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Kim Heldmann

2 years ago

We went looking for a kitten and was basically told because we have dogs they would only adopt out older cats. Our dogs have had a cat in the house as well as guinea pigs and hamsters we went elsewhere.

Bev Right

2 years ago

Unfortunately I could not submit an application online. There were errors and it said the website was unsafe. It's too bad because I really wanted to adopt a dog for my son!

S Shoo

2 years ago

I went to PAWS today to pick up a foster cat because I received an email from Susan Golan they needed a foster family. I drove from Rochelle to meet Sue, and she said, “Oh, I forgot you were coming...”. This is about the rudest treatment I have received. I had emailed back to her a few times asking about details, but never received a reply. My suggestion to PAWS. You need a management change. I’m sure Sue did great in establishing this humane society, but isn’t it time for a change? You need a manager who can communicate with people who love animals...

Greg Luna

2 years ago

Super friendly people and pets. Be ready to answer hard questions. Our little girl.

Jackie Pollack

2 years ago

A great agency. Great place to adopt from. $85 a kitten, vetted and spayed or neutered!!

Julie M

2 years ago

The shelter was very clean and the staff very helpful in helping me find a new kitten that would be a good match for other kitten at home.

Kalie Crain

2 years ago

Stealing peoples lost cats and calling them “strays” and won’t give back to their owners.

Jessica Taylor

2 years ago

Adopted a kitten that had just been “returned” and was given the wrong information on her. Whoever runs the Facebook page needs to be replaced - they post pictures of people for dropping off animals, asking for info so they can “prosecute to the full extent of the law.” Then when they receive backlash, they delete their posts. They are critical and judgmental, but never try to educate anyone on what the “right thing to do” is. Go elsewhere if you’re looking to adopt a pet.

Debbie Mastrangeli

2 years ago

My daughter found a momma and nine kittens. PAWS was able to take to take them in from the heat. Hopefully they will all be adopted. They were wonderful babies.

Pam G.

2 years ago

Great organization, easy process. I applied online and received an approval and appointment options within a few hours. We set a time and drove over--Paws is right by the Cherryvale mall. They are closed except for appointments, but they let us in the moment we arrived. They asked us what we were looking for since we hadn't specified, and they took us right to our new kitties. Fred and George, a couple of orange tabby brothers. We looked at the other cats and kittens, and there were some cute ones, but Fred and George were the ones. Highly recommend. You can tell all the cats were well cared for, and the paperwork and chipping process was smooth and fast. Took about 15 to 20 minutes once we decided which cats we were going to get. (Make sure you bring a pet carrier and a form of payment) Update...nearly a year later and we are fully obsessed wirh our gorgeous sweet boys. Thanks, PAWS!

Threat Level Midnight

2 years ago

Believe the bad reviews, do not adopt from this place. I had adopted a kitten there, he was only four months old, and he died the next day! Please people do not waste your money there.

Bailey Henry

2 years ago

Our cat child yara has been the absolute sweetest cat ever!! Couldn't thank paws enough for her! Ladies were sweet and helpful!

Frank Caniano

2 years ago

3 weeks ago we met Bella at Paws. Was impressed with the cleanliness of the facility and the care they showed the animals. We ended up adopting Bella . She is a great dog.

Kaylynne Gates

2 years ago

The volunteer that helped us was very nice & knowledgeable

Brad Bennehoff

3 years ago

Incredible!!! Very professional and worried about the adoption from both sides. Has to be right for both!

Karen Baxter

3 years ago

Wonderful people saving animals lives making a difference in our community . Adoption fees are awesome ! So thankful for PAWS ????

Ryan Smith

3 years ago

We adopted our dear Charley from here. There were some initial bumps in the road, but proper communication and education cleared up any issue. I see a lot of negative reviews, which may or may not have merit, but there are a lot of animals that need their love and care so any communication issues should be discussed with that in mind. They seem to truly love and care for the animals their and I would fully expect them to be the number one priority. They even let me borrow a carrier to bring my new family member home in.

Theresa Cooper

3 years ago

Looking to adopt have not yet but will for sure leave my opinion after

Chyna Coleman

3 years ago

I already paid my adoption fee and they wouldn’t answer the phone or the door and they’re open and the sign says I’ve been trying to get my kitty for 2 days now and they’re really hard to get in contact with. Don’t waste your time adopt somewhere else Initially I left two stars, but then the manager called my personal cell phone about my negative review instead of apologizing for the poor service on their end she was incredibly rude saying they “ would never have given us the kitten had they known I would leave this kind of review “ If I knew this was the kind of treatment and service I would’ve received I would’ve gone else where.

philip scudder

3 years ago

Staff is very friendly. We have adopted two puppies from there in the past and both have been excellent family pets.

Stacy Landon

3 years ago

I have recently been browsing all over different humane societies looking for a kitten, so when I found one at PAWS I was thrilled. But let me say this, they do NOT have an up to date Petfinder website, because I saw some kittens I was interested in, and emailed to ask about them (because not only is it not up to date, its also terrible, they give no information) in my email I asked how old the kittens were, and in return I got a very short, rude email saying 'they've been adopted' so I was surprised because it was still on their Petfinder. All in all I would say the people here seem very rude, and their website is terribly not updated

Deborah Florio

3 years ago

Help the animals who give so much to humans. They just need the love given back.

kathryn davidson

3 years ago

Wish I could work there to b with pets, I live in an apt can't afford to pay fees to have pet, and would love to foster mid to older cats. Here in rockford I don't see many stray s on streets I would take inside instead. Large dogs in my apt complex can't do much in cold weather

Rebecca Davidson

3 years ago

Very nice place. People were nice and helpful. We adopted an adorable kitten named Doug. He is the most adorable and sweet kitty I've ever had!

Kathy Roushey

3 years ago

They are fantastic! Clean facility, caring staff, everything I hoped it would be. Thanks, PAWS!

Klaus D

3 years ago

Very thorough to make sure you have the right fit with your adoption!

Mary Moritz

3 years ago

I adopted a Tortie cat from PAWs was told she was very shy. I was like she will be our basement cat and we shall respect her space. At first she would hid in the basement but slowly started coming upstairs. Now she is the absolute sweetest cat, asks for pets and even sleeps in the bed with us. She even bonded with a kitten we found off the street and they are best buddies. Best cat and perfect fit for our home. They are in the business to find forever homes for their animals, not of selling animals. Clean facility, where the volunteers care about the animals. Nice roomy cages for the cats. Dogs are in fosters homes instead of cages at the shelter so call ahead if you want to meet a dog.

Natalie Jordan

3 years ago

If you have a dog and want a cat, I suggest finding another shelter. We had an appointment, brought our dogs like we were asked and within five minutes we were driving away disappointed. Our dogs are young and excited. No aggression, they just were in a new environment surrounded by new animals. All we wanted was a room to calm our dogs down in. Reading other reviews, it appears that if you have a dog, do not come here for a cat.

tammy white

3 years ago

Darn covid.... they're NOT open to the public atm

Vanessa Phillips

3 years ago

Amazing people helping animals! Everyone is so nice and they do everything they can to help animals.

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