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Vickie Allen

a year ago


Eric Blatti

a year ago

They performed TPLO surgery on my dog, and did a terrific job.

Justin Jarmus

a year ago

My girlfriend and I brought our rescue dog here and saw Dr Marion. Wow what a rude and disrespectful person. All we wanted is to get him(dog) heathy. Not hear about his education and where he went to school and his physique..this place only sees animals as $$$$. Not the well being of an animal. Take your business somewhere else.

kev hed

a year ago

What a great clinic. Took our cat there twice and saw Dr. Marion each time. He is awesome and great with animals (and people) and has a very calming demeanor. The vet techs are the best too. We had to put our cat down and Dr. Marion and the tech made the process very tolerable and dignified. So happy we use Riverview and highly recommend them.

Anilija Kastrati

a year ago

Took great care of my little dog!! Staff and Dr. were very kind and thorough with explaining everything. 10/10 recommend coming here. Also beautiful looking clinic

Beth Daly

2 years ago

My newfies have been going here for over 6 years but its very frustrating trying to be seen in under a month. My older one gets frequent UTI's and Im told this morning that they cant see her and to try again tomorrow or go to emergency in Aurora ( who we've never seen) at double the cost. A simple urinalysis should and can be done quickly but instead they'd rather send me elsewhere or wait for an opening, very disappointing. This is the third time Ive been told she cant be seen.... Maybe its time for a new vet ****Update: I called this morning and was helped by Megan who squeezed me in, whewww. I truly appreciate her understanding my situation and Dr. Marion spent more time w my old newfie than I expected Turns out she was had several issues going on. Thank you Dr. Marion for seeing us, getting her the treatments and understanding !!

scott and jennifer hendershot

2 years ago

1st time there and absolutely amazing service and staff!!!

John Naughton

2 years ago

Pricey but they take good care of our dog so worth it

Willie Kim

2 years ago

Phenomenal! Always taking care of our dogs and they do a great job! The doctor is always detailed in explaining and prices are reasonable. They even manage to make appointments last minute! Highly recommend. We have 3 dogs and at times it’s hectic.

Dave Lombardi

2 years ago

Literally the best Vet one could find. Wish they were we're my personal Primary Care Provider!

Kim R

2 years ago

Highly recommend! Katie, Sherry, Vanessa and Dr Marion were all amazing! Felt so confident trusting them with our 6month old fur baby! Thank you for taking such good care of Casey!

Kerry Bryant

2 years ago

They were so compassionate and caring. I had to put my best friend down. 22 years he was in my life. And they made everything so easy and were so kind. They even sent a card that everyone signed in the mail that had his little footprints on paper. They are an amazing group that cares!

Kelsi Schrock

2 years ago

Just tried calling and they picked up and hung up on me ???? tried calling back a couple times, now won’t answer. Have an ear emergency for my pup. Awesome ????

Frances Okrei

2 years ago

We never did receive treatment at Riverview. We got there 5 minutes after close time. Staff and vets were all still there. They were going to charged $175 emergency fee just to look at our dog. The girl at the front desk was very rude. So we left.

Eric Grimes

2 years ago

Great people to have for your pets needs

Dan Grigas

2 years ago

First time experience. The ladies there that I spoke and dealt with were thorough, professional, and genuinely care about the animals. I couldn't be happier with my initial experience. Shari, in particular, was wonderful and personable. Thank you!! I look forward to more pleasant encounters.


2 years ago

After two expensive visits to the Emergency Vet, and crazy expensive test recommendations without a clear diagnosis or treatment plan, Dr. Schifo’s experience gave us what we needed within hours. She had a hunch and while waiting for the test results from an out of state laboratory, had several recommendations to keep our dog comfortable. Her treatment plan was spot on. I am not sure my dog would have gotten better without her experienced care.

Jose Zavala

3 years ago

I would like to thank the staff and vets for their services. They demonstrated that they cared for the health of our seven presa Canario pups. They were very kind and very knowledgeable of what services they provided and prices where very affordable. I definitely recommend them to my family and friends. Thanks again and many blessings!

Adam Faulkner

3 years ago

Sigh......had some really good care and experiences here until the last. Unfortunately was charged a fee that I was not made aware of prior to and during the visit for them signing off on a certificate that I brought in (seriously 5 mins to sign off on vaccinations, sign and stamp). This is on top of choosing to get my dog vaccinated a month early by them before relocating to give them the business and they still chose to get an extra $75 from me after I had just spent $500. When called back to discuss my disappointment on this undisclosed charge I was met with a “too bad so sad we are not refunding you” (figuratively speaking). So again just a disappointing way to end this relationship.

Alex Patula

3 years ago

Dr. Marion called me himself to force us to remove 2 of our 4 dogs from his client list because we chose to move the other 2 of 4 to another veterinarian. We switched off of his services because his clinic refused to provide my diabetic dog his prescription of insulin without an annual wellness check. This would be a fine request if my dog wasn't just there within the last 8 weeks for testing related to his diabetes. This seemed like a huge inefficiency and waste of my money. This was just 1 instance of problems like this. The other dog that was switched was because Dr. Marion's partner suggested additional testing that was not needed based on "rapid weight loss." We brought this dog in for what we thought was a UTI (turned out to be just that) and the doctor pushed for additional testing based on the dog's rapid weight loss. The problem I had was they were basing that decision off data from a year ago, how can it be rapid if the newest number you have is a year old? Again, this would be a reasonable request if it weren't for us bringing the dog there multiple times within the last year. They always check the dogs' weight and they are supposed to log it. They did not log it and then tried to push additional testing based on the poor data collection of their clients. I refused the additional testing, turned out to be a UTI, they provided antibiotics and her prescribed thyroid medication. The following month we went to refill the thyroid prescription and they refused without additional testing. This WAS a reasonable request as her last test for her thyroid was a year ago. However, they also required an annual wellness check even though she was just there. This clinic will fix your pets' problems; but, they are going to try and charge you for everything they can if you let them. This isn't malicious (it seems), it's poor communication and poor business practices. Last note, we have asked multiple times to speak to Dr Marion directly about treatments and our pets' visits (Multiple different instances) and received nothing. Yet, when he found out we switched 2 of 4 of our dogs off his service, he made time to call directly to give us the boot. They may know everything there is to know about how to fix the animals they service; but, they do not know how to run their business effectively and its costing their customers money. So, we switched the 2 and are now being forced to switch the other 2. And we have already received better service and treatment right down the street. If you're a customer of his, just always ask and check your itemized receipts. I am a long time pet owner and have been to multiple vets over the years and until now, I never felt it necessary to warn others about business's practices. Good luck.

Becky Brooks

3 years ago

We have been seeing Dr Marion for about 5 years for our Westie Millie and previously for our senior cat. The office is not crowded, and appts are not overbooked so we have never had to wait long. The staff is friendly and I feel the prices are fair. The doctor spent plenty of time with us discussing her health. Our cat was very old and had multiple issues. Dr. Marion was easy to work with and helped me for a couple years until it was time to say goodbye to Tinkerbelle. This process is always difficult but he was compassionate and professional. With my dog he has been great. We are raw feeders and do not use pesticides. He did not give me a hard time about the raw diet, like I have gotten from other vets. He gave me info on pesticides but was not pushy about them, and respected my wishes to not use them. Also he is great with vaccines. We had a dog previously who had terrible reactions so needless to say I was a bit worried. Dr Marion put her on a schedule so she gets one shot every three years, and another one also every three years but never in the same year. Her other shot is annual along with a nasal vaccine. We do that a few months later and also do her heartworm test at that time since we do not use pesticides. He also taught me how to lessen the chances of a reaction by pre and post medicating with benedryl. We are very happy to recommend Riverview Vet Clinic and Dr. Marion.

Christine Alcorn-Catena

3 years ago

I have been with Drs. Marion and Schifo since before this practice. They have cared for numerous family pets and the pets of those I have referred. I raise rescue dogs, cats and horses. At no time have I ever felt ignored, overcharged or neglected. I am a partial raw feeder, and while I know Dr. Marion does not care for the practice, I am never shamed or questioned. They are both eager to share knowledge, show test results, make follow up calls and explain options. Their staff are friends, invested in my family and always eager to help when something is wrong. Reading through some of these reviews, I cannot imagine there isn't some underlying issue the writers ignored to mention. Dr. Marion has performed 6 surgeries on my dogs; Dr. Schifo diagnosed atypical perfungum and Addison's on another, and they have always been consummate professionals as well as friends. Currently they are helping me through the hospice care of my best friend. While we all know what the outcome will be, I can't imagine going through it with any other staff.

heather zielinski

3 years ago

I absolutely love this office! Every single employee here is so knowledgeable and kind. Both doctors are phenomenal. We see Dr Schifo more often because our Boxer has lots of allergy issues. Dr Schifo literally saved Lunas life. Luna got into some medication that almost killed her. Dr Schifo went above and beyond for Luna and saved her. Dr Schifo came in early, stayed late, and calmed me too. She was also considerate of our finances, and helped me to learn how to properly monitor Luna at home. As long as I have a pet, I will be a customer of Riverview. And kudos to the rest of the staff there too, always kind and love my Luna ????

Karen Massengill

3 years ago

Dr Schifo is the best

Rae T

3 years ago

Drs Schifo and Marion are the best!

Robert Cooper

3 years ago

I was visiting my sister in law over the weekend and my dog Chester was having trouble with his allergies. Dr. Schifo was so kind to see us, being we were not clients of the clinic. We live in Chicago. Upon arrival, Dr. Schifo did a full exam on my dog, and recognized every lump and bump my dog had and understood all his allergy issues. I was so impressed with her knowledge. She also informed me me that what i was feeding my dog was not a good food for his health, as it was grain free . I walked away knowing so much more than I ever had about my dog. I cannot say enough about her and this clinic. She also explained about my dogs allergies to me and what other things I can do to help him. I plan to come to see her more often when I come to the suburbs. Thank you for everything.

Serghei Tarasenco

3 years ago

The worst clinic ever!! Don’t care about your pet, just about your money!! They did castration to our cat, and cat got infection during this operation. we came back after a week with very sick cat. Cat had fluid in lungs and had hard breathing. They charged us $250 for visit and said that we did something with our cat, and they cannot help us!! Doctor(!!!) of this clinic said she has no idea how fluid could be in lung!!! I got the University degree, and I’m not another stupid customer!! They don’t want to take any responsibilities for their mistakes!!! They forward us to the emergency clinic to spend tons of money. We went to another Vet clinic for another opinion, and Vet said that cat got postoperative infection and need antibiotics. thanks to another vet clinic our cat survived. Never use this clinic if you want a healthy pet!

Victoria V

3 years ago

Horrible doctors! And sky-hight prices!!! Be aware of this clinic!!

Estefany Mena

3 years ago

The afternoon desk lady shows no welcoming attitude, doesn’t make eye contact & feels rushed to get you to leave. I’d rather go in the morning where there are nicer employees

Dave Meekins

3 years ago

The doctors here are amazing. Super service. My dog had 2 torn acls and they did surgery for both.

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