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Karen Bradley

2 years ago

Great place. I am a volunteer. The staff is so knowledgeable and friendly. The shelter is clean. Animals are treated with respect and get tons of love.

William Hay

2 years ago

I just adopted a cat from here on Monday, and I cannot express how truly wonderful this shelter is. I have worked with many shelters while working in the pet industry the last 4 years, and I can truly say I have not seen a more dedicated and caring staff then I encountered during my visit. They truly care about the animals in their care and treat them like their own. The facility is extremely clean and well maintained and all animal habitats were spotless throughout the facility. Thank you so so much for putting the animals first each and every day. This shelter is making a huge difference in our community and is a model of how shelters everywhere should operate! Thank you for being amazing! ????

Melanie Spacone

2 years ago

I called this morning looking for options in euthanizing our dog who has a variety of health issues. They were very understanding and caring on the phone. I wish I asked for the name of the woman I spoke to but she was a gem. The gave great recommendations which turned out to work perfect for our situation and made the experience as quick and comfortable for our dog as possible. Decisions like these are never easy and I felt as if my situation was handled with empathy despite not using their services.

Ray Tanner

2 years ago

Very friendly staff and we adopted Caroline

Jason Daly

3 years ago

Dropped off a stray domestic rabbit. Staff was very kind and helpful.

Michael Sylvester

3 years ago

Staff very up front. Staff very friendly answered all my questions. When I worked with special needs students we would volunteer to walk the dogs and clean the cat cages so was very familiar with DPAC so that's why I went there and recommend others who adopt to do the same.????????????????

Izzy's Mom

3 years ago

They really care about the pets. We did a zoom meeting with a bunny and they answered every question. I liked that they actually KNEW the bunny and not just read me his file like the other shelters I called. They encourage not using cages and proper nutrition. I learned so much from them! They were able to tell me if he would be a good fit for us and so far he really is! We drove 2 hours to adopt Buzz, and he is the most loving wonderful 4 year old bunny. Adopting is so much better than buying from a pet store for more than 1 reason. But for us, being neutered (can cost over $200!) and being told if he was a good fit for us was priceless. We are so thankful to the volunteers at Dupage Country Animal Services. In the future, when the time comes, we will be adopting another bunny from them.

Emily Everett

3 years ago

My family got all three of my cats here the first cat we adopt sadly passed away when he was little and they were so nice, they helped us pick out a new cat and even notified us when they got new kittens.

Chris Hatch

3 years ago

Bought all three of my dogs here, great people, great pups.

Chris Morris

3 years ago

Dcas takes great care of the shelter animals! The staff of friendly and very helpful. Adopt... don't buy from a puppy mill !

David Brewer

3 years ago

I had my beloved dog of 14 years pass away in his sleep Saturday night. I need to take care of the body. I wanted to have him cremated, I called almost every Vet and Humane society location in DuPage country. The lowest price I could find was $160 dollars ( note 80 Lb dog) I love my dog, but I don't have that kind of money. I finally got hold of the DuPage county animal services. They could not have been nicer and considerate of my loss. I brought my dog in and the woman at the front desk was just as nice and considerate. I then needed help getting the dog from the car and the 2 young women that helped look like it was their dog that was lost. Cost $25 the love I felt priceless. Thank you DuPage Animal Services Staff.

Paula Szum

3 years ago

The nicest people work here and they truly care about the animals that come in. They have very dedicated volunteers for the dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and bunnies. I've gotten the sweetest and most well-behaved animals from this shelter!

Shane Newton

3 years ago

My wife and I had the pleasure of adopting two kittens from DCAS, and feel very lucky. Everyone we have worked with, from the foster to the volunteers and employees, have been extremely nice and helpful, and we couldn't be more grateful! Highly recommended!!

Vickie Bireley

3 years ago

I found two stray baby kittens and took them there

Amanda Westerfield

4 years ago

I have been getting more involved with this shelter over the last year. I love to see how caring the staff all are. They do all they can for these animals so they can make their stay at the shelter the most comfortable possible. I have been a volunteer for about a month now and I love it. This shelter is awesome to adopt from. It gets insanely busy, so please be patient with them.

susan smith

4 years ago

Well I always found them fine the lady with the bunny I would have call fox valley wildlife in Elbun if th shelter had said they were going to put down may be it was sick and there a lot of shelter that would help if people dont seems to be friendly at this one...

Sean Mcqueen

4 years ago

I like this animal shelter


4 years ago

Honestly cannot even begin to understand the poor reviews. I adopted a cat from here and from start to finish the staff was helpful, kind, and efficient. Can't recommend it enough, I would absolutely adopt from here again.

Star. Star

4 years ago

I went in here about a year ago : the lady at the desk was very unpleasant and RUDE. My questions weren’t met. Was told I needed an appointment if I wanted to see any dogs! Poor dogs!! A person was walking a dog and I was told NO DONT PET OUR Animals!!!!!! I feel bad for the dogs locked inside this place , no chance in being adopted or even loved with some volunteered time .

Moe Duric Realtor Baird & Warner

4 years ago

This organization is wonderful, they go above and beyond for every single animal. I am proud to be a sponsor of this wonderful organization.

Melissa Wagoner

4 years ago

I adopted my puppy from here last September and my adoption experience was phenomenal. The staff is absolutely friendly and helpful while the adoption process was smooth and easy. And I can't believe how much supplies they gave us! I truly appreciate it considering he is our first dog and had nothing waiting at home for him. From now on I will be donating anything we don't use because I now see how much they are absolutely needed! Thank you so much everyone at Dupage County Animal Services!

Kathy Bremer

4 years ago

I tried to write an honest review so those looking to adopt could make decisions but my review disapeared when I ended it. I knew the guidelines and I wrote nothing outrageous. I was surprised. I just wanted to write a review. At least I could make my own decision. Sorry I couldn't share

Jessica Dickerson

4 years ago

This shelter has gone downhill, which is a shame. In years past, I had two great adoption experiences here and I was hoping to have a third this year. However the leadership and volunteers are terrible and rude. We were shown a cat, only to see her adopted by someone else while we were there. The staff stumbled over themselves trying to explain a nonsensical and bizarre hold policy where they allow multiple holds per pet. The staff don't bother to mark whether an animal is on hold or not nor are the volunteers educated on the personalities of the animals in their care. Not only that, they will try to get you to adopt an animal that does not suit your household. On top of that the volunteers are just plain rude. One of them all but pushed me instead of politely asking me to move. When I complained to the director, she was not particularly concerned about the behavior of her staff. ETA: I find the response from the facility to be misleading. They never were able to adequately explain the deceitfulness of not telling people upfront that a pet is on hold. Nor do they differentiate between experienced pet owners and newbies. When someone tells you upfront that they previously adopted twice from your facility, you do not treat them like they don't understand the process.

Ethan Swihart

4 years ago

Had a really great time here, super friendly, knowledgeable, helpful staff. We found a wonderful cat and will come here first if we look for more.

Elizabeth Laramie

4 years ago

I called offering to bring over a bunch of REALLY expensive food. The woman kept cutting me off on the phone, repeatedly saying they don't take open food. It's not open, it's closed, and Naperville Humane Society is happy to be getting it. I am left a little stunned however. I called offering food for dogs that are hungry and was treated that way. God forbid you need them for their usual services. Can't imagine you'll have any better luck than I did. Fortunately West Suburban Humane Society and Naperville are GREAT!! So if you're looking for a pup I'd check there first. And if you're offering dog food save yourself the aggravation and throw it away before you call DuPage. Too sad that she's what those dogs have. She refused food for them...I can't imagine any part of their life gets any happier than just that. It explains the 3 stars anyway

Donna Hawkinson

4 years ago

Amazing caring people... helped us adopt 2 wonderful dogs.

Christina Graham

4 years ago

We have adopted two cats from the DuPage animal shelter and both experiences were superb. It is quite clear that the staff at DuPage go above and beyond to ensure the animals are being adopted into good homes, and that adopters are prepared for the responsibility of bringing a new pet home. Both of our cats were found as strays, and are the most loving kitties we could ask for. They were adopted to us in good health with updated vaccines and treatments. The staff gave us great information on how to best acclimate our new pet with existing pets. We've been to other shelters and none were as clean, attentive, and professional as DuPage. I would highly recommend DuPage animal shelter to anyone looking to adopt a new pet into their family.

Bill Grubb

4 years ago

Called in today with questions regarding animals in the yard and the lady on the phone was very rude and told me to call a trapper. She also let me know I can’t trap the animals myself. If I was going to trap it myself why would I waste my time calling “animal control”? Please get some professional people to staff your department. Also, a little customer service training goes a long way. Just because you’re “trapped” in the animal control department, doesn’t mean you have to euthanize the time of residents calling in for some information. I will be looking elsewhere for my animal needs. Thanks for nothing you rude lady.

Stephanie Nordlund

4 years ago

Friendly and helpful staff. This seems like a great place to adopt from. I needed to get my dog registered in the county. It was quick and painless. Everyone was very helpful over the phone as well.

Lupe Rosales

5 years ago

I went there a long time ago. But really the staff is so crappy and rude.????????They are supposed to be happy????,friendly☺,welcoming???? and most importantly caring❤, understanding and willing to help our fury friends in the shelter.???????????? I don't know how such rude and crappy people can be hired for that job.????????????!!! It's really frustrating to know that they also put our fury friends to sleep for any dumb reason and don't consider the owner????????????. And I don't want your sympathetic response to this. This shelter should fire all it's crappy staff, send all our fury friends to a better shelter and last but not least close the shelter and never open it again.!!!!! Our if you plann to keep it open the boss should definitely send there crappy ???????????? staff to classes to learn????how to attend their costumers.

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