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Ross H

2 years ago

Dr. Brunswick has shown real care for my cats and provided great insight.


2 years ago

They took in an injured goose we found. Thank you!!!

Meg Brewer

2 years ago

Between family pets growing up and my own pets now as an adult, I’ve been using Dr Brunswick’s office for 25+ years. I always appreciate his down to earth, straightforward answers. He is also willing to go the extra mile when needed! For example, a few years ago, we had a very sick kitty. Dr Brunswick went in after hours, on his day off, to try one last thing to try to turn things around. I appreciate the care he provided, the extra effort, and the honest guidance on knowing when it was time to make hard decisions. Thank you for taking wonderful care of our animals!

T.J. Grossen

2 years ago

In response to your rude comment, they did tell me that it was an infection caused by the spay procedure. I love how you have both of our phone numbers on file, yet get defensive and claim all of the bad comments and reviews need to be “taken down”. It’s not my fault you’re a horrible veterinarian who doesn’t know the proper ways. In my opinion, this place needs to be shut down. If you have any problems, you are more than welcome to call me directly and discuss this over the phone. Imagine being a keyboard warrior without even admitting you’re the problem. You also recommended another bunny to be put down as he was dying, and taken to the UIUC and they admitted you gave him the wrong medication, and he was not going to die. Again, please don’t operate a veterinarian office if you don’t know how to properly spay a rabbit. Please call me if you have anything else you’d like to discuss. Please DON’T bring your pets here.

Linda T.

2 years ago

Dr. Brunswick is a wonderful veterinarian who cares deeply about his patients. My cats have had some complicated health issues over the years, and Dr. Brunswick has always taken the time to accurately diagnose their medical conditions. His wife, Susan, does an amazing job as the practice manager. His veterinary technician, Trisha, is extremely bright and capable. I highly recommend Brunswick Animal Hospital to anyone who has a pet!

Kelly Griffin

2 years ago

I set up an appointment to have my 7-8 month old dog spayed. When my husband dropped her off he was told she would have to stay over night for observation. I am hands on involved in hundreds of spay/neuters every year and am well aware of the process and Something didn’t seem right. So I called and was told it was for observation and when I asked if someone would be there throughout the night I was told no . So who was going to observe my dog if no one was there ? And what if there was an issue , then what ? I offered to get her at the close of business and they did not want to do the surgery if she couldn’t stay over night. Their required policy of “overnight for observation” is nonsensical if no one is there to observe. I contacted 3 other local vet offices simply to inquire and none requires an overnight stay if surgery goes as planned. I’m glad I got her out of there. We are scheduled elsewhere . I drop off at 8:00 and pick up at 3. I won’t even go into the attitude of whom I spoke with … it’s clearly noted in the other reviews. Steer clear. Run your business ? Lord, your response completely validates why we left.

Paula Miller

2 years ago

Kind staff, easy to work with, and affordable!

Ted Richey

3 years ago

Well his wife who answers the phone every time is quite rude to me and even down right mean to me I hate even going into his office for anything or even calling I don't want to get into anything else but if the next I have to go in for anything for my animals I can hopefully get everything resolved I really don't know what I did to make her so very angry and mean towards me and my family

Steven Michaels

3 years ago

One of the ladies that answers the phone acts like everything you ask is a burden. She is very "snappy". Not very professional for a receptionist.

Rebecca Willmitch

3 years ago

Very friendly and intelligent, great people to trust your animals with!

Mel Lunny

3 years ago

An old-school veterinary experience. Takes care of all sizes of animals (from the goats I've seen wandering the hall at times). Always able to get us in quickly, explains everything in detail. And all at a more affordable price than anywhere else we've been.

Lon Nicole

3 years ago

Just called looking for a second opinion on my bearded dragon’s condition because I saw a listing for this animal hospital which said they “see and treat exotic pets”. When I asked about this, I got snapped on by the woman who answered the phone, who simply told me I would need to “go to the University of Illinois if I wanted that”... during pandemic times. After an awkward silence in which I said a stunned “thanks, I guess”, she basically hung up on me. Extremely rude and unprofessional, and they will not be receiving any new patients from me. Save some time and find a compassionate vet who employs people who actually care about animals. ///// Editing as response: the Doctor’s answer below was far more kind and informative than the person who answered the phone. No, she did not mention the pandemic, that is why that part of the sentence was not in quotes. However, the doctor who responded failed to quote was the part of the conversation when I explained to her that I misused the term specialist and was just looking for someone local with some experience with reptiles, and was met with what seemed like annoyed silence as opposed to any of the actually helpful information which he provided below. What I meant my “basically hung up” was that she was clearly ready for the conversation to be over without assisting me or providing information in the way I had hoped for. I called looking specifically for local help because we are in a pandemic and I’m obviously trying to limit travel. I’m not trying to get anyone in trouble, but I’m also not trying to see a vet whose phone is answered by someone who doesn’t seem to care about concerned pet owners and potential patients when they call. I did call the U of I South Clinic, and *they* were extremely kind, helpful, and informative - the first time. Upped this to two stars for the Doc responding below, but wish I could have just had those helpful answers when I originally called.

Laura Kneipp

3 years ago

Dr. Brunswick has been my vet for over 30 years. He has been absolutely wonderful and I can't imagine taking my animals to anyone else.

Brianna Martie

3 years ago

De.Brunswick and his wife have been amazing every time we take our three pets for checkups and shots.

Brad Heiken

3 years ago

Dr. Brunswick, Susan, and their staff are absolutely amazing! We have used Brunswick Animal Hospital for our dogs growing up and our current dog now (25+ years total). They always treat our dogs with compassionate care at the clinic, and have been available to answer our questions/concerns over the phone after hours. Dr. Brunswick is extremely knowledgeable and is open and direct with his diagnoses and recommendations. We will always take our pets to see Dr. Brunswick and his team!

Karen Mercer

4 years ago

Dr Brunswick has been taking wonderful care of our pets for 20 years. Dogs, cats, bunnies, and guinea pigs ❤ The staff is very compassionate and the prices are reasonable.

Sara Keene

4 years ago

Great care from the staff!

rae moore

4 years ago

Didn’t appreciate the first words out of the nurses mouth being “are you supposed to be at the humane society” instead of good morning or how can we help you. But my cat is fine and thats all i care about.

Chianita Harrell

4 years ago

The vet takes care of my animals.

Willie Ramos

5 years ago

First time going there to have out cat checked on. Found out it was a tumor. They were caring and understanding especially waiting for my daughter to make a hard decision. Would recommend this Vet. Thanks Brunswick

Matthew Heid

5 years ago

The best place you can take your animals but fairly pricey.

Joey Brown

5 years ago

Great care and great prices. My family has been using this clinic for decades and they are top notch. I have yet to have a bad experience here either with the facility or staff. Highly recommend bringing your pets here.

Friedaz Life

5 years ago

I took my dog Gizmo to the Brunswick Animal hospital. Gizmo was not eating, walking funny, wouldn't go poo poo. He also was whining in pain. I took my dog to see Dr. Brunswick. I explained his symptoms to the receptionist only and never saw the vet. After blood work was done and the Dr. fed Gizmo soft food, According to Dr. Randy Brunswick, there was nothing wrong with Gizmo and told me the dog was jumping around and completely fine. A miracle. I say that's strange because he visibly is in pain. I thought it was stomach Bloat and asked the dr. to E-ray Gizmo to see maybe it's his stomach, back, I don't know due to me not being a vet nor licensed in this field. $201.00 Dollars for the first visit and no diagnosis. The following day I brought Gizmo back to Dr. Brunswick and explained to the dr. he needs an x-ray. The dr. still would not x-ray Gizmo and charged me $111.00 for pain meds. But before he finally did that he came out in the waiting room to show me Gizmo eats... I really thought he was crazy then because the dog is in visible pain. I wanted Gizmo X-rayed and the Dr. would not do it. So now 2 days later, Gizmo is still sick and I believe I was dupped out of money and still no diagnoses. I expressed my concerns about how Dr. Brunswick operates. If he would have done the x-ray, to begin with then I would not be filing this complaint. $300 dollars later and Gizmo is still ill. I spoke with Dr. Brunswick this morning and he told me he could not do the Xray because he has carpal tunnel. He could not physically do the x-ray and he also explained to me that "HE HAS HIS OWN PROBLEMS" My dog was sent home with no diagnosis and sat in pain for 24 hours until I took him back and then was given pain meds. The dr. said he might have a back problem, maybe a slipped disk, and still said He could not x-ray him. He said again if he's not better to bring him in again. (So he can charge another $100 bucks not to do nothing for your sick dog. This dr. is unprofessional, should not be caring for anyone's pet other than to give shots. I want my money back. I also want Dr. Brunswick to pay the amount of $195.00 that I now have to go to another vet because Dr. Brunswick cannot perform his job right. The general public counts on vets. to know what they are doing and care for the furry loved ones. This was just blatant stupidity on Dr. Randy Brunswick part. Also the milking of money out of people who are trying to get care for their pet without doing anything for it. I am very dissatisfied with his so-called service. Dr. Brunswick should have let me know that he had a physician diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel, That he would never do an Xray on Gizmo. I would have walked out and gone to another vet. Days later, Today he confesses he cannot physically do a proper examination on Gizmo!

Deb Weir

5 years ago

Great caring staff and Dr Brunswick is wonderful with my dog's!

Art Headley

5 years ago

Dr. Brunswick is a gem. Everyone there has been great. He’s been our Vet for 6 years. Highly recommend

Anna Davis

5 years ago

Dr Brunswick is a great, great vet. He has given me advice over the phone more than once for my horse. He came out on an emergency call when my sister's horse needed stitches and he did a very, very good job working with a horse that kept tossing his head even while sedated. The stitched up wound healed without much of a scar at all and not one stitch popped. I highly reccomend him for both large and small animals!

Adam Chandler

5 years ago

I've been taking my dogs here for the past 16 years. 13 years ago, my black lab blew her ACL. Dr. Brunswick repaired the ACL and it has held up to this day!!! Great attention to detail and care of my dogs.

Pat Kennedy

6 years ago

Dr Brunswick has taken care of our various dogs for around 30 years and I would never consider going anywhere else. As others have said, you can always get an appointment quickly and never have to wait around when you get there. He is easy to talk to and very straightforward. You will never have to worry that he's just trying to sell you on some unnecessary procedure to make money. And it's clear he really cares about the animals. He may seem a bit brusque when you first meet him, as doctors of all kinds often do, but don't let that put you off. Every Brunswick customer I've ever met thinks he's the best!

Kristen Bickett

6 years ago

Dr is down to earth and fast. No wait time with appointment. When we did follow up Dr was quick eith the info we needed. Will keep our business here!

Ria Marie

7 years ago

Comment: Dear Dr. Brunswick, I received your voicemail and, you Sir, are a prick. Why would I want to neuter a rat? Google it. Takes like 2 minutes tops to find out. You clearly don't know a thing about this particular species. So maybe don't have your secretaries tell potential clients that your clinic can see these animals. Firstly, most rats live 3-5 years in a good home, not 24 months. Secondly, as an animal person, I don't really think it matters how long a beloved pet lives, as long as they are healthy and happy. Third -- not that it matters too much because you lost my business with your rude voicemail before you even had it -- but the primary reason I wanted to neuter my male rats is because I have a poor, lonely female rat whose companion died in June. Rats are highly social animals and can die from depression without company. Neutering in male rats also does things like deter aggression in social groups, prevent the strong musk and greasy hair that accompanies them as adults, and prevents pregnancy (just in case you weren't clear on that either). I would strongly encourage sending patients with small animals to Bortell Animal Hospital where they will not be treated with the mocking disrespect I've received from you and your staff.

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