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Jaynie Falduto

a year ago

The trainers are professional and they train your dog to deal with real life situations. They use a ton of distractions so your dog will learn to behave when it sees other dogs, people, food etc..

Angel Nieves

a year ago

Unbelievable skills training, and working with dogs

Stephanie Lehsten

a year ago

I really appreciate the work SFK9 did with my dog Duke. They were great with him at the board and train and very receptive to having follow up 1:1 sessions for me to get better at handling his reactivity. Duke was always so excited to roll up to the training facility. He’s probably sad we moved farther away and hasn’t see them. Thank you SFK9 for making walking Duke more enjoyable!

John Barry

2 years ago

The fantastic staff and great training program makes SFK9 the best choice for helping owners develop obedient and loving dogs

Lauren Grazzini

2 years ago

Our high energy puppy, Nala, has been a challenge since we got her in March. My husband and I worked so hard to train her but knew we needed additional help. Our girl completed an extended board and train with Nicole and we are so impressed with her progress. It has been wonderful to be able to walk her without her pulling and lunging at her triggers and seeing her respond well to the commands she was taught. We have more work to do but have the tools to do so thanks to SFK9!

leah ko

2 years ago

I cannot say enough great things about SFK9. Nicole, Sarah, Eddie and Jenny have all been wonderful with my adopted pittie Mac. I adopted mac over the summer and found that he needed a lot more help than I could give him. Some of his behavioral problems included poor obedience, sporadic aggression and some resource guarding. I was fortunate to have been referred to SFK9 who enrolled him in their 10 day board and train program ASAP. After almost 5 weeks Mac is now obedient and a joy to have at home. I have learned so much bout him and how to be the best owner for him. I also feel more comfortable and confident that i am able to continue his training properly with their weekly follow up lessons. I would use sfk9 100x over and will continue to recommend them to all my dog owning friends!


3 years ago

They are awesome. We just love how they care for our dog like their own!

Bradley Rahm

3 years ago

Great Knowledgeable and friendly staff!


3 years ago

Sfk9 dog training is great, we brought our dog Samson for the level one training and he was a completely different dog. He no longer pulls on the leash and he will stay anywhere until we release him. There is so much that he has learned thanks to sfk9. I’m really confused by some of the 1 star reviews on here, this is by far the lowest price for all training that I have seen when looking for a trainer. The staff was all very professional and friendly, they were all great with the dogs. Communication with the company was very easy, they got back to us very quickly and answered our phone calls every time

Lisa Gagliardi

3 years ago

We adopted Nala (Doberman mix) a year ago and up to this point, all her training was done by us. Sit, Stay, Come, Paw, High-Five, Find your Dad. etc. However, she was a hyper/energetic ball of fur that at times became hard to handle especially if it wasn't us handling her. We sent her to SFK9 for the Board and Train Program and she came back a different dog! Still our lovable and cuddly little girl BUT: - She is calm - Walking her is like walking a cloud - She has her jumpy moments (especially when she is excited to see us), however, (and we tested this after we picked her up at the pet store) she doesn't jump - She sits/lays and stays until we free her - Her climb command ???? (this literally might actually be life changing) - Eating meals is now a peaceful experience and there is no begging or attempts to grab off the table - Car rides are almost silent Nala completed her Training Program last night so I'm sure there is still more to explore with her and her training. However, I wholeheartedly and highly recommend SFK9. Worth every penny! We are already looking forward to sending Nala back for additional classes to get her ready for her CGC Test and Boarding while we go on vacation ❤️????

Kevin Hammond

4 years ago

We brought our 8-month-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Jade, to SFK9 in a last attempt to correct her behavior. We were at a point where we felt we had made a mistake in our breed selection and seriously considered putting her up for adoption. The results achieved by SFK9 are nothing short of miraculous. Prior to the board & train program at SFK9, Jade was largely confined to the kitchen and her crate. Any time she was given free rein in the house she was completely unmanageable. Jade would dart upstairs, steal socks and clothing, hide under beds — a general terror. In the kitchen she was stealing items from the kitchen counter, constantly taking hand towels and driving us to exhaustion. We felt horrible for crating her most of the day. We desired to be able to relax as a family in the evening, including having Jade present, but it simply was not possible. While she had basic manners from the PetSmart basic puppy class, she was still mouthy, defiant, and just barely obedient. We now have a dog that we can let roam around the house, who walks by our side, who sits, lays, and climbs on command all while staying in place until released. Jade demonstrates far more mental discipline and calmness now, coming into a bedroom to see what is going on and laying down on her own while life continues around her. She has gone from unmanageable to walk being by my side on a loose leash, watching me from time to time to see what I am doing. On our walks, we practice sitting and laying down at each intersection, where she calmly watches life around her, patiently waiting until I release her and continue our walk. Using the techniques taught by SFK9, we’ve been able to continue the training at home, now teaching Jade how to come with an implied sit by our side. There is simply no way I could have imagined this behavior from her prior to the board & train at SFK9. A tremendous thank you to Nicole, Jade’s trainer extraordinaire. Her demeanor, professionalism and strength were incredible. Seeing her at the end of the board & train effortlessly commanding Jade with obedient results elated the entire family. We had a changed dog! And lastly, thank you to Eddie for his continued engagement and on-going Q&A. He is prompt to respond to questions, gracious in his answers and runs a top-notch business at SFK9. I would jump at the opportunity for Jade to attend an advanced course with SFK9. If you’re on the fence about such a program, I highly recommend taking them up on their consultation offer. Watch the videos on their facebook page. The results are real. Thank you, SFK9!

Kimberly D. Crippen

4 years ago

He spent time w me and answered all my questions!

Nicholas .Girka

4 years ago

Concern sense real world training by a staff that is dedicated to you and your dog's success. They give you the tools to for a great relationship with your dog. Fantastic people!

Nicole Johnson

4 years ago

Congratulations! You’ve discovered the best dog training business to give your dogs a solid foundation for a lifetime of good behavior. SFK9 deserves the highest of praise for their amazing services. They give you the tools to be successful with your dogs, provide so much knowledge and understanding of canine behavior, and build your confidence to continue the training at home. We started with the 10 day Board & Train program, and followed it with the Intermediate level class. Nicole and Sara go above & beyond expectations to make the training process fun and easy to understand. Our then 12-month-old German Shepherd was fear reactive, and has now reached milestones we didn’t think possible: listening to commands with distractions, not barking at strangers who approach us, and being calm when meeting new people inside our home. We are so grateful and appreciative for their support and dedication to positive results.

Sana Arseven

4 years ago

Hands down the most unprofessional company I’ve attempted to work with.. for starters I have called NUMEROUS times with multiple voicemails to only get 1 return phone call 3 weeks later at 7pm on a Friday evening.. not sure if it is teenagers running the place but that is not how I am used to being treated. My concern is if you can be this negligent with a potential client how negligent are you with the dogs you care for.. people who care for dogs should be competent enough to return a phone call let alone run a business. Do not put your trust in a training facility that is this lazy.. there are plenty of rescues that appreciate a family wanting to adopt a dog & several training/boarding organizations that can manage the mundane task of returning a call let alone taking proper care of your babies

Joey W

5 years ago

I'm not sure where to begin with sfk9. First and foremost, if you're worried about leaving you fur babies with anyone, don't be. These people know their dogs! I have two shepherds and we had them trained at sfk9 even after they have been fully matured for awhile. We didn't think training would stick much but they worked magic! We recently boarded our dogs with sfk9 over the weekend, they gave our dogs a badly needed refresher for training. Again these people are outstanding! Its worth every penny and more. I promise.

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