves it there. Wide open area outside for the puppies to play all day long and at a great day per price. Awesome service and flexibility.

Margo Cantley

8 years ago

Probably the worst experience I have ever had with a business. I have boarded my dogs at other kennels and would never use this kennel again. My two cream puffs were called "aggressive" by the owner. They love playing with our friends dogs and love meeting dogs on hikes. Anyone that knows my dogs will tell you they are farthest from "aggressive" and are both very sweet. I thought they would like the kennel since it said they would be able to interact with other animals. That was not the case. The owner was very rude and unprofessional. She threatened to have animal control pick our dogs up after only two days and said she contacted her lawyer. If you care about your dogs, take them somewhere else.

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