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Dana Outlaw

2 years ago

I highly recommend Andes-Straley Veterinary Hospital! I have been to several over the years in Kingsport but once we went here we stayed. We just saw Dr. Andes and vet tech Heather for my oldest dog’s annual and once again had a great experience. They are very professional, kind and responsive. They give me excellent advice and answer all my questions. Dr. Andes does cats, dogs, exotics and helps with wildlife. He recently saved a dog named Church that had been abused and gave him a new life and home. I really feel like he cares about my pets (all six!) and I would not go anywhere else.

Andrea M.

2 years ago

I live in Knoxville, and had to bring my dog to Andes-Straley two days after Christmas because he ingested something toxic. The staff could not have been nicer or more professional. They were able to see and treat Max right away and made me feel so much better and less worried. They are absolutely fantastic, and I am so thankful!

Bennie Benedetto

2 years ago

I have found this clinic to be the best around. Dr. Andes has taken care of my kitties since the early 90s has has been a Great Vet along with his office staff. Covid caused some issues but it was no big deal. Dr. Sybers has been doing an Awesome job with my new kitten from Pet Works!

Charlene Grigsby

2 years ago

Dr. Sybers & Dr. Andes are the best Veterinarians that I have seen!! Excellent care and friendly and helpful staff! 10 stars all around!!! Highly recommend this clinic!

Jennifer Mullins

2 years ago

Dr. Andes and his staff are the best!! I would highly recommend this clinic for all your pets and any needs they have. Dr. Andes and his team are completely professional and the most caring team I've ever seen! So if you are looking for a vet, they're top notch in my book!!

Kimberlie D'Amato

2 years ago

I brought my bearded dragon Aussie here a few months ago, she got injured, so I brought her in for an exam. They got me right in. The vet suggested that I have Aussie euthanized so I accepted that as the best way to end her suffering. I paid, waited for them to give me her body (thank God) and eventually picked her up in a cute little cardboard bearded dragon casket. She had this hammock it was her favorite thing, when I went to put it in the box, SHE WAS ALIVE. She looked right at me and I held her, not knowing what to think. And I was shocked. My husband had to put her down. That was horrible, I don't wish that on anyone. The vet did apologize. You can't take that away. All I wanted was to give her the peaceful death she deserved. And I couldn't give that to her because of the ignorance of this vet. I am saddened that that is the death she had and I hope no one else ever has this experience.

Susan Parker

2 years ago

Been with them along time with all my dogs. Very pleased with the care all my dogs have gotten. Thanks guys.


2 years ago

Excellent service and professionalism! Highly recommended

eva gott

2 years ago

Dr. Andes is always wonder with Rosie. Always very patient with me and her!

Jeana Estep

2 years ago

We have been taking our Pug here for 12 years. They are the most friendly, attentive and caring staff that I have encountered at a Veterinarian’s office. They truly are top notch, from the office visits, nail trimming and boarding. They truly care about the animal and the family. Very thankful and blessed for these people and would 100% recommend.

Jennifer Desarmo

2 years ago

We just moved her from out of state and when I called with concerns of our puppy, they got us in the same day. They were very professional and kind.

Jessika Rauschkolb

2 years ago

Dr Andes is amazing with our dogs and they just love him. A few years ago we brought our new puppy to him and found out she had parvo. Thanks to the efforts of Dr Andes and Dr Cybers, she is not only alive today, but also strong and healthy . Just recently our 5 year old mix breed had a severe allergic reaction that had us pretty scared. Dr Andes again saved the day. It took several days of injectable steroids and an iv of fluids, but she is 100% better. Thank you Dr. Andes and Dr Cybers for saving the lives of my girls.


2 years ago

We have two dogs that we rescued. The oldest is 12+years old and our youngest is 3 1/2 years old. They have taken great care of both of them. The staff there, and the DR. are patient and gentle with both of our pups. A big thank you to everyone at Andes-Straley for all the good work.

Lindsay Statum

2 years ago

I transfered to Andes Straley as a second opinion for my dog. Within a minute, they knew exactly what was wrong and put her on the right track. I have 100% confidence in Dr. Andes! We have never left!

Meghan Sivert

2 years ago

I took my border collie here when she had suddenly became very ill! They rushed her in and began treating her! They helped her turn a complete 180! I’m so grateful for them and the vet was so kind!

Grace Elkins

2 years ago

Would not recommend them for rabbit owners. I took my new rabbit there because he had a bad odor to him. I knew that was a sign of an infection. They basically charged me $45 to say “hm we can’t be sure what that is. Just hope for the best.” I took him to another vet and they easily figured out he has a respiratory infection and the start of GI Stasis. He would have died if I had only listened to Andes-Straley Vet and not taken him elsewhere. Based on the other reviews I’ve read, it seems like they don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to any exotic pets.

Paula Socha

2 years ago

I had taken my older cat into them after his breathing became worse and for a second opinion as my old vet has been my pet lifetime vet. They did a chest x-ray to confirm bronchitis, gave him a steroid shot and I think an antibiotics shot and sent him home with both. My kitty was good for awhile but got worse Sunday/ Monday night so I called my old vet and they told me to bring him in. They requested the records from Andes. Finally they the x-ray but 3 hours later they still hadn't sent the notes from the visit. Old vet asked if I knew Trouble had a heart murmur and that his heart was enlarged. I said no and in discussing this I asked if it was visible on the x-ray from Andes, she said yes and they did two more x-rays. Steroids make heart and blood pressure problems worse. I didn't know that. While IR is trying to treat his heart problem they told me if the medication doesn't work we would to discuss quality of life of my cat. All I can wonder is would it have been more treatable a month ago when it showed up on the x-ray Andes took. In short, Andes should have seen my cats heart problem right off the bat when they treated him. They didn't. They didn't tell me about the problem. They gave him an injection of steroids and sent steroids home with him and they should have known steroids would make his heart problem worse. Wouldn't recommend taking a mange infested rabid dog to them. It's hard telling what they will diagnose it with. I wish I had never went there.

Emily Palacios

2 years ago

I brought my two chinchillas in this past Saturday and left extremely disappointed. I was hardly there 45 minutes for both of them and they tried to charge me 206 dollars! Just to look them over and do a fecal test. I just wanted to know what gender my chinchilla was and they couldn't even tell me that. They do not have enough exotic pet experience and they should state that up front. I was lied to and overcharged. Unreasonably expensive and not thorough. Would never recommend to anyone, ever.

Garrett Moore

2 years ago

Disappointed in the care that my dog received from his stay at Andes-Straley three weeks back. Andes-Straley has always been our first choice for boarding, but never again. Within 24 hours of his check out he had a TERRIBLE cough (sounded like a goose honking), could not stop reverse sneezing, and was incredibly lethargic. He could not even go outside to use the restroom without having increased difficulty breathing. My wife called Andes-Straley to advise them that she thought our pup had contracted kennel cough and the receptionist quickly replied "Oh no it isn't kennel cough, let me let you speak with the manager!" The manager went into her spill on this "strange virus" that was making its way through their kennel and that my wife needed to take our dog to the vet immediately, but not to worry because HER DOGS HAVE IT TOO! When my wife asked why she was not made aware of this before boarding our dog the manager had no response and when my wife asked if they were shutting down the kennel to clean their was no response. So apparently there is an adenovirus outbreak at Andes-Straley kennel AND your $$, not your pets health mean more. No offer to pay our vet bills, refund our cost for the kennel stay, and no remorse for our sick geriatric beagle. NEVER AGAIN ANDES-STRALEY - BE WARNED READER.

Johnathan Mullins

2 years ago

I have never been talked down to so much! Literally was yelling at me. I took my elderly dog in with a problem with her foot which was pretty bad. The lady was nice at the desk as well as the tech however when the vet came in he looked for like 5 seconds saying it was a tumor and started aggressively speaking to to the point of yelling this is bad you let it get out of hand we’re going to have yo take her whole leg off and that if I didn’t act quick I was going to loose my dog. I understand the situation was bad and I have been seeing a vet already for over two weeks about this and he just continued to berate me and then came back with a estimate of $1200. I will never bring any of my animals here again and I suggest you to avoid at all cost unless you enjoy being yelled at.

Mayce W

2 years ago

Went to pick up my dog from the kennel and he was shaking, had pee all over him, smelled disgusting, was losing tons of hair, and was extremely dehydrated. When we got home we had noticed there was a chunk of hair missing close to his tail and there was also a scab there. Before taking my dog to this place he would never use the restroom in the house or act scared of people. After getting my dog back, he has used the restroom in the house 3 times since having him back.

r trent

2 years ago

The attention, compassion, and care from the doctors and techs at Andes Straley exceeds my expectations every time. I trust my pets health to this caring staff and am never disappointed. Thank You Andes Straley

Stephanie Culbertson

2 years ago

Have dog with health issues when calling for refill or advice all employees have always been caring and knowledgeable. Glad to have them for our animals care . Wonderful staff and doctors.

Patrick Deloach

2 years ago

Well putting exotic pet care in the name but being terrified to work on exotic or even see exotic pets or being qualified about them and not being is considered false advertisement and you could easily be sued id either remove that from the name or keep your word poor customer service couldn’t even talk to someone that knew what animals was

hope street

2 years ago

I took my German Shepherd today to have his nails clipped. They needed to sedate him to clip the nails and also look in his mouth for a possible teeth cleaning in the future. He has a bite history before being rescued but has had no issue since, and never had issue at the vet. That being said, I still prefer he would be sedated for the safety of the staff. I know it gets more expensive with sedation than your average nail clipping and examination. I was estimated the day of 135$ I picked him up to find I owed 400$. They did also send him home with a dewormer to give him. So all in all, his nails a trimmed his mouth was looked at and he got a wormer for 400$. Obviously I paid because I’m not going to steal services but they definitely screwed me over. I waited 45 min even though I made an appointment. The staff was friendly, obviously this isn’t their fault.

Susannah Norton

3 years ago

Brought my lovebird here for a checkup, she had been picking at her back which is something she’d never done before. They didn’t give me any advice or any help on what to do about my bird’s back picking, and now it’s 10 times worse. They didn’t seem like they listened to me when I told her that’s what she was doing.

Bailey R

3 years ago

I simply feel like my bearded dragon was overlooked and shrugged off. I was charged $150 for him to receive one steroid shot and ten days of an antibiotic that did nothing to resolve his issue. The staff seemed very stoic, cold, and uncaring. I love my beardie just as much as I love my dog. I want him to thrive and be healthy, but this veterinarian did not seem to care. I’d rather not have to take him back, knowing I will be charged a fortune for no resolution again.

Kasey Ward

3 years ago

We boarded our dog Elsa here this past weekend. When we dropped her off it took nearly an hour for the tech to come and get her. They informed us that they had no record of her being there before and would need to give her shots before she could stay. We had her there in May 2020 for her puppy check up and all of her shots. I found the paper when I got home! We gave them permission to give her shots since we knew it was close to time for her to need them again not realizing she didn't need them for 2 more months! We left her with her favorite toy, one other toy, her elk antler, and Kong to chew on so that she would be well entertained and feel at home. They lost her favorite toy that she has had since she was 6 weeks old! The receptionist fussed at me on the phone for even sending it with her! She was so rude about it! They also lost her elk antler which is not cheap at all! If we can't trust them with her toy, how can we trust them with our dog? Elsa is now also terrified of my husband. She runs when he comes near her! He has always been her favorite person! When my mother in law picked her up for us she said Elsa chugged 2 whole bottles of water back to back because she was so thirsty. I can't help but wonder if our poor pup was mistreated while she was here. Or at the very least not given enough to drink. Too much money wasted here for poor care and rude people!


3 years ago

Took my guinea pig here because she wasn’t eating. I thought it was her teeth causing problems. Was given a steroid, an antibiotic, and critical care. I called several times to get additional information. I asked about her official diagnosis, and there wasn’t one. I asked about side effects of the medicines, I was told that there shouldn’t be any side effects. I asked around and was told that one of the medicines could cause lethargy and I needed a probiotic, however, the vet never recommended a probiotic for her gut. I called again for a reason I can’t remember, and they told me to come back in on Monday if she wasn’t doing better. My guinea pig passed away last night.

Gretchen Blair

3 years ago

They were so caring and wonderful! We will definitely go back.

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