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Barbara Snell

2 years ago

The staff are so compassionate!

The Beale’s family

2 years ago

We love the Service we receive from the Team at “Brown Veterinary Hospital”, They LOVE, & CARE for all the Animals that come thru their Doors, From Simple, to Major, We had to put our Australian Shepard/Beagle to Sleep this past December, They showed so much Love, Compassion to Us, They even sent us a Picture of our Precious Girl they had taken before she Passed. I Give Them 100 STARS.

Edie Hollis

2 years ago

The staff always takes good care of you and your pets. You can tell everyone really cares about the work they're doing.

Griff 1488

2 years ago

These are photos of my dog AFTER he was neutered at brown veterinary hospital. When I took him back in they claimed this to be normal and gave me antibiotics plus pain med for my dog. Charging me another $100. Two days later my dog began having seizures, at which point I rushed him to the vet who assured me it was next to impossible that the antibiotics could cause this because this was not a known side affect. And then preceded to tell me I owed ANOTHER $85 for five min of their time. My dog went on to have another 10 to 12 seizures as he detoxed OFF THE ANTIBIOTICS. The only reason they got one star is because THERES NOTHIN LOWER. NEVER would I recommend this vet to any one who cares for their pet.

Ricky miller

2 years ago

My experience with these people was not good. Right off the bat they wanted $50 just to make the appointment. Human doctors don't even do that. I can see when you bring the animal in to be checked out. But no even if the appointment is two weeks out they still want the $50 bucks. I was afraid to take my cat in because I new that they were all about the money. And what they mite do to get even more money from me. This is just my opinion. Its what I believe. I think they are the greedyest vets in all of Indiana. Again let me be clear. This is my opinion, It may or may not be true. But it sure is what I believe. Thank You.

Brittany Sullivan

2 years ago

Dr. Brown and her staff are honestly some of the most compassionate and loving people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They took care of our two old cats and treated us like family, the best way to describe Dr. Brown is a walking hug. She truly cares about everyone that walks through that door and it shows. Thank you so much for what you do!

Stacey Clark

2 years ago

Dr Ed and the whole staff at Brown's have been a Godsend. I felt so cared for today from the Dr, to the techs, to the front desk staff and not just my frenchie and me... I saw one of the ladies at the front desk come out to comfort a worried mom while I was there and it made me feel so happy where I was and confident that this staff knows what they are doing and really care. I read the reviews during covid times and I hope people take that hard time into consideration. They were thrown into a mess like we all were. A staff that was used to being hands on were trying to find a way to still make sure our babies were getting the care they need! Thank you so much to all Nella's friends at Brown's! We have been there a LOT for years and am so impressed! We have bulldogs so they get more than their share of med issues... Tried other local vets and nothing compares!

Jamie Stewart

2 years ago

Waited for 50 minutes and no one came out to assist but they was assisting everyone else took pictures for proof

Marissa White

2 years ago

4/28/21: Went there two days ago to get my cats ears cleaned and a sample taken to examine if he had ear mites or an infection. That was done by technicians. The results came same day hours later after calling back and they said it was an infection. That cost around $60. Took him back today because they said he needed to be examined by a doctor and then I presumed, prescribed medicine. I arrived 5 minutes early for a 2PM appointment, called that I was there, and waited for them to come get his crate. I then waited nearly an hour. My cat has past trauma with being locked in things and during this it was raining and hot. My car has no AC. I assumed this would be an in and out situation and it wasnt. After the wait, they come out and take him. They take around 20 minutes and when he comes back out he is shaking and hissing at me which isnt like him at all. His pupils are dilated and he looks scared. The woman tells me that they recleaned his ears, which already were cleaned two days ago from my understanding, and that they checked to make sure it wasnt ear mites even though they said it was just an infection two days ago. She said they wouldnt be charging me for those things. They did that without consulting me in the car, I thought I was there for a checkup on his ears and medicine. When I let my cat out of his crate at home, he was frightened. When I got closer to him, he was excessively licking himself on his stomach and i realized he was soaking wet on his stomach and front legs. I immediately called the vet back, concerned that what he was licking was ear cleaning solution or something toxic. The receptionist or whoever found the "room attendant" who was too busy to get on the phone but said she was sorry she had forgotten to tell me that my cat had urinated on himself and he was like that when she took him from the car. She said she had tried to clean him up but never informed me of what happened. I do not believe this as I did not hear or smell him urinate while in my car. I dont know if they mishandled him or scared him so much he peed himself. Or if the wait and stress of being in his crate for so long and then I'm assuming around other animals and strangers inside caused him to urinate in fear. He has never done that. I'll never know what truly happened because I'm not allowed inside and I never spoke to the person who was in the room directly. I know that my pet is not the only one in the world and I know that they were busy. But the look of fear on my cat's face and his pee soaked body was so very upsetting that I will not put him through that again at this place. The woman who took and brought him back was named Sandy. She had a tear stained mask, distracted nature, and got my cats name and gender wrong as she took him. The doctor was Ed Barnett. UPDATE 4/29/21: today I called them because his medicine box said "for use in dogs only" and I was very alarmed. They had already administered a dose to him at the vet. A woman named Mandy answered and after running off to get info, she came back and said that it's fine, they prescribe it to cats for ear infections. I told her that yesterday was a mess for us and I should have been told that so I was informed. She proceeded to shift blame off of herself by saying "I wasnt here yesterday." I don't care. I care who was there and mistreated my cat. I further googled ear infections in cats and it said deep ear cleanings are difficult and the cats are usually sedated. As far as I know, my cat wasnt and I cant help but wonder if he urinated in pain or fear as someone held him down and something was jammed into his ears. The retesting and recleaning were unnecessary. This place only cares about money and I do not trust them. Take your pets somewhere else and make sure its somewhere you can go in with them to monitor what they do. I'll never know what they did to my baby in there and it makes me sick.

XxStarDustWolfxX (Kiwi)

3 years ago

Wanted to charge me $186 per cat to get them spayed. Do not ever go here. Giant rip off

Tracy Jennings

3 years ago

Dr Brown had been looking after my guys since she was still at the Airport clinoc,but in this case wasnt able to this time. I knew my lil girl was VERY sick and needed immediate attn. When we got there bcuz of Covid wasnt able to go in with them.they called me on my phone and discussed her situation. Made me mildy hopeful prescribed some meds and sent me home. She died the next point is i spoke to the other DVM that works there for about 2 sc. In these instances why not SAY there isnt anything i can do for your dog? Instead took cpl x rays and charged me 200$ for not much of anything. I wont be letting HIM look at any of my animals again. Feel like he just wants my $ no matter what. Go take smbdy else's cuz im all tapped out.

Austin G.

3 years ago

3/21/20 I cannot say enough good things about this veterinary establishment. Here's how our experience went: Initial visit: My wife and I brought our cat (who is not fond of going to the vet) here to look at getting some teeth pulled. Check in was effortless, and we were given a towel sprayed with something to calm our feline friend down in the waiting room. We were then put in an exam room, where a technician did an initial assessment. A short wait, and then Dr. Brown walked in. WOW, what a pleasant veterinarian. Very knowledgeable, personable, and great at handling a nervous pet. She determined our cat would benefit from a few teeth extracted, and wrote up a quote for the procedure. We accepted, and scheduled the extraction for the following week. Next visit: At check in, we went over the quote again and were given the opportunity to ask any questions. They outlined how the procedure should happen, and told us when to expect calls/pickup. We received a call just before they started, one during the procedure to verify a few of our wishes, and a call just after finishing us to update on her condition. Pickup was a breeze, and our cat comes home HAPPY after a surgery. Who would've ever thought. Overall, the staff at the desk, technicians, and Dr. Brown are all just fantastic. No doubt that they all care about your pet, as well as the owner. There's no beating the calm of knowing your loved one is in good hands.

Beth Hudson

3 years ago

Great vet to take your animals to.

Heather Wright

3 years ago

Used to take my dogs here but have had problems with scheduling an appointment lately. No one ever answers the phone. Recording says every single time that they are closed, even when they are open. There’s been times I’ve called, no one answered, so I walked in and there were workers just chilling behind the desk, letting the phones ring. I’ve been trying to make an appointment for WEEKS. Even went to their website to schedule one and have yet to receive any type of call or confirmation. I will more than likely be taking my fur babies somewhere else from now on!!

Karisa Bumgarner

3 years ago

Dr. Brown was so amazing with us. We had to make the hard decision to put our dog to sleep. She called us personally and talked us through the decision making. She made me feel so much more at ease with the decision. Even with the virus I was able to be with my dog during the process. The entire staff was very kind and made the process for me a lot easier. Highly recommend!

Leslie Suttle

3 years ago

Couldn’t ask for better care of our fur babies. I recommend them to everyone!

Logan Aker

3 years ago

This place is fantastic. They aren’t expensive and they are so kind and were so understanding when my kitty wouldn’t stop meowing while I’m his kennel.

Megan Malik-Shoulders

3 years ago

My puppy was hit by a car this morning and you could clearly tell that his back right leg was broken and they STILL refused to see him because the only "doctor" they had was only in for surgery. HE WAS HIT A CAR!

Melissa Akers

3 years ago

Extremely over priced! Be prepared to pay double what you should have to pay! On top of the high price, they didn't even help my cat with whatever was wrong with him. I ended up taking him to Petcare Animal Hospital, and they were great! Found out what was going wrong with my beloved fur baby and put him on meds, and he is doing so much better now.... And they didn't charge an arm and a leg!

aaron shapuras

3 years ago

Been a customer here for close to a decade. Always had good service but now they are saying they won't provide service unless your pet hae been there in the last year. I feel like after the length of patronage and amount I've spent there its unprofessional to say, "oh only people whose pet has been in in the last year gets service".

Deann Hayne

4 years ago

I want to say how much I appreciate this vet clinic. This past Saturday my husband and I woke to our pet kitty dying. We called our vet to ease his transition (it was his time) and were told they didn't have any opening in the schedule for that. Knowing that you cannot schedule a pets passing I wasn't willing to watch him suffer. I called Brown's vet clinic. They immediately got us in, were very respectful and understanding in our grief. I cannot say thank you enough to everyone we encountered that day. Thank you so much!

Julie Alexander

4 years ago

I would not recommend this place simply because of Dr. Ed Barnett. The rest of the staff are great. We have four fur babies. Our oldest is our chihuahua. 2 years ago she had her pelvis shattered. We didn't know at the time what had happened to her specifically but we knew she was severely hurt and needed emergency service right away. We called Brown, they have always been her primary vet and they agreed to see her right away. We rushed her in and they took her back to do x-rays. Soon after Dr. Barnett brought her back out to us and told us her pelvis was damaged beyond repair and our only option was to put her down. He was extremely cold and rude about it. My husband and I would not accept that answer, we took our baby and rushed her to a wonderful vet in Indianapolis that did emergency surgery on her. She is back to doing great!

Jodi McCoy

4 years ago

Dr. Brown is a fantastic vet and truly the best in Terre Haute!

Katie Marple

4 years ago

If I could give more than five stars, I would. We had an amazing experience this morning! To start, I wrote down the day of our appointment wrong so they called with my courtesy remind as we were getting ready to leave. I told them I had messed up and couldn't come in Monday when my appointment was and they told us to come in down anyway. They worked us in and we didn't wait more than 5 mins after paperwork. Our cat was yelling in her kennel; she always does. They gave us a pheromone towel to drape over her cage and she laid down and relaxed almost immediately! They were so professional and kind to our babies. Our dog had to get shots and her nails trimmed and blood drawn and she was in an amazing mood the whole time bc everyone was so kind!! I could rant forever about Brows Vet Clinic! Love love love!!

Leah Handley-Goodge

4 years ago

Staff is Extra Friendly! The Doctors here just guess! After $1500 on my Cat for pulling 2 teeth, he came back having 9 pulled. For Teeth!! He died 1 week later and that cost me bundle as well. This Dr. has gotten way to Large of a practice and the guessing game they play is cruel. We recommend BRATT. Quick in on time Appointments, Quick out with problem solved.. The Dr. at Bratt has been in Practice for Decades. No guessing diagnosis involved.

Matthew Johnson

4 years ago

They were extremely helpful and delightful to work with. I had a lot of questions and they were very patient and courteous. I can safely recommend them to any pet owner in Terre Haute.


4 years ago

Profits over pets...I will NEVER take my pets there again. They care more about getting paid then doing what we are charged for. But you can't tell them that.

The Honeycomb Channel

4 years ago

My bloodhound strained her ACL last week. We were so worried for her. Took her to Brown's Vet Clinic and they couldn't have been more professional and caring! Put her on a few medications for the swelling and she is almost back to normal a few days later. We will gladly switch our other two dogs over to them!


4 years ago

I am so happy I decided to get a second opinion after going to another vet. Dr Brown and her staff were absolutely wonderful! Turns out the vet misdiagnosed 2 of 2 problems my little pug was having. Dr. Brown almost immediately recognized what the issues were, one of which was a cancerous tumor. My baby lost half her foot to amputation. If I would have brought her to Brown Veterinary Hospital first, we wouldn't have had to amputate nearly as much of her foot. A week after her surgery and she's doing fantastic though. If you're looking for a family veterinarian in Terre Haute, I will never again go anywhere else. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Dr. Brown. You and your staff saved the life of my little girl, Kahlua. P.S. She loved all of the freeze dried liver treats!

Brandon Ringwald

4 years ago

Great staff Dr.Brown is awesome

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