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Vicki Affinito

2 years ago

This vet Still does not allow pet parents/owners in with their pets. Still using Covid as an excuse almost 2 years later. Terrible to do to animals!! And this is a Vet?!! Every time my dog goes there they forget something because I’m not there to advocate. Her allergy shot or heartworm or another vaccine. And we have to wait outside double the time. They take the dog in and she waits an hour to see a vet or a tech. They will not take appts so you never know how long it will be until you call from outside. Nice people but unfortunately incompetent.

Douglas Matyasovich

2 years ago

Good experience despite all the problems with viruses

Mark Walters

2 years ago

At the beginning of the pandemic, they made people wait in their cars to drop off and pick up their animals. Two years later, they're still doing it. I don't have hours to take off work and wait around for someone to either take my animals inside or bring them out. I will be seeking a new vet for my dogs as well as grooming and boarding service.

Scott Lucken

2 years ago

Friendly, there when you need them.


2 years ago

I miss going in and seeing all the the pets???? but I know my pets are well taken care of. I just need another job to care for my dogs medical.. it is pricey but I always feel like they get the best care.

shalisa lyles

2 years ago

So. Took my French bulldog in bcz there was blood in her urine, these people was going to charge me 450.00 to do some x-rays, not even knowing what the problem was.. come to find out. It was a uti.. and nothing more. When I told them that I was going to take my dog else where. I was charged 90 bucks for them to take my dog in. And do absolutely nothing.. smh.. they suck and I feel bad for the elderly people who lobes their animals, but are getting over priced at this particular animal hospital.. thanks for nothing

Teresa Zendejas

2 years ago

Today I went to this Hospital. Per Covid protocol I called upon arrival, let the person know what I needed and waited my turn in my car. They call you when it’s your time. I was told my wait would be about one hour. Two hours later I try calling but can not get through. I notice others going to the door so I join them. Come to find out their system went down so they can not do any business. Which I can understand because this happens at my work sometimes so I understand that. But after speaking to the associated I find out that the Vet I’m waiting for is not even working today so regardless of the system I’m just wasting my time waiting. Mind you I’ve waited two hours and since they had no intention of informing anyone of the outage who knows how long I could of waited. I ask when the Vet I need is in and could I get an appointment since today is my day off and I can not afford to wait this long on other days. Im told No they do not take appointments. I ask they make an exception due to their mistake. Because in my opinion if you are really sorry as you say for giving me bad information and if you want to right your wrong this would be a good way. But No they can’t and they won’t even ask anyone. Today was the most frustrating day at Munster Animal Hospital. Very unprofessional, they could care less that they wasted my time.


2 years ago

I took my dog to get rabbies shot and toe nails clips and they tried to talk me into a 200.00 xray for my 12 yr old dog. Due to the confusion of trying to get money out of me who is a regular patient, they quoted me non-members prices. I left and they charged me 75.00 & for physical and toe nails clip. Didn't give my dog rabbies vaccine. Now I have to drive all the way back to Indiana from Chicago. Discussed. ????????????

Emily Hansen

2 years ago

Overall Munster Animal Hospital's boarding and grooming services are adequate, and we have previously not had any issues here. However, communication, organization and customer service are seriously lacking as of late. Our two dogs recently completed a boarding stay, all went well until pick up when it was made known to me that my dog was given a vaccine and heartworm test he was up to date on and our other dog had a fecal sample done, despite being up to date on that as well. We had made the reservation about a month prior to the actual stay, where we were informed what the dogs needed to be up to date on and we made it clear that it would be taken care of. Where communication lacks with MAH is in any kind of confirmation email or call and reminder that they still do not have up to date records. Even upon check in, the front desk failed to mention, verbally, that they had not received up to date records for either dog, and that because of this they would administered the necessary vaccine/tests to bring the dogs up to date on boarding eligibility. It should be standard procedure to follow up not only with confirmations prior to the boarding stay, but as well as at check in- where MAH fails is that they are too busy for their own good, which has proven to completely throw any quality communication skills out the window. Upon check out when it was made known, the front desk was completely unprofessional and unwilling to admit they had made a mistake and dropped the ball communicating when the dogs were checked in. As MAH continues to get busier, wait times for check in and check out get longer and the service continues to decline in quality. When you are putting trust in someone to take care of your animals, you cannot afford to see quality, communication, organization and professionalism suffer.

Gloria T

2 years ago

I like them they usually know how to help my pets good! BUT very expensive! A bit to expensive!


2 years ago

Took my dog here for a nail trimming, rabies vaccination, and heart worm test. Total came out to about 180 dollars... They also kept trying to upsale me on other things despite me saying no multiple times. Total came out to about 180 dollars... When I got my dog back home I noticed his nails were still long as if they didn't even bother with a nail trim which I paid for and it is listed on my receipt. I called back and explained the situation and I got nothing more than a basic response... "like yeah the nail trim is on the your file". (Just cause it's documented doesn't mean it was done) NOT EVEN A REDUND OR ANYTHING. The length of the nails on my dog was solid proof they didn't touch em. Seems like they just wanted quick money! This place is a joke. Take your pets elsewhere.


2 years ago

If you genuinely care about your fur baby, I would not recommend this place. They have taken advantage of the covid protocol and no longer let you go in with your pet. You will be waiting in the parking lot for over two hours. We have also done the best at socializing our dog to people and many different environments but I have never seen him as anxious as I have pulling up to this parking lot. It is absolutely heartbreaking to see him terrified and not being able to do anything about it because the visit is needed. You feel hopeless and I don’t think any visit to the vet should be THIS traumatizing. I see it with my dog, other dogs being dropped off, and I have posted and received the same feedback when I brought it up on Facebook for other NWI vet recommendations. Based on the previous reviews, I’m scared to bring him back. I have received feedback from other pet owners and Southlake and Highland Animal Hospital allow you to be with your pet during the visit and take much better care of your pet and you! At the end of the day, these are our babies and you do not want them being taken care of by the wrong people. Seems like this place is just expensive and the bad business lawsuits against them make a lot of sense now after coming here.

Carlos Mata

2 years ago

They were very thorough and very informative and took good care of My Molly. I will be back ????????????

Christina Harmon

2 years ago

First time and I loved that it’s a walk in vet office . No appointment required which is awesome . Went for my puppy Finns vaccinations . Very fast . You call to sign in and I only waited for about 25 minutes . At the end of the appointment I received tons of freebies for my puppies first visit !! Thank you !

Demetrios Karamichos

2 years ago

Up until covid they were great. Since COVID, they've taken advantage of the situation and are making clients wait in the parking lot....calling in to the office to let them know you're there is endlessly frustrating.... either no one picks up and the call rings forever, or you get to leave a voice-mail and hope they get it in a reasonable amount of time. There is absolutely no reason for this.

Gigi Shannon

2 years ago

My cat had her vaccines done and they killed her. One week after my visit there, my cat was sick and barely able to walk. I took her to an Emergency Vet and they confirmed that they overdosed on the vaccine. She died 3 hours after we went to the Emergency Vet. My other cat that I took for her vaccines the same day, was acting the same way, two weeks later and another vet was able to save her. According to the Munster Animal Clinic she had a thyroid problem and that I needed to give her pills. And, come back for blood work again for $500.00!! I never picked up the pills and she does NOT have a thyroid problem, but asthma. Munster Animal Clinic just wants your money. I spent $1400.00 on one day for 3 cats and vaccines, plus they killed one of my babies. I will NEVER go back and do NOT recommend this vet at all. They used to be good, but they do NOT care anymore, just for their bank account.

Kenneth Heinz

2 years ago

Very friendly staff. Dog has been going there for years.

Tyon Crump

2 years ago

I was not happy with the service. My dog had an allergic reaction after getting her rabies vaccine. I called back and tell them that I will bring her back tomorrow as I live in Chicago and was nearly home when I realized she was sick. Mind you I already had to wait maybe 1.5 hours for her to be seen. But they told me when I bring her back she would not be treated as an emergency and we'd still have to wait in line because they are first come first serve. I was devastated my granddaughter was devastated and it was their shot that made her sick and they couldn't take her when we arrived? I would never recommend anyone to this place nor will I ever go back there.

Peter Kollins

2 years ago

Their system of dropping off and picking up your pet is terrible. They make you wait outside for up to 15 minutes to drop off and another 15 to 20 minutes to pick up, wasting an hour of your time. Don't know what one would do if it was raining or snowing.


2 years ago

They are great took care of my ????

Michele Hoagland

2 years ago

This is a good place to take your animal's, but not being able to go in right now with you pet and speak with the Doctor directlyis not acceptable.

David Benante

2 years ago

Was not informed you cannot go in with your pet. Seems like someone is not vaccinated at this veterinary office. After waiting 40 minutes in car with your pet seems like I should have been informed of this policy over the phone when I called. Will not be returning never again. Avoid this place of business.

Tristan McClendon

2 years ago

Great service. Wonderful experience. Not to long of a wait time. Friendly Staff. Highly recommended!!!!

Claudia Paolone

2 years ago

Emergency and was taken quickly. Very orderly and attentive. Dog went in and Vet called to tell what was the problem. And to solve it. Which he did.

Joyce Curran

2 years ago

The Dr's as well as three employees are awesome but VERY PRICEY... I had an issue with my male and was unsure of the outcome... They were awesome but like I said very expensive

Steven Cozad

2 years ago

Very clean place and very nice doctor's!

Maria Nagel

2 years ago

Very rude and unresponsive. You sit in their parking lot and they tell you that it would be a half hour to 40 minutes, but in reality you wait for at least two hours or more. When you walk into their facility they constantly try to up sell you on things your pet most likely does not need. Every time we called when we were in the their parking lot they would put you on hold and hang up on you. There is absolutely no reason why people cannot walk into their facility. We have been taking our pets there for many years and never had a problem until the last couple of years. I definitely will not be taking my pets there any longer and I would not recommend anyone else to take their pets there either.

Miguel Alcantar

2 years ago

Came in early as a walk in. Pretty happy with our first visit. Snowie was taken care of nicely. Not our local vet but they accepted walk-ins. Would definitely recommend.

Liz Lozange

2 years ago

There are many things I want to say in this review but for the sake of brevity I cut to the chase: This clinic is run by the most money hungry group of people I have ever seen. They will scam you and make you worried something is wrong with your pet when there isn't. Instead of making diagnosis they will try to get you to buy things to merely treat symptoms. They also didn't tell me that TWICE they heard my cat had a heart murmur. Didn't know about it until I was denied coverage from my oet insurance company for a pre-existing condition. I've lost thousands because of this clinic. And no my real name isn't being used because I don't want to get harassed by their rude and horrible lead vet Dr. Han, who is the most apathetic vet I've ever had the displeasure of meeting. My groomer, pet daycare, and new vet have all also said that they have heard nothing but horror stories from Munster Animal Hospital. Run from this place, run VERY far away.

Gerald VonAlmen

3 years ago

Terrible service I will not go back until you can see a Dr. In person and have a conversation.

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