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Zoe Gauger

2 years ago

We adopted our cat, Goldie through here. They fixed up a neglected outdoor cat, watched her while we were on vacay AND took the time to interact and play with her. This rescue is great!

Jason S. Rundle

2 years ago

Great service and friendly staff! My children were very happy with the process and the latest addition to our family.

Penny Kohn

2 years ago

My cat got so sick he had to be put down 4 months after l adopted him ????

Michael Mores

2 years ago

The adoption experience was top notch. The two cats we have now were extremely well socialized and were very comfortable moving into our house.

Aileen Rivera

2 years ago

Such caring people! These kitties couldn’t be in better hands ♥️ definitely recommend

Jay Martinson

2 years ago

Wonderful people who save the lives of thousands of animals.

Dakota Gryffin

2 years ago

It’s been a year since I got Badger from Angel’s Wish so I wanted to post a review! They were fantastic, and I felt the adoption process made sure that their cats were going to good owners. They also were honest and upfront about my preferred cat’s personality: they weren’t sure he would ever be a cuddler and wanted to make sure I knew that and was okay with that before adopting him. I was okay with it, and a year later, we’re the best of friends. I think they did an excellent job of pairing cats to owners, and I’ll always be grateful I got Badger out of the adoption process.

Daddy Blunt

2 years ago

A lovely place to go see animals

Lee Brueggemann

3 years ago

I adopted 2 sweet cats from Angel's Wish with help from both Lois and Amy. Thank you so much for these 2 little girls find their forever home!

Jeff Haynes

3 years ago

After one of our cats passed away at a young age, we wanted to find a new member for our family and a new friend for our lonely older cat. The team at Angel's Wish were professional and kind throughout the whole process.

Frank Ranallo

3 years ago

Recently adopted a wonderful older kitten from them. Careful health care provided for the kitten before adoption. In general very helpful in the adoption process.

Pearl Young

3 years ago

Their set up is terrific. They have a very nice facility for meet and greet. There paperwork and background checks are very thorough and help ensure cats are placed in a safe environment. However - Lois appears to make decisions based on some set of rules that are beyond their published mission statement. I applied - received a very good report from my vet - and then was ghosted by Lois. The cat I applied for was adopted to another person two weeks after I applied for her. I own my own home, I have a fenced yard. I believe her concern is that the cat would be outside with me - and she didn't believe I would be able to keep the cat in my yard without being leashed. However - she never responded with a full explanation on why I was rejected. Frustrating.

Meredith Shaputis

3 years ago

This place is the most awful adoption place I've ever dealt with. I contacted them, made sure the cat i wanted was still available, followed every step, and they turned around and decided I couldn't have the kitten. I had already shown pictures of him to my kids, and had a name all picked out for himThese people are heartless monsters. My cat died in February and I had been searching for a kitten to love. I find one, am told he is available and then get him ripped away from me because:Lois" does like that i won't adop two kittens. Please, if you have any heart whatsoever do not adopt from this place.

Ryan Coleman

3 years ago

Great experience. We adopted a cat through Angel's Wish and couldn't be happier. These people are doing wonderful work.

sm van Sluijs

3 years ago

Yes, it is Lois, a very rigid, self-righteous person who thinks (apparently), that nearly no one is good enough to adopt a cat from Angel's Wish. I've had cats all my life. I got two from Angel's Wish seven years ago. One of them recently died. Now, it seems, I am not an acceptable cat owner--LOIS has decided to decline my application. Hey Angel's Wish People: do you really want to place these cats or simply hoard them in your foster houses? Cat adoption Nazis don't help. Such a disappointment.

Sophie 2025

3 years ago

We got 2 cats from here a few months back! Amazing workers, cats and help! Totally recommend!!!

Teddy Cranley

3 years ago

My partner found a beautiful cat that we wanted to adopt. My partner look up the place and saw the google reviews and we where hesitant because of all the bad reviews about Lois. Because of that we filled out the paperwork right away. It was a Thursday night and it got approved the next morning. We though everything was going well until the the weekend hit. We had been in communication with Lois about adopting the cat we wanted it was mentioned in the paperwork she knew when we where coming to visit (Sunday). We thought that they where on hold or us but boy where we wrong. We could not make it on Saturday which was are mistake. Louis let them get adopted on Saturday did not tell us about it. Apparently Louis did not put them on hold. Louis NEEDS to step down and give away her responsibilities in the adoption process. Her inability to communicate with people and propensity to change adoption approval status on the fly with out warning is unacceptable. I would not ever take my business to Angel's Wish as long as Lois is still there.

Kelsey Aleckson

3 years ago

We had a good experience at Angels Wish. Filled out an application and got approved after about a week. Some of the questions on the application seem a little intrusive and Lois did call our landlord to ask if we could have two cats. We did go in and chose a cat a couple weeks after getting approved. Lois and other volunteers were kind - no issues. I was worried though, based off the other reviews, that she would judge my appearance etc and change her mind haha. So I made sure to brown nose her. Our cat did end up having dirty ears as well as had to take eye drops costing us money at the vet. Overall though experience was fine and facility is set up well for potential cat owners.

Jessica Blackburn

3 years ago

My family adopted our kittens from here. We were really impressed by how thorough the adoption process was even though it was difficult to wait the few weeks necessary for Angel's Wish to review our documents and vet reference. In the end I'm happy they do such a thorough job to ensure the kitties are going to a good home and will be well taken care of. The staff were very professional and helpful when we had questions. I highly recommend adopting from here!

Grace Huang

3 years ago

We adopted a kitten over a year ago, and we just couldn't be happier. She's a longhair with bright lime green eyes. She wags her tail (like a dog) when she sees us and is so intelligent! She will literally play pingpong with you. I need to clarify that this is a 100% honest review. Lois was the one who helped us pick out our kitty and she was VERY respectful. She was patient when we filled out the form. I don't know why there are so many bad reviews about Lois. Every single person was so kind at Angel's Wish. I will be honest and say that like some other people, we did fill out a form for a cat and the cat ended up being adopted. We were a little angry, but we're so glad nothing went wrong with our second adoption attempt! Thank you!

Erin Dischler

3 years ago

Angels Wish is hands down the BEST rescue in the Madison area. Yes, they are sometimes difficult - but in a good way. They say no when others can't. They always have the best interests of the pet and family in mind. Not only do we have Angel's Wish cats as a part of our family now, but we have also very much enjoyed fostering kittens in years past. Thank you to Linda for always being there and taking my call no matter how busy you are! Simply the best! <3

Ellen Peters

3 years ago

I adopted a kitten from Angel's Wish a year ago, and she has grown to be an amazing cat. She's adorable, goofy, outgoing and curious. The rescue did a good job providing background information on her and providing an accurate description of her personality. I primarily dealt with Amy, Violet's foster mom, and she was terrific. The adoption process was easy and painless. I really appreciate that the cats are able to live in foster homes but that the rescue also has a central location, which makes it easy to meet them. I highly recommend! June 2020 update: I adopted another little girl, Astrid (formerly Feta), from Angel's Wish. Astrid is special needs because of her deafness and wide range of allergies. I worked with Linda, who was just as wonderful to work with as Amy. She made sure I knew everything I needed to about Astrid's medical history, and the adoption was smooth, despite the quarantine. Astrid has been a perfect addition to the family.

Danielle Standiford

3 years ago

I put in an application to adopt a cat. My other cat lives with my parents, and due to circumstances which are none of Linda's (who I dealt with) business, my cat is staying with my parents. He has not yet gotten his shots this year, but again since he doesn't live with me this should not have been an issue. Linda decided that because I want able to take my cat with me, that I shouldn't be able to have a cat and my application was denied. I understand checking in and doing everything you can to make sure these cats go to a good home.....but I have a good home, and I'd like to think that I can give another cat a good life. My other cat, though he lives with my parents, is a very happy cat who knows he is loved and well cared for. And Linda had the audacity to say "why are you paying your parents to take your cat?". How DARE YOU?!?!?! You don't know my life! You don't know the circumstances!! How rude and unprofessional?!?!?!?!

Danica Olson

3 years ago

We adopted two litter mates just over 2 years ago. We wanted two kittens who got along well and we couldn't have asked for a better pair. Scotch and Ryelee are living the dream here on Milwaukee's Eastside. Linda does a wonderful job placing cats into well deserving homes. We would definitely adopt from Angel's Wish again!

Christopher Johnston (Chris Johnston)

3 years ago

I had a stray animal cat her name was "Desiree" and she was taken from the sauk county humane society and taken to this facility. The adorable cat was adopted out within a few days and the staff were kind enough to let me know that the stray I was taking care of found a home!!! (She was such a SWEET KITTY AND I MISS HER) but I'm not in a position to be her owner not right now.

Casper Murphy

3 years ago

While I appreciate the good you're doing, please don't forget that you turned away a cat from a family who deserved one and cared for their past cat with all the love in the world. The reason he didn't go to bi yearly vet appointments is because my family members are in the veterinary medical field and could make sure he was okay all on his own. Also let us not forget that you blamed a 15 year old for their pets death by saying that if he had been seen he wouldn't have passed away. Hate to break it, but he was 20 years old. I'm pretty sure there's a very clear reason the cat passed away, and it was not the fault of a CHILD, who DID get him checked by people who work with animals on the daily. Let's not forget that. I will never be getting pets from this location. Go to Little Orphans Animal Rescue instead. They were amazing and kind and understanding, and we got the best two kitties we could ever ask for from them. This place was a nightmare. Oh also? The staff was lovely. Lois was an absolute nightmare and should NEVER work in customer service. Listen to the reviews on this page and get yourself together

Blake Ochsner

3 years ago

Went here to here with a friend so he could adopt a cat. Went really well and the place was well managed and the animals all seemed to be very well taken care of. Friendly staff as well. Only downside is that one of the staff seemed a bit pushy to get me to try and adopt (already have a cat that is not friendly towards other cats sadly) am a didn't even give me a moment to breath to tell him I'm just there to support a friend. Other than that, great experience. Will definitely come here when I decide to adopt again

Arian Rushiti

3 years ago

Linda is the women we worked with and she was extremely unprofessional, she lied to us saying that the kittens have to be together but then she sold us 2 kittens from separate litters??? How does that work? The one star review is not about the cats, because we love them both. I wouldn’t recommend ever working with Linda unless you want to get bossed around and lied to! Beautiful kittens though!

A. S.

3 years ago

Great place to adopt a cat in need.

Tyra Turner

3 years ago

By reading the personality descriptions I was able to find the perfect cat. They brought my best friend.

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