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Cindy Osburn

a year ago

Never returns phone calls. didn't call with test results as promised, several times. Don't use for emergency care. Still waiting for a call back from 11 days ago, I have called several times since. My cat passed 2 days ago.

Johnathan Morales

a year ago

The most unprofessional receptionist rude

Katrina Ritchie

a year ago

Best place ever they help with the last minute transition to heaven for our beloved Goliath. Did not turn us away in our time of need. .

Hazel Santos

a year ago

Unfortunately we made the decision to put down our Australian shepherd Nellie. She was suffering from lymphoma, prednisone helped her for about 3 months but in the end it was time to stop her suffering. City Line’s staff was AWESOME in the process Thank you so much girls. God Bless

Azure Brazen

2 years ago

$350 for my dog's ear infection, people with no appointment are seen before those who do have appointments and it was not an emergency. Updating shots when they were not due, I brought paperwork but they did it any ways. Wait 2 hours and have to leave, if you get upset they blame you.. There are better places to go.

Beck Steude

2 years ago

I have been looking for a vet that is reliable and staffed with good people, well I think I have just found one! Cityline is a great clinic with great staff that actually cares about your pets needs! I brought my dog in with symptoms that were concerning and they handled everything so well and I felt very comfortable with my baby in their care! I will continue to come back and refer everyone that is looking for a new vet to come here! THANK YOU City Line!

David Sorden

2 years ago

I wouldn't trust anyone else with my pet's care! Really nice staff and A+ care!

Dolores Brashears

2 years ago

They do a good job if you can get in. It took 2 months to get my pet in to be groomed and they cancelled the day before the appointment and wanted me to wait another 5 weeks for the next available. I'm going elsewhere. Your response in NOT TRUE!! YOU called me to reschedule, "Due to unforseen circumstances" o Friday afternoon. I returned your call to reschedule. I'd think you would have made more of an effort to reschedule us sooner than 5 weeks by moving others that were already far out. I don't appreciate your lies about how this happened. You won't save face by lying about how it happened.

Jenette Smith

2 years ago

They are horrible people and don't care about the animals. They left us in a room for 2 hours no one came to see our baby and they had 1 person in waiting room. She died!

Kaleb Leone

2 years ago

All my dog needed was a simple wrapping change. My primary vet closed too soon for me to make it to them the day he needed them switched out so I brought him to city line vet. PLEASE READ THE REIVEWS. It says “ 5 stars” but they haven’t had a positive review in months none of my friends and family had good experience here. Wish I would of know that before I let them touch my baby. When I finally got to the vet room then swiftly took my dog from me and came back in with just estimates to sign. The estimate had a low of $375 and a High of $2000 originally. After reading the estimate and realizing this was fraudulent billing practices I questioned them about it and they responded with “ liability issues”. Then came back with a $200 low end $700 high end just like that. At this point I knew I didn’t want them treating my dog and I should of left. A third lady came in the room and rudely said “you can make a call if you want” I’m assuming she expected me to call family and ask for money but I called a trusted dog owner and asked if they have heard anything about this place. She immediately cut me off and rudely asked if I was gonna “be productive or if I wanted to leave” I felt like I didn’t have any option at this point my dog needed rewrapped and I didn’t feel comfortable myself doing it so I let them do it. He cried all night and we took him to my home vet right the way the next day. They wrapped his legs so incredibly tight his foot were swollen huge! This places preys on animals and it’s owners. I snuck the original estimate in my pocket because I could not believe my eyes. I will add photos of paperwork later.


2 years ago

As a pet owner of a dog that is incredibly accident and illness prone I am so grateful for all of the staff at City line. My poor furry baby recently has been diagnosed with a spinal injury, and the entire staff was empathetic and communicative in their interactions with me and my fur baby. Toph loves coming to see all of her friends at city line, even if she is injured. I will never go anywhere else.

L Rob

2 years ago

Words cannot express how much I love City Line! From the front desk staff, kennel attendants, groomer, vet techs, and veterinarians themselves, everyone is always kind, caring, and courteous. They truly exemplify what it means to be a full service animal wellness center and promote a high standard of evidence based vetrinary care. I know that my chiweenie Sophie is always in wonderful hands and I strongly recommend City Line to my friends and family!

Linda Hill

2 years ago

Caring, compassionate top knotch care EVERY TIME.

Tap 22

2 years ago

Called on Sunday at 11am because my dog had infection/irritation on his paw. The women on the phone said if you come in before 1130 the doctor can check the dog in and see him. Arrived at 1125am and told me, no the doctor is leaving we can’t get you in. Thank you for wasting my time.

YuNg_LeAn Barber Life

2 years ago

Edit: I was told there was 11 people in the lobby and that to come a little later. I showed up at 11 not 1130. Your hours say til 12. Had the man I talked to stated that I would have been there waiting behind them 11 ppl. My service animal past away no thanks to yall. I suffer from PTSD and that animal saved my life countless times. Called and 930, was told to come in was able to finally get there and was refused service when they close at 12. Told me to come back tomorrow when I have a sick hurt family member I will never use this place again nor refer anyone.

Lol S

2 years ago

Great for convenience; but I would of much rather preferred a straight forward answer than a vet who didn’t seem to have an answer. Do not come here if your animal is seriously ill. My dog could possibly be still living if I didn’t listen to this facility’s recommendation. *Edit* of course you won’t find Lol in your system. What’s the point of calling your facility ? My dog is no longer with me.

Melissa Lira

2 years ago

Our poor Jasper hasn't been feeling well; not eating and throwing up vet once in a while. We took him in today. We got bad news today; they are pretty sure he has lymphoma. They were very nice and understanding in telling me what was going on. Edit (almost a year later): I changed my review today because I got a reminder card in the mail that Jasper is due for an exam and heart worm check. Jasper has been gone for almost a year now. They know this. They were the ones to tell me he was dying and didn't have much time left. Maybe they are wanting to see his ashes.

Suki M

2 years ago

Apparently they’re a walk in clinic only when they feel like it. Their sign out front next to the road says “No appointment necessary” and when I called the day before to make sure they’d be open, no one said they wouldn’t be able to see my pet. I drove 30 minutes there with my sick animal who already has terrible anxiety, and hates cat rides, to be told by one of their 4 receptionists that they weren’t accepting new patients in the few days leading up to the holiday. Lol!!!! There was also only 2 other customers in the waiting room, one without an animal and another person with their pet so it’s not like they were crazy busy and couldn’t spare 15 minutes to look at my pet. I understand that vets around here don’t expect animals to be sick so they can have an extended holiday but unfortunately things happen and a little bit of compassion would be nice instead of turning people away without as much as a question to what’s going on with the animal. Basically: “Just go to the emergency 24hr vet because we don’t want to work today.”


2 years ago


Band Fan

2 years ago

I went here with my Siamese cat who was dying and they just sent me home with her I was all alone and no one was nice no one cared I was so upset worst experience everyone should go to oak knoll instead they are way better than this place


2 years ago

I brought my cat Max in for an emergency visit, they got him in right away, and they were very kind and professional. Clean and using social distancing. Would recommend to anyone in need of a quick visit, or regular care.

Samantha Swanson

2 years ago

I would 100% recommend this vet to anyone. Our 1 year old pregnant cat was having problems birthing and needed a c-section and our normal vet isn’t open on the weekend. The night before we called the emergency vet in Bettendorf. They rudely told us it would be 300 for an X-ray and just to be seen and another 2,500-3,000 just for the C-section. When we told them we really couldn’t afford that the front desk lady said ask your family or something. We called City-Line first thing Sunday and they got us set up as a new patient over the phone quickly and got us in. They were so incredibly nice and understanding. We paid far less then what the other vet was going to charge and that included spay, c-section, bloodwork, meds and X-ray. It is such a clean and friendly environment. Definitely recommend. ❤️

Katie Gagner

2 years ago

Amazing group of people, who love animals as much as I do. I cannot say Thank you enough to Dr Hoyt and his team for the exceptional care they provided our baby Rocket. He had to have an emergency surgery due to eating something plastic and with fabric, that got lodged in his stomach and caused a blockage. I put all my trust in Dr Hoyt in his reccomendations and the surgery and our baby boy is alive at home and happy. I could not ask fo4 any better love and compassion for our baby boy as they all gave. I would reccomend this vet to anyone...i don'thave the right words for all of them that cared for Rocket except to say Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. We have suffered great tragedy in the last year with the loss of our daughter, and we were terrified that we were going to suffer another loss with Rocket. They came through and he is doing well at this time and happy to be home with his family. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Kemisha jones

2 years ago

My 4 month old morkie was badly injured with brain trauma and she started having seizures. I took her to City Line and they brought my baby back to me!!! I was so broken and thought i was about to lose my puppy. Y’all were so compassionate fast and efficient with everything and i can’t thank y’all enough!!!THANK YOU.

Marianna Bautista

2 years ago

Don’t think this is the best place for cats, and I will be taking my business elsewhere to someone who actually cares for our feline family members.

Mimi Quackenbush

2 years ago

We have had a Wellness package for 6 years. We have made 3 attempts to get Eric's routine exam and vaccinations this year, but either simply can't see aDoctor that day, or have a 2 hour wait.Unacceptable. We have wasted hundreds of dollars. No more.

Ginny Welin

2 years ago

Update to your response : it wasn't an emergency until after your staff ignored her and brushed off any questions or concerns. It became an emergency after two kittens lodged in the birth canal after two days of dark colored discharge and the vet said that it could have been prevented if she could have been seen sooner. If you could have even looked at her it would have been better, but your staff was more concerned with turning people away, putting them on hold, or hanging up on them. It's wait not weight AND it was myself who called, not her mother and I asked specifically if you could give me prices of oxytocin and which was the only recommendation from your staff on Saturday prior to 6 hours after the labor started before destress. Your office didn't offer anything else until I called to complain. .Never call on a weekend with a pregnant cat. Blew my friend off because they were closing in two hours after the last call. They called multiple times, staff was rude and kept putting them on hold repeatedly, barely answering any questions and told them just let her be even though she was in destress. Cat is currently in emergency surgery with another vet who actually had the vet GET ON THE PHONE and talk to us.

Kelly Valentine

2 years ago

We came to City Line with our 12 yr old pup, Liberty, who was experiencing labored breathing. The sweet staff quickly got her on oxygen to help her get some relief. Dr. Milas came in to give us the news that our sweet girl had fluid on the outside of her lungs that was making it hard for her to breathe. She delicately took us through the process of what they'd need to do to find the cause and hopefully treat it. It turns out, the fluid was blood and her chances of coming back from this was not likely. We had to make the heartbreaking decision to let our girl go. We cannot thank Dr. Milas enough for her candor + empathy through this sudden + unexpected experience. We were able to stay with our girl til the end + say goodbye which is a rarity given Covid. We were treated tenderly the entire time by a Doctor + staff who genuinely love animals. This was our first experience with City Line and although it was a sad one - I would not hesitant to go back if we ever need to with our other pup, Charlie. Thank you, Dr. Milas + City Line, for making the most of a horrible day. We won't forget it. RIP Sweet Liberty.

Deana R.

2 years ago

Stars for Dr.Trenkamp because she is an entity of knowledge, compassion, and integrity all in one package! I appreciate how she acknowledges my puppy through interaction, and how she comes down at eye-level to me (as the parent) to convey and explain treatment options in a way that makes sense to me so I can make an informed decision. My puppy had diarrhea and a bleeding toenail all in one week, and she recommended a treatment plan that would prevent further infection and help with the symptoms. As a new puppy mom, I am constantly worried and on high alert with my baby (I asked LOTS of questions on my first visit????), but she answered them all patiently and explained them thoroughly! I definitely recommend Dr.T for service, knowledge, and proactive treatment plans for your pet! RE: City Line Vet Boarding Services-Our pup of 5 months boarded with the platinum package that also included a bath and daycare. Our pup stayed for a little over a week. This was his first Christmas, first time away from his humans, and I was worried beyond belief. I am a very detailed-oriented person when it comes to my puppy’s feeding, potty, activity, and enrichment routines. I even created a google doc 2-3 pages long that I shared with CLV staff via email. By the time I arrived to drop-off my pup, the boarding staff had already printed out this sheet out to follow, and from what I recall, without judgment on their face! This validated that the degree of concern for my pup’s routine and well-being was important to them. So the next day, I sent an email very early in the morning before my flight to check-in with how my pup did overnight. I am very pleased to have received a fairly quick response saying that our little one did great, with kennel staff already making their rounds for potty and feedings. This definitely relieved my nerves and anxiety! In addition, I was told that I could call and speak with a kennel attendant to know more details! When I did, they said that our pup did great overnight in the kennel with no accidents (he does not sleep overnight in a crate anymore), and ate all of his food! This feeling of relief and sense of trust led us to enjoy our vacation without having to call every day feeling concerned and worried for our baby. A few days later, a staff member named Christina went above and beyond her call of duty to send me an update with a few pictures of our pup via email! She acknowledged that it must’ve been hard on us being so far away from our pup, and that she wanted to let us know that he was thriving at daycare and doing so well playing with the other dogs! He was following the potty routine great, and the media staff had featured him on their page. To top it off, all of his food/belongings were clean and in tact upon return! We are truly grateful for ALL the wonderful staff involved with going above and beyond their call of duty to make all the fur babies and their parents feel at ease and happy during times of prolonged separation! Witnessing you folks go the extra mile in your concern, compassion, and care for my “whole world” is what distinguishes and brands your services amongst the rest! Added bonus: My pup was also able to get pre-op blood work done while he was there for his Neuter surgery next month! True testimony of why I am happy to choose and recommend CLV for services related to my fur baby! Thank you all so much! Lastly...Shout out to Dr.Trenkamp and Dr.Hoyt for always being so compassionate and wonderful providers (: Cannot thank you guys enough! Keep up the amazing work!

Rachelle Meyer-Armstrong

2 years ago

I have been here several times and they have done an excellent job at helping my fur baby. He's a senior cat that had a period of illness and Dr. Hoyt and Dr Mila's did an excellent job at helping him. Sometimes I'm not wanting to do traditional medicine due to my vet in another state being only holistic health. I have reservations about using a traditional medicine veterinary clinic but even though I ask questions regarding treatment plan or medication or if there's another way to do things they have always had my cats best interest first and foremost. I have put my trust in the care they provide my animal and due to that my fur baby is coming back to his normal self. They are an amazing facility with top notch vetenarians. I hope to continue bringing max here in the future.

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