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a year ago

VCA Hawthorne - has always been compassionate and loving toward all my dogs and have always treated them like family members, even at the very end. My family thanks you for that. Lorelee Porth

Isaiah Cowgill

2 years ago

Hospitals are meant to answer but not this one I guess.

Steve Lacy

2 years ago

Absolutely fabulous staff. Everyone there cares so much about the animals that they care for. Drs Bishop and Schnayer are the best vets around. Do not hesitate to bring your animals here.

Karl Hofmeier

2 years ago

So glad they put a plan together so quickly to stay available during 2020. Such a friendly staff with relavent recommendations for our pets.

Guy Gardner

2 years ago

Professional an they care... It's 4 star cuz I had to put my animal down

Colie Gutzler

2 years ago

We've been using VCA for over 20! Even when I moved towns over for a few years I made the drive to bring my dog here. I love the staff and so does my dog

CJ Ricciardi

2 years ago

VCA is the best. Great service, great price, great staff, and of course great veterinarians.

Bgs_X _Gamer

2 years ago

This is a question, Do you guys care for Reptiles?

Alex Obholz

2 years ago

Great staff and reasonably priced.

Ana Ruiz

3 years ago

Doctors and staff are great!

Sandrine Dloch

3 years ago

Excelent staff, lovely veterinarian, she focused on all aspects of my pet's well-being as well as my own. I will highly recommend this place.

Abby Lutz

3 years ago

Do your own research and don’t take their word for it! Dr. Maya Schnayer wanted to extract multiple teeth under anesthesia from my 11 year-old cat after one visit without her showing any symptoms or changes in eating habits. This would have cost a minimum of $1500 and put my cat at risk of complications and future problems with eating, along with putting her on major pain meds. After doing some research, I noticed that she had none of the typical symptoms besides tartar and wanted to wait and check with someone else before going into a potentially dangerous procedure. We saw our regular vet for a second opinion and he said that not only did she not need ANY teeth extracted, but her teeth looked perfectly normal with some tartar for an 11 year-old cat and wouldn’t even recommend a cleaning. I won’t be returning and would suggest no one using Dr. Schnayer unless they are willing to pay a lot of money to fix a “problem” that’s not at all serious.

Bonnie Thurber

3 years ago

Very quiet, small animal hospital with two up to date doctors and 4 assistants

Denny Frymier

3 years ago

This is the VCA Animal Hospital in Vernon Hills, Il. Just brought our cat back from getting blood drawn. When we got her home she was bleeding from where the blood was drawn. Was crying and has trouble trying to lay down. Called them and they said bring her back in and they would "clean it up". Their concern is very Underwhelming. Have spent several hundred dollars there - but no more. Please take your pet(s) elsewhere for their care.

Dorothy Luke

3 years ago

Friendly vet technicians , very pleasant vet. Took the time to examine the dog thoroughly, explained treatment options and pricing. Would definitely recommend this practice.

Fred Cohen

3 years ago

I am thrilled with the care my dog has received! I've been coming here for about the last 4 years and the staff is extremely caring. Dr. Schnayer is fantastic and has a real connection with My dog. I would recommend VCA to anyone!

Julia Huff

3 years ago

My poor Paco was very sick one morning and I called they booked an appointment that day and got him on meds right away. He was super dehydrated and not himself. They brought the spunk back to my baby!! Always super friendly staff! They are always so happy to see Paco which makes his anxiousness a zero when we go. Thank you VCA for loving my baby just as I do! ????

Ken Wolfson

3 years ago

They have been taking care of sage since she was a puppy they take very good care of her and she likes them

Matt Mangold

3 years ago

Super nice and helpful staff. Every visit has been a positive experience.

Sue Newstat

3 years ago

Love the Drs and staff. Quick and thorough response every time.

Stevie Thomas

4 years ago

Really kind and knowledgeable staff. Made my visit worth the drive and made my kitty very comfortable!

mitch martin

4 years ago

This place was great! We were a bit late to our 6:30pm appointment and both the woman at the front desk and the veterinarian were friendly and helpful. I appreciated everything.

M Cossey

4 years ago

Great doctors and friendly staff! They always answer my questions and take such good care of both my cats and dog.

Laura Rigwood

4 years ago

They give the best quality of care than any other vet's office anywhere. The entire staff is fantastic!

Debbie Yablun

4 years ago

I have been going to this animal hospital for 40 years. The main vetinarian retired from there quite a few years ago, but we continued going there for the convenience. A lot of the staff is still there. Prices are more since VCA took over, but I'm sure it isn't much different other places. Still love the staff.

Kevin Lage

5 years ago

I have never had better animal care than I do at VCA Hawthorn. I am always able to get an appointment when needed, the care is amazing from all the staff, Dr. Marrinan is always friendly and personable. I can't express my gratitude to this amazing group of caregivers!

Susan Snell

6 years ago

In Sept 2011 I took my 8 yr old Golden in for not eating or eliminating. The same thing had happened a week before and she got something then to help with the accompanying nausea and more. She was back to normal very quickly. A week later she repeated those symptoms. I had a supervisor flying in that week, and I thought that she would be ok if I dropped her off for treatment which turned into an overnight observation. The second day Hawthorn xrayed her and found something she had eaten that was tearing her intestines. I ok'd surgery. She stayed there Tuesday to noon on Sat. I visited her every day; they would take her off her drip and we would walk gently in their backyard which was fenced. She would always head for the gate. They have no one in the building between closing the day before to 8:00 am when they opened the next day. The place closes from noon on Sat until 8 am Monday, so you have to pick up your pet no matter what its condition. They put Maggie in the back of my CRV and I drove home, arriving 20 minutes later. When I opened the back of the car, all I could see was ths long incision on her belly oozing blood and puss. I called them and they were gone, so I drove her to the emergency vet further south off Milwaukee. They examined her and told me that her blood pressure and potassium were way too low for them to operate so they would try to remedy this and would try to improve these conditions so they could. They said it was 50-50 once they were able. She had the surgery in early evening and passed at exactly 10 pm. I since learned that if a vet does not staff overnight to care for Animals; they turn down any drips and the animals were alone from closing to 8 am. I told the woman vet in charge what happened and that I felt her death was at least in part their responsibility. She offered to return a third of their bill, but I would have to keep my mouth shut. I told her that I wouldn't sell my dog for $800, and I told everyone I saw about Hawthorn Animal's cynical approach to your pet's well being. BTW, the bill from the emergency vet's bill was $11,000. Two months later I adopted another 8 year old Golden and a terrific new vet, CARE Animal Hospital in Libertyville. They saved Sadie's life twice. I am forever grateful to them.

Denise Jones

6 years ago

I could get my 8 weeks puppy in Banfield right away I called VCA and they got her in the same day with a free exam and free training on trimming her nails...The staff was very nice especially Amy she kept me updated and at that I was greeted quickly walking thru the doors...One of the staff member gave my children's crayons to keep them occupied while Misty get her vaccines...Great place and Great Experience...Great Doctor as well...

Kevin Lu

7 years ago

Let me say first off that I rarely review places unless I think there is truly injustice occurring. This place is a shining example. Be sure to read this article: google search "how to avoid getting ripped off by your vet" by craftycreatures (he/she is a veterinarian) My background- As a human physician who works in county hospitals, thinking of ways to make it easier cost-wise and medical systems-wise for his patients to complete treatment, I could smell the upcharging and disingenuous tactics from a mile away for my nearly 18 year old german shepherd mix. I will be discontinuing my care here, and don't think for a second this hospital has had a hand in getting my dog this far in his life as healthy as he is. Unfortunately my parents already put a great degree of money into this place before I was adequately medically trained. The vets and ancillary staff here have a thin veil over their true disdain for their pet owners. When I objected to bringing my dog in to get antibiotics for a corneal ulcer to avoid their $300 mark up, I was last told by the veterinarian that I should know better as a doctor that it should be examined in the hospital despite the fact that I am an emergency medicine physician and my significant other is an ophthalmologist (simply put, we know our stuff - a lot of stuff overlaps between human medicine and vet medicine as most drugs and interventions go through animal models first). I ended up realizing that the costly triple antibiotic they use is unnecessary, and treated my dog with a cvs generic bacitracin/polymyxin B with white petrolatum vehicle ($7 from CVS). He's doing great with it btw. When I used the example of them going overkill with a gentamicin/clotrimazole/steroid mixture in the past for an ear infection, and stated gentamicin (a ear toxic agent in the human world, very controversial for topical ear infection) was too much, the vet said she does it all the time, and proceeded to disrespectfully object (btw, they also marked it up to $50 when it's $13 online). In human medicine, if it's controversial or you don't know if it's ok to use, we DO NOT use it - we don't just say "based on studies with a sample size of 15...yada yada" - which is what I'm pretty sure this vet is basing her stuff on. Save your pet excessive and unwarranted health interventions from this place, and save money.

Wendy Angelacos

7 years ago

I brought my cat in for annual one year vaccine. They gave a Benadryl injection first due to a reaction from the same vaccine previously given. My cat was taken out of the room for the Benadryl injection& vaccine injection. They brought my cat back up in the carrier and I went home. Once I was home I took my cat out of the carrier and he was not able to use his left hind leg he was dragging it. The cat I heard scream was my cat I was devastated that they would send me home with my cat and not even tell me what had happened. When the vet gave the injection she hit the sciatica nerve. It has been a year now and my cat cannot squat to pee. He has to stand he is able to have use of his hind leg however he has a slight limp. They had me come back in to take x-rays the same night and I could not believe they charged me for that as well. I have not heard from the California main office nor from anyone at the Vernon Hills office either.

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