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3 years ago

There amazing and they have adorable animals ????????????????

Salinda Sanders

4 years ago

I would love to adopt a cute very friendly place

Remy Clare

4 years ago

I have nothing nice to say about this place, or its rude staff members. It’s very clear they care little for the dogs under their care and would rather see them put down than in a loving home.

Rose Lovett

4 years ago

We adopted our Sailor from there I recommend adoption over buying. Adopt don't shop.

Clarksville TN Real Estate

4 years ago

I got our dog Hunter there 6 years ago. He's been a great addition to our family. Thank you.

Ashley French

5 years ago

This place is terrible. They do not know how to treat people and they sure as hell don’t know how to treat dogs. They keep the puppies in a smelly, dirty area, and keep up to six of them in one cage at a time. The puppies all look genuinely unhappy, and from the looks of the establishment and surrounding areas I doubt they receive sufficient regular exercise. The staff depends on the day. Some of the staff are straight up rude people. Some of them are attentive and knowledgeable. Most of them have no idea what the dog breeds are and if they’re even male or female, or any general information regarding the dogs. They don’t let you touch or even get close to their dogs, so good luck judging the dogs’ temperaments and how they will behave outside of a cage. Don’t try to get close to them while you’re there either, else you’ll have a staff member shout at you in front of everyone else in the store and threaten to kick you out if you don’t stay away. Poor business. Will not be returning. I feel so sorry for those puppies.

Herrick Vasck

5 years ago

Very rude staff , most of them are isolated in a room and no one is in the puppy room helping people adopt. They make you feel like a criminal trying to adopt a puppy by asking ridiculous questions. It’s such a shame because these puppies need good homes and they do not look like they are well treated. The nurse is very rude and stuck up. I asked to see a puppy I was interested in and she went into the room to “ask” and didn’t come out for 30 minutes. What a horrible place

Candace Steele

5 years ago

How can they stay open? Someone needs to investigate this place. Dirty dogs piled in one cage! No one knows the species of f these animals. Terrible!!

Connie Clark

5 years ago

They dont follow up on ppl who would like to give pets a new start.

Donald Yates

5 years ago

Not impressed. The staff was rude and dogs didn't appear to be well taken care of. They say they are a dog rescue but they come off more as a puppy mill to me. Just making money off people want want a dog. We were going to adopt a puppy. They told my wife she needed some documentation to "adopt" a puppy that if she could come back by a certain time she could get the puppy that day. She ran home to get the paperwork hurried back in time, so she could prevent the puppy from having to stay in that environment for another day. When she went back she waited and waited to get the adoption going. Apparently they had a shipment of like 20 dogs come in . Finally she asked what was going on, would she be helped today? They told her she didn't have all her paperwork, and named documents that she hadn't been told about before. An organization in disarray.

Ed Ruiz

5 years ago

THIS IS NOT AN ADOPTION FACILITY. IT A PET SHOP. THEY SELL PUPPIES AND AT A HIGH PRICE. This place was horrible for I stubbled upon this place while looking for a …

Erins Toy Store Erin Scull

5 years ago

People leaving reviews based on other reviews... Sad... This was a great place to work. They do a lot for unwanted pups and send them to places that are even stricter about their adoptions because they want their animals to go to forever homes. It was not an easy job, it was a lot of work, but WORTH IT! They deal with a lot, taking care of the pups and kitties they get. Even though I worked for them almost 20 yrs. ago I still think this is a wonderful place that does more for animals than those on here that only want to complain because they didn't get what they wanted.

Gary Earl

5 years ago

wow I've read some terrible reviews but wanted to say I had a couple great experiences here. I've adopted two wonderful dogs from here over the last 5 years. Both very healthy and great dogs, lab mixes. The vet clearly wanted to be sure I would take care of the dogs properly and had the means to do so. I understand that, since many people have no idea of the commitment they are getting into and too many dogs get dumped back into the system. My experience here was very good and yes the staff was busy, but busy taking care of the animals. Haven't been there for the last couple years.

Justin Patton

5 years ago

Obviously not interested in the puppies getting adopted.

Joann Morales

5 years ago

Clean. Health puppies. Makes you want to take them all home.

Gg green

5 years ago

I have not been to this shelter, but reading the reviews, this sounds horrible, maybe the news or somthing needs to get envolved, somthing isnt right.

Gabe Hastings

5 years ago

So many people give this place a bad reputation. But it isn't a bad place at all, I got a shihtzu from here and she's in perfect health and she was treated nicely and they cleaned her up after they found her on the streets. She was very ruffed up when they found her but the cleaned her up and after all the abuse she had been through before they picked her up it's amazing she was as sweet and loving and excited as she was. People hate on this shelter and some of the reviews I've seen are people who haven't even visited or adopted from here. Plus it's a no kill animal shelter. I got my dog for 150$ and they neutered her and got a tracking chip in her so if anyone steals her we can find them. I love precious friends. They are a wonderful animal shelter.

Jordan Anthony

5 years ago

I am shocked at how this place is operating. First sight had me shocked. The manager was rude. You cannot get to know the pet before adopting. Cannot touch them, take them out, nothing. This place needs to be investigated and shut down ASAP.

Katie Ellaa

5 years ago

It's wonderful place to adopt puppies it's very clean and they do have some cats the staff is very nice and a lot of people come in for volunteer work which is really great and I love that it's a no-kill shelter

Laura Rodriguez

5 years ago

Someone needs to investigate this place and shut it down!

Lisa Dennis

5 years ago

I worked for Precious Friends Puppy Rescue way in the past. Their main goal is actually to deny puppy adoptions so they can ship the puppies to New York at the North Shore Animal League. The North Shore Animal League gives a check to Precious Friends, they basically fund them. And because of this, Precious Friends deny the adoptions so they can ship the pups to their funder. When I worked there a load of puppies would be shipped our every Thursday, normally in the white van sitting in the parking lot. They would be loaded into the carry kenels, loaded into the van, and 2 drivers would drive them to New York and return the van back by Sunday remember one time, on a Monday morning, I was in the parking lot and I heard a puppy crying. The drivers failed to unload a puppy and returned to Tennessee from New York, dropped the van off, and left the puppy in the kennel in the van for the entire weekend until I discovered it . It was all swept under the rug. Not reported to animal control. The vet that checked the puppies,at the time was extremely uncaring and rough with them. He worked at the vet clinic in the same building, 'All God's Creatures'. They get unwanted puppies for free, give a spay voucher for the mother, never intend to adopt locally, and only intend to ship every Thursday up north to New York for that check from the North Shore Animal League.

Michelle Rawson-Hanson

5 years ago

No play area and although i understand an "adoption fee" their prices are too high.

Myra Long

5 years ago

My boyfriend and I were looking for a puppy to add to our family, because we have cats, we decided to get a young dog who could grow up around them. Decided to go to precious friends. The owner barely looked at us and wouldn't even stop for 30 seconds to discuss anything with us, despite having two other workers in there that seemed to be taking care of everything. Definitely rude. Also, $200+ for a puppy? I understand they need vet care but god, not everyone can afford that at the very beginning before even taking the puppy home. I was there for five minutes and had to basically stop them three times to ask such simple questions about one puppy! Go to a rescue elsewhere, the reviews for this place seem awful enough.

Natashua_ Valladares

5 years ago

First, they said I had to be 21 to adopt which is stupid. So my mom was going to adopt a puppy there, but when she went to go adopt they told her NO. Because I wanted the puppy. This is such unprofessional place. Who wouldn't want a pup to get a good home? Clearly that's them

Rafique Wilson

5 years ago

Truly, no exaggeration, the worst experience ive ever had attempting to add a new member to our furry family. But it hails in comparison to the travesty that is the experience these animals are having within this facility. This place should be investigated immediately, (if not already under investigation) and shut down indefinitely. A disgrace.


5 years ago

Place is run by a teenager with a poor attitude. He is the only reason we did not try to save one of those poor pups. Their cages are stacked three high which is dangerous with all the wiggling around they do. What if it fell over? The …

Stephen Welsh

5 years ago

Been over a week since we've filled out an application and they continue to tell us to call back! For a dog rescue they sure as hell to care to have dogs rescued. Looks like a puppy mill inside their, with three to four dogs piled into one small cage. Absolutely terrible, those helpless dogs deserve better!

Tiffany Phan

5 years ago

I recently went in to check out the dogs , my husband and I were Intrested in adopting a dog we saw . We submitted an application . The lady that reviewed our application saw we left about 2 questions blank it was about the breed of the …

Trenton Delane

5 years ago

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS PLACE! Process is absolutely ridiculous. Got denied because my LAND LORDS dogs “weren’t up to date on their shots.” First time I went in the lady was rude, but there is one girl with short hair there who was nice and helpful. I do NOT recommend this place at all.

Alex thee Aquarius

5 years ago

Do not volunteer here ! I literally did everything , wiped kennels , swept , mopped , washed every window , every hard surface , ripped magazines out for the dogs to use the bathroom on , folded laundry , and dusted a ceiling with literally no dust on it. I’m sitting down waiting to be told what I could do next and the woman named Annie goes “ you actually have to work , every time I see you you’re doing nothing “. I did literally everything that there was nothing else to do. Also how could she say that when she told me to majority of those things. So she seen be do it . With her own crooked eyes. At that point I felt disrespected so I left because you don’t deserve my free work . I can say the lady named Kristen is very nice. On the volunteer application it talks about you grooming the pets. Not you being there maid. But I did it anyways because I am in need of hours for school. I would give them zero stars if I could .

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Precious Friends Puppy Rescue & Adoption Program, Kentucky, Clarksville

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