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Meghan Nygren

2 years ago

Dr. Pete and the whole team are always ready to help and so generous with their time and attention. Thank you!

Adam Bertacchi

2 years ago

Very friendly staff and owner!

Linda Kedroski

2 years ago

Dr. Judy is the best!

Marilynn Stone

2 years ago

I have been taking my pets there for many years. They are very caring and do a great job.


2 years ago

Don’t know where to begin, this is the worst most disrespectful animal hospital we have even encountered. Mary who answers the phones and is the face of the office is disgustingly rude, which seems to be a common comment in reviews, which doesn’t make us feel any better. I could see if it was a one off bad day things but it is EVERY time we call!! Every time….you have a sign in your door that disrespect will not be tolerated, laughable, did Mary put that up. Dr Cole is wonderful, and in the beginning so was Dr Pete, but over time he has proven to be condescending, downright rude, and offers very little in the way of explanation when something is wrong with the pet. Scolding us for sending records or examples of why we need appointments via email, as he doesn’t “diagnose” with pictures, no one ever asked you to, just trying to get our dogs in during an emergency! Not our fault that your office can’t seem to upload documents sent, so you don’t have the correct information in your system!! Only allows appointments after the staff make the request direct to Dr Pete, and interestingly enough it’s been three weeks since our last request for an appointment with no reply or response to voice mails left. Do yourself a favor, go elsewhere, we have given this place several opportunities to change the behaviors, and every time we regret going back. You don’t get to treat customers the way you do and think you will retain them!


2 years ago

We are overwhelmed by Dr. Pete. Saw him many moons ago at Wright. Was the best. He left and we lost touch and found he was in Palatine recently. we found him. Words cannot describe how wonderful Pete is. Compassionate, kind, thorough are just a few of many words to describe Pete. The other employees are wonderful and knowledgeable. The assistant during our visit, WONDERFUL. I guarantee no other vet anywhere can ever compare. Thank you so much for your wonderful self.

Robyn Mendelsohn

2 years ago

Rand Rd is excellent! I have taken my dogs here and fosters when I have them. Very knowledgeable and caring. Clearly do what's best for the animals.

Sonia Ivanov

2 years ago

Dr.Peter Lysakowski and his staff are amazing! Great service, kind and considerate!

Michelle Mallon Jenkins

2 years ago

Nothing short of miracle workers, doctor and staff were able to develop a treatment plan and operate on my dog who had severe dental disease I was afraid to treat due to a heart murmur. Incredibly compassionate and caring.I highly recommend them, I trust them completely with my baby Princess.

judy jones

2 years ago

I am not one to leave reviews because I know that everyone has bad days, but after contacting this hospital multiple times throughout this year, I have always had a poor experience. The woman who works at the front desk seems to always be rude or condescending when I ask questions instead of listening to concerns and questions thoroughly. I have contacted the office for the same issue around 4 times this year with little results. I would change vet offices sooner if it were not for the extra fees and pet history to finish with my pet's current diagnosis.

Todd Wilson

2 years ago

Dr. Peter and all the staff, from the technicians to the receptionist are so great. They are welcoming, helpful and a credit to their fields. They saved my dog Bella’s life. Bella had developed a tumor on her abdomen that became huge. The veterinarian that I had previously been taking Bella to took a lackadaisical approach and when the tumor grew and began to ulcerate, just referred us elsewhere. We became aware of Rand Road Animal Hospital after a family member, had their dog run over by a horse. Their dog was severely injured and disfigured as it’s face, jaw had multiple fractures. Dr. Peter took care of their dog and reconstructed it’s face , jaw . The dog is doing well now. So we decided to take Bella there. Dr. Peter informed us of Bella’s condition and all the different aspects of her having surgery. He immediately instilled confidence in us that Bella was in good and competent hands. Dr. Peter was very proactive and the surgery was scheduled. Bella recovered wonderfully from her surgery Dr. Peter is a brilliant surgeon.


2 years ago

The staff at the hospital are very helpful and courtesies and are very good with patrons animals

Debbie Paneral

2 years ago

Dr. Peter is always very nice and quick to return phone calls. He personally calls with test results. We've been seeing him for a couple of years and always very happy.

David Woods

2 years ago

The Doctors here have help me for 25+years with 3 dogs

James MacPhail

2 years ago

This was by far the best vet visit we’ve ever experienced! The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to make our dog feel comfortable. We left with a thorough explanation of our treatment plan. They truly care and it shows, we will definitely be recommending them to everyone we get a chance to!

Jayne Ellis

2 years ago

Rand Road Animal Hospital re-arranged their busy schedule to see us between surgeries-same day! They took very good care of my injured dog and were so thorough and professional. I am very grateful to Dr. Pete and his staff for making time for us. The visit put my mind to rest. He even hand carried my dog to the care after the appointment.

Joan H

2 years ago

Very professional and friendly people, also convenient location. They were able to accommodate our cat last minute for a week! He was well fed, happy and cared for.

Kathy Sherry

2 years ago

Dr Pete and Dr Judy care about their patients and their owners. We had an emergency today and Dr Pete went out of his way to fit us into his already very busy schedule so my dog WALT could get the medicine he needed to feel better. Thank you Dr Pete and Rand Animal hospital for taking such good care of us. We appreciate it.

Myra Rodriguez

2 years ago

Dr. Pete and his staff are wonderful. They treat these animals like they are their own. I can't say enough good things about them.

Cyndi Anderson

2 years ago

We were forced to use this place due to our pet being an adoptee from a local shelter and she needed to be spayed. Granted we should have read the certificate that the bloodwork was not included and we needed to pay at the time of drop off. We dropped off our pet and they keep her hostage inside while the office staff comes outside to the car and completed the paperwork. “Due to Covid” the office isn’t open (?) strange since the whole state is in phase 5. First red flag was when we were told that the vet needed to speak to us as were we dropping off our pet. As pet owners for decades that has never once happen. As my spouse and I anxiously waited, worrying about what could this meeting be about since out pet is still inside… captive. The vet approaches asking us “have you both received your shot”? We answer “Yes”. Dr Peter precedes to tells us by using SHOCK & FEAR sentences that our pet needs additional services and that it would cost extra. I reply that our own vet will be meeting our pet 10days after she is spayed and we will be talking about our pets health needs then. Makes sense right? With our own vet whom we trust and have an established relationship with. That is when DR Peter becomes offended, insecure, defensive and short tempered and screams at me saying “this isn’t Burger King with a drive thru window”. My obvious retort was “of course it’s not because I could read the sign of your building”. Once Dr Peter knew he couldn’t manipulate us into upselling and up charging extra services that WE DID NOT WANT he threatened to cancel the spay surgery stating he was “short staff due the pandemic”, I of course said we were never notified of this and I would have to contact the shelter. Dr Peter changed his tuned apologizes and offered to “throw in the $78 bloodwork fee”. He also kept saying his main focus was “her safety and her health” in a very threatening and manipulating way. By this point we just wanted to leave but as circumstances had it we had to continue the process. I received the call that my pet was well at noon PLUS WITHOUT OUR AUTHORIZATION DR PETER ALSO REMOVED AN EYE CYST & TRIMMED HER NAILS. He got the last say of upselling and upcharging without our consent. I only gave this place 1 star because my pet is alive sitting next to me right now. For a vet to be so insecure and defensive when I mentioned my own vet is sad, pitiful and frankly an embarrassment to the Vet Hospital! To conclude, we didn’t get the credit of the $78 as we’re told and our pet received services that were unauthorized from us the pet owners and DR Peter got short tempered with a customer once I mentioned another vet. So why would i recommend this place??

Heidi Gotsch

2 years ago

I have been involved with this hospital for 20 plus years with all of our animals. Dr.Halverson (retired he was the best) and Dr. Judy Cole are two of the finest people I have ever known, then Dr. Pete came aboard. Skeptical at first because you really trust these people with your babies lives, he became trusted to me almost immediately. Not only does he know his business, he is a highly skilled surgeon. I trust him with my “kids” lives which is the highest honor I can give. He “gets “ that a fur baby parent has so many anxieties when they are ill. He treats your pet as if it is his pet. You will not be disappointed if you trust this animal hospital and the people associated with it. They care. They follow up. One of my girls just had a pretty serious surgery and he has called me twice already to check up on her. PERSONAL SERVICE is key. I am grateful for them and you would be too.

Danielle Lofendo

2 years ago

Dr. Pete, does and exceptional job and takes care of my baby as one of his own. I highly recommend Rand road animal hospital. Staff was excellent and very helpful. :)

Andrea Owens

2 years ago

I will not be bringing my dogs back here. We were informed after the fact what the treatment for my dog's allergies would be. They did not consult us at all before administrating a steroid. We would not have allowed that form of treatment, as now my dog is having reactions to the steroid, & I can't do anything about it except wait it out until it leaves his system. They also charged us for other products without at all consulting us over the phone, as they are still not allowing the owners inside with their pets. The whole experience feels underhanded and sneaky, like they don't care at all about animals, just making more money off of unsuspecting patients. They also sent home antibiotics for my other dog without having him brought in for a check up, but we're instructed to give it to him on the slight chance he had an infection from a tick. I'm not favorable of giving anyone medicine if they haven't even been seen by the doctor. Or is antibiotic resistance just not a thing anymore? I'm extremely disappointed with how the visit went, it seems the regard for the owner's opinions & preferences of treatment are absolutely zero.

Alejandra M

2 years ago

I think I could get better service.


2 years ago

Very professional and efficient. I would like to thank Dr. Peter for everything he’s done. Would certainly recommend this office for anyone looking for a place that treats your pet like their own.

Pam P

2 years ago

We've been trusting Dr. Pete with our pets for over 25 years! His compassion and care for our pets has been unwavering and he is always honest and informative about any treatments or procedures he recommends so that we can make an informed decision about our pets' care. He recently did an extremely difficult surgery removing a large mass on our little dog, who is now recovering at home. He's helped cure our guinea pig's bladder infection and even helped with our iguana's skin condition. Not sure where we would go if he ever retires! The staff at Rand Road Animal Hospital is kind and considerate and willing to answer your questions or find someone who can, if they cannot. I would highly recommend Dr. Pete and his staff if you are looking for a quality, caring vet for your pet!


3 years ago

I wouldn’t even give this place any stars, honestly I don’t know how y’all got good rating. I am extremely mad at this place. I went here hoping I would get answers for my pet’s skin issue and all the medicines that they gave me worked for a short period of time ( I followed everything they had told me), eventually my pets skin issue came back. I went there again and they told me that they THINK my pet had arthritis and they sold me medicine to “treat it” they DID NOT do any tests on him to confirm he had arthritis. I felt they took advantage of me, I’m extremely disgusted and I will never be coming back again to this place nor will I recommend it. My pet doesn’t have arthritis, he has allergies that caused his skin issue, it’s been confirmed by a vet and now he’s under treatment. His new vet did what this people were supposed to be do before giving out random medicines.

Robert Murray

3 years ago

Amazing people!! Thank you so much!

John Shadel

3 years ago

Ever since finding this place 10+ years ago, I have not gone anywhere else and will never. Dr. Pete is the greatest and the staff is very helpful and accommodating. I have recommended Rand Rd Animal Hospital to all of my friends and family members.

Kyle Hilbert

3 years ago

this is Autumn she was a "grand kitten" of my first cat maple. loved her very much the last 14yrs she got cancer bad. Had to get surgery she recovered very well gave me 1 more year with her untill it came back with a vengeance. I will miss her dearly

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