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Maxwell Maples

2 years ago

So much misinformation from the Doctor to the girls at the desk lol. What a mess. Will not return.

Chickie R.

2 years ago

The blonde at the front desk was useless. Pathetic service. I will NEVER go back. No follow up or phone call on abnormal lab results. I had to call 4 times and wait two weeks for any follow up, only to have no questions answered. I don't even want to discuss my other incident with them as it was repulsive. They appear heartless and apathetic.

Darren Beck

2 years ago

Wife and I love the staff! I reccomend taking your pet there! Very reasonable

Cheryl Hicks

2 years ago

Very nice staff. I love that they make appointments. Thank you for taking care of my senior pup!

Liann Lewis

2 years ago

Been with Dr.Gast for 13 yrs. Doctor and her crew are extremely caring people who love taking care of all furbabies.

Beverly Murray

2 years ago

staff was very friendly Took my concerns of loss of pet to heart

Beth Drotar

3 years ago

Dr Paula is a spectacular Vet. Highly recommended.

Mustafa Huraira

3 years ago

The Best Animal Hospital. Great Doctor great staff and excellent customer care ❤

dawn erdelles

3 years ago

Was great with stray cat we brought in to be spayed.

Bill Sherrell

3 years ago

Love there hospital . clean and they follow up with your pet.

Sean D

3 years ago

Great staff, very friendly, took great care of our pets.

Kyle Krause

3 years ago

They just lost customers of four years today. I live down the street too so if I’m going out of my way to a different vet it’s gotta be bad. Good luck if you don’t heed my warning...

Jennifer Boone

3 years ago

I feel like the staff here really care about my dog. I'm probably overly obsessed with my dog and they never seem to mind me asking a million questions. Dr. Gast called me to check up on me and make sure I got some medication that my dog needed. I really appreciate the "bedside manner" they have here. Sherry has been really helpful every time we have come. My dog liked her right away.

Jackie Lazaro

3 years ago

Dr. Bratich is absolutely committed to your pet’s health! She has the most caring heart, and truly loves her job. She is absolutely thoughtful and professional. The prices here are fair, and the staff can’t be beat!

Tina Strimbu

4 years ago

Staff is caring and the facility is clean very knowledgeable staff!! They spend quality time with us at each visit and ensure we understand everything!! I thank you and so does Harper

jennifer stout

4 years ago

They are one of the few hospitals that not only take you on time for your appointment, but also are flexible to take you as a walk in if you are willing to wait, usually less than 15 minutes. The staff is professional and friendly, and the location is very convenient off route 30 on the west side of Valparaiso. I highly recommend.

jeannette knowlton

4 years ago

I heard about how great this animal hospital was from other pet owners. When they had a rabies and ĺyme special in May, I brought my dog in for his yearly checkup. What a professional group of people they are ! There was not a question that they could not answer. I was very satisfied with the care an also how they charged a far price for their services. That means a lot to a retired person. BY the way, someone called to ask how my ďog was doing the next day after vaccinations. Wow, that never happened before !

Emily Carpenter

4 years ago

Love this vet. ❤ Our new puppy loved the vet and the tech (as do we). I'm glad we found a new home for our animals. Thank you for caring, being affordable, answering our questions, and calling to checking up on our pups the day after bringing him in. We'll see you soon!

Hien Brennan

4 years ago

Very nice and helped with everything.

Esther Olson

4 years ago

Affordable, friendly, and so helpful! I highly recommend this vet!

Samantha Kurtz

5 years ago

I had a cat that I had taken here when she was 6 months old to have her spayed. I also had another procedure done and my total was over 500$. Everything was fine until summertime and the cat went into heat. She was spraying all over the house, she cost me thousands of dollars in damages to my carpet. I took her back into to see Dr. Gast and asked her if there was a problem was her spay like if maybe an ovary was left behind. They denied anything they could have done wrong and told me it was all behavioral issues and trying to show me in books that looked like they’re from the 1920s. Then told me if I can’t handle her issues then I needed to take her to a shelter and someone else told me to take a q-tip and put it in her vagina to calm her down. Uh! No! So I took her to another vet and they agreed to open her up and see if anything was left behind to help out with her “behavioral” issues because they were 100% positive that she was going into heat and this wasn’t behavioral issues. Well they opened her up well guess what! There was an ovary left behind!!! And I had them to take pictures of it to prove it, they’re lucky I don’t come back for my money for my spay, or they might see me again in small claims court. So now a year later and my cat no longer goes into heat, or sprays on the carpet, or has “behavioral issues”. I didn’t have to take my cat to a shelter like they told me to because I took her somewhere and they finished Dr. Gast’s job that was supposed to be done when she was 6 months old. So thanks for nothing! I’ll never take any of my animals here ever again! And I’ll never recommend them to anyone they’re expensive and they don’t do quality work!

kenneth kenevan

5 years ago

Nice staff and very knowledgeable. Always very kind to my cat and my children.

Jessica Sunblade

6 years ago

Gast animal hospital is amazing. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The office is clean. Dr. Gast is an wonderful. Jade, the family labrador, is 14 and a diabetic. Dr. Gast has thorough knowledge and years of experience working with animals, and demonstrated that while working with Jade. I don't honestly have enough good things to say. If you live in Northwest Indiana, this is the vet I would ever go to.

Robert Tomsich

8 years ago

We recently had to take my dog "Coco" to Gast for an emergency. He was attacked by a coyote we believe. When we arrived the girl at the front desk, was very comforting and after observing her with other animals, we knew we were in the right place. We then were introduced to Dr. Barringer. She was very calm listening to all my concerns and assured me they were going to help my Coco but also not just start spending money. After examining him, she came to us and stated we needed x-rays. They stitched up what needed to be and realized his hip was dislocated. She attempted to put in back in place but it popped right out. She gave us an excellent recommendation of an Orthopedic Dr. and even called and spoke with Dr herself. She explained about money and really had my Coco and our best interest. I've taken my dog to his normal vet to have shots and so forth and he's always very nervous when we go. Here he was as cool as could be. The whole staff was incredibly helpful, upfront and very knowledgeable. Although it's a business, you can tell these people love animals and would never do anything unnecessary just for the money. I 100% would refer anyone there. Great people and I'm glad to say we took Coco to the Orthopedic Dr and the surgery was a success. This very tramatic experience led us to finding a great Vet that Coco will go from now on. Thank you Gast Animal Hospital! Best Regards, Rob and Darlene Tomsich

Michael Osterfeld

9 years ago

I went to this place since I moved to Valpo and adopted my dogs. I forgot my wallet the last time I was there. I later sent a check (which I verified did go out) and that was the last time I heard of it. This was probably over 6 months ago. I got a call today from Dr. Gast making all kinds of threats, talking about collections, and just making accusations to start off without even asking what was going on. Her tone was condescending and put upon to say the least. She was very rude. I had switched vets a few months ago because every time I go there I am stuck with a different person or doctor and the people helping out seem like they are out of high school and don't know much. So much so that I now drive over 45 minutes to the vet that my dogs went to as a kid. Great place. I do not recommend Gast Animal Hospital. A simple phone call letting me know that a check had not been received would have gotten the same result; a new check sent out. Her rudeness and assumptions about one of her customers was shocking to say the least.

Laurie Ott

9 years ago

We go to Gast Animal Hospital because they take the time and make the effort to find out what's really going on with our pets. They are our best friends and we want the best for them. We get that at Gast Animal Hospital. We have NOT gotten that at any place else in town.

Dana Behler

9 years ago

We absolutely love the staff here. Our dog has diabetes, and Drs. Gast & Barringer have been wonderful helping to keep his condition under control. Dr. Gast goes out of her way to call and check on him, and he has totally bonded with Dr. Barringer. Whenever I have had a question they take the time to discuss things with me, not just tell me what to do. We are very pleased with the attention and care our animals receive here.

Randy Hall

11 years ago

Our puppy has a severe large breed dog disease (HOD) that, if left untreated or misdiagnosed, ends in either death or severe joint issues and dwarfism. Dr. Gast misdiagnosed our dog twice, the first time filling him full of fluids, cleaning his ears & sending us home. The second visit included much of the same with some blood work and a worthless (unreadable) x-ray. On the third visit, even with the blood work results back and after we had told her what we thought was wrong (and were correct) Dr. Gast still was not prescribing the correct treatment which was high doses of a steroid. She had no idea what to do and wouldn't listen to us. Fortunately, we took our dying dog to McAfee who listened, diagnosed and treated him correctly. He's a happy, healthy 6 months old now. And even though Dr. Gast did nothing to help (that's putting it nicely) she still charged us more then McAfee EVEN AFTER giving us some of the $$$ back. And we've heard other, similar stories. Shorewood residents (and anyone else) do not use Gast Animal Hospital.

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