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William Jones

2 years ago

Adopted our pup from here last year. Process was great and we were able to take her home quickly!

Teri Gidwitz

2 years ago

A close friend volunteered to foster a pregnant dog for this rescue. She ended up delivering 10 puppies and housing all 11 dogs for over 9 weeks in a Chicago walkup apartment. For those who are not aware, fostering newborn puppies is a lot of work as they are not housetrained and although they are cute, they constantly make messes that require clean up, and multiple baths. Imagine that, times 10. She put her professional life on hold for a few weeks, foregoing income as the puppies needed near constant monitoring. My friend received little support from this rescue. Unlike most rescues I'm familiar with, they did not call her to check in on how she was doing and whether she needed anything. When she asked for help and/or supplies, they expected her to leave her home to travel to them, an hour away, rather than sending things to her. So she crowdsourced what she needed so that she could get it when she needed it without having to leave the puppies. They accused her of "drama." They promised her she would be able to adopt the mother dog and one puppy when she asked. But in the end, after she delivered the dogs as promised to the vet for spaying/neutering, they sent her a threatening email announcing they would not adopt any dogs to her and that if she tried to contact them they'd take legal action against her. And yet, they continued to use her photos to promote the puppies for adoption, without permission. I would avoid this rescue, for adoption, fostering volunteering, donation. Check their ratings at Charity Navigator and Great NonProfits - they are terrible, and now I have personal insight as to why.

Dragonbird Shawn

2 years ago

These heroes are amazing. Truly have the best interest of the animals at heart. Super sweet staf. I am so so thankful we were able to meet our Skyzer. They shared information freely and were very focused on making sure we had all the knowledge we needed to make our adoption a success. ???????? thank you!! Eta: Although our adoption did not go as planned, we still have great respect for this shelter. The girl we adopted just had some specific issues that could not be handled in our home. We did have to bring her back, and I am praying she finds the perfect home. She will be missed greatly.

Mary Ojohnson

2 years ago

Last year may I help raise 36.000 cause Wags2wishes was gonna close then 2months later her and fiancee open up a dog day Care (poundtownboardingandfaycare)in the same building then buy a motorcycle and take a 4,week vacation? Fishy huh? Now Terry Posts 7days ago the same thing? Going to raise 20.000 can't believe my eyes I should have read all the reviews on this place and you should too at Google reviews and Yelp and greatnonproffits.org before thinking to donate don't

Mary Wilson

2 years ago

People read reviews from Great non for profits before making a choice to donate to wags2wishes PLEASE!!!!

Jay Mullin

2 years ago

We adopted our first puppy here and everything was great. We went to adopt another one a year or so later and had a terrible experience. The dog we wanted still had to be checked out by a vet but we were assured that if there was any health issues that blocked us adopting we would get our money back. Well the dog was much older than thought and had to have all of her teeth removed. My wife and I were heart broken as we could not give her the needs she needed. After many calls to the shelter and promises an owner or manager would call us back, they never did. Never refunded our $400. Nothing. I can not recommend this shelter. We are very upset about this entire situation. Prior to this we even made a large donation in lei of wedding favor at our wedding and other family members have made large donations in the past. I wish i could give it 0 stars.

James Lockhart

3 years ago

Wags is the best to adopt a good quality rescue dog,top #1

Cheryl Lucius

3 years ago

They help a lot of needy animals.

Jim Gazvoda

3 years ago

Worst experience ever for us, dishonest, lack of integrity and plenty of excuses to cover up their internal communications issues ! We would suggest one be very careful using this service and check references before contacting them. Our application was approved, dog selected & scheduled for pick up, and we traveled over 2 hours to pick the dog up yet they sold it the day before.

Debbie Knutson

3 years ago

Excellent is all I can say. Loved everything about this place, and the people that work there, very kind. Not to say I love my new puppy, Charley. Application process very easy, as well.

Craig Mohler

3 years ago

The staff was very friendly and clearly care about the well-being of the dogs. Also, the foster family for the puppy that we adopted was terrific. The facility was clean and all appropriate Covid-19 safety measures were followed. I highly recommend Wags 2 Wishes if you are looking to add a furry friend to your family.

Ashley Medows

3 years ago

Was very happy hopefully we will be able to adopt a fur baby soon!!

Angelic Savant

3 years ago

Many of the animals don't look clean, and from what I've seen, at least a few STOLEN pets are being sold. Do not give these people a single dollar or minute of your time. Wish I had listened to the bad reviews instead of the ones they paid to add.

Evan Hartley

3 years ago

Some body i know voulenteers there

John Daniels

3 years ago

Ya that's what I wanna do adopt a dog from a place that is asking for more donations! And your asking for more donations where's the 38 thousand??

Michael Navarro

3 years ago

Great place. Staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful. You rescued our dog here.

Michael P. Hill

3 years ago

Great organization and volunteers. Clean and well kept. Genuinely focused on getting dogs the right forever home. So thankful for their work and for bringing Pippa (Yin) into my life.

Kim Copeland

4 years ago

They were great in helping us find the right puppy

Benjamin Alvarado

4 years ago

Sorry Sorry Sorry. Great dogs, Quality establishment, and Best staffed. Sorry Sorry Sorry.

Brian Zloch

4 years ago

This is a poorly ran shelter. The girl with the blue and black hair at the front desk is rude and has a bad attitude. When reading other reviews, it seems sad that the staff is the main hindrance to finding these dogs a good home. The staff is doing a serious disservice to thess dogs. No one appreciates being talked down. When trying to find a dog a new home. I hope you feel proud blue hair.

Brieanna Braat

4 years ago

Do not even bother with this rescue! They are extremely disingenuous. I applied to adopt and they emailed me back to provide information on my current animals. I did this, I showed them how my animals are extremely loved and cared for, including having my aunt who is a vet contact them. They then told me things I needed to do so that I could get a visit with the dog that I applied to adopt. I went through unnecessary costly hoops, for both of my animals, in an extremely timely manner, just to not even get a visit. My aunt has been taking care of my feline and he has had all necessary vaccines. I have been told by a multitude of vets that rabies vaccines are unnecessary for indoor cats, I went ahead and got it for the cat anyway, because the rescue said it was needed. They have come back with multiple excuses why I’m not the right pick, and that they have moved on to other applicants. I am beyond devastated.

Danniele Carli

4 years ago

I got the most wonderful loving sheltie you could ever ask for

Don Carston

4 years ago

We paid for a dog. Then were supposed to come in on a Saturday. They were the ones who set up a time. On our arrival we were told the rescue is closed. The volunteers would not give us an explanation on why we could not take the dog. We waited 45 minutes for a manger to tell us, a sick dog was brought in a week ago and no dogs could go out for 7 to 10 days. That means we were In the kennels and they were adopting dogs out that day. WE WERE NEVER INFORMED THAT WE COULD NOT PICK UP THE DOG. They never even tried to contact us to inform us of the situation. They were being evasive.

Doug Zeitlin

4 years ago

Great rescue, great staff. I love my doggy from W2W

Gary Talaska

4 years ago

Web rescued Addie from them, a very nice and dedicated group of folks.

Gene Hosletter

4 years ago

I adopted my little LeBron here he is so so happy and I am to

Gina Taylor

4 years ago

They refused to let me adopt a dog because I had 8 week old kittens that weren't fixed....

Jean H

4 years ago

Great people knowledgeable funny and reliable

John Hoyt

4 years ago

This place is absolutely the best place to adopt you next pet.these people care about the animals, and they are taking care of them with tons of love.every one that works with this place has nothing but lots of love!!!!

John Machulis

4 years ago

We went W2W yesterday to visit Aria a Tibetan Terrier mix and found our new companion. Nice people doing a great job rescuing dogs.

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