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Alice Johnson

2 years ago

They do great service for our furry felines!

Gabby Mejia

2 years ago

DO NOT ADOPT FROM HERE. I would give zero stars if I could. This is a horrible adoption company that should be shut down. They hardly ever let people adopt from them. I see people leaving there angry or crying. Me personally they won’t let adopt a cat and give him a great home because I’m due to have a baby in 6 months. Which I don’t see where the problems lays because I’ve had other cats before. And if it weren’t for me being pregnant she wouldn’t let us adopt anyway because my husband is military and they have something against the military. They don’t care about their cats at all because they would rather have them be kept in a small cage all day then go to a nice home where they would be spoiled. Never give this business your time of day. These old ladies are evil.

Alley Cuts

2 years ago

Awful experience today at PetSmart. Just a suggestion when you have a adoption event at PetSmart make sure your representatives have people skills. Your representative today was not professional. Being new to the adoption process, I had questions. Your representative was rude. You should maybe take lessons with dealing with the public from Petco. That’s where I went to adopt my kitten today. Very nice and professional

Dung Vo

2 years ago

The cats are under bad conditions. They are kept in small cages in a 5 ft wide room. I wonder how the cats can even breathe well in it. The door only opens for adoption procedures other than that that cramped dark room is closed. The old cats there seem to give up on the hope that they can be freed one day. Only the kittens will shout loudly when you come and see them. I don't support this place, just hope all the cats to be adopted soon and live in a better condition

Kimberley Lambert

2 years ago

I had to leave my cats and they were taken away from their home and mother ME

Sonia Inserra

3 years ago

this organization does wonderful work. i adopted a cat from them, orange crush when he was at the shelter and renamed twinkie when he came home with us lol that was about 20 years ago and i could not be more thankful for cats are us for bringing him into our lives, he really made my family better by becoming apart of it and was so loved. ( twinkie passed this year ) pls do not let all the bad reviews make you forget these are volunteers, extremely over worked and caring individuals.

Angelyn Buchanan

3 years ago

My son drove one hour one way, 2 days in a row to be left waiting for 4 HOURS and then be told they could not adopt a cat!! Completely rude and totally disrespectful behavior. Don't waste your time!

Sandra Halstead

3 years ago

Dedicated volunteers! I thank God for their caring hearts. Donations greatly needed and appreciated.

Naomi Fink Mooney

3 years ago

So my husband and I got two cats from pet smart, and we had to give them back. We meet at Pet smart to drop them off and all the cat are us employees or people that just worked with the cats were so rude. Me and my husband were upset that we had to give them away, and they would ask us a question and before we could finish answering they would walk away. I just thought it was so unprofessional and they made us feel ashamed to bring them back so they can find a better home.

Kristina Monroe

3 years ago

Great place to adopt a cat or kitten. Suzanne harpel is very knowledgeable about your cat or kittens

kevin buckholtz

3 years ago

I just adopted,a cat through them at petsmart they are great people who really care about the animals that they care for

Kayla Ainsworth

3 years ago

We spoke to a lady this morning at 9 am who told us we needed to go to petsmart to adopt. We arrived there at 9:59 and spoke to Logan who informed us that they would not be there until 12, who then called cats r us and I spoke to a lady on their phone and she asked us to come back at noon which we happily obliged. When we came back at noon there was still no cats r us rep there and one has to be present to adopt after waiting 20 minutes we left. Terrible terrible customer service. I would give less than one star if possible.

Jodi Krippel

3 years ago

I truly appreciate what these ladies are doing for stray cats, but they really need help. I’m not claiming that I know what cats need, but I feel they need more! Please, please, donate to this organization. My daughter and I visited the shelter and thank god my 10 year old is the sweetest child on the planet and didn’t complaint about the smell.

Guillermo Rosa

3 years ago

My wife and I went last Monday to adopt a cat we were truthful and said we have dogs one of them a golden retriever she told us to bring our dog to see if she was hostile against cats we of course obliged with her we brought our dog and she was not hostile at all against cats or the cat we want it so she come with excuses like she is not an outside cat and my wife told her all of our pets are inside pets then she respond to her but dogs chase cats and some other excuses my wife went home sad so I returned back to the store to see if I can adopt another cat when I told her by phone who I was she automatically said she is busy before she hang up I ask her if we can adopt other cat her reply was they are not cats available. She waisted our time

Drake Ray

3 years ago

Adopted two cats from this place and they were all beat up, and their fur looked terrible. They were scared of every human that came near them and one of the cats had a scared eye tissue. We also went to see their establishment and the hours don’t actually match when they’re there. My wife and i saw multiple cats just walking outside without collars, and just food scattered everywhere. The building butts against a busy road so no telling how many cats have wondered out and got ran over. Wouldn’t not suggest helping this place or even getting cats from them.

Angela Graham-Owen

4 years ago

Compassionate care givers who adopt with the welfare of the animal as a first priority.... After all isn't that the way it should be? Running on nothing but donations, these people work miracles

Ann Marie Mastele

4 years ago

Lady was very rude and unhelpful... I was brushed off and dismissed very quickly without being listened to or her even attempting to help me with other options that would prevent me from having to take my cat somewhere that would end up putting her to sleep in the end. If you care anything about your cats don't take them here cuz this woman could care less about you, your cat, or whatever situation you have found yourself in that requires the assistance of an animal rescue.

Ashanti Task

4 years ago

No kittens. Not a clean establishment

Bam Anderson

4 years ago

Wife and I went there. Black mold and all the cats are sick. Never going back unless I have a respirator

Hope Castillo

4 years ago

My wife and I wanted to adopt two sweet cats together and give them a home and I called the,number,and was told to fill out one of their papers and,they'd get back to us. A month past and no one ever called us back. We went back to try and,adopt a kitten from their establishment itself and was directed to petsmart. When we, tried to adopt one of the kittens there and they refused to give us a straight answer to let us adopt the animal. I asked for a chance to speak with the owner to reassure her that the cat would be taken care of properly, but one,of her assistances instead kept saying that theyd get back to me and then referred us to a kill shelter. Too much hassle for trying to adopt a pet.

Jacqueline Coffee

4 years ago

Bad bad smell!!! ????

janae menzie

4 years ago

Adopted two kittens last Sunday. One got sick on Wednesday night just threw up his food we thought it just didn’t agree with his stomach. Then next day he was throwing up bile so we looked it up and it said that he could have ate two fast or the food was expired so we wanted to see if he would get better the next day we took him to the vet but she was out on lunch so our cat waited an hour to be seen. Our fur baby passed away yesterday we called and talked to Susan and she blamed the kitten dying on us that it was our fault. She was never sympathetic she was yelling at me and being very rude. I would not recommend getting any animal from here

Katlyn Walters

4 years ago

My husband and I adopted our first cat through them from PetSmart. They were nice and answered my questions. When it was time for our cat's spay surgery and shots, they covered the entire bill. Weeks after, I ran into one of the ladies feeding feral cats by the mall. They truly care so much.

Kayla Klotsch

4 years ago

Instead of helping me find a home for a stray kitten she suggested continuing to find it a home, after I told her that the kitten who is still on kitty milk and syringe fed, has been home alone for a day and will be again. This is not a rescue. She said they foster cats and asked me to send a photo, which I did and never got a response even after asking if she received the photos. No call back or anything.

reynaldo Alvarado

4 years ago

They love what they do

Tammy Weems

4 years ago

Miss Susan came to my home about three years ago and took some kittens and gave them good homes. She's a AWESOME person!!!????????????⚘

Tony Chandler

4 years ago

True love, (agape) and compassion lives in the hearts of the caretakers there; from the Director, Suzanne Harpel down to the smallest volunteer or contributer. Every cat is given the highest degree of care available.

Jaden Dolan

5 years ago

You guys did a great job taking care of my dear charles the great he has fully recovered and is back in action, and is back in the game!(:

Edward Dabney Jr

5 years ago

Called and asked for info, person said they will get back with me. I have not heard from them since.

Leona Bowen

5 years ago

Got to meet lots of cats had one that wouldn't leave my left leg alone and his name was Peanut butter

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