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Brad Hon

2 years ago

Not a very good experience at all I would not go there. I do not trust my pet going there

Tara Andrews

2 years ago

This group of vets truly love what they do. To be able to locate an avian vet in emergency after recent 1200 mile move and be seen instantly was a minor miracle. The care and compassion they would show my Ducky (Blue and Gold Macaw) was clear when we came through the door. And while our ending was not good their care ensured that his flight across the rainbow bridge was pain-free and quick at home in my arms. Thank you Auburn Animal Clinic so much for your help.

Melissa Pemble

2 years ago

Absolutely wonderful experience. Very friendly and knowledgeable. And I was in an out too.

Victoria Hart

2 years ago

I brought my chameleon in for a slight eye issue (something was in his eye), they didn’t know his gender, they couldn’t tell basic chameleon anatomy, they kept him for two days, they cut his nails which don’t grow back and didn’t tell me, and when I picked him Up they gave me a PETCO CARE SHEET (full of incorrect info). My chameleon was healthy with a minor issue when I brought him and since bringing him home he got COMPLETELY sick and passed away this morning. I’ve had conversations with others and even people with dogs and cats have had horrible experiences with this clinic making their pets sicker. The biggest mistake I could’ve made was bringing him here and I will never forgive myself for it. I’m a member of veiled chameleon central and have 100% correct husbandry, diets, and lighting. Do NOT take any animals to this clinic, it’s not worth the risk of not getting them back the same????

Cassie Leigh

2 years ago

Used to think highly of this place until they grossly misdiagnosed my ferret and killed him. Dont take your animals here unless you're ok with sub par work and no professionalism. Quoted me 200 to 300 and it was over 400. And he died. We are devastated.

Anthony Bongiorno

2 years ago

I brought my dog in because it had the runs she didn't look Examine her for the right diagnosis no tests were ran nothing and my dog died 2 weeks later the right

Chris W

2 years ago

Great place. I love coming here. I moved to kc and I refuse to go to any other vet and I travel here to see them.

jessica seehaver

2 years ago

both of these stars go to the receptionist Gabriella who was so sweet and helpful! whoever spoke rudely to her loud enough for me to hear in the phone though, what the heck? I decided to bring my girl elsewhere solely based on that. so Gabriella gave me a response she wasn't supposed to. it costs nothing to be kind, and to do it in such a way that the customer heard through the phone is completely unprofessional. Gabriella, I hope you have an amazing day where everyone is kind to you. auburn animal clinic, you get no stars.

Pharaohmarcus81 !!!

2 years ago

Service was kinda slow but was good

Sabrina Mae

2 years ago

For two weeks I’ve been trying to get my dog in to be seen this place was the only people that called me back even though I did not end up taking my dog there. They were the only ones that actually cared and said that they could get me in. And I’m not even one of their past customers! That’s huge and hard to come by these days!!

Serpents Exotics

2 years ago

What a amazing staff that cares for all animals including snakes. It's not easy finding a vet that works with Exotics. We are going to be taking all our animals here now!

Tammy Peltier

2 years ago

Wonderful staff wonderful my daughter had to take your hamster here to get a teeth trim and checked over set a wonderful tour thank you very much

Amber Stearns

2 years ago

Worst experience with staff Lack of communication Poor customer service Actually zero especially with faithful customers Will never recommend ever I have been blown off with appts because of lack of communication and poor customer service Very upsetting when I take time off of work to rush and get there early HAS HAPPEND MORE THAN ONE TIME ALSO VERY UNPROFESSIONAL TO GET UPSET WITH A CUSTOMER WHEN ITS ON THEIR BEHALF WE ARE OUTSIDE WAITING BECAUSE EACH TIME WE HAVE TALKED TO SEVERAL STAFF TREATED VERY RUDE

Angela Hanley

2 years ago

Called in because I had recently rescued a stray and needed to take him in to get his shots, exam, and neutering. Was quoted $350 initially just for the exam and nothing else then told it'd be $500+ minimum if anything was actually wrong - actual crack prices, I wasn't offered any assistance even though I stated I was low income. I checked with another vet and they only wanted $107 for neutering, the rabies vaccine, and exam.

Conisha Jefferson-Wooden

2 years ago

Great staff! Helpful informative and concerned, glad I chose them!!!????

Nancy Denk

2 years ago

She is a very good vet

G Douglas

2 years ago

I called up to the clinic to make an appointment I said I was Free Saturdays they told me they would call me back with an available time and never responded very bad customer service would not recommend at all

Laura M

2 years ago

We love Auburn Animal Clinic. The techs are all great. Dr. Holm is the busiest, most hard working woman I've ever met, yet she still cares. They make sure my dog is comfortable and very well taken care of.

Deanna Gayton

2 years ago

They really give my dog the TLC that he needs. They really care about your pets as much as you do about your pets

April Dunkin

2 years ago

Don’t know where to start on how thankful I am for Dr. Holm and her staff. I recently became a new “ goat mom” and yes I’m one of “those moms”. Panick over EVERYTHING! Doc and her staff know just the right words to calm me. And the care they’ve shown for my babies is phenomenal. Highly recommend this clinic. I think I’ve become the “crazy goat lady” to them haha

Liz Storck

2 years ago

I had the best experience with this Clinic, Dr. Holm is so compassionate and caring and so is the whole staff. I found 2 little kittens in my garage who needed medical attention right away. I called them at the spur of the moment and was not even a client there YET I am now. I told them the situation I was in and there was no hesitation on their part they said bring them in. They took such good care of these little guys and they didn't care how busy they were they made time and room to make sure they were taken care of. I was and am so grateful to the whole team. They work with you if you can not pay the whole bill also and are more concerned about the animal(s) being okay then they are about money and cost. I would recommend this Animal Clinic to everyone. Thank you so much for all your selfless work that you do for these sweet innocent animals everyday.

Matthew Thyne

2 years ago

Very helpful, nice staff. They helped me out in a bind with my cat's medication. Thank you!

Shirley Westendorf

2 years ago

They were so much help to me. I had to give up my 2 cats. I was a mess they understood what i was goinh thru and helped me so much. God bless them all. My cats are now in their forever home and happy

Diane Addison

2 years ago

They are like family to me and me dog, I Love all of them

Afton Thomas

2 years ago

The staff are very friendly and caring towards my fur baby!

RED Beal

3 years ago

Everyone in this office is wonderful and they all care.

christopher paredes

3 years ago

Went to get my dog Winston shots great staff and service doc is the best and thats the bottom line

Crystal Stratton

3 years ago

My dog was hit by a car. Skinned his foot off. Called after the emergency clinic told me to call here. The woman on the phone was extremely rude and told me "good luck" and hung up the phone.

Toni Giuffre

3 years ago

Everyone is amazing!! We needed to call the vet after hours and you could feel her true concern for our fur baby over the phone.

Carolina Trujillo

3 years ago

Awesome very good services ????

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